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Chapter 336:Unrivaled

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Chapter 336:Unrivaled

Looking at the numerous martial artists outside the door,Su Xin leisurely pulled out the Heavenly Dao Stone from his mustard seed bag.The Heavenly Dao Stone,as if forged by thunder,emitted a captivating brilliance under the sunlight,appearing extremely magnificent and beautiful.

However,in the eyes of these martial artists,what Su Xin held in his hand was not the Heavenly Dao Stone,but their hope of advancing to the Elemental Spirit Realm!

Endless greed converged in the eyes of these martial artists.But at this moment,Su Xin withdrew the Heavenly Dao Stone,intensifying the greed in the eyes of the martial artists present.

A playful expression appeared on Su Xin's face."Want this Heavenly Dao Stone?Sure,whoever defeats me,this Heavenly Dao Stone belongs to them."

Among the martial artists,a handsome young man with a scar on his face stepped forward.He was Yu Feiyu,a wandering martial artist from the Jian Nan Dao,also known as the"Seven Kills Young Lord."

Yu Feiyu said solemnly,"Lord Su,you are a genius on the Human Ranking,a generation's pride.Even if you want to break through to the Elemental Spirit Realm,it will surely be after achieving perfection.With your strength,this Heavenly Dao Stone is nothing but a waste to you.Why not hand it over to us,and then you can leave the Jian Nan Dao peacefully and become the Chief Constable of the Jiang Nan Dao.How about that?"

If he could avoid confronting Su Xin,he really didn't want to.Su Xin's strength was there;whoever attacked first would likely die first.Wouldn't those who came later benefit for nothing?So,Seven Kills Young Lord hoped Su Xin would voluntarily hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone so they could contend for it.

"Want the Heavenly Dao Stone?I said,if you want it,you can have it.Defeat me,and it's yours,"Su Xin said,his tone suddenly becoming solemn."Of course,life is like gambling.There's only one Heavenly Dao Stone,and among you,only one person can win.Who wants to try first?"

The martial artists present looked at each other.Who dared to go first?No matter who went first,they would be setting themselves up for the others.

However,at this moment,a voice from the system sounded in Su Xin's mind.

"Activate side quest:Unrivaled.

Quest description:Slay all current martial artists.For each kill,reward 10-100 villain points based on strength,with no upper limit,within twelve hours.No punishment for failure."

Upon hearing this voice,a smile appeared at the corner of Su Xin's mouth.He liked completing these side quests.They were straightforward and offered considerable villain points rewards.

However,the system had clearly adjusted the rewards based on Su Xin's current strength.When he completed side quests in the Pre-Natal Qi Sea Realm,killing a Pre-Natal Qi Sea Realm martial artist would reward him with 200 villain points.Now,even the weakest martial artists before him had the strength of the Spiritual Aptitude Realm or the Divine Palace Realm,but the reward started at 10 villain points.

"Aren't you going to make a move?Well then,since you won't,I'll go first!"Su Xin's voice fell,and his figure rushed out like a raging wind.In almost an instant,he had already arrived in front of Seven Kills Young Lord.

No one had expected that faced with this situation,Su Xin would dare to strike first.Even Seven Kills Young Lord,who was closest to Su Xin,was stunned until Su Xin was already in front of him,and only then did he react.

Seven Kills Young Lord used his sword,renowned for the Seven Kills Sword Technique in the martial world.But in front of Su Xin,he didn't even have a chance to draw his sword!

Invisible sword qi scattered out,instantly severing Seven Kills Young Lord's two arms.With a sword pointed out,Seven Kills Young Lord's head exploded!

Su Xin rushed into the crowd,fully unleashing the Invisible Sword Qi of the Pre-Natal Body Destruction,and in an instant,hundreds of invisible and formless powerful sword qi swept out.Immediately,screams rang out,and more than ten unsuspecting martial artists were killed on the spot!

The rest of the people were shocked.Su Xin's ferocity was too overwhelming.Facing a hundred opponents alone,did he think he was invincible in the Elemental Spirit Realm?

"Let's attack together!We must defeat Su Xin one by one,or we'll all die!"A middle-aged man shouted loudly.He was accompanied by eight people,forming a formation to resist Su Xin's Invisible Sword Qi.Under this violent sword qi,they barely managed to resist.

These nine people were the nine patriarchs of the Honghu Gang,proficient in the art of combined attacks.With nine people joining forces,even a Human Ranking powerhouse wouldn't dare to face their combined strength head-on.

Under the command of these nine leaders,more than ten martial artists immediately began to attack Su Xin from all directions.

"Even a bunch of chicken and dogs dare to fight?"Su Xin shouted,drawing the Blood Rose Sword from its sheath with one hand!

With a sword drawn from his left hand,a bloody moon rose from the air,waves of blood surged,and under the rolling blood river,several martial artists who attacked him head-on were immediately shredded into pieces by the Blood River Divine Sword!

But it wasn't over yet.The blood-colored and eerie Rose Soul blossomed among the nine leaders of the Honghu Gang.In just a few breaths,their vitality was swallowed up by this sinister flower,and the formation of the nine people was immediately broken!

At this moment,attacks from behind Su Xin had arrived.However,with a faint light flashing on Su Xin's body,his figure swayed a few times.He used the art of shifting stars and moving space.The attacks of those people involuntarily changed direction and directly hit others.

Su Xin swung the Blood River Divine Sword with his left hand,but his right hand continuously unleashed the Astonishing Spirit Finger,and the pervasive finger force was like thunder,making no one dare to confront it head-on.

"Death comes!"

At this moment,a loud shout rang out.A middle-aged monk in a blood-red monk's robe thrust out both fists,and the violent fist wind tore through the sky,causing the ground to tremble with his movements.

This person was Kuangyuan,the"Sinful Heart Monk,"a madman without reservation.

He was originally a lay disciple of the Shaolin Temple,but his talent in martial arts was remarkable,especially in the body-refining techniques.

Because of his indiscriminate killing,he was expelled from the Shaolin Temple by the disciplinary hall and had his martial arts abolished,despite being considered to be accepted as an official disciple by the Shaolin Temple's Arhat Hall.Due to this,Kuangyuan harbored deep resentment towards the warriors of the Shaolin Temple.He took the tonsure and became a monk himself,committing countless atrocities.Each time he committed an evil act,he left the name of the Shaolin Temple behind,and because of this,he had been chased by the Shaolin Temple countless times.

Among wandering martial artists,Kuangyuan,who managed to escape the Shaolin Temple's pursuit several times,was definitely one of the strongest.Facing Su Xin,the insane Kuangyuan had no greed for the Heavenly Dao Stone;all he had was boundless fighting spirit and killing intent!

The finger force scattered under Kuangyuan's fist wind,and Su Xin followed with a punch.When their fists collided,a powerful wave of energy emanated from them,and the result was that Kuangyuan,known for his strength,was sent flying!

With a movement of Su Xin's feet,another punch followed.Kuangyuan barely managed to cope,but he spat out a mouthful of blood directly.

These two people simply exchanged blows,completely disregarding martial techniques,only competing in confidence in their own strength!

Unfortunately,Su Xin won this round.The tremendous power brought by the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art was something Kuangyuan couldn't compare with.After more than ten punches,he was directly killed by Su Xin with a single punch,dying in his area of expertise.

At the same time,however,seven sword lights fell from the sky and sealed off the space around Su Xin,making it impossible for him to escape.

But Su Xin didn't intend to escape.If he did,where else could he find such a lucrative opportunity to earn villain points?With a grab of both hands,seven sword energies burst out.

Although these seven sword energies weren't as magnificent and powerful as the previous hundreds,each one of them was unique.

Among these seven sword energies,there were heavy and sharp ones,as well as flexible ones.

Whether fierce and violent or gentle and sharp,the seven sword energies displayed seven different variations,changing at will.

The Invisible Sword Qi had five realms,and Su Xin had always been operating in the first realm.It wasn't until this moment that he broke through to the second realm.Removing the"Pre-Natal"restriction,without being limited by internal energy,there was no distinction between Pre-Natal and Post-Natal.His attacks were all Invisible Sword Qi,with endless variations within them.

The seven sword energies met the seven sword lights.In an instant,the sword energies and blade lights scattered,and the entire street was in chaos,ravaged by these sword energies and blade lights.

As the dust settled,seven figures lay on the ground,covered in sword scars.The seven heroes of the Tian Dang Mountain were actually killed instantly by Su Xin with a single move!

The people present couldn't help but gasp in cold air,and for a moment,no one dared to take another step forward.

Su Xin's ferocity was too overwhelming.Seven Kills Young Lord couldn't stop him,and half of the nine leaders of the Honghu Gang were dead.

Kuangyuan,the Sinful Heart Monk,also died in his area of expertise.Now,even the seven famous leaders of the Tian Dang Mountain in Yu Nan Dao couldn't resist Su Xin with a single move.Who else could control him?Perhaps only a powerhouse at the Elemental Spirit Realm.

Even though they knew that they could exhaust Su Xin by enduring,they still didn't dare to step forward.While facing other martial artists meant consuming internal energy,facing Su Xin meant using their own lives to endure!

However,their reluctance to act didn't mean that Su Xin wouldn't act.He still wanted to earn villain points,so he couldn't let this opportunity slip by.

So,Su Xin once again rushed into the crowd.For a moment,blood waves surged,and Invisible Sword Qi scattered everywhere,but not a single person was a match for Su Xin.In an instant,he slaughtered more than ten martial artists,leaving the onlookers horrified.

Some of the post-natal warriors who didn't qualify to participate in this battle in the far distance couldn't help but pat their chests in fear.Fortunately,their strength was insufficient to qualify for this battle;otherwise,even if they went,they would only end up as cannon fodder.

At this moment,on the rooftop of a tavern across the street,every move of Su Xin had fallen into the eyes of Di Yunfei and Lu Wanting.

They never expected that faced with such a scene,Su Xin would dare to strike first,and with such imposing power,he slaughtered in all directions.This was simply the ferocity only an Elemental Spirit Realm powerhouse could possess.