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Chapter 179: Diamond Vajra, Annihilating Evil!

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At this moment,Su Xin is on the run,crazily fleeing towards the outskirts of the city.Up until now,he hasn't practiced any body movement techniques,and his speed can only be considered average,making it impossible to shake off the pursuers behind him.Even though he had managed to leave Zhu Zefang and the others behind in the city earlier,the killer from the Blood Cloth Tower has an uncanny ability to track targets,and within half a moment,they caught up with Su Xin.

Zhu Zefang sneered,"Running away?Keep running then!Su Xin,when you killed my son,did you ever think about today?"

Su Xin replied,"Sorry,are you talking about that waste Zhu Yanshin?I just casually swung a stick,who would have thought it would directly kill him?Oh well,it seems Lord Zhu,you failed to properly educate your son.How did he end up so fragile?"

Zhu Zefang almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.Did he raise his eldest son with such effort just for him to be a punching bag for Su Xin?

Before he could say anything,Su Xin suddenly made a move,unleashing the Blood River Divine Finger directly towards Zhou Changxin!Zhou Changxin sneered,"Do you take me as an easy target?Bring it on!"

A dazzling firelight rose on the crimson iron spear,attempting to intercept Su Xin.However,Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword was unsheathed,ready to shed blood to be sheathed again.If you dare to block,I'll cut you down!

The crimson sword aura illuminated the sky,and Zhou Changxin felt a tremendous force coming at him.The iron spear in his hand was almost slipping away,barely held firm.

This strike showcased Su Xin's true strength.In the crowded city,he was hesitant to reveal certain abilities,but now,with no audience around,Su Xin was ready to unleash his full power.

"Arrogant!"Zhu Zefang coldly snorted,unleashing the Damo Sword Technique.The intricate sword moves enveloped Su Xin.Duan Tianya's Compassionate Blade was also activated,intending to eliminate the evil first.

Their combined attack momentarily put Su Xin at a disadvantage,but Zhu Zefang and the others were also secretly alarmed.Luckily,Zhu Zefang had been cautious and brought three martial artists from the Divine Palace realm to help;otherwise,they might not have been able to deal with Su Xin.

Although Su Xin was one small realm below them,his personal strength,martial skills,and the foundation laid during his martial training were much stronger.In a one-on-one fight,they were not confident of defeating Su Xin.

While Su Xin was suppressed by Zhu Zefang and the others,the silent killer in the green clothes finally took action.His thin sword,like a hidden snake,stared at Su Xin.When the time was right,he could completely kill Su Xin!

Feeling the murderous intent behind him,Su Xin flicked his left Blood River Divine Finger,sending three blood lines towards the Blood Cloth Tower's killer.Meanwhile,Zhou Changxin unleashed his"Red Fire Thunder Spear"technique,each strike powerful and dazzling.Flames and thunder burst in the air,and Su Xin's figure seemed like a sinking ship in a storm,about to sink with one more step.

Duan Tianya's eyes flashed with brilliance.His Moonblade Knife was swung fiercely,combining the compassionate and world-destroying knife intentions into one.The force of both tore the surrounding air into fierce gusts of wind,displaying extreme ferocity.

The Shaolin Temple did teach these secular disciples some martial techniques,and the seventy-two unique skills were not immutable.Just as Zhou Changxin incorporated his spear technique into the Demon Suppression Staff Technique,Duan Tianya's strike,although not a Compassionate Blade,was stronger than the normal Compassionate Blade.

Two fists are no match for four hands,especially considering that Su Xin is not only dealing with four hands now.Zhu Zefang's mouth revealed a cold smile–this time,Su Xin must die!

At this moment,Su Xin remained calm,neither happy nor sad.The situation was not yet desperate,as he still had some hidden cards.His consciousness entered the system quickly,exchanged for a consumable item,and in the brief moment of distraction,Duan Tianya's Moonblade Knife was already approaching.

However,Su Xin made an unexpected move.He suddenly sheathed his sword and threw a punch,transforming into a Vajra,wielding the World-Annihilating Vajra Club!

The Great Vajra Club–this was used by Murong Bo and was even more powerful than the monks of the Shaolin Temple!

Su Xin's fist was no longer just a fist;it turned into a Vajra Club,a World-Annihilating Vajra Club.

Breaking the fist and shattering the blade,Duan Tianya spewed out a mouthful of blood,horrified,and shouted,"Great Vajra Club!?How could you wield the Great Vajra Club?"

Zhou Changxin and Zhu Zefang were also shocked,forgetting to attack.The scene in front of them was just too bizarre.

It's important to note that the seventy-two unique skills of the Shaolin Temple are secret teachings,and there are distinctions in their strength.Due to their status,secular disciples are only eligible to be taught the latter thirty-six unique skills,while the first thirty-six unique skills are reserved for ordained disciples who have officially taken vows.

They had witnessed the chief of the Shaolin Temple's Precept Hall demonstrate the Great Vajra Club,so they were certain that Su Xin was indeed using the authentic Great Vajra Club.In fact,it even appeared more imposing than the chief of the Precept Hall of the Shaolin Temple.

While they were still in a daze,Su Xin didn't waste any time.Consumables have their time limitations,and the three-and-a-half-star level Great Vajra Club had a half-hour restriction.However,the internal energy consumption was Su Xin's own,so he needed to achieve a swift resolution.

His fist unleashed a world-destroying force,and the Vajra is the protector deity in Buddhist traditions.The Great Vajra Club followed an extremely fierce routine,and Su Xin,paying no attention to others,focused on attacking the strongest opponent,Zhou Changxin.

Zhou Changxin,recovering from his stupor,displayed a cold gleam in his eyes.Did Su Xin really think he was an easy target?The Red Fire Thunder Spear in his hand erupted with scorching true energy,and he swung the heavy iron spear,creating over a dozen spear flowers towards Su Xin.However,Su Xin stood firm without dodging.The Great Vajra Club struck again,and a crack appeared on Zhou Changxin's iron spear!

This extremely fierce martial art,when played at a hundred percent proficiency,already had an astonishing momentum.Moreover,Su Xin practiced the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Art.Though it was only at a basic level,the pure physical strength surpassed that of martial artists at the same level or even one level higher.Su Xin fully unleashed the power of the Great Vajra Club,magnifying its strength to the maximum.

As three strikes of the Vajra Club landed,Zhou Changxin's iron spear had shattered.Seeing this,Zhu Zefang immediately unsheathed his long sword,and the Damo Sword Technique surged forward.Simultaneously,the Blood Cloth Tower's killer attacked with his thin sword,forcing Su Xin to defend.

But Su Xin's next move was unexpected.Without dodging,he used the Blood River Divine Finger to deflect the assassin's thin sword.Zhu Zefang's Damo Sword Technique,like splashing ink in the rain,couldn't be stopped by Su Xin.He could only barely avoid part of it.After enduring several strikes,Su Xin unleashed another powerful blow with the Great Vajra Club,shattering Zhou Changxin's chest and directly pulverizing his heart!

Hurt a finger rather than ten,in a four-versus-one situation,Su Xin had to eliminate one opponent first to take the initiative,even if it meant paying a significant price.The Dragon Elephant Wisdom Art provided Su Xin with physical strength that prevented visible injuries,but Zhu Zefang's sword intent had disrupted Su Xin's internal organs,causing him to cough up blood.

Seeing an opportunity,the assassin from the Blood Cloth Tower,seemingly ordinary,but highly skilled in the art of killing,attacked relentlessly.Su Xin,seemingly at his weakest,had just been seriously injured by Zhu Zefang's sword intent.It seemed like the perfect time to strike.

However,the assassin miscalculated.Su Xin was not at his weakest;he was at his strongest.Su Xin turned around,astonishingly grabbing the assassin's thin sword with both hands and forcefully breaking it.Panicked,the Blood Cloth Tower assassin retreated,but Su Xin wouldn't give him that chance.

The Great Vajra Club struck again,and the assassin's attempts to block were futile.Both arms were directly shattered by the force of the Great Vajra Club.Su Xin then used the Blood River Divine Finger to pierce through the assassin's head.

Su Xin had depleted seventy percent of his internal energy,and now with Duan Tianya injured,Zhu Zefang,although unharmed,had the lowest strength among the remaining two.They were practically powerless against Su Xin.

Zhu Zefang gritted his teeth,brandishing his sword and charging forward,shouting,"Brother Duan,go!Find a master from our Shaolin Temple secular disciples to avenge us!"

The two strongest opponents were already dead at the hands of Su Xin.Now,with one weakened and one injured,they had nothing left to confront Su Xin with.Even if Su Xin did not kill them today,Zhu Zefang would still face endless pursuit from the Shaolin Temple secular disciples.

A mocking smile appeared on Su Xin's face."Master Zhu suddenly discovered his conscience?Unfortunately,it's too late now!You can rest assured;those people from your Zhu family will soon join you!"

With consecutive strikes of the Great Vajra Club,Zhu Zefang's long sword shattered and was on the verge of collapse.However,at this moment,Duan Tianya unexpectedly didn't escape.Instead,he turned around and unleashed a palm,an evil and icy force exploding towards Su Xin,targeting his throat,heart,and almost all vital areas.