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Chapter 18: Swift Sword, Boundless Might

7119words in this chapter2023-12-27

Li Huai's sudden appearance threw the Qingzhu Gang members into disarray.Most of them only had the skills for street brawls.How many of them had witnessed such a brutal scene of immediate bloodshed?Li Huai's short swords pierced,jabbed,slashed,and deflected with extreme ruthlessness,single-handedly suppressing those who came to support Dai Chong.

"These useless idiots!"Dai Chong,witnessing this,almost spat blood in frustration.He hadn't expected his subordinates to be so useless.With so many people attacking together,they still couldn't stop one person.

"Capture this kid for me!"Dai Chong had four people by his side,all of whom had been with him for several years.They were veterans of gang warfare,having killed in battles and seen blood.They brandished their weapons and attacked Su Xin.

Dai Chong's massive golden drum hammer swung fiercely,and if it landed,it would cause severe injuries if not death.Su Xin raised his thin sword to block,swiftly parrying two incoming long knives.

Dai Chong's giant hammer thundered down,forcing Su Xin to retreat.He kicked a gambling table towards Dai Chong,but it was smashed into pieces by the hammer.

Dai Chong's strength was comparable to an early-stage innate realm martial artist,and with the support of four capable henchmen,Su Xin found himself in a difficult situation,barely holding his ground.

"You dare to assassinate me with just the two of you?Truly audacious!"Dai Chong,who had roamed the martial world for over a decade,even slept with a weapon by his side.Two youngsters dared to assassinate him in broad daylight—it was a colossal joke.

Su Xin remained expressionless.Despite the current struggle,there was no sign of panic on his face.Li Huai had already approached Su Xin,tossing a box containing a heavy sword towards him.

"Catch the sword!"Su Xin leaped,slashing the box,grabbing the heavy sword,and charging toward Dai Chong and his men.

Earlier,Su Xin had been suppressed by Dai Chong due to the inadequacy of his weapon.The thin sword,although sharp,was too fragile.Coupled with the distraction of four henchmen,he couldn't afford a direct confrontation with Dai Chong.

Now,with the heavy sword in hand,Su Xin unleashed the Great Vajra Sword Technique.The sword movements resembled agile dragons,densely packed and unstoppable.Swinging the massive sword,Su Xin left no openings.

Dai Chong's golden drum hammer descended with a mighty force,but each clash with the heavy sword resulted in a resounding repel.The four henchmen,lacking internal energy and Dai Chong's innate strength,were easily sent flying.

"What kind of sword technique is this?"Although Dai Chong hadn't reached the early-stage innate realm,he was a martial artist with trained internal energy.At a glance,he recognized the uniqueness of Su Xin's sword technique.

The Great Vajra Sword Technique,seemingly simple yet versatile,proved difficult to break even for those stronger than Su Xin,let alone someone like Dai Chong.

"Clang,clang,clang!"The sound of metal clashes continued.The heavy sword's momentum and power matched every strike,and there was no disadvantage in any clash with the golden drum hammer.

Meanwhile,Li Huai faced a dilemma.Although he was skilled,he lacked formal training in internal energy,making him physically weaker than Su Xin.Surrounded by about ten Qingzhu Gang members,they neither attacked aggressively nor allowed him to support Su Xin,leaving him helpless.

Dai Chong sneered,"Kid,drop your sword now and tell me who sent you to kill me.I might spare your life.Otherwise,when my men arrive,you know the consequences."

"Do you still remember the Flying Eagle Gang member killed by you guys yesterday?"Dai Chong's face showed an expression of disbelief."You're from the Flying Eagle Gang?Impossible!The Flying Eagle Gang wouldn't engage in a large-scale battle with us,the Qingzhu Gang,at this time.Besides,your strength is already not inferior to a big boss,but I've never seen you in the Flying Eagle Gang!"

"Clang!"Su Xin's left-hand sword suddenly stabbed forward but was still blocked by Dai Chong.Although his sword was fast,Dai Chong was not slow either.Moreover,Dai Chong was aware of the cunning and ruthless nature of Su Xin's left-hand sword.Even when speaking just now,his gaze never left Su Xin's left hand.

"Trying to sneak attack?You're too green!"Dai Chong coldly smiled,but before the smile faded,Su Xin's giant sword had already pierced into his abdomen.The speed was even three times faster than the thin sword!

"I never said I excel in the left-hand sword,"Su Xin said lightly.

Dai Chong's eyes showed a sense of unwillingness,but with the heavy sword penetrating his body,the large wound,the loss of blood,he could no longer summon any strength.

"Let me tell you one more thing.I am indeed from the Flying Eagle Gang,just here to avenge the gang member killed by you guys."With a swing of the left-hand thin sword,Su Xin held Dai Chong's head in his hand.

The Qingzhu Gang members who were fighting with Li Huai stopped immediately.Their leader was killed,what was the point of continuing the fight?Without saying a word,they turned and ran.

Dai Chong was just their leader,not their father.Now that their leader was dead,why bother confronting someone as fierce as Su Xin?

The group left,and Su Xin didn't chase them.He simply stopped a person,smiled,and asked,"Zhang Hong?"

The person Su Xin stopped was none other than Zhang Hong,who had killed his subordinates.During the battle,he had hidden to the side,originally planning an ambush.

But now,seeing Dai Chong killed by Su Xin and hearing that Su Xin came for revenge,he was scared out of his wits.

"No,it wasn't me!"Zhang Hong quickly waved his hands,his face pale.

"Oh,turns out it wasn't you,"Su Xin smiled,waving his hand.

Zhang Hong,feeling like he had received a pardon,turned around to run.But in the next moment,his head was already in Su Xin's hand!

Wrapping the two heads in a random tablecloth,Su Xin saw Li Huai approaching with a somewhat complicated expression.On Li Huai's eternally dead face,there was even a conflicted look.

"Sulao Da,I misjudged you before,"Li Huai said,uttering these words with difficulty.

Although Li Huai's words were abrupt,Su Xin understood what he meant.He was referring to the words he said outside Huyan San's mansion.

In fact,Su Xin didn't take Li Huai's words to heart.Through the information provided by Huang Bingcheng and interactions with Li Huai,he had already guessed what kind of person Li Huai was.He had a bad temper but only respected those stronger than him.Since Huyan San was stronger,Li Huai was willing to be a thug under him,not seeking power but only the opportunity to fight on the front lines.

Li Huai didn't consider him strong before.Even though Su Xin was Huyan San's son and the head of the Flying Eagle Gang,Li Huai didn't think much of him.

It was only now,after witnessing Su Xin's strength,that he truly regarded Su Xin as his leader.Su Xin had earned the right for Li Huai to call him"Sulao Da."

Su Xin patted his shoulder."You also said you misjudged me before.It's fine as long as you didn't misjudge me now.Let's go;we won't be able to leave once the Qingzhu Gang's people are all here."

As the leader of the Qingzhu Gang,Dai Chong had hundreds of people in the Eternal Joy Pavilion.Even if they were both formidable,being surrounded by so many people meant there was no chance of survival.

"I also hope I didn't misjudge you.Following Huyan San,I haven't seen blood for a long time."There was an excited flame flickering in Li Huai's eyes,as if only swords and blood could arouse his interest.

Su Xin walked out with the heads in hand."Don't worry,there will be plenty of opportunities to follow someone like me.Just hold on if you can."

Now,Su Xin was also somewhat interested in Li Huai.A person who was only interested in swords and killing—Su Xin wondered how he developed such a character.People like Li Huai shouldn't stay in small gangs;joining the army at the front lines would be more fitting.

The two walked out gracefully.After waiting for half a quarter of an hour,the large group of Qingzhu Gang members finally arrived.What awaited them were just two headless corpses.