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Chapter 317:Jian Nan Dao

8923words in this chapter2024-02-22

When Su Xin delegated the duties of Deputy Chief Catcher,it not only excited Liu Xu and the others but also gave hope to other Chief Catchers in the states.

There isn't a specific requirement for how many Deputy Chief Catchers there should be in a Six Doors Division.

Generally,there should be at least two people,with most having between four to five.

In places like Jiangnan Dao,of such scale,having seven or eight Deputy Chief Catchers is quite normal.

Su Xin appointed four Deputy Chief Catchers in one go,showcasing his generosity.

This official wouldn't tightly grasp onto power;as Su Xin mentioned before,as long as your abilities are sufficient,then you can obtain the position you deserve.

After arranging almost everything in Jiangnan Dao,Su Xin prepared to go into seclusion for a period of cultivation.

Although he had secluded himself for a period of time in Di Fu,he had only learned two or three techniques from the Frost Hell True Solution.This time,Su Xin also needed to familiarize himself with the Frost Hell True Solution once again.

After instructing Huang Bingcheng and the others to handle daily matters,Su Xin directly began his seclusion.

Originally,he anticipated a three-month seclusion period,but just after one month,Su Xin was awakened by someone.

It wasn't Huang Bingcheng and the others who woke him up,but Judge Cui.

The token of Di Fu vibrated,and Judge Cui conveyed a message to him,asking Su Xin to come to Di Fu.

In a month's time,Su Xin had practiced quite a bit on the martial techniques of the Frost Hell True Solution,which were quite useful.He pondered for a moment and then stopped his seclusion,teleporting to Di Fu.

As Judge Cui mentioned,the space where Di Fu was located should overlap with Jiangnan Dao,so it wouldn't take much time to teleport from Jiangnan Dao to Di Fu.

After coming out of his palace,Judge Cui was already waiting for him at Su Xin's doorstep.

"Judge Cui,is there something urgent that you need me for?"Su Xin asked.

"There's a task that suits you well.I wanted to ask if you have time to complete it,"Judge Cui said.

"Is it a task from Di Fu or an internal member's task?"

"It's a task from Di Fu."

Upon hearing Judge Cui say this,Su Xin showed a hint of surprise.

Judge Cui had explained before that tasks were divided into personal tasks and tasks from Di Fu.

Personal tasks were diverse and quirky,but tasks from Di Fu were related to Di Fu's interests and usually required the participation of many people.

How could Judge Cui,as a Martialist of the Divine Palace realm,come to him for a task of such difficulty?

Judge Cui explained,"Yes,this task is indeed from Di Fu,but it's not too difficult,and only you are suitable for it.I heard you have a good relationship with Xie Zhiyan from the Swordplay Gate?"

Su Xin didn't understand why Judge Cui suddenly brought up Xie Zhiyan,but he nodded,saying,"It's considered some acquaintance.Is this task related to the Swordplay Gate?"

Judge Cui replied,"It's somewhat related.This time,the task is to have you go to two second-rate small families affiliated with the Swordplay Gate and retrieve something.Of course,you can use any means necessary."

Su Xin raised an eyebrow,"Just two second-rate families without Martialists in the Divine Palace realm.It seems like it would be smoother for me to send an internal member instead."

Judge Cui shook his head,"It's different.Our target is too significant.We don't want to provoke the one from the Swordplay Gate,so we chose someone who has some connection with them,like you."

Su Xin nodded,but he was curious in his heart.Who in the Swordplay Gate would make Di Fu wary?

"So,what am I supposed to retrieve this time?And where exactly is it?"Su Xin asked.

Judge Cui shrugged,"I only know that the target is a Spiritless Heaven-grade longsword.The location is roughly between those two families,but as for what the longsword looks like and which family it's in,you'll have to find out for yourself."

Su Xin was speechless for a moment.He was asked to retrieve something,but there were only these few clues.

Judge Cui said,"Don't complain about the lack of clues.Even with these clues,it caused a significant loss of vitality for the King of Rotation in Di Fu to calculate."

"Oh,so the King of Rotation in our Di Fu is proficient in the art of divination?"Su Xin asked in surprise.

This kind of divination wasn't all tricks played by charlatans;there were indeed individuals who had practiced this to an extreme extent,allowing them to perceive certain changes in the world and derive some clues from them.

The most proficient in this art of divination were the practitioners of the Taiyi Sect and the Dao of Creation Sect among the four major Daoist sects.

The Skyfortune Valley of the Left Dao had pushed this art to its extreme.Now,since the King of Rotation could use the art of divination to begin deducing,it proved that he had at least reached a proficient level in this aspect.

"We people in Di Fu are quite talented.Everyone has their own specialties.So,are you ready for this task?The rewards for Di Fu's tasks are not inferior to personal tasks.This time,the rewards offered by Lordess Meng Po and Goddess Hou Tu are allowing you to choose a ground-level weapon from Di Fu's arsenal and also gifting you two Shaolin Da Huan Dan."

Although it might seem that Su Xin was at a disadvantage by exchanging a Spiritless Heaven-grade weapon for a Earth-grade one,what Su Xin wanted to retrieve was just a Spiritless Heaven-grade weapon that had lost its spirituality.

Heavenly weapons have spirits,and when an Earth-grade weapon gives birth to a spirit,it becomes a Heavenly-grade weapon.Without the spirit,it's no different from an Earth-grade weapon.

Moreover,considering the array of treasures in the Di Fu arsenal,Su Xin had a wider range to choose from,and the two Shaolin Da Huan Dan were considered heirlooms for second-rate powers,making the rewards for this task quite substantial.

"Alright,I'll take on this task,"Su Xin promptly agreed.

For Su Xin,dealing with two second-rate families without Martialists in the Divine Palace realm was like taking candy from a baby;the task posed no difficulty.

Moreover,thinking about the Swordplay Gate,Su Xin also wanted to take this opportunity to see Xiner.

Calculating the time,it had been almost three years since they parted ways.

During this time,it wasn't that Su Xin didn't want to visit Xiner,but he didn't dare to.

At that time,Su Xin hadn't firmly established himself in the martial world;he was practically a wandering swordsman facing danger at every turn.Meeting Xiner would only bring trouble.

But now,Su Xin was different.In terms of strength,he was ranked twelfth on the Martialist list,and in fact,he even had the confidence to compete with the top ten.

In terms of status,he was the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,guarding one of the Six Doors,unparalleled in power.At least within Jiangnan Dao,no one dared to challenge his authority.

Furthermore,now that Jiangnan Dao had also embarked on a more regular path,with hardly any reckless figures like Yin Ji causing trouble,the entire Jiangnan Dao was stable.So,Su Xin decided to visit the Swordplay Gate.

After leaving Di Fu,Su Xin instructed Huang Bingcheng and the others to watch over Jiangnan Dao during his absence.

After briefing Huang Bingcheng and the others,Su Xin directly headed to Jian Nan Dao,where the Swordplay Gate was located.

Originally,Su Xin wanted to use the token of Di Fu to teleport to Di Fu first and then to Jian Nan Dao.

However,Jian Nan Dao was quite far from Jiangnan Dao.Even if Su Xin exhausted all his inner energy,he couldn't teleport there,so Su Xin could only travel the old-fashioned way,using the Flame Stallion prepared by Huang Bingcheng.

It was said that the Flame Stallion had the bloodline of an ancient demon beast,and its strength was several times that of an ordinary warhorse.It was entirely red,with an explosive temperament.Ordinary martial artists couldn't tame them,only some of the local ethnic groups in the Western Liang region could.Each horse was worth a hundred thousand taels of silver,and they were priceless.

Although the Flame Stallion wasn't as fast as Su Xin using his full internal energy to travel,it excelled in endurance.Even so,it took Su Xin half a month to reach Jian Nan Dao.

Jian Nan Dao was named so because it was one of the Five Schools of Swordsmanship,with two of them located in Jian Nan Dao.One was the Swordplay Gate,and the other was the Famous Sword Villa.

Because of this,there were many more swordsmen in Jian Nan Dao than in other regions,and you could see sword-bearing warriors everywhere on the streets.

The location given by Judge Cui was in Moliang Prefecture in Jian Nan Dao,which was one of the larger prefectures in Jian Nan Dao,with only two major families within the prefecture.Therefore,the target was extremely obvious.

Di Fu only provided a target,and detailed information had to be obtained by oneself,so Su Xin still disguised himself as the middle-aged Daoist and walked around Moliang Prefecture.

The most agile place for information in the martial world was in the taverns,where many martial artists frequented.

The so-called informants specialized in selling various martial world information.For example,Zhang San,who sold information to the Seven Heroes Club in Qingyang Prefecture,was an informant.

These people had a wide range of connections and were well-informed.Most of them were local bigwigs,so if you wanted to find out information,you had to approach them.

But the premise was that you had to be careful;there were many scammers among these informants who preyed on unsuspecting newcomers.

Although the profession of informants seemed ordinary,some of them had gained great fame,and the Skyfortune Valley of the Left Path was one such example.

The Left Path's Eight Gates were famous not for martial arts,but for various unconventional skills,and the Skyfortune Valley was especially well-known for its ability to prosper in unorthodox ventures.

After arriving at Moliang Prefecture,Su Xin went straight to the largest tavern in Moliang Prefecture,ordered a table full of food and wine,immediately attracting the attention of many martial artists in the tavern.

After all,Su Xin's current appearance and demeanor still gave off a fairy-like aura.Such a Daoist should be drinking tea and eating vegetarian food;why was he indulging in such extravagant dishes?What was going on here?