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Chapter 81: I Want to Be the Alliance Leader

8063words in this chapter2024-01-05

In the meeting hall of the Jiangyang Gang,Jiang Beifei wore a distressed expression,and the other two deputy gang leaders didn't look any better.

The scene where Su Xin displayed his power at Shenglong Tower during the day was vivid in their minds.By nightfall,the Feiying Gang had launched a full-scale attack,and they had lost the will to resist.

Su Xin chose the perfect moment to launch the attack,precisely when Jiang Beifei's mind was still affected by the events of the day.Witnessing Su Xin effortlessly kill Chen Zhao,Jiang Beifei couldn't summon the determination to confront Su Xin head-on.

He sighed and said,"Let's surrender.We can't match Su Xin,and we can't stop the rise of the Feiying Gang either."

Yang Dong was unwilling,"Leader,our Jiangyang Gang has a history of over a hundred years.Are we just going to hand it over?"

"Do you think I want to?"Jiang Beifei retorted,his eyes red."You all saw what happened during the day.Continuing to resist is just seeking death."

Yang Dong fell silent,and Shen Zhongming didn't speak either.Surrendering without a fight was undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow.

"Alright,I'll send someone to find Su Xin and inform him that the Jiangyang Gang surrenders.Let's not let our brothers outside make unnecessary sacrifices,"Jiang Beifei sighed,calling over a gang member to deliver the surrender message to Su Xin.

Su Xin had initially planned to personally lead the assault on the Jiangyang Gang's headquarters to crush them completely.However,he didn't anticipate the Jiangyang Gang's pragmatism.Still,this turn of events suited him even better.

Jiang Beifei led the entire Jiangyang Gang in surrendering without resistance.Under his leadership,they went to meet Su Xin,who graciously accepted their surrender.

"Su Gang Leader,from now on,the Jiangyang Gang is yours,or rather,there is no more Jiangyang Gang,"Jiang Beifei said with a bitter smile.

Su Xin smiled,"Jiang Leader,wise men adapt to circumstances.Your voluntary surrender reduces losses for both sides.I won't mistreat you.The position of Deputy Hall Master in the War Hall is yours.If the two deputy gang leaders are willing,I have also prepared positions as leaders for them."

Jiang Beifei chuckled,"Let's forget about it.I don't want to be involved in the martial world anymore.If Su Gang Leader is willing,give us one million taels of silver,and we'll retire as wealthy civilians."

Su Xin looked deeply at Jiang Beifei and said,"No problem,Jiang Leader.If you ever need anything in the future,feel free to come find me."

Su Xin doubted whether Jiang Beifei truly wanted to retire from the martial world,but he admired Jiang Beifei's pragmatism.

While Su Xin granted Jiang Beifei the position of War Hall Deputy,and two top positions in the War Hall,Jiang Beifei knew their status in the Feiying Gang would be awkward.Having once been gang leaders themselves,now being subordinate was hard to accept.

Moreover,with the integration of the Jiangyang Gang into the Feiying Gang,even if Su Xin removed some cunning old foxes,leaving only the elite,these people constituted a quarter of the entire Feiying Gang.Su Xin might suspect Jiang Beifei's loyalty.If it were Jiang Beifei,he would be wary.

Rather than being awkward as Deputy Hall Master in the Feiying Gang,it was better to retire completely and enjoy wealth in his later years.

Yang Dong and Shen Zhongming had apparently already discussed it with Jiang Beifei and didn't express any objections.

However,the heads of the Jiangyang Gang looked eagerly at Jiang Beifei.What would happen to them if their esteemed leader retired?They didn't want to withdraw from the martial world,and even if they did,they had no money.The wealth of the entire Jiangyang Gang,due to their surrender,now belonged to the Feiying Gang.

"Ah,Su Gang Leader,these people have followed me for over a decade.If you can accept it,let them join the Feiying Gang.I guarantee they won't have any second thoughts,"Jiang Beifei sighed.

Su Xin pondered for a moment and nodded,"Fine.When the heads of the Jiangyang Gang join the Feiying Gang,if they wish to take control of territories in the rear,they will retain their positions as leaders.However,if they want to join the War Hall,they must demote to a lower rank,becoming sub-leaders first,and promotion will depend on future merits."

The many heads of the Jiangyang Gang breathed a sigh of relief.Su Xin's treatment was fair,and from what they knew,this was how the elderly members of the Feiying Gang were treated before.

With the absorption of the Jiangyang Gang,the territories under the Feiying Gang now numbered eleven markets,and their members exceeded thirty thousand,making them one of the most powerful gangs in Changning Prefecture.

However,this was not the end for Su Xin;he still had a mission to dominate Changning Prefecture.First,he needed to become the nominal co-ruler of Changning Prefecture.

These days,Su Xin had been contemplating this matter.His plan finally took shape,and after ten days,Su Xin fully integrated all the territories under his control.He then sent invitations to Shihui in Four Hui,proposing a meeting at Shenglong Tower.

Upon receiving Su Xin's invitation,the representatives from Four Hui showed puzzled expressions,not understanding Su Xin's intentions.Just a few days ago,Meng Changhe had gathered everyone to discuss how to deal with Su Xin.Was Su Xin now planning retaliation?

Despite their confusion,they arrived at Shenglong Tower as agreed.Su Xin now had the qualifications to sit on an equal footing with them.If someone didn't intend to openly oppose Su Xin,they would attend.

Inside the seventh floor of Shenglong Tower,representatives from other gangs had already arrived,but Su Xin,the host,was still nowhere to be seen.

Meng Changhe snorted,"Su Xin sure has a big ego,making us wait for him here."

Others discreetly rolled their eyes.The last time you gathered everyone for a meeting,you also made everyone wait until the end before appearing.Now you're complaining?

Suddenly,Su Xin's voice echoed,"Meng Master,do you have an urgent matter?Can't stand waiting?"

Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,strolled leisurely up the stairs.Each carried a stack of booklets,their contents unknown.

"Silly Su Xin,don't beat around the bush.What do you want to do by bringing us here today?"Meng Changhe's tone was ominous.

Seated at the main position,Su Xin calmly said,"Don't be in a hurry;let's discuss one thing at a time."

Everyone was taken aback.Was there more than one thing to discuss today?

Su Xin rhythmically tapped his finger on the table and said,"Gentlemen,Changning Prefecture is formidable,ranking among the top in many states in the southern region.However,our strength is too dispersed,making it easy for anyone to challenge our authority and undermine our rules."

As he spoke,Su Xin casually glanced at Meng Changhe,causing Meng Changhe's expression to darken further.Last time,when he invited Chen Zhao,it wasn't just to deal with Su Xin but also to threaten other gangs—an act that undeniably violated the rules.

"Su Xin!Stop beating around the bush.What do you want to say?"Meng Changhe snorted.

"It's simple.A snake can't move without a head,and a bird can't fly without wings.It's time for Changning Prefecture to have a leader.I propose that our five gangs form an alliance,elect a leader,and deal with day-to-day frictions independently.However,in times of crisis,we can gather everyone together to unite against external threats."

Everyone was surprised by Su Xin's words.The five gangs forming an alliance?And electing a leader?Su Xin's ambition was indeed great,but it seemed impractical.

Meng Changhe sneered,"Su Xin,you won't tell me next that you want to be the leader,will you?"

Su Xin smiled faintly,"Exactly.I propose to take on the role of the alliance leader in Changning Prefecture."

Meng Changhe openly mocked,pointing at Su Xin,"You?You think you can be the leader?On what grounds?Who among us has less experience or weaker strength than you?Why do you think you can be the leader?"

If Su Xin had said this on the day he killed Chen Zhao,people might have been intimidated by Su Xin's strength and thought it over carefully.However,many days had passed,and people had some clarity.Su Xin's move to kill Chen Zhao with the Flame Blade was undoubtedly suspicious.

Releasing true qi in such a way was fantastical for a martial artist of his level.Yet Su Xin did it,and everyone watched Chen Zhao being cut down by the Flame Blade with undeniable power.The puzzling part was that if Su Xin truly had the ability to release true qi at will,why didn't he kill Meng Changhe on the spot when they had a conflict during the Three Heroes Meeting?

People speculated that Su Xin must have used some secret technique to achieve the true qi release,and it was likely a consumable item that couldn't be used again.Otherwise,he could have used it to kill Meng Changhe during their previous dispute.

The minds of these people were intricate,and relying solely on Su Xin's actions that day,they deduced his situation with a high degree of accuracy.Without the threat of absolute martial strength,even if Su Xin had the power to sit on an equal footing with them,they wouldn't admit that Su Xin had the authority to be their leader,superior to them.