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Chapter 341 Pressure

9542words in this chapter2024-02-28

He Xiu came with his sword,walking straight to Su Xin.He asked lightly,"Are you Su Xin?Hand over the Heavenly Dao Stone to me."

Seeing He Xiu also came for the Heavenly Dao Stone,the crowd was suddenly in an uproar.Their gazes towards Su Xin carried a hint of schadenfreude.

Even if you managed to hold onto the Heavenly Dao Stone amidst the siege of hundreds of Divine Palace Realm warriors,you wouldn't be able to keep it from He Xiu's hands.

The top three on the ranking list have been there for years,unshakeable by the younger generation of the martial world.Although Su Xin is ranked seventh,it's not enough.

Su Xin asked calmly,"Is Young Master He also interested in this Heavenly Dao Stone?"

He Xiu shook his head,"The Heavenly Dao is something realized on one's own,not given by a piece of stone.Only trash would desire such a thing."

He Xiu's words made the faces of many warriors present turn red and white alternately.They coveted the Heavenly Dao Stone greatly.Did that mean they were all trash?

He Xiu looked at Su Xin,"I'm not interested in the Heavenly Dao Stone,but I owe a favor to Di Jingfei of the Zhengjian Alliance.Since you've offended the Zhengjian Alliance this time,you're destined not to take this Heavenly Dao Stone back to Jiangnan Province."

"If I don't hand it over,what then?"Su Xin stood up,his aura restrained,but he was prepared to fight.

"If you don't hand it over,then I'll take it by force,and I might as well cripple your cultivation for ten years as a lesson."He Xiu's tone remained unchanged.It wasn't arrogance but confidence.

Among the younger generation of the martial world,besides Lin Changhe,no one was worth his serious consideration.

Su Xin smiled,"Cripple my cultivation for ten years?Even Essence Realm warriors wouldn't dare say such words."

"They may not dare,but I do!"He Xiu said firmly.

As his words fell,He Xiu had already made a move!

The Dragonstartling Sword in his hand emitted a sharp roar.With a single sword strike,the sky seemed to fold,tearing apart the heavens,and the sword intent soared.In an instant,in the eyes of the people present,there was no longer He Xiu;there was only a sword soaring into the sky!


Peerless sword intent!

Not only He Xiu was peerless,but also the sword intent he displayed!

A solemn expression appeared in Su Xin's eyes.He knew that He Xiu was undoubtedly the strongest opponent he had ever faced.

He even felt that He Xiu could ascend to the Essence Realm at any time,but for some reason,he remained at this level.

To comprehend peerless sword intent,He Xiu's attainments in swordsmanship were terrifying.

This sword strike was earth-shattering.Su Xin let out a long roar.Instantly,his aura erupted,his left hand gripping the Rose Sword.In an instant,a blood-colored radiance engulfed Su Xin,turning him into a blood-red figure.

With the Blood River Divine Sword technique,Su Xin had always been proficient,maintaining a skill level of over 90%.However,until this moment,stimulated by He Xiu's sword intent,Su Xin finally unleashed a strike with a proficiency of 100%.Coupled with the blessing of the Mountain Scripture,the current Blood River Divine Sword was even stronger than its theoretical peak!

Except for Kunyang True Man,who was still earnestly lecturing,and Lin Changhe,who was listening,the other martial artists were all drawn into their battle.

He Xiu's peerless sword intent collided with Su Xin's renowned Blood River Divine Sword technique.Who would win?This was a battle of the top ten on the ranking list,and they couldn't afford to miss it.

The boundless Blood River clashed with the peerless sword intent.Su Xin felt a powerful force coming at him.The peerless sword intent directly tore through Su Xin's Blood River,and even the Rose Sword in Su Xin's hand let out a mournful cry,with a crack appearing on its blade!

Although the Rose Sword was a profound-grade weapon and sturdy,He Xiu's Dragonstartling Sword was forged by a master craftsman from the Bashu Sword Pavilion.

Even though the Rose Sword hadn't directly collided with the Dragonstartling Sword,it still couldn't withstand such a powerful force.

Su Xin's expression changed,quickly retracting his sword.However,the sword intent had entered his body,causing a trickle of blood to appear at the corner of Su Xin's mouth.

But because Su Xin was wearing the Feathered Sword Armor obtained from Niutou,coupled with his attainment in the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art,he only suffered minor injuries,not too severe.

However,when He Xiu saw that Su Xin had only suffered minor injuries from his strike,he couldn't help but be surprised,as if astonished by Su Xin's strength.

Nevertheless,He Xiu didn't stop.Countless sword shadows split from his main strike,instantly turning the area within a hundred meters into a domain of swords.The sharp sword shadows tapped into the power of heaven and earth,almost solidifying into substance,rushing towards Su Xin.

Seeing this scene,the expressions of the people present changed abruptly.If not for the fact that He Xiu's aura still indicated he was at the pinnacle of the Divine Palace Realm,on the brink of stepping into the Essence Realm,they would have thought he was already a Transcendent Realm warrior.

Only after refining the Essence Spirit could one harness the power of heaven and earth,unleashing several times or even tens of times the power of the Divine Palace Realm when attacking.

Unity of Heaven and Man;the Semi-Essence Realm can only passively attract the affinity of the power of heaven and earth,and although its power when attacking is strong,it is limited.But now,He Xiu's sword technique has already stirred the power of heaven and earth,making it no different from a true Essence Realm warrior.

The inheritance technique of the Famous Sword Villa,the"Ten Directions Returning to the Origin Sword Manual,"is powerful,but there's never been heard of anyone stirring the power of heaven and earth at the Semi-Essence Realm level.The only explanation is that He Xiu accomplished all of this through his own cultivation.

Su Xin took a deep breath,and his true energy burst out all over his body.In an instant,more than three hundred sword energies exploded,rupturing the void with invisible might.Accompanied by a roar of swords,it was equally imposing.

Other warriors on the Ranking List had naturally seen Su Xin's innate formless sword energy,but witnessing Su Xin employing this technique against He Xiu in battle was still not enough.

Although Su Xin's innate formless sword energy was strong,it was his own power.He Xiu's move,however,had already stirred the power of heaven and earth.

In mid-air,sword energies clashed with sword shadows,endless astral energies scattered,and Su Xin's figure constantly shifted and maneuvered.The speed of his Wind God Leg was pushed to the extreme,but he was still injured several times by the sword shadows.

A trace of indifference flashed in Su Xin's eyes.Instead of retreating,he moved forward.In an instant,a hundred sword energies merged into one,and a huge sword aura tore through the void towards He Xiu.

But at this moment,He Xiu held the sword with a sword seal,and the long sword suspended in the air condensed countless sword shadows into a sword formation.The Ten Directions Sword Formation,a secret technique of the Famous Sword Villa,laid out a sword formation with one's own power alone!


A violent roar echoed out.Su Xin's strike,combining a hundred sword energies into one,caused the Ten Directions Sword Formation to vibrate violently,but it didn't completely break it.

Instead,countless sword energies bombarded,causing Su Xin's figure to step back step by step.

He Xiu stood with his sword,and a divine light burst out from the Dragonstartling Sword.He thrust a sword,and atop the long sword was a force of life and death,revolving endlessly,never stopping.

Someone below exclaimed,"This is the Famous Sword Villa's sword technique,'Guidance of the Immortal'!"

Guidance of the Immortal doesn't guide one to immortality,but to the netherworld!

This sword technique is one of the secret sword techniques of the Famous Sword Villa.He Xiu had only used it when fighting Lin Changhe before.He didn't expect to use it against Su Xin this time.

In fact,He Xiu was also surprised.Su Xin's strength was definitely beyond his imagination.Both the power of the Blood River Divine Sword and the stunning innate formless sword energy astonished him greatly.

Originally in He Xiu's plan,he could severely injure Su Xin with just three moves.But now,how many moves had he used?Su Xin even forced him to use his ultimate moves.

However,He Xiu believed that once he used this ultimate move,Su Xin would definitely not be able to withstand it.

At this moment,Su Xin felt a hint of pressure against He Xiu's Guidance of the Immortal.

The force of life and death was profound.He Xiu's sword cycled through life and death.Su Xin's chance of withstanding this sword was no more than fifty percent.

But even if he couldn't withstand it,he had to.Facing He Xiu,Su Xin felt tremendous pressure,even comparable to those Transcendent Realm warriors.

But precisely because of this pressure,he kept breaking through and improving.It was under this pressure that Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword reached perfection.

So,facing this sword,Su Xin put away his Rose Sword and extended a finger,a finger as white as jade.

The changes of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing the Gods finger technique kept echoing in Su Xin's mind.With this finger,points of light converged,with starlight,moonlight,and sunlight.

This finger was not the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing the Gods finger technique,but the Three Fingers Shattering Heaven!

But this time,the Three Fingers Shattering Heaven wasn't something Su Xin exchanged for;it was the realization of the Three Fingers Shattering Heaven after he had perfected the Twenty Solar Terms Astonishing the Gods finger technique!

The ultimate mystery of the White Sorrow Flying Finger technique,this finger descended,dissolving life and death!

He Xiu's expression changed suddenly.He rolled his long sword,and a black light burst out from the Dragonstartling Sword.This was the gloomy death energy.With this sword,it seemed to shatter the netherworld itself!

Su Xin once again pointed out,and the world shattered like a dream bubble.With one finger,he astonished the dream,and He Xiu's sword also shattered along with him,countless fragments of death energy scattered.

The martial artists around who were watching the battle were accidentally hit by these death energy fragments,and blood sprayed out of them instantly,with their vitality instantly drained.

Su Xin's complexion also turned pale,and large amounts of blood flowed from his mouth.

Although the Astonishing the Dream finger shattered He Xiu's sword,the sword intent had already entered his body.

It wasn't peerless sword intent,but the sword intent of life and death.He Xiu had actually comprehended two kinds of sword intents!