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Chapter 357: Ranked First on the Human List, Ascending to the Soul Realm

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"Name:Su Xin

Alias:Blood Sword God's Finger

School:Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao

Martial Arts:Blood River Divine Sword,Blood River Divine Finger,Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Finger,Three-Finger Sky-Breaker,Primordial Invisible Body Breaking Sword Qi,Nameless Arrow Technique

Strength:Peak of Divine Palace Realm

Achievements:Once faced Autumn Altar's Master Dong Buyi three moves within the Autumn Altar in Jiangnan Dao without defeat,and fought against Lin Xiaosheng,the'Peerless Sword,'on the stage.

Escaped from the hands of Jiang Heliu,a peak-level martial artist of the Divine Transformation Realm from the remnants of Wu Kingdom and the White Lotus Sect.

Seriously injured a half-step into the Soul Realm in Jiannan Dao,facing Di Yunfei who unleashed the Blood Dragon Transformation.

Single-handedly killed over forty Divine Palace Realm martial artists including'Seven Kills Lord'Yu Feiyu,'Heart Sword Guest'Yuan Tong,'Purple Lightning Sword'Xiao Fuyuan,'Ferocious Heart Monk'Guangyuan,the four swords of'Qianyuan Mountain',the nine heads of'Honghu Stronghold',and the seven heroes of'Tiandang Mountain',achieving unparalleled success in battle.

Just the day before,annihilated the entire Tianlong Dojo in Dongjin Xiaoyang City,killing the mid-level Divine Transformation martial artist Xiang Tianlong,suspected to have used some sort of secret technique or treasure.

Ranking:First place."

The moment everyone saw this list,they were left speechless with astonishment.They had considered countless possibilities for changes in the rankings,but never imagined it would be Su Xin ascending to the top of the list,and in such a manner.

Attacking the Soul Realm with Divine Palace Realm strength—how many in this world could accomplish such a feat,even with secret techniques or treasures?Even the legendary powerful hidden weapons of the Tang Sect,capable of killing Soul Realm martial artists,couldn't be utilized without sufficient cultivation.

Though instances of Divine Palace Realm martial artists killing those in the Soul Realm had occurred in history,when was that?A hundred years ago?Two hundred years ago?It had almost become legendary!Yet what Su Xin had done was exactly what was spoken of in those legends.

After a moment of daze,everyone quickly began to rewrite the ranking list,a matter significant enough to shock the martial world.

At this moment,however,Su Xin was unaware of the commotion he had caused.After annihilating the Tianlong Dojo,he found a secluded place to recover.

The Qi of Blood Slaughter had indeed caused considerable damage to Su Xin,depleting his energy and blood significantly,requiring several days to recuperate.However,this battle brought more than just the advancement of his Primordial Invisible Body Breaking Sword Qi to the third level;Su Xin finally stepped into the threshold of the Soul Realm.

The ancient Blood Slaughter Sword Formation provided Su Xin with a power comparable to that of the Soul Realm,allowing him to touch upon more of this realm.After healing his injuries,Su Xin didn't deliberately seek a breakthrough.Instead,the boundless energy of the heavens and earth began to surge into his body,probing into his Divine Palace,tempering his Divine Transformation,which was also a part of'himself.'

Visualizing the fusion of'himself'with the power of the heavens and earth,Su Xin suddenly felt as though he had broken through a limit,shattered a shackle,and arrived at another realm of existence.

The surrounding energy of the heavens and earth condensed into storms,rushing into Su Xin's body.Yet he felt no discomfort;instead,he continuously absorbed the energy,like a bucket absorbing water,until he had completely absorbed all the energy of the heavens and earth.

Su Xin opened his eyes and stood up,sensing the power within him.He clenched his fists,and suddenly,a chilling wind swept through the surroundings,as if from the depths of hell.

This scene wasn't the result of Su Xin using the True Qi of the Frozen Hell,but rather,him using his Divine Transformation to manipulate the surrounding energy of the heavens and earth.

This was the terrifying aspect of a Soul Realm expert—manipulating the heavens and earth with the Divine Transformation,displaying not only one's own power but also a thread of the power of the heavens and earth.

After breaking through to the Soul Realm,Su Xin naturally didn't want to stay in Dongjin any longer.Despite annihilating the Tianlong Dojo,the Dongjin court didn't seem to care much.

Initially,the Dongjin court had invited Xiang Tianlong to establish the Tianlong Dojo merely for appearances,to demonstrate their differences from the old Great Jin.When they wrongly accused Lin Weiyuan,we took in Lin Weiyuan's disciples for proper nurturing—wasn't that sincere enough?In reality,it was just a matter of seeking fame.

Moreover,although Su Xin was the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao in Da Zhou,this incident was clearly a vendetta among martial artists,unrelated to the court.Xiang Tianlong's misfortune was his own doing;no one else was to blame.

Therefore,after this incident,the Dongjin court didn't even bat an eyelid;they didn't consider it a significant matter at all.

So Su Xin smoothly returned to Jiangnan Dao,first handing over the map obtained from Chen Jing to the spies of Liushanmen,to be taken to the headquarters of Liushanmen.

Seeing Su Xin return,Huang Bingcheng and the others immediately came forward to greet him.

"Boss,you were really impressive this time,directly wiping out a second-rate force and stepping into the first place on the Human List."

"You don't even know,those second-rate martial forces in Jiangnan Dao were completely dumbfounded when they heard this news.They couldn't have been more honest,"Li Huai suddenly said,"Boss,did you break through again?"

Hearing Li Huai's words,the others also sensed something different about Su Xin.They carefully pondered Su Xin's aura and suddenly took in a sharp breath.

"Sir,did you break through to the Soul Realm?"Su Xin nodded,which immediately excited Li Huai and the others.

The gap between the Primordial Soul Realm and the Soul Realm could be described as heaven and earth.

The stronger their leader's strength,the more at ease they felt."By the way,has anything happened in Jiangnan Dao recently?"Su Xin asked.

Huang Bingcheng hesitated before saying,"There is something,but it's not significant."Su Xin frowned,"Tell me what happened first."He had just entered the initial stage of the Divine Transformation Realm,so Su Xin planned to cultivate in seclusion for a while,not aiming to break through to the mid-stage of the Divine Transformation Realm,but to stabilize his current realm.

So Su Xin planned to handle all the issues of the Six Fan Schools in Jiangnan Dao before closing up.

Now,according to Huang Bingcheng's meaning,it seemed that there were indeed some things that required his personal attention.

Huang Bingcheng said,"Well,there was a bit of conflict between our brothers at the Six Fan Schools and the people from the Fallen Feather Manor.The people from the Fallen Feather Manor,perhaps seeing that you were not in Jiangnan Dao,acted more aggressively and injured our people but refused to hand over their disciples who did it.

When we went to them,the Fallen Feather Manor reluctantly compensated with some medicinal herbs but still refused to hand over their people.

After all,they are one of the top three first-rate martial forces,and the Fallen Feather Manor has already decided to lie low.I originally planned to let this minor conflict slide,as it wouldn't be good for anyone if it escalated."

"Fallen Feather Manor?That's a good opportunity,"Su Xin rubbed his nose,a cold light flashing in his eyes.

After Su Xin's overhaul,Jiangnan Dao was basically calm.However,the only thing not under Su Xin's control was the Xiao family and these three first-rate forces.

As for the Xiao family,Su Xin couldn't do anything about them.However,with Gu Donglai keeping an eye on the Xiao family,they couldn't cause too much trouble either.

But these three first-rate forces were still a major problem Su Xin had to face.Although Su Xin led the Six Fan Schools to rise again in Jiangnan Dao,these three first-rate forces saw that they couldn't restrain Su Xin and had to back down.However,they still had some clandestine actions.

For example,the incident where Yin Ji angered everyone,leading to all the martial forces in Jiangnan Dao uniting to pressure the court—there was the shadow of these three first-rate martial forces behind it.

Although the numerous martial sects in Jiangnan Dao were indeed provoked,Su Xin didn't believe they could gather together in such a short time.

To mobilize everyone to force the court was definitely led by someone.

In Jiangnan Dao,apart from the Xiao family,it was these three first-rate families that had such prestige.

These three families still wanted to cause trouble.However,after Su Xin returned,they withdrew their claws again,giving Su Xin no excuse to deal with them,especially since it wasn't the time to deal with them initially.

But now,Su Xin was different.With the momentum of breaking through to the Soul Realm,he had the strength to directly confront these three first-rate forces.

Before,they had to stop reluctantly,no longer competing with Su Xin.But this time,Su Xin would make them stop on their own,never daring to be presumptuous in Jiangnan Dao again.

Originally,Su Xin was preparing to find an excuse,but unexpectedly,the Fallen Feather Manor was so cooperative that they brought an excuse to his door.

Meanwhile,in the Fallen Feather Manor,the old master Ji Haishan was also somewhat uneasy.

When you get old,you tend to think about more things.The centuries-old foundation of the Fallen Feather Manor,he didn't want to see it decay under his hands.

After much thought,Ji Haishan realized where his unease came from:it was the human list he had seen a few days ago,the astonishing record of Su Xin attacking the Soul Realm with Divine Palace Realm strength!