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Chapter 365:Annihilation of the Sect

9072words in this chapter2024-02-29

Su Xin's words caught LiúQiānmíng off guard.He hadn't provoked the Prince of Shu's Mansion,so why was he demanding an explanation from him?

"Master Liú,is it true that your WǔliǔSword Sect has aligned with the Prince of Shu's Mansion?"Su Xin asked casually.

LiúQiānmíng's expression changed slightly.He didn't dare to hastily respond.Su Xin was known for his cunning and deceitful nature.There might be a trap hidden in his words.

After a moment of silence,LiúQiānmíng replied cautiously,"The WǔliǔSword Sect didn't actively align with anyone.We merely have a cooperative relationship with the Prince of Shu's Mansion."

Su Xin nodded knowingly."Oh,so it's a cooperative relationship.But Master Liú,are you aware of the saying'taking someone's money is akin to helping them extinguish a disaster'?"

"What do you mean by that,Lord Su?"LiúQiānmíng's expression changed,asking cautiously.

Su Xin's demeanor turned cold."Master Liú,do you really not understand?Over the years,you've received many benefits from the Prince of Shu's Mansion.But when they need your help,you shirk your responsibilities.Are you treating the Prince of Shu as a fool?Taking without fulfilling your obligations.Is that the style of the WǔliǔSword Sect?"

LiúQiānmíng coughed awkwardly."It's because most of our sect disciples are currently recruiting new members.We couldn't spare anyone."

"Couldn't spare anyone?"Su Xin glanced coldly at the hundreds of WǔliǔSword Sect disciples confronting them."That's fine.As long as the message is conveyed.All these disciples present can accompany me to annihilate the Wang Family.If they're not capable,then you,Master Liú,can come with me alone.Do you agree?"

LiúQiānmíng's expression changed abruptly."Lord Su,you're forcing me!"

Su Xin shook his head."Master Liú,you're mistaken.I'm not forcing you;you're forcing me!"

His expression turned ominously dark."Taking someone's money while neglecting your duties.Master Liú,you've received numerous benefits from the Prince of Shu's Mansion over the years.But when the time comes,you offer no support.In that case,what use do we have for you?If you won't return what you've taken,we'll come to take it ourselves!"

LiúQiānmíng sneered,"You dare!I demand to see His Highness,the Prince of Shu!Your actions are pushing the Prince of Shu's Mansion into conflict with the entire martial world of Bashu!"

Su Xin echoed the sneer,"Master Liú,you're overestimating yourself.You don't represent the martial world of Bashu.This situation is your own fault,and when we're done with you,someone else will explain it to the martial world of Bashu."

Suddenly,something occurred to LiúQiānmíng,and his expression changed.But Su Xin immediately interjected,"Annihilate the WǔliǔSword Sect,leave no one alive!"

With a wave of his hand,the martial artists from the Prince of Shu's Mansion,at the innate realm,wielded giant crossbows,raining a barrage of bolts upon the WǔliǔSword Sect disciples.They fell to the ground,wailing in agony.

LiúQiānmíng's eyes turned bloodshot.Their numbers weren't large to begin with,barely reaching a thousand.Yet,in this moment,the volley of bolts had slain nearly half of them.

After the volley,the rest of the Prince of Shu's Mansion's forces charged forward,shouting.

Although the Prince of Shu's Mansion wasn't overwhelmingly powerful,they were more than sufficient to deal with the WǔliǔSword Sect.

LiúQiānmíng roared in anger,drawing his long sword.A myriad of sword shadows fell like dancing willows in the wind.The shadows seemed ethereal,yet each contained a deadly intent,making it impossible to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Wén Yùwanted to intervene,but Su Xin stopped him,having already taken the initiative.

It wasn't that Su Xin wanted to impress the people of the Prince of Shu's Mansion;he simply wanted to test the extent of his own strength.

Since reaching the Nascent Divinity realm,Su Xin hadn't yet engaged in a real fight with another Nascent Divinity martial artist.

LiúQiānmíng happened to possess the strength of the Nascent Divinity realm,making him a suitable sparring partner for Su Xin.

As the myriad of sword shadows descended,Su Xin waved his hand,condensing over three hundred invisible sword qi in the air.

The invisible sword qi tore through the sky,sealing LiúQiānmíng within a prison of swords.

In an instant,the sword qi roared.LiúQiānmíng deployed all his techniques,but within this sword prison,he struggled to cope,instantly being struck by two sword qi,blood spraying from his mouth.

Watching from the sidelines,Wén Yù's face showed a hint of seriousness.This Su Lord was truly remarkable.

Su Xin had once defeated Lin Xiào,the inheritor of the Sword God Mountain,with his innate invisible sword qi,a fact known throughout the martial world.

This was the first time Wén Yùhad witnessed such a technique praised even by the inheritor of the Sword God Mountain.

The terror of the innate invisible sword qi lay not only in its power but also in its quantity.You could block one,but how about a hundred?

If the position of LiúQiānmíng were replaced by Wēn Yùat this moment,he could only use his most powerful move to forcefully break through the blockade of this sword prison.

Under Su Xin's invisible sword qi,LiúQiānmíng appeared extremely miserable.He roared in anger,and the qi around his body surged,gathering the endless power of heaven and earth into his sword.

His earth-ranked longsword suddenly burst,the blade shattered,but a vague sword shadow condensed.Wherever it passed,the sword qi dissolved.

"Shattering the Longsword to Forge the Sword Soul,LiúQiānmíng is really going all out,"Wēn Yùfrowned.

This was the desperate move of the WǔliǔSword Sect,burning all their internal energy into their weapons,causing them to explode.Although the weapon shattered,it could forge an unstoppable sword soul until all the energy was depleted.

Although LiúQiānmíng usually seemed indifferent and cunning,his actions were decisive and ruthless.

Su Xin's figure seemed to paint with a brush,his hands continuously waving,endless sword qi erupting,colliding with the sword soul.

Between the collision of the two,it was as if mountains were collapsing.Endless qi burst,creating large craters on the ground.Even within a hundred feet around them,there was not a single figure,afraid of being accidentally harmed.

"Destroying my WǔliǔSword Sect's foundation of hundreds of years,Su Xin,you will die!"LiúQiānmíng roared,a blood-red light even appearing on the sword soul,making it even more eerie.

Su Xin's expression remained unchanged.Hundreds of sword qi merged,and a huge sword qi,like opening the heavens,slashed down,causing the entire WǔliǔSword Sect to tremble.LiúQiānmíng's sword soul was finally forced to stop.

In the raging sword qi,a white-as-jade hand stretched out,instantly flicking on the invisible sword soul.It seemed as if endless light condensed within it,then suddenly extinguished,transforming into endless darkness.

Limitless light,limitless darkness,Three Finger Sky Strike!

A sense of annihilation permeated the air.The invisible sword soul trembled,the sword qi scattered,unable to maintain its true form.

LiúQiānmíng's expression changed.Just as he was about to react,he suddenly felt Su Xin's eyes change,as if in front of him wasn't Su Xin,but an endless abyss,pulling him in.

In that abyss,LiúQiānmíng saw his wife,children,and disciples being slaughtered,his WǔliǔSword Sect ruthlessly exterminated.This filled him with resentment but also helplessness.

LiúQiānmíng's consciousness sank deeper and deeper.He wanted to wake up from this nightmare,but suddenly remembered,this wasn't a nightmare.His WǔliǔSword Sect was really about to be exterminated,and he was currently fighting!

The abyss shattered,but LiúQiānmíng saw a flash of blood,the Rose Thorn Sword piercing his chest.A strange blood-red rose bloomed,and the vitality within him was swallowed up in an instant.He couldn't even utter a word before completely dying.

Pulling out the Rose Thorn Sword,the battle within the WǔliǔSword Sect was also nearing its end.

Wēn Yùwalked over,frowning."Lord Su,I still feel something's off.While it's simple to annihilate the WǔliǔSword Sect,how will you explain it to the entire martial world of Bashu afterwards?Our Prince of Shu's Mansion might become a target."

Su Xin sneered."Explain?What explanation do I owe them?Wēn,rest assured.Let everyone know exactly what happened today.I guarantee no one will dare to cause trouble."

Wēn Yù,still doubtful,followed Su Xin's instructions,leading his men back to the Prince of Shu's Mansion to report.

Of course,the annihilation of the WǔliǔSword Sect this time also made JīYánxiùand Wēn Yùbelieve what Su Xin had said before.

The WǔliǔSword Sect was really just brushing them off,to the point of outright disrespect.Taking so many resources and benefits but treating them with such disdain,not even sending a single person to pretend.It was as if they were taking the people of the Prince of Shu's Mansion for fools.

This incident made JīYánxiùso angry she accidentally knocked over her cup.Even if LiúQiānmíng didn't die,she reckoned she would still exterminate his WǔliǔSword Sect.

When news of the annihilation of the WǔliǔSword Sect spread throughout Bashu,it indeed caused a great uproar.

Just like in the past with the Jiangnan region,there was relatively peaceful coexistence among various martial sects in Bashu.Wars of extermination had not occurred for decades.

However,the peace in Bashu was not due to intentional suppression,but because there were no major conflicts of interest between the sects.After all,ninety-nine percent of the martial sects in Bashu were swordsmiths,primarily judged by the skill of their swordsmiths rather than territory and such.

Although there were some frictions between martial forces due to mineral resources,it wasn't too intense.Therefore,the annihilation of the WǔliǔSword Sect in Bashu caused quite a stir,especially since it was done by people from the Prince of Shu's Mansion.

So,even though some martial forces initially clamored to seek justice from the Prince of Shu's Mansion,once they learned the reason behind the WǔliǔSword Sect's annihilation,those voices fell silent,making a lot of noise but ultimately having little substance.