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Chapter 343 Ninefold Sword Pavilion

9149words in this chapter2024-02-28

Su Xin did indeed lose to He Xiu in their battle.

For He Xiu to rank second on the People's List for several years,even the"Little Marquis"Xiao Huang,dare not challenge him,indicating how terrifying He Xiu's strength is.

At least Su Xin had never heard of anyone comprehending two sword intents.

However,this battle also brought great benefits to Su Xin.

The fastest way for a martial artist to break through is through battle.Under the pressure of He Xiu,Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword broke through to perfection.Moreover,without the need for exchange,he comprehended the first two styles of Three-Finger Sky Shooting,saving him thousands of antagonistic values.

Most importantly,Su Xin broke through to the half-step Origin Spirit Realm in this battle.It can be said that now as long as Su Xin chooses to rely on Transcendence,he only needs to take half a step to break through to the Origin Spirit Realm.

Returning to Jiangnan Road,even though it was known that Su Xin had the Heavenly Dao Stone on him,no one dared to come looking for trouble.After all,enough people had died before,and the bloody lesson was sufficient.

After returning to Jiangnan Road,within these two months,Jiangnan Road seemed to be calm,without any major incidents.After giving some instructions to Huang Bingcheng and the others,Su Xin went straight to the underworld.

After leaving his own palace,there was not a single person on the square.Su Xin went to the palace of Judge Cui and knocked on the door.The door of the main hall opened directly,and Judge Cui walked out from inside,saying,"You've made quite a splash this time.Huh?Half-step Origin Spirit Realm,you've broken through again."

Su Xin shook his head and said,"I didn't complete the mission this time."

Judge Cui's tone became serious."What happened?"

With Su Xin's skill and strength,it should have been much simpler to snatch a ground-level weapon from two second-rate families without an Origin Spirit Realm.But now he had failed,indicating that something big had happened.

"It was the people from the Heavenly Court,"Su Xin said.

As soon as Judge Cui heard the words"Heavenly Court,"his expression changed.He immediately said,"Master Meng Po is not here.Come with me to see Lady Hou Tu and explain the situation in detail."

Accompanied by Judge Cui,Su Xin went to see Lady Hou Tu.When Su Xin arrived at Lady Hou Tu's palace,he was stunned.

According to Su Xin's analysis,Lady Hou Tu should have a serious and stern personality,but he didn't expect her palace to be decorated with birdsong and fragrance.

"Speak,what exactly happened?"Lady Hou Tu asked with a clear voice.

Su Xin nodded and recounted the incident.

Lady Hou Tu nodded and said,"This incident is not your fault.We miscalculated and didn't expect the Heavenly Court to have someone skilled in divination.But I've never heard of this Star Lord of Fate.He should be someone who joined the Heavenly Court later."

Su Xin asked,"By the way,what is the origin of the former Heavenly Soldier Chi Fire Flame Dragon Sword?Why do both our underworld and the Heavenly Court want to seize that sword?"

Lady Hou Tu glanced at Judge Cui,indicating for him to explain.

Judge Cui cleared his throat and said,"Because the Chi Fire Flame Dragon Sword is one of the keys to open the Ninefold Sword Pavilion.The so-called Ninefold Sword Pavilion can be traced back to the era of the ancient Emperor.In the beginning of the era,when the Emperor led the strongest to suppress the demon race and establish the first dynasty,it was also the only era in the martial world that submitted to royal authority.Under the Emperor's command,there were nine divisions of arms,all composed of the strongest martial artists,among which the Sword Division was the precursor of the Ninefold Sword Pavilion.Later,after the Emperor's death and the split of the dynasty,countless small countries fought incessantly,but some members of the Nine Divisions of Arms did not want to participate in the struggles of the dynasty,so they all went into seclusion.Most of the members of the Sword Division then placed the ancient records of the Sword Division in the Ninefold Sword Pavilion as a legacy for the future.However,it seems that there have been some changes later.Many members of the Sword Division died,scattered,or integrated into the martial world,and the keys to open the Ninefold Sword Pavilion were lost.Among the five sword-bearing factions in the martial world today,we can be sure that the founders of the Yijian Sect and the Sword God Mountain have some connection with the ancient Ninefold Sword Pavilion.Opening the Ninefold Sword Pavilion requires nine heavenly-level weapons as keys.The Chi Fire Flame Dragon Sword taken by the Heavenly Court from us is one of them.You can imagine its importance."

Su Xin nodded in understanding.He asked,"How many keys does the Heavenly Court have now?"

Judge Cui said,"As far as we know,they should have three keys,plus the Chi Fire Flame Dragon Sword taken from us,making it four,while we underworld have two.The last time,the Rotating King even calculated that one of them should be Luo Yun's Nine Heavens Dragon Roar Sword,the former'Sword Venerable,'but he didn't predict its whereabouts."

Su Xin smiled bitterly."Most likely,the Nine Heavens Dragon Roar Sword has also been taken by the Heavenly Court."

"Why do you say that?"Judge Cui asked.

"When I was in Xiangnan,I once encountered the tomb of the'Sword Venerable'Luo Yun,and personally went to inspect it.Luo Yun's sword was missing,and there were no signs of the tomb being disturbed.I reckon only the Heavenly Court could have such means."Judge Cui frowned and said,"If that's the case,the Heavenly Court might have five keys now,which makes it difficult for us."

The underworld and the Heavenly Court are archenemies.The stronger the Heavenly Court,the more disadvantageous it is for the underworld.But now that the sword has been taken by the Heavenly Court,Judge Cui and the others have no choice but to accept it.

After leaving Lady Hou Tu's palace,Su Xin suddenly asked,"Are we at a disadvantage facing the Heavenly Court now?Even in the struggle for the key to the Ninefold Sword Pavilion,it seems we are just defensively passive.Our goal seems not to be opening the Ninefold Sword Pavilion but simply preventing the Heavenly Court from doing so."

Upon hearing Su Xin's question,Judge Cui smiled bitterly."I didn't expect you to figure it out after just a few visits to the underworld.It's not that we don't want to compete with the Heavenly Court,but in terms of strength and manpower,we can't compete with them.The Heavenly Court has been established for thousands of years.Although it has been severely damaged by the martial world in the middle,some strict systems are still in place.Moreover,after years of research,their techniques have been thoroughly studied,and their members learn much faster than us in the underworld.For example,the Star Lord of Fate.Before him,there must have been several generations of Star Lords in the Heavenly Court,so his techniques must have corresponding insights.But what you obtained,the Profound Interpretation of the Frosty Hell,is unique to the entire underworld and requires you to comprehend it yourself.And the Heavenly Emperor is no less than Lord Ksitigarbha.Under his leadership,the Heavenly Court has gradually regained its former glory.But it's different for us in the underworld.The underworld was established too recently.And our members almost all have some reason to join the underworld.When it comes to making decisions,everyone must consider the interests of all members of the underworld."

Judge Cui looked at Su Xin and said,"The Heavenly Court's strength is stronger than ours.How much benefit can we gain by counterattacking the Heavenly Court?How many members of the underworld will die?What would you do if you were in our shoes?"

Su Xin fell silent.Judge Cui's words were indeed true.Although he owed his life to the underworld,if the leaders of the underworld really made a decision that would send him to his death,Su Xin would not agree.So this is the dilemma of the underworld.This generation of underworld members is undoubtedly loyal to the underworld,but loyalty does not mean they would sacrifice their lives for it.If Lord Ksitigarbha really decided to take action against the Heavenly Court now,I'm afraid all members of the underworld would oppose it.

Judge Cui said,"So now we in the underworld are seeking change,developing external members from within.We started nurturing them from when they reached the Divine Palace realm.We teach them the underworld's techniques and instill in them the existence of the underworld.This way,the cohesion of the underworld will be stronger,and in the future,we will have the strength to truly stand against the Heavenly Court."

But these matters are not what Su Xin is concerned about.He took out the Heavenly Dao Stone and asked,"I want to trade this Heavenly Dao Stone.When should I do it?"

Judge Cui said,"If you're in a hurry to sell and need something specific,you can put up the Heavenly Dao Stone as a task.But I suggest waiting until the annual gathering of the underworld on the fifteenth of July for the transaction.At that time,you'll have more options.And I've heard about your Heavenly Dao Stone.It's been causing quite a stir in the martial world recently.It might be troublesome to use it now,so it's better to wait for some time before making a move.In the current situation,even if you put it up for sale,no one will trade with you."

Su Xin nodded.After all,the inner members of the underworld have no use for the Heavenly Dao Stone.Even if they did,they would give it to their own relatives,disciples,or some external members of the underworld.Now that there's so much commotion about the Heavenly Dao Stone,if it's seen by others,it could bring unnecessary trouble.So he'll have to wait for some time before making a move.

Back in Jiangnan Road,Su Xin began to seclude himself.But rather than meditating,Su Xin was pondering over what his Transcendence reliance should be.Su Xin has already reached the stage of Harmony between Heaven and Man,the half-step Origin Spirit Realm.As long as Su Xin can determine what his Transcendence reliance is,he'll have the assurance of advancing to the Origin Spirit Realm in a short period of time.However,Su Xin has always been troubled by this.His studies are varied,and it's still unknown which path he will focus on in the future.So during this seclusion,Su Xin wants to first determine his Transcendence reliance,so that he can confidently ascend to the Origin Spirit Realm in a short time.