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Chapter 350: What is a Sword

9803words in this chapter2024-02-28

Yin Xixue!

It was precisely Yin Xixue that Su Xin thought of.

After practicing the Spiritual Great Method of Changing Heaven and Striking the Earth,although Su Xin's spiritual power was not as strong as those martial artists from sects such as Illusion Demon Sect and White Lotus Sect who specialized in refining illusion techniques,it was not far off either.

As a result,he could now be influenced by the opponent's spiritual power to the extent of forgetting the other's existence.Even in the passive premise of Su Xin engaging in combat with others,among the same level,there were few who could achieve this.

Now,seeing Zhao Wanxi blink at him,Su Xin immediately confirmed that she must be that witch Yin Xixue.

But this time,Yin Xixue could only be said to have gained wisdom from a setback.

Last time when she went to Liushanmen to inform Su Xin of the news,her own illusion technique was seen through by Su Xin.This time,in her disguise,she used not only illusion techniques but also transformation techniques.The combination of these two,even Su Xin couldn't detect it in time.

However,Su Xin frowned at this moment.This Sword Reward Conference was too chaotic.

People from the Heavenly Court,people from the Underworld,Zhao Yuandian's people,Prince Zhao Chengjian's people,and now even someone from the Illusion Demon Sect like Yin Xixue.With such complicated relationships,even Su Xin felt a headache.

Seeing that everyone had gathered,Zhao Yuandian smiled and said,"Since everyone is here,I won't keep you waiting.This time's Sword Reward Conference,apart from the recently unearthed Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword and some ancient sword classics,there are still surprises waiting for you all.Let's first take a look at this Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword and the sword classics."

With that,Zhao Yuandian clapped his hands,and immediately someone brought the Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword and placed it in the middle of the hall.

Although the Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword was considered a heavenly weapon in the eyes of ordinary warriors,although it had now lost its spirituality and become a heavenly weapon,it was still extremely precious.

But in the eyes of those ancient powerhouses who had created the Ninefold Sword Pavilion,the Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword was just a key to open the Ninefold Sword Pavilion.In terms of its material and characteristics alone,these nine swords were not considered too powerful.

When the Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword was brought out,Su Xin's attention never left it,always waiting for someone from the Heavenly Court to make a move.

However,up to now,Su Xin hadn't noticed anything unusual.

Afterwards,Zhao Yuandian had someone bring out the sword classics excavated along with the Dragon's Roar and Phoenix's Blood Sword for everyone to see.

These sword classics were indeed authentic ancient sword classics,and their grades were not low.Placed in other small sects,they would be enough to be considered treasures of the sect.Now that Zhao Yuandian openly brought them out,it also attracted everyone's careful attention and discussion.

Seeing that everyone had almost finished looking,Zhao Yuandian coughed and said,"Today's event is called the Sword Reward Conference,and'sword'is naturally the core of this event.Although I am not proficient in martial arts,I also know the importance of swords in the martial world.The top sects in the martial world are known for their five sword techniques,but there are no such things as the five knife techniques or the five spear techniques,indicating the importance of swords.I wonder what everyone thinks of swords?What exactly is a sword?"

This speech from Zhao Yuandian indeed attracted the attention of many people.

Among them,many martial artists used swords,but if you were to ask them what a sword truly was,they couldn't come up with an answer for a while.

A sword is just a sword,a type of weapon.What else could it be?The entire hall was in a lively discussion for a while.

Seeing that no one spoke up first,Zhao Yuandian smiled at Qingmu Daoist from the Qingyang Sect and said,"Daoist Qingmu,I wonder what your opinion is on what a sword is?"

The Qingyang Sect had few members,less than a hundred,but their sect had been passed down for nearly a thousand years,even longer than the existence of the Great Jin Dynasty.He himself was also at the peak of the Divine Transformation Realm.Although he was getting older,he had the highest seniority among the people present,so Zhao Yuandian asked him first.

Qingmu Daoist smoothed his extremely neat and slightly gray beard and said,"A sword,the king of a hundred weapons,as the saying goes,rather straight than curved is the way of the sword,so this is also a sword,the sword of a gentleman."

Qingmu Daoist was not a swordsman himself,and his words were also using some allusions from ancient Confucianism,but the people present still praised him.

Zhao Yuandian then turned his gaze to Xiang Tianlong from the Xiang Tianlong Dojo and said,"I wonder what Master Xiang from the Xiang Tianlong Dojo thinks of swords?"

Xiang Tianlong smiled awkwardly,looked at Su Xin,and said,"We are all old now,we should leave it to the young people.The limelight should be on them.I won't intervene.I heard that this young man is Su Xin,ranked sixth on the Human List as the'Blood Sword God Finger.'I wonder what Su Young Master thinks of this sword?"

The faces of the people present were somewhat strange.They had all heard that Su Xin had seriously injured Xiang Tianlong's son as soon as he arrived in Xiaoyang City.This was quite arrogant.

Indeed,Su Xin had gained fame in the Great Zhou Dynasty,as the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,even the martial artists in the Divine Transformation Realm had to be polite to you.

But the problem was that this was not Jiangnan Dao,but Dong Jin,and this was Xiang Tianlong's home ground.

You publicly injured Xiang Tianlong's son severely here.It would be strange if the other party didn't come to trouble you.

Moreover,Xiang Tianlong had always been known for his hot temper and cunning.

They could all guess that now Xiang Tianlong had shifted the problem to Su Xin.Whatever Su Xin said later,Xiang Tianlong would refute it,making Su Xin embarrassed in public.

However,when Xiang Tianlong asked like this,Su Xin just smiled and said,"This question is quite simple.A sword is a weapon,and what are weapons for?Of course,they are for killing.Anything that can kill is a sword.This path of the sword is also the path of killing.Therefore,a sword is naturally the weapon of murder!"

This statement immediately stunned everyone present.Such extremist words could only be said by martial artists from the evil path.It was unexpected that Su Xin would say such things publicly.

"This is simply nonsense!"

Before Xiang Tianlong could speak,a martial artist had already rebuked.

This person was also a martial artist in the Divine Transformation Realm,the master of the Jiuyang Martial Hall,Du Wei.His disciple,Han Chenxuan,had clashed with Su Xin at the tavern,and the outcome was predictable.Even though Su Xin hadn't deliberately targeted him,Han Chenxuan was severely injured by Su Xin.

Du Wei sneered,"It is rumored in the martial world that you,Su Xin,turned rivers of blood in Jiangnan Dao.Now it seems that you are indeed as rumored,already addicted to killing,worse than the devil!A swordsman fears nothing,is brave and aggressive,the king of a hundred weapons,but you call it a murderous weapon.This is simply absurd!"

Su Xin remained unchanged and asked in return,"When you use a sword to kill,naturally it becomes a murderous weapon.A sword for killing is just that.What's wrong with that?Do you,Master Du,dare to say that your sword has never been stained with a drop of blood?"

Du Wei's voice faltered for a moment,then he coldly snorted,"My sword has naturally killed people,but I only kill those despicable villains who deserve it!"

Su Xin spread his hands and said,"Killing is killing.What's the difference?"

Just as Du Wei was about to say something,Xiang Tianlong suddenly said,"Since today we are discussing swords,what's the use of just standing here and talking?I also don't quite agree with Su Young Master's opinion,so why don't we have a hands-on demonstration to see who has a deeper understanding of the sword."

Everyone present looked at Xiang Tianlong with strange eyes.

For a martial artist in the Divine Transformation Realm to confront a martial artist in the Divine Palace Realm in such a straightforward manner was quite bold.Could it be that he had completely lost his face just to avenge his son?

However,Xiang Tianlong continued,"But I am in the Divine Transformation Realm,while Su Young Master is in the Divine Palace Realm.If we fight like this,I will be taking advantage.How about this,let's both seal our internal strength and simply compete in swordsmanship.What do you think?"

After hearing Xiang Tianlong's words,everyone felt relieved.

Even if Xiang Tianlong wanted to teach Su Xin a lesson,he couldn't ignore his own dignity.

Both sides sealing their internal strength and simply comparing sword techniques sounded reasonable.

However,even so,Xiang Tianlong still had the upper hand.

Although Su Xin had gained fame in the Central Plains martial arts world,he was still just a junior martial artist.In martial arts battles,it wasn't just about the realm,but also about experience,vision,and other factors.In their view,even under the premise of sealing their internal strength,Xiang Tianlong had been practicing martial arts longer than Su Xin had been alive.No matter how you calculated it,Xiang Tianlong had the advantage.

But Su Xin just smiled and said,"Since Master Xiang is interested,I am willing to accompany you."

Zhao Yuandian,feeling a headache,said,"Why don't you two reconsider?This is a Sword Reward Conference,not a martial arts competition.It would be unfortunate if there were any accidental injuries."

For Zhao Yuandian,befriending Su Xin was very important.If he could gain support from the Great Zhou Dynasty through Su Xin,even if he knew he was bargaining with the tiger and needed to betray the interests of Dong Jin,he would be willing to do it.

Moreover,Xiang Tianlong,as the disciple of the former wrongly accused General Yaowu Lin Weiyan,had high prestige in Dong Jin.Although the Tianlong Dojo had not officially joined Zhao Yuandian's camp,it was still relatively close to him.

Both of these people were very useful to Zhao Yuandian,and he didn't want to see them fighting each other.

Unfortunately,Xiang Tianlong was determined to avenge his son.With his son being so humiliated,if he didn't regain some face today,wouldn't he be ridiculed by his martial peers in the future?

So Xiang Tianlong directly refused,"Your Highness,the so-called martial arts cannot be distinguished by mere words.It's better to just act directly."

Su Xin also said,"That's right,Master Xiang wants to verify martial arts,and I,as a junior,naturally have to accompany you to the end."

Seeing that persuasion was futile,Zhao Yuandian could only let them fight in the end.

In front of everyone,the two of them sealed their internal strength and exchanged their weapons for ordinary steel long swords,standing in the middle of the hall.For a moment,the atmosphere was tense.