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Chapter 114: The Cross-River Dragon

7454words in this chapter2024-01-06

Liáng Bó's words startled Yàn Qīng Xuě.Although she really wanted to see SūXìn again and thank him in person,she had never thought of trying to win him over.

It wasn't that she didn't want to,but she didn't dare.Yàn Qīng Xuělacked confidence.Yàn Huáng Jiǔdidn't mind his children developing their own power;in fact,he encouraged it.So,his children used their connections and resources to attract strong individuals in Shāngshān City.

Ignoring the lower-level warriors,they targeted those ranked on the"Wind and Clouds List."The top twenty on the list were out of reach for them,as these warriors were either personally recruited by Yàn Huáng Jiǔor were practicing alone,not something they could attract.

However,below the top twenty,there were some innate realm warriors,like Fán Gē,who had shown formidable strength even in the acquired realm.These individuals were mostly recruited by Yàn Zhòng Héng and others,except for Yàn Qīng Xuě,who hadn't recruited anyone in years.

Under Yàn Qīng Xuě's command were Liáng Bó,who had taken care of her since childhood,and ChíRàng,rescued by her from bandits.The rest were ordinary followers recruited with money within Shāngshān City,with strengths not exceeding the acquired grand completion.

It's not that she didn't want to recruit,but even if she did,no one was willing to follow her.Yàn Huáng Jiǔprovided a monthly allowance of a hundred thousand taels,which could attract some acquired initial or mid-stage warriors,but it was insufficient for acquired grand completion warriors.

For these warriors of a relatively young age,their primary goal was breaking through the innate realm.The difference between acquired and innate was like heaven and earth.Even if you were strong in the acquired realm,you were just an ordinary martial artist in the world;only innate could be considered truly elite.

However,advancing from acquired to innate required more than just money;it needed cultivation resources,especially valuable medicinal pills.These pills were secret recipes of major martial sects,making them rare and priceless.

While Yàn Zhòng Héng and others had the support of various forces in southern Xiāngnán,making it easy to obtain such pills,Yàn Qīng Xuědidn't have those channels.Moreover,it involved taking sides in the succession of the next lord of Shāngshān City,which was not just a family matter but concerned all warriors in the city.

Choosing which of Yàn Jiā's sons to support was a serious decision for Shāngshān City's warriors.Making the wrong choice could lead to a massive purge.Therefore,even if some warriors had rebellious thoughts,they wouldn't choose Yàn Qīng Xuě,whose chances of becoming the city lord were extremely low.

Yàn Qīng Xuěsighed,"Liáng Bó,I know you mean well,but this Mister Mèng doesn't seem like someone we can easily befriend.With his strength,why would he stay in Shāngshān City to help me in these power struggles for the city lord position?"

Liáng Bósighed,"I know this,but Mister Mèng is our only hope now.He defeated Yàn Zhòng Héng with a single sword,almost reaching the top ten on the Wind and Clouds List.With his help,we won't have to endure the bullying of Yàn Zhòng Héng and others.I asked you to recruit him because I see a sense of justice in him.If he learns about your situation,he might not turn a blind eye."

Yàn Qīng Xuěhesitated for a moment but then shook her head,"No,I can't do that.Am I not deceiving him by intentionally using his compassion?That's not right."

Liáng Bósighed;his young miss was kind-hearted but perhaps too kind for this world.In this age,good people often didn't live long.

At this moment,the maid LǜLísuddenly said,"Mister Mèng's name sounds familiar.I think I've heard it somewhere."

Upon hearing this,Liáng Bófelt something was off.A young and powerful talent like Mister Mèng couldn't be unknown in the martial world.He asked ChíRàng,"The Ranking List,where is it?Quickly find it and take a look."

ChíRàng,who usually enjoyed collecting the Ranking List,eagerly pulled it out from his pocket.As he looked at the names,he became excited,"Mister Mèng is indeed a powerful figure on the Ranking List!He used to be a disciple of the'Four Absolute Wanderers,'a grandmaster in the Róngshén realm martial arts!"

Upon hearing ChíRàng's words,Liáng Bósighed deeply.A powerhouse on the Ranking List—the cream of the crop among the young generation in the martial world.If they could secure the assistance of such a figure,Yàn Qīng Xuě's chances of inheriting the position of city lord would at least be on par with Yàn Zhòng Héng.

However,learning that this Mister Mèng was actually well-known on the Ranking List made Liáng Bóabandon the idea of sending Yàn Qīng Xuěto recruit him.A phoenix doesn't associate with crows;being a renowned figure on the Ranking List,Mister Mèng probably intervened in this situation out of a sense of justice,and their small faction couldn't accommodate him.

Meanwhile,Yàn Zhòng Héng and his men had also sent people to inquire about SūXìn's news.Upon discovering the identity of this'Mèng Qīngzé,'they were astonished.They had perused the current Ranking List,but the sensational news about XièZhǐyàn and SūXìn had overshadowed the appearance of this newly ranked powerhouse,'Mèng Qīngzé.'

Originally,Yàn Zhòng Héng had planned to return and cause trouble for SūXìn immediately.However,upon learning his true identity,some of his subordinates began to hesitate.

One middle-aged warrior around forty years old,named Zhāng Guǎng,spoke solemnly,"Young Master,I suggest you refrain from provoking trouble with Mister Mèng Qīngzé."

If anyone else had spoken this way,Yàn Zhòng Héng would have slapped them away.However,he dared not do so to Zhāng Guǎng,who was his only two innate realm warriors.Zhāng Guǎng had once ranked twenty-seventh on the Wind and Clouds Arena and was a formidable expert in Shāngshān City,recruited with considerable effort.

The other innate realm warrior was a disciple of his mother's LíhuǒSect,providing protection but not true loyalty.This disciple had returned to the sect for some matters,making Zhāng Guǎng almost his top subordinate now.Yàn Zhòng Héng had to take his words seriously.

“Why?!"Yàn Zhòng Héng exclaimed angrily."Fán Gēand the others were severely injured by this Mèng Qīngzé,and he even dared to attack me.Do you know that he almost killed me at that moment?"

At the moment when SūXìn unsheathed his sword,Yàn Zhòng Héng had truly felt fear,fearing that SūXìn's cold killing intent would end his life.

Zhāng Guǎng replied in a low voice,"We have to endure!Young talents who can make it onto the Ranking List are limitless in their future achievements.Unless we can kill him with a single strike,otherwise,when he grows up,he will be an unimaginable existence.Moreover,you've seen Mèng Qīngzé's strength today.Among our peers,I'm at least not his match.He even single-handedly killed the'Four Villains of Dōngshān'in the innate realm Qi Hǎi stage."

At this point,Zhāng Guǎng couldn't help but sigh inwardly,harboring an indescribable envy.Among the countless innate realm warriors in the martial world,there were possibly several hundred thousand or even tens of thousands.However,only one hundred and eight could make it onto the Ranking List,making their strength extraordinary.After making it to the list,they became widely known,a prospect that Zhāng Guǎng,a silent innate realm warrior,deeply admired.

Yàn Zhòng Héng's face darkened,"Even if he's strong,so what?A strong dragon cannot suppress a local snake.Sure,he can kill the'Four Villains of Dōngshān,'but can he kill forty of them?I'm willing to pay a price and have my mother ask the seniors of the LíhuǒSect to dispatch dozens of innate realm warriors.I don't believe we can't deal with him!"

Zhāng Guǎng's forehead broke into a cold sweat."Young Master!You must not do this!Mèng Qīngzéis not an ordinary person;his master is Zōng Hàoyáng,the'Four Absolute Wanderers'disciple from back then.Although Zōng Hàoyáng didn't make it onto the Earth List,his strength in the Róngshén realm is genuine and not inferior to the city lord.Currently,he's exploring the outer sea,seeking an opportunity to break through to the Yángshén realm.Whether he has succeeded is unknown,but the fact that he has time to train someone like Mèng Qīngzéindicates that he has likely succeeded.A powerhouse at the Yángshén realm—even the city lord wouldn't dare to provoke.If we kill him,and it attracts the attention of the Four Absolute Wanderers,then our Shāngshān City will suffer as well!"