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Chapter 318 The Zhou Family and the Shen Family

8659words in this chapter2024-02-22

After a satisfying meal at the tavern,Su Xin took out a bottle of elixir and placed it on the table.This was a replica of the Shaolin Xiaohuan Dan made by the Six Gates,slightly less effective than the authentic one from Shaolin Temple,but unless one was an alchemist,it was impossible to tell the difference.

This action immediately caught the attention of many people.One of them,a young man in his thirties dressed in brocade,holding a folding fan,looking like a scion of a prestigious family,walked over and greeted Su Xin with a cupped hand,"Is this Daoist wanting to inquire about some news?I am nothing but a humble person.Among all the wind informants in the entire Jiannan Road,I consider myself quite knowledgeable.Anything that happens in Jiannan Road,I may not know everything,but I know at least ninety-nine percent."

Su Xin asked,"How should I address you?"

The young man replied,"I am just a humble person,Zhang You,also known as'Zephyr'Zhang You."

Su Xin noticed the reaction of the surroundings.When Zhang You approached,the other restless informants suddenly lost interest and stopped paying attention.

Apparently,among these informants in Jiannan Road,Zhang You was quite famous,enough to deter others from competing with him.

Su Xin pushed the elixir towards Zhang You,making a gesture of invitation.

Zhang You opened the elixir and sniffed,a hint of joy appearing on his face."A Xiaohuan Dan from Shaolin Temple.Daoist is quite generous.Feel free to ask whatever you want.I,'Zephyr'Zhang You,won't tarnish my reputation."

"I want to inquire about the current situation of the two second-rate families in Moling Prefecture,"Su Xin said.

Zhang You replied,"Do you mean the Zhou Family and the Shen Family?There have been quite a lot of troubles between them recently,even attracting the attention of the Yi Jian Gate."

Su Xin tapped the table and said,"Tell me in detail about the situation of these two families,and how these two small families managed to attract the attention of the Yi Jian Gate."

Zhang You explained,"The Shen Family and the Zhou Family are actually vassals of the Yi Jian Gate,but nominally,they have a cooperative relationship.Originally,the Shen Family and the Zhou Family shared a magnetite mine.Magnetite is a common refining ore,not very valuable.However,magnetite iron is an extremely precious mineral,and the Shen Family and the Zhou Family unexpectedly discovered a large amount of magnetite iron inside what seemed to be an ordinary magnetite mine,which was remarkable.These two families were not fools.They knew that they couldn't protect this magnetite iron mine with their own strength,so they voluntarily submitted to the Yi Jian Gate,handing over ninety percent of the extracted magnetite iron to the Yi Jian Gate,seeking its protection to avoid the scrutiny of other martial arts sects.Even if they handed over ninety percent of the magnetite iron,the remaining one percent was enough to greatly increase the power of these two families.However,recently,for some reason,a member of the Zhou Family suddenly killed a direct disciple of the Shen Family.In retaliation,both sides became hostile,even engaging in consecutive battles,as if they were determined to annihilate each other completely.To maintain the stability of the magnetite iron mine,the Yi Jian Gate sent the tenth-ranked'Nine Tribulations Transcendent'Xie Zhiyan to mediate,but to no avail."

Su Xin was slightly surprised.Xie Zhiyan had also come here.He would have to adjust his plans.Originally,he intended to inquire through the wind informants if the Zhou Family and the Shen Family had any top-grade or medium-grade weapons.If they did,he could sneak in and seize them.If not,he could gradually eliminate the two families.However,now that Xie Zhiyan was involved,and considering that both families were vassals of the Yi Jian Gate and he had a good relationship with Xie Zhiyan,he couldn't be so reckless.

Su Xin continued,"Do you know why these two families started fighting?Was it because they were competing for some treasure?"

Zhang You shook his head,"I really don't know about this.It seems like the Zhou Family suddenly went berserk and killed a direct disciple of the Shen Family,which prompted the Shen Family's retaliation.As you know,the Shen Family,as a second-rate small family,doesn't even have a Martial Spirit Realm warrior.Each direct disciple is extremely precious.Now that one has been killed,it's natural for them to go mad.Moreover,this incident clearly started because of the Zhou Family.When the Yi Jian Gate came to mediate,the Zhou Family was the first to oppose,as if they wouldn't stop until the Shen Family was destroyed.But even if the Zhou Family's strength surpasses the Shen Family's,it's only by a small margin.Even if they destroy the Shen Family and monopolize the magnetite iron mine originally belonging to the Shen Family,it would be a pyrrhic victory."

Zhang You shook his head and sighed,showing some distress on his face.Obviously,the most unbearable thing for informants like him was not knowing something.

Having obtained the information he needed,Su Xin turned and left.

Zhang You put the Xiaohuan Dan in his pocket,feeling like he had struck gold in this deal.The affairs of the Shen Family and the Zhou Family had caused quite a stir in the city.Any random martial artist could find out about it,but he knew a bit more detailed information.

Trading such outdated news for a bottle of Shaolin Xiaohuan Dan wasn't just a lossless deal,it was quite profitable.

Currently,within the residence of the Yi Jian Gate in Moling Prefecture,Xie Zhiyan had just returned from the Zhou Family,where her mediation efforts were once again rejected.Despite her best efforts,it seemed futile.

Putting down her sword,Xie Zhiyan rubbed her head.Handling such matters was her least favorite task,yet the sect had assigned her to manage them.

At that moment,Xie Zhiyan felt a sudden cold breeze in the room and someone appeared behind her.


The sword was unsheathed,and a chilling sword aura slashed towards the intruder.Simultaneously,an invisible sword aura was also unleashed,and the collision scattered sword energy throughout the room.

As Xie Zhiyan turned back to resume her attack,she was surprised to see the person standing before her."Su Xin,what are you doing here?"

With a smile,Su Xin replied,"Miss Xie,long time no see.Jumping from rank twelve to rank ten in just three years,that's quite an achievement."

Sheathing his sword,Xie Zhiyan shook her head."Your achievement is the remarkable one.No one expected the former leader of a small gang from the southern wilderness to become the Chief Constable of the Six Gates,commanding authority over the Jiannan Road.I bet the Qingcheng Sword Sect regrets not eliminating you completely back then."

Indeed,members of the Qingcheng Sword Sect were frustrated.If Su Xin had only ranked twelfth,they wouldn't have been so wary.As a lone figure,just like Shen Jin,even if he were powerful,he would still need to tread carefully,being a rogue cultivator.However,Su Xin was now the Chief Constable of Jiannan Road,a formidable figure backed by both the Six Gates and the court.

With Su Xin's current status,the Qingcheng Sword Sect couldn't simply eradicate him.Hence,the prevailing sentiment within the sect towards Su Xin was no longer hostile.

Most elders of the Qingcheng Sword Sect thought it best not to provoke Su Xin anymore.The matter was in the past,and Su Xin was no longer a threat to the Qingcheng Sword Sect as long as Elder Fang Rui stopped targeting him.

"By the way,are you here in Jiannan Road to see Xiner?"Xie Zhiyan asked.

Su Xin nodded."How is Xiner doing lately?"

"She's doing well.Xiner's talent is exceptional.She broke through to the Innate Realm three months ago,which is quite rare even in our Yi Jian Gate,"Xie Zhiyan replied.

In most top sects,most disciples broke through to the Innate Realm around the age of fifteen.Xiner,at only eleven years old,was already considered top-tier in terms of talent.

"But if you're here to visit Xiner at the Yi Jian Gate,you'll have to wait.I have some matters to attend to first.Once I'm done,I'll take you to the Yi Jian Gate,"Xie Zhiyan said.

Sitting across from Xie Zhiyan,Su Xin asked,"Is it because of the situation with the Shen Family and the Zhou Family?"

Xie Zhiyan nodded.The situation had caused quite a stir,so it wasn't surprising that Su Xin knew about it.

Su Xin remarked,"In theory,the Shen Family and the Zhou Family,both vassals of the Yi Jian Gate,shouldn't have such audacity.With you,a direct disciple of the Yi Jian Gate,trying to mediate,it's surprising that they still won't listen.Also,it's odd that the Yi Jian Gate doesn't send a Martial Spirit Realm warrior to suppress them.They're just two minor vassal forces,yet they've caused quite a headache for you."

Xie Zhiyan shook her head."Even top sects have their constraints and rules they must follow.Although in reality,these two families are vassals of the Yi Jian Gate,nominally,we only have a cooperative relationship.Their conflict does affect our magnetite iron mining,but they haven't provoked the Yi Jian Gate directly.If we were to violently suppress them without justification,it would be no different from acting like a demonic sect.We,the Yi Jian Gate,can't afford such misconceptions from the outside world."

Listening to Xie Zhiyan's explanation,Su Xin could only shake his head.It was too conservative,the way the Yi Jian Gate operated.It was ridiculous that a grand sect couldn't deal with two minor vassal forces,but such things only happened with some of the mainstream orthodox sects in the Central Plains.In other places like the South,regardless of whether or not you've provoked us,if we feel you deserve to die,then you die.Massacres of sects happened not once or twice in the South.Just like those minor vassal forces with Martial Spirit Realm warriors in the South,their attitudes were extremely arrogant,and their methods were completely unrelated to orthodox sects.