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Chapter 366 Wipe Out Another Faction

9090words in this chapter2024-02-29

News of the reaction from the martial arts community in Bashu Dao reached them,leaving Wen Yu and Ji Yanshou puzzled as to why the response this time was like this.

In their estimation,given their special status,things could potentially escalate to a confrontation between the entire martial arts community of Bashu Dao and the court.They hadn't expected things to resolve so anticlimactically.

When Wen Yu and Ji Yanshou approached Su Xin for answers,he simply smiled and said,"This is what I referred to as the rule,a rule of the Jianghu,where everything revolves around interests.No one would bother with something that doesn't benefit them.

For other martial sects,there's no benefit in uniting against us.So,martial sects and the court remain at peace.However,if we were to seize something from the Wuliu Sword Sect or attempt to annex it,and subsequently destroy it,even though other martial sects understand that opposing us yields no benefit,they would band together out of self-interest to resist us.But this time,we had a reason for annihilating the Wuliu Sword Sect.They took our things and claimed to stand by the Shu King's side,yet in the end,they made fools of us.In the eyes of other sects,it's their own fault.With no one leading the charge against us,they naturally distanced themselves from the matter."

Su Xin's explanation cleared things up for Wen Yu and Ji Yanshou.They realized that these so-called major martial sects were quite selfish.As long as it didn't concern them directly,they wouldn't intervene.

Of course,Su Xin's tactics worked well in Bashu Dao.But if he dared to be so blunt in Jiangnan Dao,those martial sects would unite against him.Jiangnan Dao was not like Bashu Dao;even though the Xiao family had declined,there were still three major first-class sects with prestige to confront the court's influence.Yin Ji had been tricked by them before.

But Su Xin could act boldly in Bashu Dao.As one of the Five Sword Sects,the Bashu Sword Pavilion never bothered with such trivial matters,and the Frost Moon Sword Villa was the same.

Moreover,if the Frost Moon Sword Villa dared to intervene,Su Xin wouldn't mind paying them a visit.

He wasn't the same as when he was in the Divine Palace Realm,where he could only passively counterattack against top sects.

"Master Su,what should we do next?We'll follow your lead,"Wen Yu said.

After this incident,Wen Yu and Ji Yanshou were completely convinced of Su Xin's abilities.This man's methods were indeed extraordinary,worthy of being the chief constable of the Divine Palace Realm.

However,seeing their expressions,Su Xin shook his head inwardly.

Ji Yanshou's situation was somewhat pitiful.As a prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty,he didn't even have anyone to advise him.The princes in Shengjing City might not all be as powerful as Prince Tai,Ji Yancheng,or as cunning as Prince Chu,Ji Yanhao.

But if their strength was lacking,there were still many Yuanshen Realm martial artists around them,and if their strategic acumen was insufficient,there were naturally people to advise them.

Now,Ji Yanshou had only Wen Yu by his side in terms of martial strength,and not even a single adviser.It was truly a pathetic situation.

But this had nothing to do with Su Xin;after all,he had no intention of assisting this mediocre Prince Shu in ascending the throne.He just wanted to utilize the power of this Shu King to deal with Qiu Baichuan.

Su Xin tapped the table and said,"The next step is the same.Send someone to inform the Wang Family to send assistance in wiping out the Four Aspects Sword Sect."

Wen Yu immediately sent someone to inform the Wang Family.Now he understood Su Xin's plan.

The reputation of the Wang Family in Bashu Dao was considerable.Generally,aristocratic families were named after their locations,such as the Xiao Family in Jiangnan or the Lu Family in Fanyang.

However,the Wang Family was prefixed with the name of a weapon,indicating the importance of this weapon to the family.The Wang Family had a long history,spanning over five hundred years.The reason they were called the Fire Feather Sword Wang Family was because the Fire Feather Sword was a heavenly-grade weapon forged by the Wang Family.

In the current martial world,ninety percent of heavenly-grade weapons were nurtured by martial artists with their true qi over a long period or even through several generations of effort to become heavenly weapons.The remaining ten percent were true heavenly weapons forged by grandmaster refiners,possessing spirituality from their inception,making them superior to those nurtured by martial artists.

The limitations of weapons nurtured by martial artists were significant.Once their original owners died,if there wasn't a source of compatible true qi,they would lose their spirituality and degrade into earthly-grade weapons.On the other hand,heavenly weapons directly crafted by grandmaster refiners didn't have this problem.Even if the original owner died,as long as there was continuous true qi nurturing,they could maintain their spirituality.

The Wang family had once produced a grandmaster refiner and even crafted the Fire Feather Sword,a heavenly-grade weapon,which had made the Wang family renowned in Bashu Dao.

However,the only regrettable aspect was that the descendants of the Wang family were not very capable.They hadn't produced a grandmaster refiner capable of forging even an earthly-grade weapon in the past few hundred years,making them a second-rate family now.

When news from the Shu King's Mansion reached the Wang family,everyone wore troubled expressions.

They knew how the Wuliu Sword Sect had been wiped out,and now the people from the Shu King's Mansion were pinning this excuse on them,which was just the same old story.

But the question was,how should they respond to the Shu King's Mansion now?Should they agree to help eliminate the Four Aspects Sword Sect,or not?

If they agreed,it would mean their family would be at odds with the Four Aspects Sword Sect.It might even lead the martial community of Bashu Dao to believe that their family had completely sided with the Shu King's Mansion,becoming minions of the court.

But if they refused,the example set by the fate of the Wuliu Sword Sect was there.Their family couldn't withstand the attack from the Shu King's Mansion,especially with someone like Su Xin,a transcendent expert,on their side.

At the thought of Su Xin,the head of the Wang family felt an itch of hatred.

"This Su Xin is simply intolerable!It's one thing for him to stir up trouble in his Jiangnan Dao,but now he's causing trouble in our Bashu Dao.It's simply outrageous!"

Anyone with discerning eyes could see that the series of actions by the Shu King's Mansion were almost all orchestrated by Su Xin.

Otherwise,with just Ji Yanshou and that old eunuch who only knew how to wield a sword,they wouldn't have come up with such a move,directly forcing them into a corner.

An elder suggested,"Master of the family,why don't we symbolically send a few people over?Although it's a gesture,we can privately explain to other families and sects with whom we have better relations.We are forced into this situation."

The head of the Wang family reluctantly nodded.At this point,they could only follow the elder's advice.

However,at this moment,there was a commotion outside the Wang family's residence,and the people from the Shu King's Mansion had already surrounded the entire Wang family.

The faces of the Wang family members changed,not expecting them to arrive so quickly.

Approaching the gate,the head of the Wang family bowed to Su Xin and Wen Yu,forcing a smile onto his face."What's the meaning of this,Master Su and Minister Wen?Our Wang family hasn't refused to take action against the Four Aspects Sword Sect.You've come here with your men and surrounded us.Isn't this too hasty?"

Su Xin smiled."No need to rush.We'll wait here until you send your people.It's better for both of our sides to go together,saving the trouble of gathering separately."

The head of the Wang family had no choice but to instruct the elder who had suggested earlier to make arrangements.

After a while,the elder returned with two young martial artists in the Sky Realm."These are the most outstanding disciples of the younger generation in our Wang family.It's good to let them see the world with Master Su."

Seeing these two,Su Xin's face immediately darkened.

"Master of the Wang family,do you really think we're fools to be fooled like this?We provide so many resources for cultivation to your family every year,and the result is to let the younger generation of your family see the world with us?"Su Xin's tone was indifferent.

The head of the Wang family was angry and embarrassed."Then what do you want?"

Su Xin said calmly,"It's simple.Your Wang family will take the lead in attacking the Four Aspects Sword Sect.Since you've received so much from the Shu King's Mansion,you should pay some price,shouldn't you?"


The head of the Wang family refused categorically.

Letting them antagonize the Four Aspects Sword Sect,and even risk offending the entire martial community of Bashu Dao by siding with the Shu King's Mansion,was already going too far.Su Xin even wanted their Wang family to take the lead in attacking the Four Aspects Sword Sect?That was simply impossible.

It should be noted that the strength of the Four Aspects Sword Sect was much stronger than that of their Wang family.If their family were to take the lead,they would lose many people.

Seeing the head of the Wang family's refusal,Su Xin grinned."Kill!"

As soon as Su Xin's words fell,Wen Yu beside him immediately rushed out.His Pure Yang Qi surged,and the aura of his left-handed blade was overwhelming.This old eunuch's first move was a killing blow.

Previously,Su Xin had fought against Liu Qianming to verify his strength.He wouldn't snatch the Wang family head's life;he would leave it to Wen Yu.

Meanwhile,the people from the Shu King's Mansion also began to attack the Wang family furiously.However,the Wang family's people were almost immediately defeated,even worse than the members of the Wuliu Sword Sect.

After all,the Wang family was known for its expertise in sword-making,and they aimed to cultivate a grandmaster refiner or a master-level swordsmith.Therefore,they placed more emphasis on cultivating disciples in sword-making than in martial arts.As a result,although the Wang family had many disciples,they were far inferior to those of the Wuliu Sword Sect in martial arts skills.