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Chapter 358 Dominance

8609words in this chapter2024-02-28

Although the Falling Feather Villa had long-standing grievances with Su Xin,Jihai Mountain didn't really take Su Xin too seriously.

Sure,for various reasons,their Falling Feather Villa had indeed softened in front of Su Xin.However,this didn't mean they feared Su Xin.At least,as long as Jihai Mountain was there,Su Xin wouldn't dare to make a move against Falling Feather Villa.

But recently,he heard that Su Xin actually killed Xiang Tianlong,a mid-stage Divine Transformation Realm expert,with the strength of the God Palace Realm.He even destroyed his Tianlong Daoist Temple,wiping out his entire family.An ominous feeling lingered in Jihai Mountain's heart.

Su Xin's rate of growth was simply too fast,surpassing Jihai Mountain's imagination.

Now that Su Xin could kill beings at the Divine Transformation Realm,what would happen when he ascended to that realm himself?

Among the top three first-class powers,Falling Feather Villa had the deepest enmity with Su Xin.Moreover,the martial artists of the other two powers were in their prime,while Jihai Mountain was already aging.When he passed away,could Falling Feather Villa withstand Su Xin?

Moreover,during this period,Falling Feather Villa happened to have conflicts with the Six Gates Sect,and their attitude was unusually tough.

Jihai Mountain was unaware of this matter.If he knew,he would definitely choose a more compromising approach to resolve it satisfactorily for both sides.

However,the one handling this matter was Jihai Wucheng,who was currently in charge of Falling Feather Villa.This Jihai Wucheng was the father of Jihai Lin,who was killed by Su Xin.

Among the second-generation Divine Transformation Realm martial artists of Falling Feather Villa,Jihai Mountain had initially pinned his hopes on Jihai Wukong.However,due to Jihai Wukong's failed attempt to assassinate Su Xin,resulting in substantial losses for Falling Feather Villa and costing Jihai Lin's life,Jihai Wukong not only had to reflect on his actions for several years but also had his rights within Falling Feather Villa stripped away.

So,to compensate for the loss of his son,Jihai Wucheng now almost single-handedly managed the affairs of Falling Feather Villa.Jihai Mountain was getting old and had neither the inclination nor the energy to deal with these trifles.

But Jihai Wucheng's son had died at the hands of Su Xin.His attitude towards the Six Gates Sect could be easily imagined.That's why he was so tough this time.

Just as Jihai Mountain was contemplating how to ensure the smooth inheritance of Falling Feather Villa after his death,a disciple of Falling Feather Villa hurriedly ran over and knocked on the door."Master,something's wrong!Su Xin and his men are here!"

Jihai Mountain's hand trembled,and a flash of anger appeared in his eyes.

Su Xin had truly become too arrogant.Did he think that by destroying the Tianlong Daoist Temple and killing a mid-stage Divine Transformation Realm expert,he could disregard Falling Feather Villa?

Jihai Mountain feared Su Xin,but he feared the Su Xin who would break through to the Yuan Shen Realm after his death,not the current Su Xin.

"Let's go and see what's happening."

Outside the gate of Falling Feather Villa,the people of Falling Feather Villa were confronting the numerous chief constables of the Jiangnan Dao led by Su Xin,in a tense standoff.There were also people from other martial arts forces watching from the sidelines,all startled by Su Xin's actions.

This guy had real guts.Just after entering the top of the ranking,he dared to cause trouble for Falling Feather Villa.Could Su Xin have swollen to the point of being ignorant of the situation?

But upon reflection,they found it unlikely.

The martial arts sects of the Jiangnan Dao had been dealing with Su Xin for quite some time.They had experienced his deep scheming and ruthless methods.Su Xin was not someone lacking in intelligence.

At this moment,a voice of an old man came from inside Falling Feather Villa,"Master Su,there's no need to be so angry.Let's discuss things slowly."

Jihai Mountain walked out of Falling Feather Villa,and the disciples of Falling Feather Villa respectfully saluted and called him the master.

Seeing Jihai Mountain coming out,Su Xin also arched his hand and said,"Master Jihai,it's not that I'm angry,but the people of Falling Feather Villa seem to underestimate me,Su Xin.Just because I'm not in Jiangnan Dao,they dare to attack my constables.In the future,if I'm transferred from Jiangnan Dao,will they dare to rebel and kill officials?"

Jihai Wucheng sneered,"Arrogant!Just because of you,do you think Falling Feather Villa will go to war with you?Based on what?"

Su Xin's face turned cold,"What?Do you want to try?"

At this moment,a voice suddenly came from inside Falling Feather Villa,"Master Su,why the anger?Let's discuss things calmly."

As soon as these words were uttered,the expressions of the people from Falling Feather Villa changed drastically.That accusation was not something to be taken lightly.

Jihai Mountain's complexion changed slightly."General Su,overall,this is just a misunderstanding.The reason behind it is actually because..."

Jihai Mountain was about to explain but was directly interrupted by Su Xin.

"Master Jihai,there's no need for further explanations.I only know that it was your Falling Feather Villa that attacked my Six Gates Sect in the Jiangnan Dao,so I demand you to hand over the culprit.I don't care about the reasons or right and wrong.I only look at results,not processes.Your Falling Feather Villa injured my people,so you owe me an explanation!"

With this forceful statement,everyone was stunned.Other martial sects thought Su Xin was being excessively dominant,utterly unreasonable.And the people from Falling Feather Villa were trembling with anger.

Did Su Xin really think they were easy targets?

"Su Xin!You've gone too far.Do you really think you rule the Jiangnan Dao alone?Wanting Falling Feather Villa to hand over someone is nothing but a pipe dream!"a Divine Transformation Realm martial artist from Falling Feather Villa shouted angrily at Su Xin.

Su Xin turned coldly."Under the heavens,isn't the land all under the king's rule?The Jiangnan Dao falls under the jurisdiction of my Six Gates Sect.Does Falling Feather Villa also want to dominate over me?Furthermore,I'm currently talking to your master.When is it your turn to interrupt?Know your place!"

That Divine Transformation Realm martial artist was an elder of Falling Feather Villa,usually revered as a martial arts master.Hearing Su Xin's words,he exploded with anger.He was about to say something when a sword qi suddenly appeared in front of him,rushing towards him!

The Divine Transformation Realm martial artist was taken aback,quickly forming a blade with his hand,and his blade technique was like a rain of flowers,shattering the sword qi.But just as he breathed a sigh of relief,Su Xin flicked his fingers,conjuring invisible sword qi that surrounded him.Before he could react,the Divine Transformation Realm martial artist was struck,unable to evade,and had to rely on his own protective qi to resist.

But Su Xin's invisible sword qi at the third realm was terrifying.It almost instantly tore through his protective qi and pierced towards his vital acupuncture points all over his body.

Jihai Mountain's expression changed.He reached out,rain fell,and his qi burst forth,dissipating the power of the invisible sword qi.However,he couldn't stop a few strands of sword qi,causing the martial artist to spew blood,severely injured!

"Yuan Shen Realm!"

Seeing this scene,everyone gasped in shock.Su Xin had actually broken through to the Yuan Shen Realm!It had only been a few days since he climbed to the top of the ranking,and he had already broken through to the Yuan Shen Realm.

But for the people of Falling Feather Villa,Su Xin breaking through to the Yuan Shen Realm was definitely not good news.

Jihai Mountain was already old,his blood and qi depleted.He had reached a point where he needed constant rest to maintain some combat capability.Although Jihai Mountain could indeed unleash the strength of a Divine Transformation Realm expert,his blood and qi would deplete rapidly after an outburst.At this moment,if he made a move,Jihai Mountain would be consuming not just his qi but also his remaining lifespan!

Moreover,even so,he wasn't confident he could defeat Su Xin,not even sure if he could surpass him.Yes,he was in the Divine Transformation Realm,but was Su Xin an ordinary Divine Transformation Realm martial artist?Some Divine Transformation Realm martial artists were mediocre,only able to establish a small force and dominate locally.But some,like Dong Buyi,the Autumn Pavilion's master,could enter the Earth Ranking with their peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivation.

Su Xin's current cultivation was naturally far from Dong Buyi's level,but the problem was that Su Xin had entered the Divine Transformation Realm with the strength of the number one on the ranking.Just like the Divine Transformation Realm martial artist who was severely injured by Su Xin earlier.He had broken through to the Divine Transformation Realm over a decade ago,but he still couldn't match Su Xin,who had just entered the Divine Transformation Realm a little over a month ago!

Many thoughts flashed through Jihai Mountain's mind.Combined with the strength of Falling Feather Villa and the current power of the Six Gates Sect in the Jiangnan Dao,Jihai Mountain had to draw a conclusion.

That conclusion was that they couldn't even compete with Su Xin now,let alone the Six Gates Sect in the Jiangnan Dao in the future.

Su Xin said faintly,"Master Jihai,this is my final question.Are you going to hand over the person or not?I'm not fond of trouble.I don't want to repeat myself for the third time."

Looking at Su Xin,Jihai Mountain's face seemed to age ten years in an instant.

After a long silence,he struggled to spit out a word,"Handover!"