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Chapter 313:Shifting Blame

8749words in this chapter2024-02-22

The senior brother of the Qingping Sect intercepted Chen Heng and Liu Yuan,preventing them from chasing after Pang Qian and Yao An.Reluctantly,the two had to return to their sect.However,once the senior brother of Qingping Sect left,they couldn't shake off their dissatisfaction.

Those two lackeys of the court actually dared to be disrespectful and even lay hands on them at the gate of Qingping Sect.Even if they couldn't kill them,they had to teach them a lesson and vent their anger.So,when they returned to their room,Chen Heng suddenly said to Liu Yuan,"Junior Brother Liu,let's take a shortcut down the mountain,intercept those two bastards,give them a beating,and let them know our strength."

Liu Yuan was immediately startled,"Senior Brother,are you out of your mind?If Senior Brother or Master finds out,we will surely be punished."

Chen Heng glanced at him and said,"What are you afraid of?We're not going to kill them,just give them a beating to vent our anger.We'll be back soon,don't worry,Senior Brother and Master won't find out."

Liu Yuan also felt unwilling to let them off easily,so after discussing it,the two of them decided to take a shortcut down the mountain to intercept Yao An and Pang Qian.

At this time,Yao An and Pang Qian were leisurely walking downhill.When they realized that nobody from Qingping Sect was chasing them,they breathed a sigh of relief.

Yao An frowned and said,"Brother Pang,you've really gotten me into trouble this time.Once we've made a move,the news will definitely reach Yin Ji's ears,and punishment is inevitable."

Pang Qian sneered,"Afraid of him?Even if I have to,I'll just leave this sect and become a bandit again!Yao brother,if you can't handle it,come with me and be a bandit.You won't have to endure this humiliation from the Six Fan Sect anymore."

Hearing Pang Qian's words,Yao An hesitated.He had been with the Six Fan Sect for half of his life and had become accustomed to its way of life.How could he become a bandit,living such an uncertain life?Moreover,the benefits were not as good as being a constable in the Six Fan Sect.

So Yao An just vaguely agreed a few times without saying anything more.At this moment,they heard arrogant laughter from behind,"Haha!You two were running just now,why stop now?"

Yao An and Pang Qian turned around and saw Chen Heng and Liu Yuan chasing after them.

The Qingping Sect's light skill,"Green Lotus Crossing Water,"was already renowned.Plus,taking a shortcut,they caught up with Yao An and Pang Qian in less than a moment.

Chen Heng sneered and directly attacked the two.

In this head-on confrontation,Yao An and Pang Qian showed signs of being overwhelmed.After dozens of moves,they were completely suppressed by the two from Qingping Sect.Their weapons were even knocked away,and they were beaten on the ground by Chen Heng and Liu Yuan.

Chen Heng coldly said,"Remember,not everyone is someone you can provoke.Next time you come to Qingping Sect,remember to behave yourselves!"

After saying this,Chen Heng and Liu Yuan turned and left.After all,staying away for too long would make it easy for the sect to discover them.

Pang Qian coughed up blood,holding his chest.Though Chen Heng and Liu Yuan didn't kill them,they were severely injured.It would take them months to recover without proper rest.

Pang Qian roared,"Qingping Sect!I won't rest until I've settled the score with you!"

Yao An,who was also injured,wanted to say something,but at that moment,a long sword suddenly pierced out of his chest.As he turned his head,he saw a figure,his eyes filled with disbelief,before collapsing to the ground.

Su Xin withdrew the ordinary steel long sword from Yao An's chest and said lightly,"Exchanging your lives for the glory of the Six Fan Sect of Jiangnan Road,isn't it worth it?"

With the sword,Su Xin left.The spies of the Six Fan Sect were monitoring the Qingping Sect's movements at the mountain gate and didn't notice what happened at the foot of the mountain.They probably wouldn't be discovered by the Six Fan Sect of Qingyang Prefecture.

By the time it was getting dark,all those who had been sent out to collect taxes had returned,except for Yao An and Pang Qian.This made Zhang Ze feel somewhat uneasy.After all,the enmity between Qingping Sect and the Six Fan Sect of Qingyang Prefecture was the greatest.Zhang Ze couldn't help but worry if something had happened to the two.

However,Zhang Ze shook his head shortly after,dismissing the thought.Qingping Sect wasn't foolish.While the Six Fan Sect wouldn't dare to act against these sects easily,these Jianghu sects wouldn't dare to lay hands on the Six Fan Sect either.The reason Six Fan Sect didn't dare to easily wipe out these sects was because Yin Ji,that idiot,had forced all the Jianghu forces together,making Six Fan Sect unable to withstand such pressure,hence they didn't dare to massacre sects like Su Xin did when he was around.

However,the Six Fan Sect's reluctance to intervene did not mean that these second and third-rate forces could provoke them at will.After all,the current Six Fan Sect of Jiangnan Road had the foundation laid by Su Xin in the past,and destroying a second-rate sect was more than feasible.

So Zhang Ze didn't think in that direction.He simply sent people to Qingping Sect to find these two individuals.However,when the people he sent returned with the bodies of Pang Qian and Yao An,the entire Six Fan Sect of Qingyang Prefecture exploded.

"Qingping Sect is challenging our Six Fan Sect!"

"Sir,Qingping Sect killed our Six Fan Sect colleagues.We absolutely cannot let this slide!"

"Yes!We must demand justice from Qingping Sect!"

The many constables of the Six Fan Sect present were shouting with red eyes.It wasn't that they had a particularly good relationship with Yao An and Pang Qian,but it was a case of sympathizing with those in similar situations.If Qingping Sect dared to kill Yao An and Pang Qian today,would they dare to kill them tomorrow?

Even when Jin Wulin served as the Chief Constable of the Six Fan Sect,the sect's prestige was nonexistent.When did they even manage to protect the lives of their constables?

"Shut up,all of you!"Zhang Ze roared.

He was also extremely shocked and angry,but now he knew that this matter had escalated beyond his ability to resolve it.

Taking a deep breath,Zhang Ze said coldly,"Follow me,we'll go to Jiangnan Prefecture overnight to see Lord Yin.Oh,and at the same time,send someone to notify the Chief Constables of the other prefectures."

This matter concerned the entire Six Fan Sect of Jiangnan Road and could not be let go easily.

So by the next morning,just as Yin Ji was getting up,his subordinates informed him that constables from Qingyang Prefecture and over ten surrounding prefectures had gathered in Jiangnan Prefecture.

Yin Ji frowned."Do these guys dare to cause trouble?Are they looking for death?"

His subordinate quickly explained the situation to Yin Ji,who suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

He wasn't a fool and knew the significance of this.The Six Fan Sect of Jiangnan Road had gotten into serious trouble this time.

If he ignored it,the constables from the major prefectures would definitely rebel.But if he agreed,what could he do?Annihilate Qingping Sect?That would lead to chaos throughout Jiangnan Road!

Helplessly,Yin Ji hurriedly put on his clothes,preparing to go out and appease the constables of the prefectures.But as soon as he stepped out,he found that the entire headquarters of the Six Fan Sect of Jiangnan Prefecture was surrounded by constables from the other prefectures,shouting for him to lead them to seek revenge,to wipe out Qingping Sect,and so on.

Yin Ji's eyelids twitched.He shouted,"Gentlemen!The constables of my Six Fan Sect will not die in vain.Once the situation is clarified,I will give you an explanation!"

As soon as he finished speaking,Zhang Ze immediately said,"Lord Yin,the bodies of the two are currently at our Six Fan Sect headquarters in Qingyang Prefecture.Their injuries clearly show that they were injured by Qingping Sect's swordsmanship.With so many witnesses,what's there to investigate?Let's go directly to Qingping Sect and demand justice!"

As soon as he said this,everyone began to respond,demanding that Yin Ji lead them directly to Qingping Sect to demand an explanation,or even directly annihilate them.

Yin Ji wanted to suppress them,but this wasn't a situation where sheer force could do the trick.Seeing Yin Ji like this,many Chief Constables from the prefectures showed disappointed expressions.

What use was a boss who couldn't even protect his subordinates?

Zhang Ze directly bowed to Yin Ji."Lord Yin,if you don't want to seek justice for us,then we'll go to Qingping Sect and demand it ourselves!"

After saying that,Zhang Ze turned and left with his men.The other Chief Constables from the prefectures did the same,without any hesitation,leaving Jiangnan Prefecture and heading straight for Qingping Sect.

Yin Ji's face changed suddenly.A subordinate beside him asked,"Sir,what do we do now?"

"What do we do?We go together!"Yin Ji shouted angrily and quickly followed Zhang Ze and the others.

If he let Zhang Ze and the others directly attack Qingping Sect,Jiangnan Prefecture would truly descend into chaos.By that time,his position as Chief Constable of the prefecture would be over.

At the same time,the spies in Jiangnan Road naturally noticed the situation of the Six Fan Sect of Jiangnan Road.After all,when several Chief Constables from the prefectures simultaneously mobilized,the momentum was quite significant.

Although these spies were ordered by Liu Fengwu to obey Yin Ji's orders,many of them were from the Tie family.

Upon learning of the situation in Jiangnan Road,they immediately used secret channels and managed to relay the news to the headquarters of the Six Fan Sect in Shengjing City in just half a day.

When Tie Zhan and Liu Fengwu received this information,their faces changed drastically.However,Tie Zhan had a smile of relief,while Liu Fengwu,who always had a calm demeanor,turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Now he truly regretted it,not for sending Yin Ji to pluck peaches in Jiangnan Road,but for sending that idiot Yin Ji!