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Chapter 351:Swift Sword

8186words in this chapter2024-02-28

With a wave towards Su Xin,Xiang Tianlong said,"Please,Su Xiaoyou,make your move first."

Su Xin shook his head,replying,"It's better for the Hall Master to make the first move.I'm afraid that if I strike first,Hall Master Xiang,you won't have a chance to make a move."

At this statement,everyone present chuckled coldly."Arrogant!"

Even though he proclaimed to have sealed his internal energy,Xiang Tianlong had practiced martial arts for several decades longer than Su Xin.To dare say that Xiang Tianlong wouldn't have a chance to act if he went first was audacious indeed.

A hint of coldness flashed across Xiang Tianlong's face."Since Su Xiaoyou is so confident,then I won't hold back."

Although he had sealed his internal energy and swordsmanship wasn't Xiang Tianlong's forte,he still didn't regard Su Xin highly.

Those who could cultivate to the level of Nascent Soul,regardless of varying strengths,had undergone rigorous training and refinement in combat to achieve such a level.

Therefore,even with sealed internal energy,Xiang Tianlong was confident he could teach Su Xin a lesson.

However,seeing the King's intention to win Su Xin over,Xiang Tianlong didn't dare to go too far.Still,it was appropriate to give Su Xin a hard time for a few months.

As the steel longsword was unsheathed,Xiang Tianlong's sword swiftly thrust sixteen times,instantly sealing off all of Su Xin's possible evasive moves,leaving him with no way out.

The onlookers nodded in approval.Xiang Tianlong,though not renowned for swordsmanship,still possessed formidable and astonishing sword skills.

But at that moment,Su Xin made his move.

A dazzling sword light flashed,striking with lightning speed.His left-hand sword,unusually sinister,pierced through the sixteen strikes of Xiang Tianlong,heading straight for his neck!

Fast!Unparalleled speed!

The surrounding martial artists were stunned.Without the support of internal energy,how could this strike be so swift?It was incredible!

The chilling blade was almost at Xiang Tianlong's neck,making him feel a sense of danger he hadn't experienced in a long time,even at his Nascent Soul stage.

Although both sides had sealed their internal energy,Xiang Tianlong couldn't dodge this strike.

With no other choice,Xiang Tianlong had to release his inner energy just before the blade reached him,deflecting Su Xin's sword.

An ordinary steel longsword couldn't withstand the force of Xiang Tianlong,a Nascent Soul expert.It broke on the spot,causing Su Xin to stagger back two steps.

Yet,Su Xin's expression remained unchanged.Holding the broken sword,he gestured politely,"Hall Master Xiang,I concede."

This time,the spectators fell silent.Xiang Tianlong,who had initially used his inner energy,was defeated in a single move,and it was an embarrassing loss.

Only now did someone recall that Su Xin was known as the Swift Sword when he first entered the martial world.Back then,Su Xin had some reputation,but how fast could his sword be?

However,today everyone witnessed Su Xin's sword,swift and unparalleled,reaching an astonishing level.

In the world of martial arts,victory spoke volumes.Su Xin won this fight.Even if his words seemed unreasonable,no one could refute him.

Zhao Yuandian quickly intervened,"Today's event is a sword appreciation gathering.It's not appropriate to fight.Both of you were just sparring without using inner energy.Let's leave it at that.Today,I've brought some surprises for everyone.Bring them over."

Zhao Yuandian clapped his hands,and immediately two maids brought up three small bottles made of crystal,containing liquid that shimmered with seven colors,like a flowing rainbow.

"These should be familiar to you all,"Zhao Yuandian said."It's a drop of dew from the stamen of the Tian Shan Snow Lotus when it blooms,called the Seven Gods Dew.It takes a hundred Tian Shan Snow Lotuses to collect a bottle of this.Tian Shan Snow Lotus is already extremely rare,blooming only once every ten years.It takes decades of effort to collect just one bottle of this dew manually."

"However,the effects of the Seven Gods Dew are immensely powerful.It can alter a martial artist's aptitude.Any martial artist below the Innate Realm who consumes a bottle of Seven Gods Dew will advance one level in their aptitude."

At this point,Zhao Yuandian's face revealed a bitter smile.He had consumed the Seven Gods Dew himself,twice.

Such a thing could only be collected with the resources of the former Great Jin Dynasty.He had obtained five bottles from the Eastern Jin Treasury,but after drinking one bottle,his aptitude only improved slightly.The second bottle had no effect at all,indicating just how deficient his aptitude was.

The onlookers all displayed a covetous expression,even those in the Nascent Soul stage.They were not solitary individuals;their descendants or disciples all needed this item.For those with good aptitude,it could enhance their abilities,while those with poorer aptitude could leapfrog their limitations.Such a miraculous elixir that could change one's aptitude could only be produced from the vast resources of the former Great Jin Dynasty.

However,just as Zhao Yuandian was about to explain how to obtain the Seven Gods Dew,a sudden change occurred.Several martial artists near the door of the hall suddenly attacked,and a powerful aura swept through the area.Among these attackers were two Nascent Soul stage experts!

Zhao Yuandian's face showed a hint of panic.This sword appreciation gathering was originally meant to showcase the prowess of the imperial princes,but he didn't expect them to attempt an assassination at this time.Didn't they see that there were six or seven Nascent Soul stage warriors present?

Su Xin and Chen Jing knew about the intentions of Zhao Chengjian,the Eastern Jin prince,but they didn't anticipate such a bold move.Two Nascent Soul stage experts attacking at once was unexpected.

The martial artists in the hall,including Xiang Tianlong,did not come to Zhao Yuandian's aid as expected but instead tactfully stepped aside.They hadn't allied themselves with Zhao Yuandian;their relationship was only passable.If the attackers were just minor henchmen,they wouldn't mind lending a helping hand.However,facing two Nascent Soul stage experts,they were apprehensive.If they assisted Zhao Yuandian now,they would effectively align themselves with him completely,which was not their intention.

A seemingly ordinary old servant behind Zhao Yuandian flashed a hint of cunning in his eyes.With a punch,he unleashed boundless energy,stopping one of the attackers in his tracks.Other guards from the Chengwang Mansion also intervened to stop the remaining assassins.The last Nascent Soul stage attacker was intercepted by Su Xin,Chen Jing,Yan Dongchen,and Yan Naruo.

These four were all among the top ten of the Renbang list.Even facing Nascent Soul stage opponents,they had considerable confidence.Their combined efforts managed to suppress one of the Nascent Soul stage attackers,astonishing the surrounding martial artists.

The disparity between Nascent Soul and Innate Realm was immense,but now Su Xin and the others had managed to turn the tide,albeit using only sixty percent of their strength.Most of Su Xin's attention was still focused on the Dragon Roar Phoenix Blood Sword;after all,his main goal was to prevent the Tian Court from seizing it.

At this moment,a black figure suddenly flew out from the crowd—a woman dressed in black,with a graceful figure,wearing an ugly night-wandering god mask.A black aura emanated from her,darkening the entire hall.

Su Xin's eyes flashed with determination,preparing to take action.However,Yan Naruo suddenly stopped and,like a streak of fire,appeared in front of Zhao Yuandian.His left hand plunged into Zhao Yuandian's chest,crushing his heart amidst Zhao Yuandian's incredulous gaze.Then,he snatched Zhao Yuandian's pouch and disappeared in a flash of fire.

This series of actions was swift and proficient,indicating that Yan Naruo was no stranger to such deeds.However,killing Zhao Yuandian was inconsequential to him.However,his sudden withdrawal significantly reduced the pressure on the Nascent Soul stage opponent fighting Su Xin.Under the relentless attack,Su Xin hesitated for a moment,allowing the Night-Wandering God to snatch the Dragon Roar Phoenix Blood Sword from his grasp.

"Damn it!"Su Xin cursed inwardly at Yan Naruo.Yan Naruo seemed to be a lunatic with a penchant for cruelty and slaughter,lacking rationality.

Zhao Yuandian's pouch was sealed with prohibitions.What use was there in snatching it now?Seeing Zhao Yuandian dead,the Nascent Soul stage attacker,regardless of whether he was the one who killed him,considered his mission accomplished and immediately withdrew.

Seizing the opportunity,Su Xin immediately rushed towards the Night-Wandering God,intent on reclaiming the Dragon Roar Phoenix Blood Sword.Chen Jing and Yan Dongchen looked at each other with weapons in hand,feeling bewildered by the inexplicable turn of events.Who were all these unexpected assailants?

Yan Dongchen was somewhat fortunate,being unexpectedly involved,but Chen Jing,like Su Xin,cursed Yan Naruo inwardly.Killing Zhao Yuandian had rendered his plans for the past period of time futile.He had hoped to expand the scale of the Eastern Jin's secret investigations while getting closer to Zhao Yuandian.Now,all his plans had been completely ruined.