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Chapter 113: A Graceful Entrance

7486words in this chapter2024-01-06

Under the Wind and Clouds Arena,Fang Hao watched as Fan Ge easily disarmed Chi Rang with just a few moves.He couldn't help but shake his head and say,"Indeed,Fan Ge lives up to his notorious reputation.If he advances to the Innate Realm,not to mention the top thirty of the Wind and Clouds List,even the top twenty would be within his grasp.Meng,after you settle down in Shangshan City,be cautious.Don't provoke Fan Ge.He is ruthless,and his mind is twisted.Angering him could mean a fate worse than death."

Fang Hao sighed,expecting a response from Su Xin,but when he turned around,he was surprised."Meng,did you hear what I said?Meng...huh?Where is he?"

Turning back to the arena,Fang Hao was stunned.A figure in white had leaped into the Wind and Clouds Arena,standing between Fan Ge and Chi Rang!

Fan Ge,with a sly smile,was contemplating whether to decapitate or sever the waist of this young man.If the Lord wanted to teach a lesson to Yan Qingxue,severing the waist would be bloodier and more impactful.

However,just as Fan Ge was about to execute this decision,he noticed a young man in white appearing before him.The pinkie finger of the young man's right hand swiftly touched the blade of his sword,causing a tremendous force that made Fan Ge spit out a mouthful of blood.Fan Ge's long-curved blade shattered!

"Daring!"roared Yan Zhongheng.Unexpectedly,someone dared to interfere in the matters of their Yan family.

"What are you waiting for?Quickly capture this madman for me!I want to see who gave him the courage to cause trouble in the Wind and Clouds Arena!"Yan Zhongheng ordered,and his three subordinates immediately rushed forward,fists,feet,and blades ready to attack Su Xin.

They were all experts at the peak of the Postnatal Realm.Though not as famous as Fan Ge,they had considerable reputations in Shangshan City.However,they were now facing Su Xin.

Facing the three attackers,Su Xin didn't draw his sword.With a casual flick of his finger,like a spring breeze brushing away the clouds,he pointed at them.Instantly,as if a late spring frost had descended,the cruel force shocked one warrior into coughing up blood and collapsing on the arena.Su Xin turned,and with another swift finger strike,the second warrior was sent flying,collapsing with seventeen finger-point injuries.The third warrior attempted to escape,but Su Xin's finger,like a descending sun,pierced through the air and sent him crashing to the ground with internal injuries.

"He released True Qi externally!"exclaimed the onlookers below.They initially thought the meddlesome young man was doomed,but they hadn't expected him to be an Innate Realm cultivator.

Even in a city filled with martial artists,those at the Innate Realm were rare.Only the top thirty of the Wind and Clouds List possessed the strength of the Innate Realm.

With a single finger,Su Xin effortlessly defeated three strong opponents.His fluid movements and the ensuing victory left the spectators in awe.The final touch was when Su Xin,with a turn,drew his sword and let the scabbard and wine gourd fall gracefully from the air.

As Su Xin sheathed his sword with a sip from the gourd,he recited the final verse,"A hero emerges in the world,stepping into the rivers and lakes as time passes.For the grand cause,we jest and laugh.Overwhelmed by the world,we revel in a drunken life.In the end,overwhelmed by the world,we revel in a drunken life!"

In this poetic performance,coupled with Su Xin's defeat of four opponents,including the formidable Yan Zhongheng,the atmosphere was filled with a sense of freedom and unrestrained heroism.

For the younger martial artists present,who were mostly inexperienced and used to the political maneuverings of various sects,Su Xin represented the ideal hero they had only heard about–one who stirred the world with a sword and enjoyed a carefree life.

Without a doubt,Su Xin's performance deserves full marks for his impressive strength,handsome appearance,and the elegant way he entered the scene.It's just like the young sword-wielding heroes they idealized in their hearts.

Yan Qingxue,who was initially worried about Chi Rang's safety,breathed a sigh of relief.In her eyes,looking at Su Xin carried a certain radiance.She,too,once had dreams of a young,dashing hero taking her on a journey across the world,adventuring far and wide.Unfortunately,those were just childhood fantasies.In reality,it was Lüling who comforted her,and it was Liang Bo who sheltered her from the wind and rain as she grew up.Su Xin's appearance for Yan Qingxue was like a dream come true.

Watching Su Xin sheath his sword,Yan Zhongheng also breathed a sigh of relief.When Su Xin's sword was at his throat,he truly felt a chilling killing intent,as if the next moment the sword would sever his throat.

"Who are you?"Yan Zhongheng asked hoarsely.He couldn't believe that the young man who defeated him with a single sword could be an unknown person.

Su Xin replied casually,"When the road is uneven,someone will level it.When matters are unjust,someone will intervene.I'm just a passerby,but I can't stand a group of grown men bullying and intimidating a weak girl.A hero born in this world should enjoy avenging grievances,be fearless,and laugh in the face of adversity.People like you,engrossed in petty matters and bullying a weak girl,have no shame.Remember,my name is Meng Qingze.I'll be in Shangshan City for the next few days.If you want revenge,feel free to come.No matter how many come,Meng Qingze will face them alone!"

Having said that,Su Xin turned and walked down the arena.The crowd automatically made way for him,and everyone looked at Su Xin with respect.Especially the line,"A hero born in this world should enjoy avenging grievances,be fearless,and laugh in the face of adversity,"resonated deeply with many,capturing the essence of their youthful aspirations.Yet,as they faced more of the world's harsh realities and the ugly aspects of self-interest,they gradually buried those dreams deep within.

Accompanying Su Xin,Fang Hao's eyes sparkled."Damn!So,it's a master!Truly,the true masters don't reveal themselves easily.Master,wait for me!"

Meanwhile,on the Wind and Clouds Arena,Yan Zhongheng's expression became extremely unpleasant,and Yan Shuheng and others had similarly lost their composure.Although Su Xin's words were directed at Yan Zhongheng,they were indirectly criticized as well.

Su Xin's overwhelming presence and swift victory over Yan Zhongheng had stunned them,causing them to forget that this was Shangshan City and the Yan family's territory.Now,with the intention to retaliate against Su Xin,they realized he had already left.However,judging by his words,he wasn't planning to leave Shangshan City,giving them an opportunity for revenge if they planned carefully.

Yan Zhongheng snorted and left,and his subordinates quickly carried the heavily injured Fan Ge and others away.Other descendants of the Yan family also left in a hurry,realizing that today they had greatly lost face.The events on the Wind and Clouds Arena would likely be known throughout Shangshan City soon,making them the subject of ridicule.

After everyone had left,Chi Rang descended from the arena.He apologized to Yan Qingxue,"I'm sorry,Miss.I'm truly useless."

Yan Qingxue shook her head and said,"It's alright.You didn't need to step in.I wouldn't have lost a piece of flesh even if they had scolded me a bit."

Chi Rang sneered,"I just can't stand seeing them bullying you!"

Liang Bo shook his head,"You're still too young,lad.Can't handle a bit of provocation."

Green Lili,the little maid on the side,added,"Yeah,Chi Big Brother,if you could cultivate to the level of that young master Meng just now,that would be about right."

With a glint in her eyes,Green Lili continued,"That young master Meng was really cool!If I could ride horses with him across the rivers and lakes,it would be amazing."

Chi Rang sighed,"You should learn how to ride a horse first.How can someone who hasn't learned to ride for a year talk about traveling across rivers and lakes on horseback?"

Green Lili clenched her small silver teeth and gave Chi Rang a fierce kick.

Liang Bo scolded,"Enough,enough,you two,stop messing around.Don't you see what time it is now?"

Reprimanded by Liang Bo,Chi Rang and Green Lili immediately behaved.

Liang Bo turned to Yan Qingxue and said,"Miss,the appearance of this Meng Qingze is a great opportunity for us.We must firmly grasp him!"

"What does Liang Bo mean?"

Liang Bo said in a deep voice,"We must recruit Meng Qingze.As long as we successfully recruit him,not only can we ensure our safety,but we might even have a chance to seize the position of the city lord's successor!"