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Chapter 364 Rules of the Jianghu

9296words in this chapter2024-02-28

Inside the headquarters of the Six Gates of Bashu Dao in Jinyang Prefecture,Qiu Baichuan couldn't help but smirk when he heard his subordinate report that Su Xin had gone to find Ji Yanshow.

Wanting to seek external assistance on the Bashu Dao was indeed a good idea,but the question was,what kind of assistance could he find?

Qiu Baichuan didn't really hold Ji Yanshow,the Prince of Shu,in high regard.Despite his long-standing rule over the Bashu Dao,he was aware that his sworn brother stood by the side of the Prince of Tai,Ji Yancheng.So,his attitude towards Ji Yanshow was predictable.

Moreover,Ji Yanshow was quite useless.Despite being in the Bashu Dao for several years,he was still entangled with those small factions,showing no initiative whatsoever.

Su Xin's decision to collaborate with someone like him was undoubtedly foolish,and Qiu Baichuan couldn't help but feel disdainful.Su Xin had indeed made a wrong move.

Nevertheless,Qiu Baichuan still arranged for someone to keep an eye on Su Xin.He might disdain Su Xin,but he never underestimated him.

At this moment,Su Xin was inspecting the forces of the Prince of Shu within the Prince's mansion.

Ji Yanshow might be mediocre,but he wasn't a fool.Moreover,the Elder Wen was also a peak expert in the Divine Transformation Realm.How could they spend so many years in the Bashu Dao just squabbling with those martial sects without expanding their own influence?

However,individually nurturing their subordinates consumed too many resources and energies,and without sufficient accumulation,their strength was destined to remain mediocre.Hence,they focused their main efforts on other sects,aiming to directly subdue them.

Of course,while subduing those sects,the development of the Prince's Mansion's own power would not be neglected.

In nearly seven years,the Prince's Mansion had only cultivated around three thousand loyal followers,including both those they nurtured themselves and those recruited from the martial world.Among these,there were only twenty or so experts in the Divine Palace Realm,comparable to ordinary second-rate powers.There were more than three hundred experts in the Innate Spirit Realm and Qi Sea Realm,with the rest being postnatal warriors.

Such strength could only be considered average among ordinary second-rate powers,not to mention top-tier ones.

As the royal mansion of the Great Zhou Dynasty,this level of strength was somewhat pitiful.

As far as Su Xin knew,there were several people around Ji Yancheng who had reached the Elemental Spirit Realm,and he had the support of several forces behind him.Compared to them,Ji Yanshow was indeed somewhat shabby.

Helplessly,Wen Yu shook his head and said,"The Bashu Dao is famous for sword forging,so apart from the sects,there are mostly swordsmiths here.It's quite rare to find wandering martial artists.Therefore,we can only recruit locals."

Su Xin nodded."But these people are sufficient.By the way,which factions have taken things from the Prince's Mansion?"

Wen Yu replied,"There are the Dance Willow Sword Sect,Skyfire Sword Pavilion,Flame Feather Sword King Family,and the Four Phase Sword Sect.They are all second-rate martial forces."

Su Xin nodded again.The overall strength of the Bashu Dao was far inferior to that of the Jiangnan Dao.

Apart from the Xia Family and the Bashu Sword Pavilion,which were top sects,there was only one first-rate sect in the Bashu Dao,the Frost Moon Sword Pavilion.The martial artist in the Frost Moon Sword Pavilion who had reached the Divine Transformation Realm was himself a grandmaster in sword forging,preferring sword forging to combat.

Moreover,since the Frost Moon Sword Pavilion primarily focused on sword forging,their influence in the Bashu Dao couldn't compare to the three major first-rate powers in the Jiangnan Dao,such as the Fallen Feather Mountain Villa.

Su Xin pondered for a moment and said,"Send someone to inform the Dance Willow Sword Sect that the Flame Feather Sword King Family has defied the orders of the Prince's Mansion,and ask them to help eliminate them."

Wen Yu frowned slightly.He didn't understand Su Xin's intentions,but since Ji Yanshow chose to trust Su Xin,he had to follow Su Xin's instructions.

After sending someone to deliver the message,Wen Yu looked at Su Xin and said in a cold voice,"Master Su,His Royal Highness the Prince is willing to trust you.Please do not disappoint him or us."

Su Xin waved his hand."Rest assured,Elder Wen.You come from the court,but I,Su Xin,come from the rivers and lakes.I've dealt with martial sects far more than you have,so I understand the rules of the Jianghu."

A hint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes."The Jianghu has its own rules,and the righteous and evil sides of the Jianghu have their own rules as well.When you don't abide by their rules,these people will be angry.But if you follow their rules,they will have nothing to say in the end,because these rules are set by them.If you have absolute strength,you can ignore these rules,but if not,you must use these rules to deal with them."

Wen Yu felt a little dizzy from Su Xin's series of rules.Although he was a eunuch,he cultivated pure Yang Qi and was not the kind of martial artist who walked the path of cunning schemes in the dark.He was more adept at facing opponents directly with his own sword.

Su Xin didn't bother with too much explanation to the other party.Anyway,once his plan took shape,Wen Yu and Ji Yanshow would naturally understand what he meant.

Meanwhile,within the Dance Willow Sword Sect,upon receiving the news from the Prince's Mansion,the members exchanged puzzled looks,wondering what madness had come over Ji Yanshow,the Prince of Shu.

The head of the Dance Willow Sword Sect,Qingkong Feixu,was a middle-aged man in his forties,distinguished and extraordinary in demeanor.

Qingkong Feixu frowned."How did the Wang family provoke the Prince's Mansion to make Ji Yanshow behave so recklessly?It doesn't make sense."

One of the disciples asked,"Then,Master,how should we respond to the Prince's Mansion?They're still waiting outside."

Qingkong Feixu pondered for a moment."Tell the people from the Prince's Mansion that all our disciples from the Dance Willow Sword Sect have gone down the mountain to recruit new disciples.We simply can't spare anyone to help His Royal Highness the Prince.However,if there are any unresolved grievances between the Wang family and the Prince,we are willing to mediate on behalf of the Prince's Mansion."

After instructing the disciple to convey the message,some of the elders in the meeting hall of the Dance Willow Sword Sect hesitated."Master,isn't it somewhat inappropriate to brush off the people from the Prince's Mansion like this?After all,we have taken quite a lot from the Prince's Mansion.While we might have brushed them off in the past,now that the Prince's Mansion really needs our help,shouldn't we at least send someone over to show our intentions?"

This elder of the Dance Willow Sword Sect still had some conscience,but upon hearing his words,Qingkong Feixu sneered.

"Elder Chen,you're thinking too simplistically.If the Prince's Mansion was just causing trouble for other small powers,that would be one thing.But the Wang family is stronger than our Dance Willow Sword Sect.If we rashly send someone over,will the Wang family not hold a grudge against us?While we have indeed taken things from the Prince's Mansion,you don't need to take it seriously.If something happens,we can just cheer from the sidelines.Actually getting involved wouldn't benefit our Dance Willow Sword Sect."

Hearing Qingkong Feixu's words,Elder Chen fell silent.After all,the head was considering the interests of their Dance Willow Sword Sect.If the Prince's Mansion wanted to deal with the Wang family,they wouldn't participate.

Meanwhile,inside the Prince's Mansion,Su Xin chuckled coldly upon receiving the response from the Dance Willow Sword Sect.He immediately called out,"Let's go,to the Dance Willow Sword Sect."

Seeing this,Wen Yu had no choice but to lead his men and follow Su Xin to the Dance Willow Sword Sect,preparing to see what scheme Su Xin was up to.

Inside the Dance Willow Sword Sect,Qingkong Feixu and others were leisurely discussing martial arts and sipping tea when a disciple rushed in anxiously,causing Qingkong Feixu to furrow his brow.

"What's with the panic?The Dance Willow Sword Sect isn't some nouveau riche sect without discipline."

The disciple hurriedly said,"Master,it's bad!The people from the Prince's Mansion have surrounded the entire Dance Willow Sword Sect!"

Qingkong Feixu's hand trembled,and the teacup fell to the ground,shattering into pieces.

Wasn't the Prince's Mansion supposed to be targeting the Wang family?Why were they coming after him now?

If it was because he refused to help the Prince's Mansion deal with the Wang family,it made even less sense.The Prince's Mansion wasn't foolish,so why would they suddenly come after him after just having a falling out with the Wang family?

But now that they had come to his doorstep,Qingkong Feixu couldn't afford to think too much.He quickly led several elders of the Dance Willow Sword Sect out.

At the gate of the Dance Willow Sword Sect,numerous disciples stood in a tense standoff with the people from the Prince's Mansion.

Qingkong Feixu's face darkened."What is the meaning of this,Minister Wen?Weren't you at odds with the Wang family?Why have you come to the Dance Willow Sword Sect now?"

Wen Yu just smiled and stepped aside to let Su Xin come forward.

"Master Qingkong,we are no longer in charge.The affairs of the Prince's Mansion are now decided by Mr.Su Xin here."

"Su Xin?"

The members of the Dance Willow Sword Sect immediately guessed which Su Xin was standing before them.

With the strength of the Elemental Spirit Realm at such a young age,and being referred to as"Mr."by Wen Yu,aside from the former top-ranked"Blood Sword God's Finger"Su Xin from the Jiangnan Dao,who else could it be?

Although the communication between the Bashu Dao and the Central Plains Martial World was not smooth,it was not completely sealed off.They were aware of the monthly updates on the rankings,albeit a little later than in the Central Plains.

However,what puzzled Qingkong Feixu and others was how Su Xin,who was obviously the chief constable of the Jiangnan Dao,suddenly appeared in the Bashu Dao,and even became associated with the Prince's Mansion.

Of course,these details were not important.What was important was why the Prince's Mansion had mobilized to surround their Dance Willow Sword Sect today.

Qingkong Feixu spoke coldly to Su Xin,"Since Mr.Su is in charge here,please explain to us,what exactly is the meaning of this today!"