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Chapter 337:You'll Never Catch Up to Me in Your Lifetime

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Di Yunfei's expression changed slightly.He hadn't expected that in just over a year,Su Xin would have grown to such an extent.

This killing spree,like a demon descending upon the world,Di Yunfei had to admit,he wouldn't be able to achieve what Su Xin was capable of now.

And Lu Wanting beside him was gleaming with excitement,watching Su Xin dominate below,unparalleled in momentum,slaughtering all around.

To stand against a hundred,unbeatable by anyone!

Only such a figure was worthy of Lu Wanting!

At this moment,Di Yunfei saw Su Xin kill more than a dozen people in a row,and estimated that his own internal strength had already been consumed by more than half.Wasn't it his turn to take action now?

Di Yunfei turned directly to Lu Wanting and said,"Wanting,I'll go deal with Su Xin right away.You wait here for me."

With that,Di Yunfei walked downstairs without noticing Lu Wanting's disdainful gaze.

Yes,Lu Wanting now truly felt a sense of disgust towards Di Yunfei.

Compared to Su Xin's unrivaled momentum below,Di Yunfei's appearance of rushing to take advantage of the situation seemed despicable and repulsive no matter how you looked at it.

Although this trick was taught to him by Lu Wanting,she still felt this way.

Originally,Lu Wanting accompanied Di Yunfei here just because she was bored and wanted to have some fun,but she didn't expect to encounter someone like Su Xin,who completely matched her criteria for a husband.

Among the top ten on the ranking list,there were few that caught Lu Wanting's eye.'Dao Fool'Lin Changhe was focused solely on the Dao,'Sword Young Master'He Xiusheng was too obsessed with victory and defeat,narrow-minded.'Marquis Xiaoan'Xiao Huang was even less worth mentioning,his background destined his marriage to be beyond his control.

And there were few other figures that Lu Wanting could even consider,but Su Xin in front of her truly made her heart flutter.

At this moment below,just as Su Xin was slaughtering all around,when no one dared to confront him head-on,a cold voice rang out,"Su Xin,I've given you a chance,but you didn't cherish it.Since you don't want to hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone,then you don't need to leave the Sword Southern Road."

Di Yunfei separated from the crowd and walked in,and when they saw him coming,everyone was stunned,then cursed inwardly.

They weren't fools.The Di Yunfei who had originally issued the bounty suddenly appeared here,and they instantly understood what was going on.

So Di Yunfei was using them as cannon fodder.When he and others had depleted Su Xin's internal strength almost enough,he,Di Yunfei,would come out to take advantage.

Although everyone was angry at this approach,they had no choice.

The power of the Sword Alliance was evident here,and this was the Sword Southern Road adjacent to the Yu Southern Road.Who would dare to provoke Di Yunfei?

Su Xin also looked at Di Yunfei with some surprise.In his impression,Di Yunfei didn't seem adept at playing such small tricks.Could it be that he was stimulated by being defeated by himself in Southern Hunan last time?

Looking at Di Yunfei,Su Xin shook his head and said,"Di Yunfei,oh Di Yunfei,you're really not capable.When it's time to play a trick,you recklessly charge forward,and when it's time to fight for real,you resort to these petty tricks.

So,you'll never catch up to me in your lifetime.But luckily,you have a good brother.If you had made Di Jingfei take action today,I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to leave the Sword Southern Road,but you,forget it."

Di Yunfei's face darkened as if it could drip water.He didn't care about Su Xin's personal mockery,but he couldn't stand someone comparing him to his brother.

"Su Xin,verbal sparring is useless.Even if you want to hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone now,it's too late!"

With that,Di Yunfei's figure pounced out like a giant dragon,bringing up towering waves,rushing towards Su Xin!

In just over a year,Di Yunfei had indeed made a lot of progress.With his harmony between man and nature,his realm of half-step primordial spirit was not accumulated by pills.

After losing to Su Xin,Di Yunfei either closed up or practiced martial arts with Di Jingfei.With such a top-ranked expert teaching him at any time and any place,even though Di Yunfei hadn't set foot in the Jianghu for more than a year,his strength was enough to rank in the top twenty of the ranking list.

Under the towering waves,Su Xin's blood-red light blossomed in his hands,colliding with the towering waves.Instantly,a powerful wave spread out,the ground of the entire street began to crack,and the Qi ocean realm martial artists could be killed by the aftermath.

Di Yunfei's expression changed suddenly.He felt like he had miscalculated something.Why did Su Xin still have such profound internal strength?

Just now,when he killed the Seven Murder Lords and others,he didn't hold back at all.Every move was full force,and the consumption of true Qi was unusually astonishing.How could he still have the strength to fight back now?

According to Di Yunfei's estimation,Su Xin's internal strength should have been consumed by at least eighty percent,and he should be on the verge of exhaustion.

But Di Yunfei had indeed miscalculated.His mistake lay in Su Xin halfway learning the Shanzi Scripture and the Frozen Hell True Solution,which caused his internal strength to almost multiply several times,deep and inexhaustible.

According to the normal path of martial artists,internal strength was basically unchanging.Normal martial artists wouldn't casually switch internal techniques,as incompatible internal techniques could lead to disaster.

So Di Yunfei had just analyzed Su Xin's internal strength based on when Su Xin was cultivating the Purple Mist Divine Technique in Southern Hunan,thinking that Su Xin's internal strength had been exhausted.But the result was that Su Xin still had more than half of his internal strength left.

Di Yunfei sneered,"Just barely holding on,let's see how long you can last!"

With that,true Qi burst out from Di Yunfei's body,and his figure turned into that of a giant dragon,strangling towards Su Xin.

This was the Dragon Transformation Technique from Di Jingfei's secret technique,the Azure Water Green Dragon Scripture.Back when Di Yunfei was facing off against Su Xin,his Dragon Transformation Technique could only be considered basic,barely able to transform into the form of a flood dragon.But now,Di Yunfei could evoke the essence of the azure dragon,fighting fiercely like a raging sea!

The cyan Qi,like a whirlpool in the water,roared.Di Yunfei's dragon claws reached out,a terrifying suction came forth,endless blood waves were drawn into his hands,and even Su Xin's figure couldn't help but slide towards Di Yunfei.

Di Yunfei's martial arts were inherited from Di Jingfei,and the Azure Water Green Dragon Scripture itself was a close combat technique.

After transforming into a dragon,Di Yunfei's figure seemed to have become a flood dragon engulfing the raging sea.With the support of Qi,his strength was not inferior to those who cultivated their physical bodies.Therefore,he had to close in on Su Xin.

Under the Dragon Sucking Water technique,Su Xin didn’t retreat but instead advanced.Sword Qi whistled around him,as he swung his hand,instantly hundreds of Sword Qi roared out,like an unparalleled sword formation,with astonishing momentum!

Di Yunfei roared angrily,and the azure dragon roared furiously.Under the dragon's transformation,the Sword Qi scattered,but his body was torn apart by the invisible Sword Qi,leaving him with wounds all over.

The second stage of the Invisible Sword Qi was not easy to handle.With this attack,Di Yunfei found himself at a disadvantage.

In contrast to Di Yunfei,Su Xin's eyes showed surprise.

In the past year or so,Di Yunfei had indeed made considerable progress,but unfortunately,Su Xin still didn't regard him highly.

Injured by Su Xin's Invisible Sword Qi,Di Yunfei's eyes turned bloodshot.He couldn't believe that even though he had cultivated to half-step primordial spirit,leading Su Xin by half a step,he still couldn't defeat him.

However,Di Yunfei forgot one thing:sometimes,realm did not represent strength.

But Di Yunfei was unwilling to accept this.Su Xin had fought so many God Palace realm martial artists,how could he still have the strength to fight against him?

So Di Yunfei wanted to try again,using his last unmastered trump card.He didn't believe that even this wouldn't be enough to deal with Su Xin!

A violent aura emanated from Di Yunfei,and in an instant,blood mist surged,making him look terrifyingly like a blood person.

This kind of bizarre appearance stunned the surrounding martial artists.When did the Sword Alliance have such a bizarre technique?

At this moment,Di Yunfei's confidants who were watching the battle in the restaurant had a change in their expressions.They hadn't expected Di Yunfei to use this move.After using this move,even if Di Yunfei wasn't seriously injured,he would still suffer backlash.At that time,he would have no strength left to resist.If Su Xin had murderous intent,Di Yunfei would undoubtedly die this time!

Qi Dong immediately shouted,and several Sword Alliance martial artists immediately jumped down from the restaurant to stop Di Yunfei.But at this moment,it was already too late.

Di Jingfei's Azure Water Green Dragon Scripture had several killer moves,which Di Jingfei hadn't taught Di Yunfei before,as using these killer moves was almost equivalent to suicide with his strength.

This time,Di Jingfei also saw that Di Yunfei was about to break through to the primordial spirit,so he taught Di Yunfei a few killer moves.One of them was the Azure Dragon's Triple Transformation.

In the first transformation of the Azure Dragon's Triple Transformation,using one's own blood and Qi as a guide,it transformed into a blood dragon fighting the world,fighting dragons in the wild,and its blood was mysterious and yellow!

The violent fighting intent converged on Di Yunfei,bursting out with blood,and as Di Yunfei's figure rushed forward,everyone seemed to see a blood dragon fighting the sky in a spectacular manner.

Su Xin's expression became serious.Di Yunfei was really going all out with this move.This move consumed not Di Yunfei's internal strength,but his essence and blood!

Su Xin could clearly sense that the blood in Di Yunfei's body was continuously burning,and at the same time,his momentum was skyrocketing,like a demon god.

With the soaring blood energy,Su Xin's expression changed slightly.Di Yunfei's move was truly desperate.This move consumed not Di Yunfei's internal strength,but his essence and blood!