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Chapter 347:Ranking of Eastern Jin People

9624words in this chapter2024-02-28

Chen Jing described the current changes in the Eastern Jin court to Su Xin,leaving him somewhat amazed.The power struggles within the imperial court had always been harsh;similar events had occurred in history.

Su Xin tapped the table and asked,"So,what does this have to do with your private affairs?"

Chen Jing replied,"Of course,it's related.Over the years,Zhao Yuandian has made connections with various martial artists in the Jianghu.Not all of them see him as a fool;only the incompetent ones do.Those with real abilities are recruited by Zhao Yuandian at high prices.This time,Zhao Yuandian convened the so-called Sword Appreciation Assembly,one of its purposes being to recruit young heroes from the Jianghu to assist him and to bolster his prestige,showing those in Eastern Jin who oppose his ascension to the throne his strength.So,Zhao Yuandian gritted his teeth and brought out all the good stuff from the Eastern Jin Palace this time.After all,he has a mother who spoils his youngest son.I've already made contact with Zhao Yuandian.If I can bring you in this time,Zhao Yuandian will undoubtedly offer more.Similarly,I've received information that the third prince of Eastern Jin,Zhao Chengjian,is preparing to launch an assassination attempt with the support of his followers,right at the Sword Appreciation Assembly,targeting Zhao Yuandian.This information was obtained through extensive efforts by my undercover agents in the Six Panels,absolutely reliable.Imagine the benefits we'll gain if we can help Zhao Yuandian thwart this assassination at the critical moment.We cooperate,even if there are martial artists of Yuan Shen realm,we won't fear them.After the event,Zhao Yuandian will reward us,you take sixty percent,and I take forty percent.As the Chief Constable of Eastern Jin,gaining Zhao Yuandian's trust is highly advantageous for me in gathering information in Eastern Jin.So,showing sincerity by offering one-tenth seems fair,doesn't it?"

Su Xin asked in confusion,"I am the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road.Even if I am willing to help Zhao Yuandian,will he trust me?"

Chen Jing smirked,"I've been in Eastern Jin for so long;I know the morals of the royal family quite well.Although the corruption of the former Great Jin has been alleviated to some extent,the ruthlessness in power struggles is even stronger than that of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Accepting help from the Great Zhou to vie for the throne is not a big deal.Believe me,if the Great Zhou can guarantee Zhao Yuandian's hundred percent accession to the throne,Zhao Yuandian might even be willing to cede ten percent of Eastern Jin to the Great Zhou."

A hint of coldness flickered in Su Xin's eyes."In that case,why don't we just join forces to kill Zhao Yuandian and take his treasures?Whatever he brings out from the Eastern Jin Palace is ours anyway.Why go through all this trouble?"

Chen Jing was startled,knowing that this Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road indeed wielded considerable power.However,he quickly dissuaded him,"If you really kill Zhao Yuandian,we won't gain anything.The treasures of the Eastern Jin royal family are not ordinary goods;they bear their own marks,and only Zhao Yuandian can unlock them.Moreover,forcibly opening them may damage the treasures.Besides,for the Great Zhou,leaving Zhao Yuandian alive to contend with Zhao Chengjian and the other princes is far better than killing him outright,paving the way for Eastern Jin's complete unity."

Su Xin nodded in agreement.Whether Eastern Jin would engage in internal strife concerned the interests of the Great Zhou Dynasty,but had nothing to do with him,Su Xin,who was only concerned about his own benefits as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road,not the Chief Constable of the Six Panels.Thus,they would follow Chen Jing's plan for now.After all,Su Xin's main task was related to the underworld;the more chaotic the Sword Appreciation Assembly,the better,as long as the heavenly faction didn't get hold of the Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword.

Just then,Yan Dongchen,who had been defeated by Su Xin before,ascended the stairs and walked straight towards Su Xin and Chen Jing.Su Xin initially thought Yan Dongchen was coming to cause trouble,but to his surprise,Yan Dongchen placed his purple-gold spear aside upon reaching them and respectfully saluted Su Xin,"Brother Su,I admire and respect your skill.But I have a few questions about martial arts that I would like to seek your advice on,if you don't mind."

Su Xin glanced at Yan Dongchen in astonishment.The top ten martial artists on the ranking list all had their pride;at least he had never seen anyone who,after being defeated,would rush to ask someone else for advice.Such a person could only be one of two possibilities:either he was extraordinarily cunning,capable of hiding his true intentions behind a smiling face,or he was genuinely dedicated to martial arts,to the extent of forgetting about victory or defeat.With Su Xin's insight,he couldn't discern which type Yan Dongchen belonged to.

"Brother Yan is too polite.We can exchange insights on martial arts;there's no need for formalities,"Su Xin said.

Only then did Yan Dongchen notice Chen Jing beside him and asked with a bow,"May I know who this gentleman is?"

Chen Jing smiled and introduced himself,"I am Chen Jing,from the Luo Tian Sect."

The Luo Tian Sect was just an ordinary second-rate sect.It was all thanks to Chen Jing that the Luo Tian Sect,originally inconspicuous,became known throughout the martial world.Therefore,as soon as the Luo Tian Sect was mentioned,Yan Dongchen immediately recognized who the person in front of him was.

"So,you are Brother Chen Jing,the'Great Luo Heaven Sword.'I am truly disrespectful,"Yan Dongchen said,bowing slightly,with a hint of admiration on his face.

In his opinion,if Su Xin,ranked sixth on the Ranking of Martial Artists,possessed such formidable strength,then'Great Luo Heaven Sword'Chen Jing,ranked fifth,must be even stronger.Chen Jing smiled awkwardly.The three of them were harmoniously discussing martial arts.

Among the three,Yan Dongchen had the most orthodox background.Although he started as an ordinary soldier,he was later admitted to the Martial God Temple and received orthodox martial arts education from the Eastern Jin royal family.

As for Su Xin,it was needless to say that his martial arts were eclectic,summed up in the word'miscellaneous,'and Chen Jing's training was also diverse,not much better than Su Xin's.

The martial artists in the top ten of the Ranking of Martial Artists were discussing martial arts here,and each of them benefited greatly.

Just then,there was a commotion downstairs in the tavern.A group of people walked upstairs,immediately attracting the attention of many martial artists.The uproar was even more surprising than seeing Su Xin and the other two top ten martial artists together.

These people who came up were all young martial artists,among whom was a young lady dressed like a noblewoman.Despite wearing a veil,her graceful demeanor hinted at her extraordinary beauty.

Su Xin asked,"Who are these people?"

Chen Jing,being responsible for monitoring Eastern Jin as the Chief Constable,naturally knew,but with Yan Dongchen present,he couldn't say it outright.

Yan Dongchen whispered,"They are the young strongmen of Eastern Jin,probably also invited by His Highness Cheng Wang.The one dressed in Taoist attire is Liu Mu from Qingyang Pavilion,ranked thirteenth on the Eastern Jin Ranking of Martial Artists.The tall one is Han Chenxuan from Jiuyang Martial Arts Hall,ranked tenth on the Eastern Jin Ranking of Martial Artists.The youngest,seemingly from a noble family,is Xiang Yulin,the son of Xiang Tianlong from the Eastern Jin's grand Tianlong Dojo,ranked thirty-second on the Eastern Jin Ranking of Martial Artists.And the proud-looking one is Qiu Mingle,a direct disciple of Xiang Tianlong,the senior brother of the Tianlong Dojo,ranked third on the Eastern Jin Ranking of Martial Artists.As for that lady,I heard she is Zhao Wanxi,the young lady of the Zhao family in Eastern Jin,rumored to be extraordinarily beautiful and rarely seen in the mortal world."

Su Xin was surprised,"Eastern Jin also has a Ranking of Martial Artists?"

Chen Jing smiled,"Nothing special.Those who have been to Eastern Jin are all the same.The system of the Ranking of Martial Artists in Eastern Jin is modeled after the one in Great Zhou,but due to the lack of strong individuals,there are no Heaven or Earth tiers.However,this so-called Ranking of Martial Artists in Eastern Jin is somewhat inferior;there's a lot of water in it.Eastern Jin's territory is originally small,coupled with its insularity,how many strong individuals can the ranking gather?So,there are quite a few influential figures on the Eastern Jin Ranking of Martial Artists,but there are hardly any truly capable ones.Just take it as a joke,don't take it seriously.Look at Brother Yan,he ranks seventh on the Great Zhou Ranking of Martial Artists,but on this Eastern Jin ranking,he's ranked over seventieth.You can see how much of a joke this so-called Eastern Jin ranking is."

Su Xin had fought against Yan Dongchen;he could clearly understand Yan Dongchen's strength.Although Su Xin appeared to have absolute dominance over Yan Dongchen in their recent battle,it was only because Su Xin had broken through to the Half-Yuan Shen realm during his battle with He Xiu.Otherwise,although Su Xin could still defeat Yan Dongchen,it wouldn't have been so easy.

Yet,someone like Yan Dongchen,with such strength,only ranked over seventieth on Eastern Jin's Ranking of Martial Artists.This was not just a matter of suppression;it was simply insulting the young martial artists of Eastern Jin.

However,they all seemed proud of their identities.

Yan Dongchen sighed bitterly,"Actually,this is all my fault.Back then,I insisted on leaving the military,which offended the people at the Divine Martial Pavilion.And later,I went to Central Plains to wander the martial world.Although I ranked in the top ten on the Great Zhou Ranking of Martial Artists,I was still regarded as a traitor by Eastern Jin.That's why they deliberately ranked me over seventieth.But I still don't understand.I just wanted to pursue martial arts sincerely.Is that wrong?"

Chen Jing and Su Xin exchanged glances,shaking their heads at Yan Dongchen's innocence.

Wanting to pursue martial arts peacefully?Wait until you reach the True Martial realm one day.

Meanwhile,at the Eastern Jin side,Xiang Yulin from the Tianlong Dojo saw Su Xin and the other two,whom he didn't recognize,but he knew Yan Dongchen.

"Oh,isn't this Yan Dongchen,ranked eighth on the Great Zhou's Ranking of Martial Artists?If you're so capable,why don't you stay in Great Zhou?What are you doing back in Eastern Jin?And the two beside you,judging from their attire,they are also from Great Zhou,right?"Xiang Yulin sneered."Yan Dongchen,oh Yan Dongchen,all your skills were learned from Eastern Jin,but you're using them to curry favor with those dogs of Zhou.As such an ungrateful person,do you still have the nerve to stay in Eastern Jin?"