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Chapter 19: A Crisis Approaches

5710words in this chapter2023-12-27

Su Xin and Li Huai returned to the Happy Forest,and Li Qing and others had been eagerly awaiting their arrival.Originally,Su Xin had arranged for them to cover the rear,but Su Xin and Li Huai were too efficient.Before the forces of the Green Bamboo Gang arrived,they had already brought back the severed heads of Dai Chong and Zhang Hong,not giving the enemy any chance to pursue.

"Boss,are you guys okay?"Li Qing hurriedly asked.

"Do we look like we're in trouble?These are the heads of Dai Chong and Zhang Hong.Handle them carefully,"Su Xin said,tossing the package containing the heads to Li Qing.

This guy was quite tactful;instead of asking about the success of the assassination,he first inquired about the safety of the boss.Li Qing nervously accepted the package,and his shock intensified upon seeing the severed heads.

Dai Chong,the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang,was on par with Third Uncle Hu.They had all seen his imposing presence.However,now,his head was actually severed by Su Xin and placed in front of them.

"He actually succeeded!He really killed Dai Chong!Does this mean his strength can already be compared to Third Uncle Hu?"Ji Gang was so shocked that he couldn't utter a word.He speculated that Su Xin might die on the spot or escape by some chance,but he never imagined that Su Xin would actually succeed!

Ji Gang slumped in his chair,silent.The situation had developed beyond his ability to predict.At this point,he only hoped that the Flying Eagle Gang's high-ranking officials wouldn't trace this back to him.

Thinking of this,Ji Gang glared fiercely at Li Huai.It was all this madman's fault!Even back when they were under Third Uncle Hu,Ji Gang knew that Li Huai's nerves were not normal.He was bloodthirsty and bellicose,often disregarding the bigger picture.

However,who could have predicted that he would go crazy to this extent,ignoring Third Uncle Hu's secret order and attempting to assassinate Dai Chong with Su Xin?

"Go find some lime to process these heads and be discreet.The rest of you can disperse,"Su Xin instructed.

"But what about Ji Gang?Should we continue to keep an eye on him?"Huang Bingcheng asked cautiously.

Su Xin shook his head,a sly smile on his face."No need.Let him say what he wants.Besides,even if he doesn't talk,the higher-ups in the Flying Eagle Gang will surely find out."

During the assassination of Dai Chong,Su Xin and Li Huai did not conceal their appearances.Although they were unknown figures in the Flying Eagle Gang,a little investigation would reveal them.It probably wouldn't take half an hour for this news to spread throughout Changning Prefecture.

"Now,what do we do?"Huang Bingcheng asked.


"Sleep?"Huang Bingcheng was instantly stunned.

Su Xin said matter-of-factly,"Killing people is physically exhausting.Of course,we need a good rest.It also gives the higher-ups in the Flying Eagle Gang some time to consider how to deal with us.Tomorrow,they'll probably come looking for us on their own."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,Huang Bingcheng had no mood for sleep;instead,he felt even more worried.As Li Shifu had mentioned before,the current Flying Eagle Gang would not engage in another large-scale battle with the Green Bamboo Gang.The strengths of the two gangs were similar,and even if a war broke out,it would only deplete resources and manpower without gaining any advantage.

However,Su Xin's assassination of Dai Chong disrupted the balance between the two gangs.Huang Bingcheng could imagine the anger of the Green Bamboo Gang members.

When the two factions go to war,the main culprit will be Su Xin,and their fate can be easily imagined.Ignoring the worried Huang Bingcheng,Su Xin leisurely returned to his small courtyard.

Xin'er was practicing swordsmanship in the yard.The little wooden sword Su Xin made for her last time was now being wielded skillfully,performing the Great Infinite Sword Technique.

"Ah,my sister is indeed a sword genius,"Su Xin muttered.He couldn't deny that Xin'er's talent in swordsmanship surpassed his own.Without the 5%proficiency bestowed by the system,he might not be as skilled as Xin'er now.

"Brother,you're back!"Xin'er immediately rushed over but then pushed Su Xin away,pinching her nose with a disgusted expression."Brother,what's that smell on you?It stinks!Go take a bath!"

"Your little nose is too sensitive."Su Xin flicked Xin'er's little head.Having just killed someone,he inevitably carried a faint,sour smell of blood,intensified by the noonday sun.

"Alright,stop playing.After I finish practicing swordsmanship,I'll be able to protect my brother."Xin'er,displeased,pushed away Su Xin's hand."Brother,you're back!"

After bathing and having dinner,Su Xin didn't immediately rest.Instead,he reflected on today's battle.This was his first true combat after starting martial arts training.The previous incidents of killing Chen Dao and Liu Sandao,regardless of their skills,were too weak to fully gauge his strength.

In this battle against Dai Chong,they were evenly matched,and Dai Chong even had an advantage in combat experience.If not for the powerful sword technique,Su Xin might not have emerged victorious.This battle also revealed his shortcomings.Su Xin was still awkward in combat,a result of unstable foundations and lack of experience.

Thinking about this,Su Xin entered the system,preparing to inquire.

"Host 01,hello,and welcome to the Great Antagonist System,"the indifferent voice sounded.

"I want to ask a question.Can proficiency in martial arts only be improved through hard training and combat?Currently,the Great Infinite Sword Technique is still useful for me.However,if I spend time diligently practicing this martial art and my strength improves,won't this technique become obsolete?Would I have wasted my time?"

The system responded,"Proficiency in martial arts can also be achieved through enlightenment.Some advanced martial arts cannot be improved by hard training alone but require enlightenment.Regarding your second concern,Host,you have fallen into a misconception.Proficiency in martial arts doesn't just come from learning new techniques but also from the host's understanding of martial arts.If the host were like Xiemen Chuixue,a sword god,he could maximize the proficiency of the Great Infinite Sword Technique with just a glance,even raising its original one-and-a-half-star level.Therefore,the host should not worry about wasting time by diligently practicing the Great Infinite Sword Technique because you are not just cultivating that technique;you are also cultivating the way of the sword."