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Chapter 333 Lu Wanting

8523words in this chapter2024-02-27

On the side,Zhang You was stunned upon hearing Di Yunfei's words.What was going on?So,Di Yunfei's original intention was to exchange something else for the Heavenly Dao Stone in Su Xin's hands?

Doesn't that mean the incident last time was entirely orchestrated by that Sima Pan?

Zhang You quickly recounted the whole situation to Di Yunfei,but instead of calming down,Di Yunfei became even more furious.

A perfectly good situation was turned into this mess by Sima Pan's actions.Even if Su Xin doesn't kill him,Di Yunfei would want to kill him himself!

More importantly,Di Yunfei was now caught in a dilemma.Even if he didn't want to act,he felt compelled to.After all,with so many people watching,if Su Xin killed his men and he didn't retaliate,it would seem like Di Yunfei was afraid of Su Xin.

His confidant,Qi Dong,cautiously asked from the side,"Young master,should we take action?"

Di Yunfei paced around irritably.Initially,he was furious and wanted to act,but upon cooling down,he hesitated.

Taking action was one thing,but the problem was whether his men could handle Su Xin.Moreover,he himself wasn't prepared to intervene.

Di Yunfei was indeed slightly ahead of Su Xin at the moment,but he wasn't confident about this slight advantage.Whether he could defeat Su Xin was still uncertain.

After being defeated by Su Xin last time,Di Yunfei's friend had told him that one failure wasn't terrifying,but spending a lifetime in failure was.

Di Yunfei didn't want to fail a second time,so sooner or later,he would have to confront Su Xin again.

However,last time in Xiangnan,he suffered because of his recklessness.He directly confronted Su Xin in public and even initiated the fight without knowing Su Xin's exact strength.

This time,Di Yunfei wouldn't be so reckless.Therefore,he decided to refrain from taking action for the time being and instead urged Su Xin to hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone first.

So,Di Yunfei instructed Zhang You to convey a message to Su Xin,asking him to surrender the Heavenly Dao Stone,and the deaths of Sima Pan and others would be overlooked.

Previously,Di Yunfei was willing to offer something in exchange because there was no direct conflict between them.After all,the Heavenly Dao Stone was obtained by Su Xin from the He family of the Shadow Assassins,and Di Yunfei didn't want trouble.But now that Su Xin had killed Di Yunfei's men,offering something in exchange would imply submission,which Di Yunfei absolutely couldn't accept.

Upon receiving the order,Zhang You immediately went to deliver the message to Su Xin.He was also secretly delighted because this trip was quite lucrative.

With Di Yunfei's status,Zhang You wouldn't be treated unfairly for running errands.Di Yunfei was even more generous than Su Xin.

However,after receiving the message from Di Yunfei,Su Xin just sneered.

If Di Yunfei had been willing to offer something of equal value in the first place,Su Xin might have agreed.After all,the Heavenly Dao Stone was useless to him.He had intended to use it for trading with members of other underworld factions,so exchanging it for something of equivalent value would have been acceptable.

But now,Di Yunfei wanted him to hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone directly,claiming it would compensate for the deaths of Sima Pan and others.This made Su Xin laugh.

If Sima Pan and others dared to attack him,they should have been prepared to be killed.As for things that entered Su Xin's mouth,they never came out.

So,Su Xin instructed Zhang You to tell Di Yunfei that if he wanted the Heavenly Dao Stone,he could either offer something in exchange or come and take it himself.

Zhang You shook his head;he knew it would end up like this.

As a messenger,Zhang You not only had a deep understanding of local intelligence in Jiannan Dao but also knew about the famous figures and stories of both the younger and older generations in the martial world.As one of the most prominent figures of his generation,Su Xin was certainly well understood by Zhang You.

Zhang You's assessment of Su Xin was simple:deeply cunning,ruthlessly decisive,and never willing to compromise.

Facing numerous martial sects in Jiannan Dao,including three first-class forces,Su Xin had always been uncompromising,so it was easy to guess how he would treat Di Yunfei.

Meanwhile,within the Lu residence in Fanyang,a woman dressed in white was practicing swordsmanship in the martial arts arena.

She was tall and well-proportioned,clad in a tight white warrior's suit.Her hair wasn't as neatly arranged as that of a proper lady;instead,it was casually tied into a ponytail behind her head.Paired with her charming face,she exuded a heroic aura,with a taste of sharpness typical of martial artists.

This woman was Lu Wanting,the legitimate daughter of the Lu family in Fanyang.At this moment,she held a long sword,her swordsmanship resembling thunder,with flashes of lightning shining in her sword shadows,appearing extremely magnificent.

Throughout history,the martial world was dominated by men,and while there were strong women,they were not even one-tenth as many as men.

Lu Wanting

In today's society,women only make up one-tenth of the prominent figures,indicating a significant gap in representation.However,Lu Wanting from the Lu family in Fanyang is an exception among women.Despite being around the same age as Su Xin and slightly younger than Di Yunfei,she has already reached the pinnacle of the Divine Palace realm,a remarkable achievement for a woman.If not for Lu Wanting's lack of exposure in the martial world and any notable achievements,she would easily rank among the top fifty on the list.

After completing her sword practice,Lu Wanting sheathed her sword,with a few glistening beads of sweat on her forehead.A delicate maid hurried over with a towel to wipe her sweat.

As she wiped,the maid reported,"Miss,there seems to be some trouble with Young Master.The Heavenly Dao Stone he prepared for you was taken by someone else,and now he's trying to reclaim it."

Lu Wanting raised an eyebrow."What Young Master?Di Yunfei doesn't even have the qualifications to marry me yet.Why are you in such a hurry?Are you eager to become a maid in the side chambers?"

The maid blushed and shook her head quickly."Of course not,Miss.It's just that Young Master is the best among those who have proposed to you in terms of background.He's the younger brother of Di Jingfei,the'Jade-Eyed Flying Dragon'of the Zhengjian Alliance,and is almost the designated leader of the alliance.If you marry him,you won't have to worry about power struggles.He will definitely be the leader of the alliance.Moreover,Young Master genuinely cares about you.If you marry him,he'll be willing to remain faithful to you for life."

A look of disdain crossed Lu Wanting's face."In terms of background,the Lu family in Fanyang is no less than the Zhengjian Alliance,so what's the use of looking at backgrounds?Whenever people mention Di Yunfei,they only talk about him being Di Jingfei's brother.He'll always live in his brother's shadow,yet he's proud of it.What a waste!"

The maid cautiously glanced at her mistress.Having followed Lu Wanting since childhood,she understood her well.Despite being a woman,Lu Wanting's upbringing as a man by her father,who had hoped for a son,had molded her character into someone who couldn't be easily subdued.

Lu Wanting snorted."My father raised me as a man,yet he often sighs that I'm not a son.But compared to those useless men,I,Lu Wanting,am no less competent!So the man for me must be a dominant figure in the martial world.Di Yunfei is not qualified for my attention.If it were his brother Di Jingfei proposing,I wouldn't hesitate to accept."

The maid was startled by Lu Wanting's bold words and hurriedly said,"Miss,please don't say such things carelessly.It would be disastrous if others heard it."

Rejecting the younger brother's proposal and favoring the older brother's proposal?What kind of situation is this?Moreover,wanting to lie down on the older brother's bed–if the elders of the Lu family heard this,Lu Wanting would be in big trouble.

"By the way,what's the matter with Di Yunfei?He promised to give me a Heavenly Dao Stone last time,but now it's been stolen?What a waste,"Lu Wanting said nonchalantly.

The maid immediately explained the situation to Lu Wanting.After hearing it,Lu Wanting sneered.

"Waste,indeed!Indecisive and weak.If he had just killed those people from the He family when they dared to make demands,none of this would have happened.Now he's being embarrassed by Su Xin.Only a waste like him could manage such a ridiculous situation."

Although she was a woman,Lu Wanting's thoughts were similar to Su Xin's.When the people from the He family dared to make demands,Di Yunfei should have killed them directly.

Lu Wanting suddenly said,"Xiao Qing,pack our belongings.We're going to the Zhengjian Alliance to find Di Yunfei."

Xiao Qing was surprised."Miss,why are we going to see Young Master?"

Lu Wanting stretched lazily,revealing her perfect curves.She said casually,"To relax and teach that waste Di Yunfei how to handle things.After all,rumors are spreading outside that I'm his fiancée.If he does anything embarrassing again,it's my face that will be lost."

Xiao Qing nodded,somewhat understanding,and immediately arranged for a carriage to head to the Zhengjian Alliance.

Meanwhile,inside the Zhengjian Alliance,Di Yunfei's face darkened upon receiving Su Xin's reply.However,he couldn't figure out how to deal with it for the time being.Taking action himself without certainty of victory or seeking help from his brother to involve the powerful members of the alliance left Di Yunfei in a dilemma.At this moment,he was suddenly informed of Lu Wanting's visit,which greatly pleased him.He immediately went out to greet her personally.