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Chapter 83: Store System

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Blood Cloth Tower had two paths to promotion.If Qi Yuan could ascend to the rank of Black Cloth Assassin through his own abilities,he wouldn't have wasted more than ten years in Changning Prefecture.Thus,he could only hope for promotion through the second method.

However,Qi Yuan's actions in Changning Prefecture over the years had been neither remarkable nor disastrous,making it nearly impossible for him to ascend based on merits alone.But the book in Su Xin's hands could be the key for him to accumulate sufficient merits and become an official member of the Blood Cloth Tower.

Initially,Qi Yuan's Blood Cloth Association had been making efforts to collect some of the Southern Barbarian's poisonous products.They even went as far as cultivating many disciples to learn the Southern Barbarian language,investing considerable effort in communication to purchase these toxins.

Despite these efforts,Qi Yuan could only collect dozens,at most a couple of hundred,different types of toxins each year.Now,the book Su Xin presented allowed the Southern Barbarian tribes to list all the toxins they could find,regardless of their utility.There were over a thousand varieties.Sending these toxins to the main hall of the Blood Cloth Tower would be sufficient for him to ascend to an official member.

Closing the book,Qi Yuan sighed in relief."The Blood Cloth Association is willing to acknowledge Su Bangzhu as the Alliance Leader!"

Hei Tian also promptly said,"The Iron Blade Association is also willing to acknowledge Su Bangzhu as the Alliance Leader."

Most of the time,the Iron Blade Association relied on him alone,and their organization had no lucrative businesses.Su Xin's move was specifically targeted at Hei Tian.Although the five million silver was divided among the three associations,it still amounted to over a million each,equivalent to the total income of the Iron Blade Association for three months.With the title of Alliance Leader,this deal was profitable.

"The Divine Wind Association is equally willing to acknowledge Su Bangzhu as the Alliance Leader,"Gong Qingfeng said solemnly.

Seeing the other three associations already in agreement,Ning Luo Jun secretly nudged Meng Changhe,urging him to comply.

On the surface,acknowledging Su Xin as the Alliance Leader wouldn't result in any loss for them.This deal was profitable,and although it might not be a one-time affair,the annual visits from Central Plains merchant caravans were guaranteed.

As Meng Changhe hesitated,under the subtle gaze from Ning Luo Jun and Duan Xiao,he reluctantly said,"The Three Heroes Association also agrees to acknowledge you as the Alliance Leader!"

The moment Meng Changhe finished speaking,Su Xin's mind echoed with the system's voice:"Congratulations,host,for completing the mainline task:Dominating Changning Prefecture.Task reward:Unlocking the store system,one specified category extraction permission(level limited to three and a half stars)."

Suppressing his excitement,Su Xin,with a light smile,said,"In that case,I won't shy away from taking the position of Alliance Leader.The tokens from the Southern Barbarian tribes will be sent to you.However,I must make it clear:the prices of all items in these books,whether for purchase or sale,have been carefully calculated by me.These prices are acceptable to the Southern Barbarian tribes and will allow the merchants to feel the pinch but still profit.Therefore,I advise everyone not to tamper with these prices.If it leads to dissatisfaction from the other party,I won't take responsibility."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,everyone nodded.As leaders of their respective associations,they were not short-sighted individuals.They were prepared to engage in long-term business,suppressing prices for the Southern Barbarian tribes or raising them for incoming merchants was akin to killing the goose that lays golden eggs,something they would avoid.

Eager to check his rewards,Su Xin hurriedly went to the system to examine them.The others were not interested in lingering,ready to return and assign people to handle these matters.After exchanging a few pleasantries,everyone went their separate ways.

Once back at the Flying Eagle Gang,Su Xin immediately secluded himself in his room and entered the system.

At this moment,the large screen in the system space displayed not only a roulette but also a small shop icon.

With a thought,Su Xin opened the shop icon.It was divided into five categories:martial arts,consumables,weapons,elixirs,and miscellaneous items.

After a brief perusal,Su Xin was awestruck by some of the names,and the martial arts were particularly stunning and earth-shattering.

Upanguan Jinhong,Dongfang Bubai,Xiongba,Li Chenzhou,Shizhixuan,Yuanshisanxian,Pang Ban,Wanguicang,Yegucheng...

The numerous formidable antagonists left Su Xin exhilarated.However,the required points for exchanging martial arts below were like a plunge into an icy abyss.

To specify the extraction of a four-star martial art obtained through the lottery,3200 points were needed.However,in the store,double the points were required.

A four-and-a-half-star martial art required 10,000 points,while a five-star martial art needed 20,000 points to be exchanged.

"System,aren't these prices outrageously expensive?I might as well go directly for the lottery with such high costs."

The system explained,"Doubling the exchange price for four-star martial arts is quite normal.During the lottery,the characters drawn are random,but in the store,you can specify the character and martial art for purchase,hence the doubling of the price."

And the four-and-a-half and five-star techniques,though expensive,are cheaper than the lottery.If the host draws a four-and-a-half-star character,it is not allowed to use the villain value for specified extraction,and there is also a possibility of drawing nothing.Only 1000 villain values can be used to increase the success rate by 10%.

So,if the host wants to draw a four-and-a-half-star technique with a 100%success rate,it requires one advanced lottery opportunity and a total of 10,000 villain values.Now,the host only needs to spend 10,000 villain values to obtain the desired four-and-a-half-star technique,saving another advanced lottery opportunity."

Upon hearing the system's explanation,Su Xin was speechless.It seemed like he had taken advantage of the situation.

Looking at other options,the prices were generally high.For example,the two-and-a-half-star Shaolin Little Dan he previously drew required 200 villain values for exchange.Using villain values to exchange for daily cultivation pills seemed uneconomical.

However,there were some cost-effective items,such as the Spirit Qi Pill that could help innate martial artists break through barriers,rated three stars,priced at only 300 villain values,similar to other three-star daily cultivation pills.

The quantity of weapons and miscellaneous items was too large for Su Xin to go through.If he needed something,he could always come back to the store later.

The only thing that pleasantly surprised Su Xin about the store system was consumables.Consumables were also expensive,priced at one-tenth of the regular item's cost.

For instance,the Flame Blade,with an overall rating of three and a half stars,required 1600 villain values for specific extraction,while in the store,it cost 3200 villain values,making the consumable price 320 points.Su Xin had experienced the power of the Flame Blade,an absolute life-saving technique.Spending 320 villain values for a chance at survival was worthwhile.

The consumption of consumables varied.Some were calculated per use,while others were based on a time limit,ranging from a quarter of an hour to half an hour.For example,Xiong Ba's Three-Part Return to Origin Qi could not be used based on the number of times but had a time limit of half an hour.As long as your inner power was sufficient within that time,you could use it unlimitedly.

However,there was a limitation–within a day,consumables could only be used three times,with a one-hour interval between each use.This prevented Su Xin from using consumables continuously at certain times,causing an imbalance of power.

"By the way,I still have a three-and-a-half-star level specified category extraction privilege for my mission reward.I want to use it now to extract a technique."

On the large screen,images of various characters kept changing until a tall figure appeared.A young man dressed in white,with fair skin,sharp features,and a handsome face,stood proudly.If judged solely by appearance,he would be seen as a charming young hero.However,in reality,he was ambitious,cunning,malicious,and ruthless,a major antagonist willing to resort to any means,even fratricide and betrayal,to achieve his goals–White Chou Fei!

White Chou Fei had a dual personality:one side was proud and confident,while the other side was ambitious and ruthless.Despite being a complete villain,certain qualities in him were admirable.Critically analyzing White Chou Fei's life,author Wen Rui'an described it in eight words:a heart yearning to fly,forever immortal.White Chou Fei faced setbacks without breaking,fought repeatedly,and became stronger in adversity.Despite his treacherous actions,he achieved greatness in his own way.

Regardless of right or wrong,good or evil,Su Xin admired only one thing about White Chou Fei–his resilience.After experiencing various injustices and setbacks,he remained proudly gazing at the sky,saying,"Only the sky can contain my soaring!"

Unlike Su Mengzhen,who had the background of an older brother and was born as the respected young master of the Golden Wind and Fine Rain Tower,or Wang Xiaoshi,who belonged to the top-notch sect with numerous top-notch martial artists,White Chou Fei had nothing but his indomitable fighting spirit and ambition.

This was White Chou Fei,the one who would resort to any means to soar above the nine heavens!