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Chapter 348:Courtesy Matters

9353words in this chapter2024-02-28

Yan Dongchen didn't have a good reputation in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.Most people viewed him with disdain,seeing him as a traitor to the Eastern Jin.However,they still acknowledged his strength,so no one dared to provoke him easily.

But things were different for Xiang Yulin.It could be said that disciples of the Tianlong School,to which he belonged,held grudges against Yan Dongchen.

Initially,when Yan Dongchen was admitted to the God Martial Pavilion of the Eastern Jin,there was another warrior they intended to recruit,who was none other than Qiu Mingle,a senior disciple of the Tianlong School.

Unfortunately,the God Martial Pavilion ultimately chose Yan Dongchen,leading to a complete enmity between him and the Tianlong School.

Previously,Yan Dongchen had a military background,so disciples of the Tianlong School naturally didn't dare to confront him.However,Yan Dongchen unexpectedly left the military and ventured into Dazhou,being considered a traitor by the martial arts community of the Eastern Jin.This gave the disciples of the Tianlong School no hesitation.

But just when Xiang Yulin thought Yan Dongchen would surely retaliate angrily,the two men from Dazhou suddenly stood up.One of the young men,with a sinister smile,asked,"Who are you calling Dazhou dogs?"

Both Su Xin and Chen Jing were actually self-interested individuals.Their recognition of Dazhou was very low.If the Eastern Jin could offer them more power and benefits,they might not hesitate to join.

However,being called Dazhou dogs face-to-face required some response from them;otherwise,it would be too much.

Xiang Yulin sneered,"So what if we call you Dazhou dogs?Your Dazhou was nothing but a small southern barbarian country,seizing the Central Plains while we of the Eastern Jin were in crisis.You may be arrogant in Dazhou,but don't forget where you are.This is Xiaoyang City!This is the Eastern Jin!"

At this moment,Liu Mu from Qingyang Pavilion suddenly realized something,and his expression changed instantly.But it was too late for him to say anything.

Su Xin reached out,and a powerful true energy burst forth,intending to resist Xiang Yulin.However,Xiang Yulin only had the cultivation base of the Spiritual Aperture Realm,which was almost as fragile as a baby in front of Su Xin.

Su Xin's hand penetrated his protective true energy,grabbed his neck,a sword energy entered his body,blocking Xiang Yulin's meridians,making him unable to use any internal force.

Holding Xiang Yulin's neck,Su Xin suddenly smashed his head to the ground with a loud bang,accompanied by Xiang Yulin's screams.

Xiang Yulin was not a martial artist who specialized in physical training.Being slammed to the ground like this,he was covered in blood,almost half of his teeth shattered,looking extremely miserable.

"Didn't your master teach you to be polite?Always calling others dogs is not a good habit."

Su Xin's tone was as if he was educating disobedient children,very indifferent,but his actions did not stop.He rhythmically smashed Xiang Yulin's head to the ground,and after a few times,Xiang Yulin was already barely conscious.

The people in the tavern couldn't help but shudder.Only then did those from the Eastern Jin react.Qiu Mingle,the senior brother of the Tianlong School,directly shouted,"How dare you!"

Before he finished speaking,Qiu Mingle's figure was already rushing towards Su Xin like a dragon,punching out with a roar,his momentum boundless.

Su Xin sneered,let go of Xiang Yulin,and also threw out a simple punch.In an instant,all the power of heaven and earth in the entire hall was drawn out.

The surging and violent true energy gathered in Su Xin's fist.With a punch,the powerful true energy burst out.Su Xin had just broken through to the seventh level of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art,bringing him such tremendous strength that he directly sent Qiu Mingle flying with one punch!

Qiu Mingle had the strength of the peak of the Divine Palace Realm but had not reached the half-step Divine Palace Realm of the Unity of Heaven and Man.

Facing such a powerful martial artist,Su Xin didn't even need to use any martial skills.He could completely crush him with absolute strength alone.

The people present couldn't help but gasp in cold air,their gazes towards Su Xin filled with horror.

They had seen half-step Divine Palace Realm martial artists before,but someone like Su Xin who had just reached half-step Divine Palace Realm and could unleash such vast power with one move was terrifying beyond measure.

Among the people of the Eastern Jin,Liu Mu from Qingyang Pavilion looked at the blood-colored scabbard around Su Xin's waist,as if he had realized something,and suddenly exclaimed,"Su Xin,the'Blood Sword God Finger'!He is Su Xin,ranked sixth on the People's List,the'Blood Sword God Finger'Su Xin!"

The few people from the Eastern Jin couldn't help but gasp.

Although they were all well-known figures on the People's List of the Eastern Jin,they knew what level they were at.

Ranked sixth on the Dazhou People's List was not comparable to being first on the Eastern Jin's People's List.Just by looking at Qiu Mingle,they knew they were not opponents.

Seeing this,everyone immediately took action.Facing Su Xin,they couldn't afford to think about whether to attack together or not.

Su Xin sneered,and dozens of sword energies burst out between his waves of hands,invisible and intangible,shattering the void,directly causing those Eastern Jin warriors to struggle to cope.

Yan Donglai wanted to help,but he was held back by Chen Jing.

If they needed their group's intervention to deal with these insignificant foes,then Su Xin's prowess would be seriously overrated.

In Su Xin's view,the so-called top martial artists of the Eastern Jin were at best mediocre compared to the Dazhou's top martial artists,and some couldn't even make it onto the Dazhou's list.Su Xin could defeat them with only eighty percent of his strength.

However,at this moment,Miss Zhao from the Zhao family was not showing surprise but rather a sense of amusement as she looked at Su Xin.

As Su Xin was preparing to take decisive action,a scorching aura suddenly approached,and a crimson figure appeared behind him,launching a fierce punch at him!

Su Xin remained calm.With a swift movement,the punch barely grazed him,but it sent Liu Mu from Qingyang Pavilion flying,spitting blood.

Su Xin drew his Rose Sword,which bore a crack from his battle with He Xiu,but it didn't affect its performance much.Su Xin planned to use the rewards from the underworld to select an earth-grade weapon after this mission.

The room was dyed crimson by the vast sea of blood,and the eerie Blood Rose blossomed.The momentum of this sword strike left everyone from the Eastern Jin pale.

The terrifying power of the Peak Blood River Divine Sword was astonishing.If Su Xin had unleashed this move earlier,they probably wouldn't have been able to hold out for more than a few moves.However,the crimson figure now approaching Su Xin was like a blazing flame,with a hint of dark blue,evaporating Su Xin's blood river.With a punch,the Blood Rose was torn apart.The simplicity of the move was immense!

Su Xin's expression changed slightly.The person who had just attacked him unexpectedly exceeded Su Xin's expectations.His strength was simply too excessive.Among the Divine Palace Realm martial artists Su Xin had encountered,this person was second only to He Xiu.

Usually,martial artists with strength similar to Su Xin's could have their attacks rebounded by Su Xin's Star Shifting Technique,but just now,Su Xin had to use the Star Shifting Technique to deflect the punch.It showed that this person's strength surpassed Su Xin's current level.

A name vaguely surfaced in Su Xin's mind,but at this moment,the person amidst the flames grinned,and boundless blood flames rose,the bloodthirsty aura even stronger than ten Bloodthirsty Sword Formations combined.

The person formed hand seals,and the blood flames turned into a blood-red python coiled in his hands.With a palm strike,the blood-red python,with its sharp teeth,lunged at Su Xin.

Su Xin extended his jade-like fingers,pointing out.The boundless force of his fingers converged,emitting endless brilliance.Three fingers pierced the heavens,one finger shattered the malevolent aura!

The blood-red python dissipated,the palm strike missed,and the person suddenly uttered a strange sound.Everyone present covered their ears,screaming in pain.

But Su Xin's mind was operating the Earth-Shattering Spirit Technique frantically.His spiritual power condensed into spikes,colliding with the opponent.Both of them grunted and staggered back three steps.

After steadying himself,Su Xin burst out with a hundred sword energies all around him,fierce and explosive,yet gentle as the wind,both fierce and gentle combined.Instantly,a huge sword energy slashed towards the person.

The person raised his palm like a blade,endless flames turning into a long blade,slashing out.For a moment,blood flames soared,and the momentum was boundless.

The clash between the blood flame blade and the invisible sword energy shook the entire tavern.The top of the tavern collapsed with a thunderous roar.If it weren't for everyone being martial artists,a large number of casualties would have occurred.

Seeing that Su Xin couldn't handle the opponent alone,Chen Jing drew his sword,and Yan Dongchen stood with his spear.

They were both with Su Xin now and couldn't just stand by.

However,at this moment,a hearty voice suddenly rang out,"What's going on here,everyone?We're all family,and yet there's a fight breaking out over nothing?"

A middle-aged man in a yellow python robe,followed by his entourage,entered the tavern.He shook his head as he looked at the scene before him,wearing a puzzled expression.

Upon seeing this middle-aged man,Qiu Mingle and others respectfully saluted,"Greetings,Your Highness Cheng Wang."

Chen Jing and Yan Dongchen also saluted.This refined middle-aged man was Cheng Wang Zhao Yuandian.

Cheng Wang Zhao Yuandian had an impressive appearance,handsome and dignified.It was hard to imagine that he was the same person referred to as a fool by many martial artists.

Pointing at Su Xin,Chen Jing said,"This is Su Xin,the Chief Marshal of Jiangnan Province,known as the'Blood Sword God Finger.'He ranks sixth on the Dazhou People's List and is the person I intend to recommend to Your Highness Cheng Wang."Zhao Yuandian's eyes lit up.Su Xin's ranking sixth on the People's List was one thing,but more importantly,Su Xin's identity as the Chief Marshal of Jiangnan Province could provide him with a lot of external assistance.

Zhao Yuandian wasn't afraid of being accused of colluding with Dazhou.For him,winning the throne was more important than anything else now.