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Chapter 20: Interrogation

7688words in this chapter2023-12-27

Shunyi Lane.

Walking through the bustling streets with the severed head of Daichong,Huang Bingcheng felt extremely awkward.Just a moment ago,he was the imposing leader of the Qingzhu Gang,and now he found himself carrying the head in a box,a trophy for someone else.This peculiar feeling made Huang Bingcheng sigh inexplicably.

Watching Su Xin confidently striding ahead,Huang Bingcheng couldn't fathom where the leader got such immense self-assurance.Last night,he had spent the entire night worrying,afraid of severe punishment from the higher-ups in the gang.However,when he saw Su Xin in the morning,he appeared full of spirit.

Accompanied by a distracted Huang Bingcheng,Su Xin arrived at the residence of Tiger Third Master.Li Shiyie was already waiting for them at the door.Looking at Su Xin,Li Shiyie's gaze was complex.

Upon their first meeting,Su Xin left an impression on Li Shiyie as someone with deep cunning and unfathomable calculations,far from resembling a person under twenty.As Tiger Third Master's trusted advisor,Li Shiyie made his living using his brains and disapproved of the brute force approach to solving problems.Since Su Xin bribed him for information,Li Shiyie had been pondering how Su Xin would resolve the situation.Little did he expect that Su Xin would choose the simplest method:killing.

"It's a pity.If this young man could pass this test and establish his seniority,he would undoubtedly surpass Third Master in the future.Unfortunately,he made a wrong move this time,"Li Shiyie thought to himself,wearing a radiant smile on the surface."Young Master Su has arrived?Third Master is waiting for you inside,"he said.

Su Xin nodded and followed Li Shiyie into the living room.Inside the room,Tiger Third Master's face was as dark as water.Li Shiyie stood aside after bringing Su Xin in.Huang Bingcheng,seeing the situation,also hurriedly stood beside them.

After a moment of silence,Su Xin spoke first,"I respectfully greet my foster father."

"You still recognize me as your foster father!"

Tiger Third Master slapped the table,leaving a deep palm print on the finely crafted golden nanmu table.

"What did I tell you last time?I told you not to stir up trouble,to forget about it as if nothing happened.But you!You went ahead and tried to assassinate Daichong!Do you know that now,because of you,the Feiying Gang is in chaos!"

"Foster father,rest assured.I killed the person.Once I return to the gang,I will explain to the gang leaders.It won't implicate you,"Su Xin said with a faint smile.However,beneath the smile,a hint of mockery lingered.

Tiger Third Master was angry not just out of fear of implication but also out of regret.He regretted not eliminating Su Xin directly in the beginning and choosing him as his adopted son instead of Chen Dao.Su Xin's growth in just over a month had become a threat.

"Let's go.The gang leaders are waiting for you.You've made such a big mistake this time;it might not end well for you.But at least you called me foster father,and I'll try to protect you as much as possible."

Tiger Third Master spoke grandly,but in his heart,he had already sentenced Su Xin to death.The incident had caused a significant uproar,even alerting the long-neglected old gang leaders.His punishment would undoubtedly be severe.

The Feiying Gang's main hall in Changning Prefecture was located in the bustling Jin Yue Alley within the East Twelfth District.

Covering an area of more than ten acres,the entire main hall was almost the size of half a street,exuding an imposing atmosphere.

While Huang Bingcheng found Su Xin's small branch impressive,comparing it to the Feiying Gang's main hall,it seemed insignificant.

The main entrance of the hall was adorned with two eagle stone sculptures,each standing taller than an average person,replacing the traditional stone lions as guardians–a distinctive feature of the Feiying Gang.

The guards on either side of the entrance were dressed in black short martial arts suits,embroidered with a majestic eagle on their left chests,and each carried a curved knife at their waists.

Squinting,Su Xin scrutinized these gang members and noticed some differences.The members under Su Xin's command,as well as those under Tiger Third Master,were loosely associated with the gang.Most were just street ruffians,and only a few,like Li Huai,possessed actual martial arts skills.However,the members now before Su Xin had sharp gazes,a faint but discernible killing intent,and a robust and vigorous build.It was evident that they were elite warriors with experience in bloodshed.

Noticing Su Xin's gaze,Li Shiyie whispered,"These are disciples of the War Hall,the elite force of the Feiying Gang.There are no more than a hundred in the entire gang."

Su Xin nodded,understanding the power structure of the Feiying Gang.Besides the thirteen big bosses,the true wielders of power were the three hall masters,who ranked just below the gang leader.These three halls were responsible for finances,criminal matters,and combat,with the War Hall being the most formidable.

"Stay outside,"Tiger Third Master instructed Li Shiyie and Huang Bingcheng.The main hall of the Feiying Gang wasn't accessible to anyone who wished to enter.

Inside the spacious conference hall,a massive table measuring ten zhang in length occupied the center.Three people sat on the left side,and twelve on the right,with the main seat belonging to an elderly figure.

As Tiger Third Master brought Su Xin in,all eyes in the room turned toward them,creating an instant feeling of intense pressure for Su Xin.Every person present was a true power wielder in the Feiying Gang,having spent over a decade fighting to establish the gang as one of the major forces in Changning Prefecture.The aura of each individual was as sharp as a knife.

Sitting in the main seat was the leader of the Feiying Gang,Sha Feiying.

Sha Feiying appeared quite old,seemingly seventy or eighty years old,with a head full of white hair and a face adorned with deep wrinkles.He seemed physically weary,but between his brows,a sharpness akin to a blade remained.

Su Xin had a vivid impression of the gang leader.In the entire Feiying Gang,Sha Feiying was a legend in the eyes of many young gang members.Rumors circulated that Sha Feiying was originally from Changning Prefecture,born into a prominent family.However,due to an enmity with a powerful figure,his entire family was annihilated,leaving him as the sole survivor.Sha Feiying then ventured into the martial world,supposedly joining the notorious Taihang Mountain bandits,becoming a notorious outlaw in Henan Province.

Some even claimed that he went to the Western Regions and became a desert bandit,committing numerous murders.Regardless,after twenty years,Sha Feiying returned.

He came back with martial skills and a history of bloodshed,avenging his family by wiping out his enemies and establishing the Feiying Gang,one of the dominant forces in Changning Prefecture.

Whether these tales were true or embellished,young gang members loved such stories.However,the authenticity of Sha Feiying's exploits remained a mystery.

"Master,Su Xin has arrived,"Tiger Third Master announced respectfully,bowing toward Sha Feiying.

Without uttering a word,Sha Feiying waved his hand,and Tiger Third Master promptly took his seat on the side of the big bosses,maintaining a composed posture.

"Are you Su Xin?"Sha Feiying's voice was old and hoarse,resembling the friction of sand against stone.

Su Xin nodded,bowing respectfully to the assembled gang members."Su Xin pays respects to the gang leader and esteemed seniors."

The Feiying Gang members assessed Su Xin.Regardless of anything else,this young man had displayed considerable courage.Under the scrutiny of the gang's top brass,a usual gang member would likely be trembling and unable to contain themselves.However,Su Xin appeared calm and fearless,displaying a significant amount of courage.

Yet,it was precisely this courage that had led to such a colossal disaster.If he hadn't possessed a certain level of fearlessness,he wouldn't have committed such a significant act.

"Su Xin!Do you even recognize that you are a member of the Feiying Gang?Causing such a huge calamity,have you ever considered the Feiying Gang's reputation?"shouted Dangcheng,the master of the Justice Hall,his voice resounding like a sharp blade.

Among the three hall masters,Dangcheng was the youngest,appearing to be less than fifty years old.However,in reality,he was almost the same age as Tiger Third Master,approaching sixty.It was just that Dangcheng's martial arts prowess was not weak,making him appear younger.Su Xin couldn't discern Dangcheng's exact strength,but he was undoubtedly much stronger than him in the early stages of acquired realm.

Serving as the master of the Justice Hall for more than thirty years,Dangcheng had killed more of his own people than outsiders,making ordinary gang members fear him more than the gang leader.