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Chapter 342 Unity of Heaven and Man,Half-step Primordial Spirit

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The force between the two was too strong during their clash,with just the aftermath causing more than ten martial artists to be seriously injured,and even a few deaths.

Meanwhile,Lin Changhe,who was quietly listening to Kunyang Zhenren's sermon,frowned.The pervasive sword aura had already drifted over to his location,affecting his ability to listen to Kunyang Zhenren's teachings.

With a wave of his hand,Lin Changhe's green true qi swept through like a river,instantly dispersing the drifting sword aura,making it disappear without a trace.

Seeing Su Xin,who was heavily injured by his own sword intent,He Xiu prepared to deliver one final strike to completely cripple Su Xin's cultivation for the next ten years.

At the same time,Su Xin was preparing to enter the system and exchange for a four-star or four-and-a-half-star martial art to confront He Xiu head-on.

But at that moment,a hand as white as jade intercepted He Xiu,and with a flick of the finger,a burst of dao essence erupted,dispelling He Xiu's sword intent and pushing him back.

Looking at Lin Changhe standing in front of him,He Xiu frowned."Lin Changhe,what are you implying?Are you trying to help him?"

Lin Changhe shook his head."Your fighting here is disturbing my listening to the dao."

"What if I insist on fighting?"He Xiu asked coldly.

Lin Changhe remained silent,but the dao essence emanated from him,making him seem as if he were one with the world.

He Xiu looked at Lin Changhe.He had fought Lin Changhe more than a dozen times,but he had never won even once.Facing Lin Changhe again,he still lacked the confidence to defeat him.

He Xiu shifted his gaze to Su Xin.Although Su Xin was injured,He Xiu couldn't help but feel that Su Xin still had some strength left.

He had come here to trouble Su Xin as a favor to Di Jingfei.Although the reality differed slightly from his expectations,Su Xin was indeed injured,which could be considered settling the score.So He Xiu sheathed his sword directly and turned to leave.

Seeing He Xiu leave,Su Xin also breathed a sigh of relief.

If He Xiu had wanted to continue the fight,Su Xin would have had to exchange for a consumable item to confront him,and the outcome would still have been uncertain.With He Xiu leaving,Su Xin could also save some antagonist points.

After He Xiu left,Lin Changhe returned to Kunyang Zhenren's side and sat down again,entering that state of being oblivious to others.

However,Kunyang Zhenren did not continue his sermon at this time.Instead,he looked at Su Xin and said,"Young man,the path you'll walk in the future won't be easy.You must know that excessive killing goes against the natural order."

Kunyang Zhenren publicly preached every three years,so he had seen quite a few young martial artists in the martial world.However,someone with as heavy a burden of killing as Su Xin was the first he had encountered.

Even though he had seen martial artists from the demonic path,even the most ruthless among them couldn't kill many people.A person's hands stained with hundreds of lives would already be considered extreme.After all,except for those lunatics who enjoyed killing,even those in the demonic path wouldn't casually kill for amusement.

In Kunyang Zhenren's eyes,the bloodthirsty aura emanating from Su Xin could almost solidify,indicating that the number of people who had died because of him was probably in the tens of thousands.

He had only seen such heavy killing on the generals during the chaos of the Great Zhou Dynasty.But now,in this era of peace,Su Xin's ability to accumulate such a large amount of killing indicated the scale of the turmoil he had caused in the martial world.

However,Su Xin shook his head."Master,you're mistaken.You say that all things in heaven and earth follow the dao,but killing is also part of the natural order."

Kunyang Zhenren shook his head."This isn't the dao;this is the evil path."

Su Xin said in a deep voice,"Lions and tigers hunt deer;killing is inherent in the natural order of the world.It's evident that killing is an essential part of the dao of heaven and earth.Humans are no different from other creatures in this regard.What sets humans apart is desire.Humans are the only beings who,even when they're already satiated,continue to slaughter their own kind.The way of killing is ingrained in human nature!"

Su Xin's words,tinged with a hint of sinister aura,startled everyone present,and their gazes toward him were filled with horror.

Kunyang Zhenren opened his mouth,but he didn't know how to refute him.

At this moment,however,Su Xin entered a transcendent state,and the elemental forces of heaven and earth around him began to flock to him involuntarily,causing everyone present to widen their eyes in amazement.

Unity of heaven and man!Half-step primordial spirit!

Su Xin had just finished spouting his twisted rhetoric and entered this realm.Did this still make any sense?

The realm of unity of heaven and man was not a major breakthrough,so it only took a moment for Su Xin to complete his transformation.He could feel the elemental forces of heaven and earth swirling around him involuntarily.

Su Xin bowed to Kunyang Zhenren."Listening to Master's teachings has been greatly beneficial,but this realm of unity of heaven and man also proves that what I just said was not wrong."

After saying this,Su Xin turned and left,while Kunyang Zhenren sighed deeply.

The truly terrifying aspect of Su Xin lay not in his excessive killing or his cultivation of the way of killing,but in the fact that Su Xin fundamentally believed that what he was doing was right.

Even those demon lords knew that what they were doing would be considered the demonic path in the eyes of righteous people.But perhaps due to twisted psychology or for personal gain,they continued their actions.

However,Su Xin's current mindset was that he believed the numerous killings he had committed were not wrong.Since killing was the most effective method,he would kill,approaching it with a calm mind.Such a person was the most terrifying.

Kunyang Zhenren had never seen such a person,but he had heard of one—the White Lotus Saintess!She was a genuine lunatic who inherited the teachings of the Unborn Mother,believing that the world was too polluted and wicked,thus requiring purification and the establishment of a true pure homeland.She killed with a compassionate heart.

Although Su Xin had not reached the extreme level of the White Lotus Saintess,Kunyang Zhenren felt that he was gradually heading in that direction.

However,even knowing this,Kunyang Zhenren did not intervene because it didn't align with his'dao'.

Kunyang Zhenren had spent his life in enlightenment,and his dao was the way of all things in heaven and earth.Su Xin's growth was part of the dao,and if Su Xin died,that too would be part of the dao.

Regardless of the outcome,it shouldn't be interfered with by Kunyang Zhenren.

At this moment,Lin Changhe,who had been silent,suddenly spoke,"Did he find his own dao just now?"

Kunyang Zhenren shook his head."He has always known what he wants,so he doesn't need to search.His dao is firm in his heart."

A hint of confusion appeared in Lin Changhe's eyes.

Su Xin's strength was inferior to his,but Su Xin had known his own dao from the beginning.He knew what he wanted.But what about himself?What did he want?

In Lin Changhe's eyes,like a vortex,endless dao essence circulated.

The"Great Dao Collection of Taiyi Returning to Yuan"of the Taiyi Dao Sect was one of the classics of the sect.This cultivation technique emphasized that great things take time to develop.After practicing the"Great Dao Collection of Taiyi Returning to Yuan"for more than twenty years,combined with over a decade of enlightenment,Lin Changhe finally comprehended it at this moment.

Lin Changhe had been pursuing his own dao all along,but now he understood that he had already found his own dao—the seeking of the dao in his heart.

Realizing this,the true qi all over Lin Changhe's body began to surge wildly.Countless forces of heaven and earth gathered around him,and for a moment,his aura overflowed,and the essence of the dao permeated the air.

After everything dissipated,Lin Changhe stood up,emitting the aura of a Cultivator in the Nascent Soul realm.

"Thank you for enlightening me,Master."Lin Changhe bowed to Kunyang Zhenren.

Kunyang Zhenren shook his head."You don't need to thank me.You have figured it out yourself.If anyone deserves thanks,it should be yourself."

The crowd was already boiling.They never expected to witness Lin Changhe,the top ranked"Dao Fool",stepping into the Nascent Soul realm.

This was big news.The day after,the People's Rankings,which were just updated,experienced another update.

The People's Rankings were updated monthly,but there was an exception.If there was a significant change,the rankings would be updated immediately.

Lin Changhe,the"Dao Fool,"breaking through the Nascent Soul realm caused all the other martial artists on the People's Rankings to move up one position.This change was significant enough to warrant an immediate update to the rankings.

So now,the top ten of the People's Rankings were replaced by these individuals:

1."Sword Prince"He Xiu from the Famous Sword Villa.

2."Little Marquis"Xiao Huang from the Xiao Family in Jiangnan.

3."Fire Territory Demon God"Yan Naruo,from the Thirty-Six Kingdoms of the Western Regions.

4."True Man of Red Pine"Feng Linzi from the Creation Dao Sect.

5."Great Luo Heaven Sword"Chen Jing from the small sect Luo Tianzong.

6."Blood Sword Divine Finger"Su Xin from the Six Gates Sect.

7."Thousand Faces Witch"Yin Xixue from the Illusion Demon Sect.

8."Seven Killing Spear"Yan Dongchen from the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

9."Nine Tribulation Crossing Maiden"Xie Zhiyan from the Yijian Sect.

10."Strategist Shocking Immortal"Zhuge Qingtian from the Langya Zhuge Family.

All the martial artists on the People's Rankings moved up one position.Just a few days after being pushed out of the top ten,Zhuge Qingtian returned to the top ten of the rankings.This result left him feeling both amused and frustrated.

The only one who wasn't happy about the promotion was probably He Xiu.

He Xiu,who ranked first on the People's Rankings,had fought Lin Changhe for several years without winning once.Now,Lin Changhe had taken a step ahead of him and entered the Nascent Soul realm.

Although He Xiu was now ranked first on the People's Rankings,he felt no sense of achievement.He felt as if the position of first on the People's Rankings had been deliberately given to him by Lin Changhe.

Upon learning this news,He Xiu immediately announced his seclusion,determined not to fall behind Lin Changhe.

Although there was a record of Su Xin's battle with He Xiu,the small ripple caused by it was far less influential than Lin Changhe's breakthrough into the Nascent Soul realm.So the slight increase in his record didn't garner much discussion or attention.