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Chapter 334:Blacklist Bounty

9240words in this chapter2024-02-27

For Lu Wanting,Di Yunfei could truly say it was love at first sight.

Originally,he had some resistance to the arranged marriage set up by Di Jingfei,but upon seeing the graceful and spirited Lu Wanting,that resistance turned into delight.

Now,upon hearing of Lu Wanting's arrival,Di Yunfei immediately set aside all his affairs and went out to greet her personally.

"Wanting,how did you come?"Di Yunfei quickly arranged banquets,guest rooms,and so on,welcoming Lu Wanting into the Zhengjian Alliance.

Lu Wanting raised her eyebrows and coldly snorted,"If I didn't come,I'm afraid you would have disgraced the Zhengjian Alliance."

Of course,whether you disgrace the Zhengjian Alliance or not has nothing to do with me,but now everyone knows that I,Lu Wanting,am preparing to marry you.Letting them know that the object of my marriage alliance is a waste would be humiliating to me,wouldn't it?"

Di Yunfei's face changed immediately.He hurriedly said,"Wanting,listen to my explanation.Things are definitely not as you imagine.I will definitely retrieve the Heavenly Dao Stone and give it to you as a gift."

Lu Wanting chuckled,"Retrieve it?With your current appearance,how do you plan to retrieve it?By begging Su Xin to return it?"

Di Yunfei's face flushed red.He really wanted to find his own brother now and ask him to send a martial artist of the Yuanshen realm to retrieve the Heavenly Dao Stone.

But Lu Wanting interrupted,"Are you now thinking that you can't retrieve the Heavenly Dao Stone yourself but you can ask Lord Di Jingfei to send someone?You are still so useless,always needing your brother to intervene in everything.If in the future,when you take over the Zhengjian Alliance,you still need your brother's support to maintain your position,then what's the use of you?"

Being so belittled by his beloved,Di Yunfei was immediately furious,feeling an overwhelming sense of frustration.

"Just wait,I'll take people to find Su Xin and retrieve that Heavenly Dao Stone!"Di Yunfei immediately turned to leave.

But Lu Wanting grabbed him and said,"With your current strength,are you a hundred percent sure you can defeat Su Xin?You've already lost to him once.Do you want to lose to him again?"

Di Yunfei froze.He had the strength to fight Su Xin now,but it didn't mean he was a hundred percent sure he could defeat him.

Because of this uncertainty,Di Yunfei was so conflicted,unsure whether he should forcefully retrieve the Heavenly Dao Stone from Su Xin.

Seeing Di Yunfei hesitating,Lu Wanting shook her head again.

Di Yunfei's hesitation was far from the heroic image she had imagined.

Perhaps among the heirs of many major sects,Di Yunfei wasn't the worst,but he certainly wasn't the best either.

And the man Lu Wanting was going to marry in the future had to be the kind of towering hero she envisioned.Di Yunfei's hesitant and indecisive character was far from what she imagined.

"Let me give you an idea.Sometimes,taking action doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it yourself.Leveraging influence is also an option,"Lu Wanting said calmly.

"Influence?Whose influence?"Di Yunfei asked in surprise.

"The Blacklist."Lu Wanting uttered these two words calmly.

As soon as Di Yunfei heard the words"Blacklist,"he immediately shook his head."You want me to put a bounty on Su Xin on the Blacklist?No,it's impossible.Even if Su Xin is listed on the Blacklist,I doubt there will be many people willing to come and kill him."

The Blacklist has been around longer than the Three Lists of Heaven,Earth,and People.Initially,the Blacklist was responsible for seeking revenge in the martial world.But if you want to put a bounty on someone on the Blacklist,it depends on the opponent's strength and background.

Su Xin is the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,backed by the Six Gates.Even if the bounty on the Blacklist is generous,few people would dare to kill him because it's not worth it.

So,although there are many people on the Blacklist,ninety-nine percent are scattered practitioners or people from the demonic path who have committed egregious offenses and are being hunted.

Moreover,there are very few martial artists in the Yuanshen realm on the Blacklist because,among martial artists of the same realm,it's easy to defeat each other,but it's not easy to kill each other.

Unless several people join forces,there's no absolute certainty of killing someone.

Therefore,besieging a martial artist in the Yuanshen realm listed on the Blacklist is extremely unprofitable unless the bounty offered is exceptionally attractive,only then will someone take action.

And now,after Su Xin was listed on the Blacklist,the difficulty level was no less than those in the Yuanshen realm.

Su Xin is backed by the Six Gates,and his identity is a significant guarantee.Even if there are some daredevils willing to risk being wanted by the Six Gates to kill Su Xin,they still need to be able to defeat him.

Against Su Xin,martial artists in the Divine Palace realm are too weak,and as for martial artists in the Yuanshen realm,to be honest,with Di Yunfei's current resources,the bounty he could offer probably wouldn't attract martial artists in the Yuanshen realm unless he took out some precious treasures from the vaults of the Zhengjian Alliance.

Unfortunately,the key to the vault of the Zhengjian Alliance is held by five elders of the Yuanshen realm personally,and not even Di Jingfei can open it without authorization.

So,in Di Yunfei's view,putting a bounty on Su Xin on the Blacklist was actually useless.He couldn't do anything about it;he would just be wasting the rewards.

Lu Wanting shook her head and said,"Under heavy reward,there must be brave men.What if you announce a reward saying whoever can kill Su Xin will get the Heavenly Dao Stone?The temptation of the Yuanshen realm is irresistible.Can Su Xin still fight against ten,let alone a hundred?"

Di Yunfei's expression changed suddenly.Indeed,the temptation of the Yuanshen realm was irresistible,especially for wandering martial artists.

Breaking through to the Yuanshen realm from the Divine Palace realm relies heavily on insight.

Within sects,there are various ancestral scriptures to guide one on how to comprehend the breakthrough to the Yuanshen realm,and there are also predecessors passing down their experiences.

But wandering martial artists don't have this privilege.If,among Divine Palace realm martial artists within a sect,one out of a hundred can smoothly break through to the Yuanshen realm,then among wandering martial artists,one out of a thousand may not even achieve one breakthrough to the Yuanshen realm.

The presence of the Yuanshen realm is called a martial arts master.Once breaking through to the Yuanshen realm,one can establish a sect and build a second-rate power.

And if you want to join other sects or aristocratic families as a guest or retainer,even the top six aristocratic families like the Xiao family would have to treat you with respect.

The Heavenly Dao Stone represents an opportunity to ascend to the Yuanshen realm.As long as you can obtain the Heavenly Dao Stone,even if your foundation isn't thunder,you will change it to thunder by force,as any sacrifice is worth it as long as you can break through to the Yuanshen realm.

If Di Yunfei dared to say that whoever seizes the Heavenly Dao Stone will own it,martial artists of the Divine Palace realm across the realm would probably flock to Su Xin.No one can resist the temptation of breaking through to the Yuanshen realm.

However,Di Yunfei hesitated,"But the Heavenly Dao Stone is meant to be a gift for you.Even if I kill Su Xin,the Heavenly Dao Stone will still be lost."

Lu Wanting rolled her eyes."Can't you wait until they exhaust Su Xin's strength before making a move?With so many people targeting him,I guarantee Su Xin won't be able to return to Jiangnan Dao.At that time,you can do as you wish.If you take back the Heavenly Dao Stone from Su Xin yourself,do you think they will dare to snatch it from you?"

Di Yunfei suddenly realized.He immediately instructed his subordinate Qi Dong to put a bounty on Su Xin on the Blacklist.

Lu Wanting still looked disdainful at Di Yunfei.He was truly incapable and even needed her to come up with a plan for him.

Lu Wanting had already made up her mind.If Di Yunfei's performance continued to be so poor,Lu Wanting wouldn't even give him another chance to reconsider.She would directly tell her father to cancel the marriage alliance with the Zhengjian Alliance.

For Lu Wanting,marrying into other powers for the benefit of the family was not a problem,but the prerequisite was that the other party had to meet her standards.

The next day,news of Di Yunfei's bounty on Su Xin spread through word of mouth,spreading throughout the Jian Nan Dao and Yu Nan Dao regions,shocking the martial world.

After all,this was the only time in many years that an official of the court entered the Blacklist,and the bounty offered was so significant.

When Di Yunfei put a bounty on Su Xin on the Blacklist,he not only stated that whoever seizes the Heavenly Dao Stone will own it but also added a mysterious-grade weapon as a reward.

Such a generous bounty left even the Tianji Valley,who was responsible for releasing the Blacklist,somewhat puzzled.

Tianji Valley prioritized the rankings on the Blacklist based on the amount of reward offered by the issuer,so the issuer had to hand over everything being rewarded to Tianji Valley.

But this time,Di Yunfei only gave Tianji Valley a mysterious-grade weapon.The Heavenly Dao Stone was still in Su Xin's hands.How should this be counted?

If the Heavenly Dao Stone were counted,Su Xin's ranking on the Blacklist might even rank in the top ten.

In this dilemma,Tianji Valley had to compromise and ranked Su Xin at thirty-first place,just below those great enemies and villains of the Yuanshen realm.

And after receiving this news,martial artists from both Jian Nan Dao and Yu Nan Dao were in an uproar.

Most wandering martial artists didn't know what the Heavenly Dao Stone was because they might never have heard of such high-grade natural treasures in their lifetime.

But Di Yunfei's subordinates were attentive enough to include a description of the Heavenly Dao Stone in the Blacklist reward announcement,so everyone knew what the Heavenly Dao Stone was.This immediately ignited the wandering martial artists of the two regions.

No one could resist the temptation of the Heavenly Dao Stone.Even if they might not be able to defeat Su Xin and even if they faced the danger of being wanted by the Six Gates,as long as they could ascend to the Yuanshen realm and become the coveted martial arts master,they were willing to endure it.

So,overnight,countless wandering martial artists flocked to the borders of Jian Nan Dao,all with one goal in mind:Su Xin and the Heavenly Dao Stone!