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Chapter 338:Heart-Piercing Arrows!

8248words in this chapter2024-02-27

The collision between the invisible sword energy infused with sword intent and Di Yunfei's Blood Dragon Transformation on the street sent a terrifying shockwave throughout the entire thoroughfare.

Endless rubble flew,and surrounding shops were even affected,with over half of them directly demolished.

Di Yunfei's subordinates couldn't intercept in time;they could only watch helplessly as the aftermath of the confrontation between the two dissipated,preparing to rush out for rescue at any moment.

When the sword energy and scattered astral energy vanished,the scene in the middle startled everyone.

Between Su Xin and Di Yunfei,a crater over ten zhang in size had been blasted out,with not a trace of rubble in sight.

Because all those rubble had been completely pulverized into dust by the sword energy and astral energy scattered during their confrontation!

A trace of blood trickled from the corner of Su Xin's mouth.The power of that last blow indeed exceeded his expectations.

After all,it was a move fueled by burning his own essence and blood.Although Su Xin managed to withstand it,his internal organs were still shaken by the tremendous force.

However,Di Yunfei's condition was much worse.

Just now,the Blood Dragon Transformation nearly drained all his essence and blood,and it would probably take months to fully recover.

Moreover,he was wounded by Su Xin's sword energy,with his meridians and internal organs covered in sword scars.At this point,he had completely lost his combat capability,and even an ordinary person could kill him.

Di Yunfei's subordinates immediately carried him aside,vigilantly watching Su Xin,fearing he might suddenly attack and kill Di Yunfei.

However,the other martial artists outside were gathering,their eyes flashing with greed.Now was the perfect time for them to make their move!

Originally,when they saw Di Yunfei,they had already given up hope.This time,they thought they were being used by Di Yunfei,sacrificing themselves for him without gain.

But unexpectedly,the situation took a turn,with Di Yunfei making a move early,resulting in both him and Su Xin being injured.

Now,this was different.They weren't being used by Di Yunfei;instead,he was inadvertently helping them.

A group of people subtly closed in,led by more than ten peak experts of the Divine Palace Realm such as Xiao Fuyuan of the"Purple Thunder Sword,"Yuan Tong of the"Heart Swordsman,"and the"Four Swords of Qianyuan Mountain."

Individually,they might not last three moves against Su Xin,but with Su Xin heavily injured,they saw an opportunity.

Xiao Fuyuan of the"Purple Thunder Sword"spoke first,"Lord Su,hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone.Now that Di Yunfei is seriously injured,no one can stop you from leaving the Sword Southern Road."

Although Su Xin was injured now,they still didn't want to resort to violence if they could help it.

After all,even a wounded tiger was still a tiger;a wounded tiger striking back was terrifying.

They didn't want to be the ones left to suffer.So,if Su Xin could hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone himself,that would be ideal.

Su Xin looked at these renowned freelance martial artists with disdain,"A group of stray dogs dares to snatch the Heavenly Dao Stone from my hands?Unable to see their own strength,yet still driven by unwarranted greed.How pitiful and laughable!"

The freelance martial artists were insulted by being called stray dogs,their eyes showing anger.

But Lu Wanting,standing aside,thought Su Xin's words were appropriate.Compared to Su Xin,who fought alone against the world's heroes,these people,who sought to take advantage of others'struggles,were truly no different from stray dogs.

Xiao Fuyuan of the"Purple Thunder Sword"said,"Gentlemen,since Su Xin refuses to hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone,we have no choice but to act forcefully.Now is not the time to hesitate.It's best if we all act together.If we continue to hesitate like earlier,giving Su Xin a chance to recover,not only will we not get the Heavenly Dao Stone,but we might also lose our lives!"

Everyone nodded solemnly.These people weren't fools;if they held back again,allowing Su Xin to pick them off one by one,they wouldn't have a share of the Heavenly Dao Stone.

Over a hundred martial artists of the Divine Palace Realm had just been killed by Su Xin,and now there were over seventy surrounding them.

If these many Divine Palace Realm martial artists united,Su Xin wouldn't stand a chance.He was able to slaughter them earlier because they were disorganized,focusing more on escaping rather than attacking.They didn't even have anyone coming to their aid.

But now they seemed to have realized this and were planning to eliminate him first before seizing the Heavenly Dao Stone.

Over seventy Divine Palace Realm martial artists attacking Su Xin together was indeed terrifying.But what if he made them hesitate to approach?

Just as Xiao Fuyuan and others were about to strike,they saw Su Xin make a strange move.

He took out a bow and arrows from his mustard seed bag.

It seemed like an ordinary horn bow with a pot of ten arrows.

Xiao Fuyuan and others looked surprised because they had never heard that Su Xin was skilled in archery.

Moreover,there were hardly any martial artists in the martial world who used bows and arrows.Such weapons were usually not considered the main armament for martial artists.

Because in one-on-one situations,bows and arrows have too many limitations.Unless your arrows can be incredibly fast,once the opponent gets close,your bow and arrows become useless.

Therefore,in the martial world and martial sects,there are hardly any martial arts traditions related to bows and arrows.Instead,the Great Zhou Dynasty's military has several renowned generals and commanders famous for their archery skills.

Did Su Xin perhaps learn swordsmanship from a powerful figure in the Great Zhou Dynasty's military?

Before anyone could react,Su Xin had already acted.

He slung the arrow pot onto his back,stood firm,bent the bow,drew the arrow,nocked it,and shot!

The arrow flew fiercely,whistling towards Xiao Fuyuan!

Xiao Fuyuan's Purple Thunder Sword was fast,and so was his footwork.Almost the moment Su Xin's arrow was shot,he had already moved dozens of zhangs to the side.

But the arrow seemed to have a life of its own.Just as Xiao Fuyuan let out a sigh of relief,the arrow suddenly turned,flashing like lightning.When it appeared again,it had already pierced into Xiao Fuyuan's chest!

One arrow through the heart,the Heart-Piercing Arrow!

What Su Xin exchanged for was precisely the Heart-Piercing Arrow of Yuan Thirteen!

Xiao Fuyuan couldn't believe his eyes as he looked at the arrow piercing through his chest.He had never seen such a fast and bizarre arrow before!

His pride in speed was simply a joke in front of it.His protective true qi was easily torn apart by the arrow before he could react.

Xiao Fuyuan regretted his greed for trying to snatch the Heavenly Dao Stone,but now it was too late.

When Xiao Fuyuan's body fell to the ground,everyone was shocked.

They had never seen such stunning archery before.Arrows causing heartbreak,arrows bringing death!

At this moment,Su Xin bent the bow again,nocked the arrow again.

Fear spread across the faces of all the martial artists.Whom would Su Xin shoot this time?Could they withstand another arrow like before?

Everyone retreated or found cover.

But this time,Su Xin didn't aim at anyone.He shot the arrow into the ground.

Everyone was puzzled.What was he trying to do?

The answer came quickly.

Some heard the arrow whistling,but Su Xin's arrow was clearly in the ground.Where did this whistling arrow come from?

Yuan Tong,the Heart Swordsman,showed a puzzled expression.As the whistling sound approached closer,Yuan Tong suddenly realized something.He looked down and saw an arrow suddenly thrust out from the ground,directly piercing through his skull!

The Heart Swordsman,Yuan Tong,excelled in ancient heart swordsmanship,with an unpredictable sword technique.But against Su Xin's arrow,he didn't even have a chance to draw his sword before falling.

But it wasn't over yet.Su Xin bent the bow again,but this time,he didn't nock an arrow.

Everyone was stunned.What did this mean?

But then they saw Su Xin loosen his grip,and from the arrow pot behind him,there came a whistling sound.Four arrows seemed to be in tune with Su Xin's mind,shooting out from behind him and towards the Four Swords of Qianyuan Mountain.

The four of them were shocked and immediately spat out blood.Their speed increased tenfold in an instant,and they were already a thousand zhangs away in the blink of an eye.

This was their sect's secret technique,burning their essence and blood for maximum explosive power,similar to Di Yunfei's Blood Dragon Transformation,but with even greater side effects.In the past,they used it to fight for their lives,but now it was for fleeing.

A thousand zhangs away,what arrow could shoot so far?They breathed a sigh of relief,but their speed didn't slow down.However,at this moment,the whistling sound continued,and they turned around in horror to see four arrows piercing through their hearts!

Everyone was chilled to the bone.Who could resist such power?Who dared to approach?Who dared to kill up close?

There were still three arrows left in Su Xin's arrow pot,almost certain death with those three arrows.So,no one dared to bet against these three lethal arrows!

But at this moment,they watched in astonishment as Su Xin held all three arrows in his hand.One arrow shot into the sky,one arrow aimed at the ground,and the third arrow shot out with a roaring whistle!