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Chapter 314:Seeking Justice

9638words in this chapter2024-02-22

With a mocking expression,Iron Ruthlessness looked at Liu Fengwu.This time,what happened in Jiangnan Road was handled too neatly by Yin Ji,leaving Liu Fengwu with no chance to salvage the situation no matter how many excuses he found.

"Everyone is aware of the situation in Jiangnan Road.Speak up,what should we do?"Iron Ruthlessness said indifferently.

With Iron Ao currently in seclusion for recovery,the four chief god-catchers temporarily handled all matters.Upon hearing Iron War's question,the other two remained silent,only casting their gaze upon Liu Fengwu.

"Yin Ji was sent by you to Jiangnan Road,and now the problem is how you intend to deal with it,"Iron Ruthlessness continued.

Liu Fengwu remained silent with a grim expression.With such a major incident,he couldn't find any excuses.

Seeing the attitudes of the three,Iron War chuckled,"Since you won't speak,I'll say it for you."

As his words fell,Iron War's expression changed,and he solemnly declared,"Just as the chaos caused by remnants of the Wu Kingdom in Jiangnan Road and the turnover of three chief god-catchers within a year.What kind of situation is this?Therefore,Jiangnan Road absolutely cannot be in chaos this time!

I've already informed Gu Donglai.If things really escalate,military force will be used to suppress Jiangnan Road!Any sect that dares to cause trouble will be directly wiped out!

As for Yin Ji,causing such a major incident,I feel he is no longer suitable to serve as the chief god-catcher of Jiangnan Road.So,I propose to dismiss him directly after the matter is settled and deal with him after he returns to the Six-Fan Gate.

Do you have any objections to this decision?"

Liu Fengwu said nothing,simply turned and left.The other two exchanged a glance and nodded before leaving as well.

This incident was like Yin Ji willingly handing the handle over to Iron War.No matter how he handled it,it wouldn't be excessive.

At this moment,within Jiangnan Road,Yin Ji was still unaware that the Six-Fan Gate had already known everything here in such a short time and had issued a decision.He was currently following several chief god-catchers from the thirteen states'Six-Fan Gate to Qingping Sect.

The commotion caused by the Six-Fan Gate immediately startled Qingping Sect.

Zhao Yuantong,the head of Qingping Sect,was stunned upon hearing the news.He never expected the Six-Fan Gate to suddenly target Qingping Sect at this time.Could it be that Yin Ji had gone mad,willing to go to war with all the forces in Jiangnan Road just to annihilate Qingping Sect?

Had he really angered the Six-Fan Gate of Jiangnan Road?

He was aware of the incident where his disciples insulted the god-catchers of the Six-Fan Gate.In fact,he tacitly approved of it.Otherwise,his disciples wouldn't have had the audacity.

But Zhao Yuantong could assure that unless Yin Ji of the Six-Fan Gate was a fool,he would never attack Qingping Sect just because of a minor conflict.

However,among the many disciples of Qingping Sect,Chen Heng and Liu Yuan's expressions were somewhat unsightly.Could it be because they beat Pang Qian and the others yesterday that the Six-Fan Gate was coming to attack Qingping Sect?

If it was indeed because of this incident,their trouble would be significant!

Zhao Yuantong led a group of people out of the mountain gate.The first person they saw was not Yin Ji but Zhang Ze,the chief god-catcher of Qingyang Prefecture.

With the situation being unfavorable,Zhao Yuantong naturally didn't dare to put on airs in front of so many god-catchers from the Six-Fan Gate.He simply said with a grim face,"Zhang,what do you mean by this?Are you really preparing to go to war with Qingping Sect?"

Zhang Ze sneered,"I'm not preparing to go to war with your Qingping Sect.It's just that your Qingping Sect has gone too far!"

Zhao Yuantong was stunned upon hearing this.He just made a few sarcastic remarks about your god-catchers of the Six-Fan Gate.Besides,it's not just me who did it.Why do you bring so many people to attack me?

But before he could say anything,Zhang Ze sternly shouted,"Zhao Yuantong!How dare your Qingping Sect kill the men of my Six-Fan Gate!Today,I must demand an explanation!

Otherwise,even if it means throwing Jiangnan Road into chaos,we will raze your Qingping Sect to the ground,leaving no one alive!"

Upon hearing this,Zhao Yuantong's head buzzed.What kind of nonsense was this?His head wasn't kicked by a donkey.How could he let someone kill the god-catchers of the Six-Fan Gate?

At this moment,Yin Ji,who came from behind,hurriedly said,"Everyone,calm down!It's possible that Qingping Sect didn't do it.The remnants of the Wu Kingdom have been too rampant lately,even daring to assassinate the chief god-catcher in Jiangnan Road.Lord Su has fallen victim to them.

Now,two god-catchers from our Six-Fan Gate died mysteriously.It's possible that those remnants of the Wu Kingdom are instigating behind the scenes.We absolutely cannot fall into their trap!"

Seeing Yin Ji coming forward,Zhao Yuantong immediately said,"Lord Yin is right.Qingping Sect is not stupid.How could we kill your god-catchers at this time?There must be a conspiracy behind this!"

Seeing the two of them echoing each other,many chief god-catchers present couldn't help but feel disappointed.

Yin Ji,as the chief god-catcher of Jiangnan Road,unexpectedly spoke up for Qingping Sect instead of them.This made many god-catchers present somewhat intolerable.

A voice sneered,"Lord Yin,with all the evidence at hand,what else is there to say?When we,the Six-Fan Gate,handle things,aren't these enough?

Looking at your attitude,knowing that you are the chief god-catcher of Jiangnan Road,one would think you are the martial arts leader of Jiangnan Road!Which side are you on after all?"

As soon as these words were spoken,some of the catchers couldn't help but show a hint of a smile.

Yin Ji turned around to see who had arrived,and it turned out to be Huang Bingcheng and his men.Furthermore,they had brought their respective subordinates as well as the elites carefully cultivated by Su Xin.

Seeing Huang Bingcheng and his group speak up,the many chief god-catchers present immediately showed excitement.

These people were the elites of the entire Jiangnan Six-Fan Gate.With them around,wiping out Qingping Sect this time could be said to be effortless.

Huang Bingcheng clapped his hands,and immediately several disciples from Qingyang Prefecture's Six-Fan Gate brought two coffins over.

Huang Bingcheng opened one of the coffins and muttered,"Don't blame us,brothers.Disturbing your rest is also to avenge you.Rest assured,with so many people from Qingping Sect,we'll make sure they accompany you in death."

The people from Qingping Sect suddenly felt a chill.Huang Bingcheng pointed at the bodies inside the coffins and sneered,"Now,open your eyes wide and see if the injuries on these bodies were caused by the swordsmanship of your Qingping Sect!"

Zhao Yuantong leaned over to take a look,and his expression instantly turned cold.

He could certainly tell that the injuries on the bodies were indeed inflicted by the Qingping Swordsmanship.

However,Zhao Yuantong said,"The swordsmanship of our Qingping Sect is not considered sophisticated.If someone wants to imitate it,it's easy to make it look similar.At least,it's impossible to tell from the body alone."

Huang Bingcheng sneered,"They came to collect taxes from your Qingping Sect during the day.I heard not only did they fail to collect,but they were also insulted and attacked by you and your sect.How do we know you didn't harbor a grudge and ambush them on the way?"

Yin Ji sternly said,"Who allowed you to speak?Get back!"

At this time,Huang Bingcheng wasn't afraid of him.Unless Yin Ji wanted the entire Jiangnan Six-Fan Gate to completely revolt,he wouldn't dare to act against him.

Pointing at the bodies in the coffins,Huang Bingcheng said coldly,"Lord Yin,you want to keep your position,that's fine,but I,Huang Bingcheng,am not here to play around today.I'm here to seek justice for our fallen comrades!At the same time,let certain people know that our Jiangnan Six-Fan Gate is not to be trifled with!"

As soon as these words were spoken,all the catchers present immediately rallied,and for a moment,thousands of catchers began to shout,causing Yin Ji and Zhao Yuantong's faces to turn pale.

Huang Bingcheng waved his hand and said,"I heard that when these two brothers went to your Qingping Sect,they got into a fight with someone.Do you dare to call them out for a confrontation and ask them if they really attacked them?"

Huang Bingcheng's gaze swept over the disciples of Qingping Sect continuously,and he quickly spotted Chen Heng and Liu Yuan,who looked panicked.

"You two step forward.Did you two fight with Pang Qian and the others last time?"Seeing the panic in Chen Heng and Liu Yuan's eyes,Zhao Yuantong's heart sank.

He also felt that there was a problem here.If it wasn't done by them,why were they so panicked?

But even if it was done by them,they couldn't admit it under the current circumstances.

So Zhao Yuantong was about to speak up and tell them not to speak nonsense,but as soon as he called out Chen Heng and Liu Yuan's names,Liu Yuan immediately shouted,"We didn't kill anyone!We just beat them up last time and left.We didn't kill anyone!"

As soon as these words were spoken,the whole scene fell silent,and Zhao Yuantong wished he could strangle this idiot disciple on the spot.

Yin Ji also had nothing to say.Since you admitted that you attacked them on the way,what else is there to say?

A smile appeared on Huang Bingcheng's face,"Leader Zhao,you've seen the outcome of the matter.These are the disciples of your Qingping Sect admitting it.They did indeed ambush the people from my Six-Fan Gate on the way.What else do you have to say?"

Liu Yuan hurriedly said,"But we really didn't kill anyone!We're not idiots.How could we kill someone right under our own sect's mountain?"

Huang Bingcheng shrugged,"That's not necessarily true.When people are in a rage,they might do something unexpected.Maybe you killed them in a fit of anger without considering the consequences."

Liu Yuan wanted to say something more,but at this moment,Zhao Yuantong sternly shouted,"Shut up!"

Turning his head,Zhao Yuantong looked at Huang Bingcheng and said coldly,"So what do you want?"

Huang Bingcheng pointed at Liu Yuan and Chen Heng and said coldly,"The people of my Six-Fan Gate can't die in vain.Today,your Qingping Sect must give me an explanation.I'm taking these two people back to the Six-Fan Gate for punishment.Otherwise,even if I have to slaughter Qingping Sect,I will seek justice for the two deceased brothers!"

"Impossible!"Zhao Yuantong also refused.

If Qingping Sect easily handed over disciples like this,it would inevitably cause discord among the disciples.Moreover,Zhao Yuantong didn't believe that the Six-Fan Gate would dare to exterminate Qingping Sect at this time.Yin Ji was not Su Xin,and he couldn't suppress the entire Jiangnan Road.

Other martial forces in Jiangnan Road would not allow such a massacre to happen again.As long as the Six-Fan Gate dared to act today,the entire Jiangnan Road would be in turmoil!