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Chapter 82: A Generous Gift for You All

8122words in this chapter2024-01-05

Feng Gong,the leader of the Shenfeng Association,calmly stated,"Leader Su,while I don't oppose the idea of an alliance,I suggest we skip the selection of a leader.It's better to avoid tearing our relationships apart and causing unnecessary conflicts.Qi Yuan from the Blood Cloth Association remained silent,wearing a faint smile on his face.However,those familiar with his character knew that his lack of objection meant rejection.The only one left,He Tian from the Tiedao Association,might have a favorable view of Su Xin,but he wouldn't agree to Su Xin becoming the leader.As Gong Qingfeng mentioned,their strengths were similar among the five factions.While an alliance was plausible,the election of a leader was simply impossible.Even if the position of the leader was mostly symbolic,they wouldn't allow someone with comparable strength to stand openly above them.

This matter was about their status in the martial world.With the title of the leader,they could engage in many more activities,similar to the Five Peaks Sword Sects in the novel"Smiling Proud Wanderer."Although those sword sects lacked moral principles,Left Cold Zen,as the leader,held the moral high ground and a superior position.

It was expected that everyone opposed Su Xin's proposal;anything else would have been strange.Su Xin found this reaction entirely normal."Gentlemen,before you hastily object,let me assure you that there are benefits for each of you if I become the leader.If I assume the role,I will present each of you with a grand gift worth five million taels!What do you think of that?"The sudden revelation shocked everyone,and He Tian even stood up in disbelief,exclaiming,"What did you say!?"

"I said,if I become the leader,I will give each of you a gift worth five million taels.How does that sound?"Su Xin's lips curled into a faint smile,maintaining an unruffled demeanor.

He Tian sighed in relief,"Leader Su,we know you are talented in making money,but the five million taels you mentioned just now—are they part of your Flying Eagle Gang's total assets?"Others shared He Tian's thoughts.While Su Xin was adept at making money and managing his gang,it was widely recognized that,under his leadership,the revenue of the Flying Eagle Gang had multiplied several times,but that was still a far cry from the astronomical sum he mentioned.Currently,the major gangs in Changning Prefecture,while not impoverished,were far from being wealthy.For instance,after Su Xin reformed the Happy Forest,its profits skyrocketed,but it still only amounted to a few tens of thousand taels monthly.However,Su Xin's recent claim far exceeded any comparison.

Su Xin knocked on the table and spoke solemnly,"Is five million taels a lot?If I take this business to the extreme,I could easily multiply it several times!"

"What business is it,Leader Su?Don't keep us in suspense,"He Tian exclaimed impatiently.

Su Xin didn't play coy and directly revealed,"This business is straightforward—monopoly!I propose monopolizing all the special products from the Southern Barbarian territories.Except for our gangs in Changning Prefecture,no one else should be able to buy any goods from the Southern Barbarian territories!"

Everyone was stunned,but Gong Qingfeng from the Shenfeng Association seemed to have realized something,and his eyes revealed a peculiar glint.

Su Xin took out an account book from Huang Bingcheng's hands and threw it onto the table,saying,"I had someone investigate the prices of Southern Barbarian specialties in the outside world.Although there are discrepancies,the differences are not significant.For example,the Moonlight Fox,found only in the Southern Barbarian dense forests,has a gamey taste,and even the Southern Barbarian tribes are reluctant to hunt them.However,the fur of the Moonlight Fox is highly sought after by the nobles in the Central Plains.The value of a complete fox fur can even reach a hundred gold!Not silver,but gold!Do you know how much those merchants pay the Southern Barbarian tribes for these furs?A single fur may only be worth a few taels of silver,and if they encounter Southern Barbarian tribes unfamiliar with market prices,they could be obtained for half a bag of coarse grains and rice!"

The atmosphere in the room grew tense as everyone present took a deep breath.Although they were aware of the value of Southern Barbarian specialties in the outside world,they hadn't expected it to be so lucrative.This was not just a profitable venture;it was an opportunity for immense wealth!

Of course,they also understood that these merchants,despite their substantial earnings,faced considerable risks.The journey to the southern territories was perilous,filled with bandits and dangers.Merchants from the Central Plains had to pay a high price to hire powerful escorts for protection,adding significant expenses to their endeavors.However,even with these challenges,the profits from a trip to the south were astonishing.

Su Xin sneered,"Whether you call the Southern Barbarians simple or naturally foolish,one thing is for sure–we can reap unimaginable profits from them!In the past ten days,I've already contacted the leaders of the largest tribes in the Southern Barbarian dense forests,offering to purchase their products at five times the market price.Now,whenever they want to trade,they just need to send someone over,and I'll be ready to deliver.These tribal leaders will become my most loyal allies immediately.These Southern Barbarians have the advantage of being stubborn.Once they make oaths to their chaotic deities,they won't go back on their word.From now on,if Central Plains merchants want to buy Southern Barbarian specialties in Changning Prefecture,they only have two choices:buy from me or take the long route to other provinces.However,only Changning Prefecture is closest to the Southern Barbarian dense forests.Other provinces are merely on the periphery,with scattered small tribes and minimal output.In this scenario,what do you think those merchants will choose?"

The eyes of everyone in the room turned red.Was there even a choice to consider?As long as Su Xin's prices were reasonable,they would undoubtedly purchase from him.Alternatively,they could try to explore the Southern Barbarian dense forests themselves for precious herbs,animal skins,and other resources.Some had attempted this,but the climate in the Southern Barbarian dense forests was harsh,filled with poisonous mists,deadly diseases,and venomous creatures.Even innate-level martial artists couldn't endure more than a few days.Only the Southern Barbarian tribes accustomed to such conditions could survive there.The merchants,with their strength,could hire escorts of innate-level martial artists to venture into the southern territories,but asking them to gather resources directly would likely result in their immediate expulsion into the dangers of the Southern Barbarian dense forests.

Su Xin tossed the ledgers from Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai onto the table,saying,"There are over a thousand different items listed here,all Southern Barbarian specialties.Each one has the purchase and selling prices marked by me.If I become the leader,I'll entrust you with the symbols from those Southern Barbarian tribes,and from then on,it'll be your responsibility to trade with them."

Su Xin turned his gaze to Qi Yuan,the leader of the Blood Cloth Association,realizing that dealing with them would be the most challenging.This was because they had no shortage of money.Rumor had it that within the Blood Cloth Tower,assassins were classified into five tiers:Black,Blue,Green,Purple,and Blood.Only the lowest-level Black assassins were paid in silver and gold,while hiring higher-tier assassins required offering equivalent treasures.

"Leader Qi,I know the Blood Cloth Association doesn't need money.However,I believe you would find this very valuable."Su Xin handed a ledger to Qi Yuan."This contains a compilation of nearly all the poisonous substances found in the Southern Barbarian dense forests,numbering in the hundreds.With this,you can secure the allegiance of those assassins.They will keep these toxins exclusively for you and trade only with you."

As Qi Yuan flipped through the ledger,seeing familiar and even unfamiliar names of deadly substances,his hands trembled,and excitement colored his previously calm face.Su Xin was right;the Blood Cloth Association didn't need money.Qi Yuan wanted something else–freedom from the Blood Cloth Tower!To outsiders,individuals like Qi Yuan,heads of these lower-level branches,seemed formidable with the support of the Blood Cloth Tower.However,only they knew that these people were the lowest-ranking disciples in the Blood Cloth Tower,not even considered formal members.They were expendable.Have you ever seen someone from an assassin organization like Qi Yuan openly revealing themselves in front of everyone?The Blood Cloth Tower didn't bother hiding their presence;these lower-level branches could easily be established by the hundreds without any concern.Therefore,these leaders of Blood Cloth Tower branches dreamed of escaping this awkward status and becoming true members of the Blood Cloth Tower.

To become a true Black-level assassin,one needed either sufficient strength to pass the Blood Cloth Tower's assessments or enough merit to be personally instructed by high-level assassins until reaching Black level.