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Chapter Seventeen: Assassination

7447words in this chapter2023-12-27

Inside Yongle Square,Li Huai led Su Xin straight towards Jinsheng Gambling House.

Dai Chong was a gambling enthusiast,and Huang Bingcheng had already inquired and confirmed that these days,Dai Chong spent most of his time at Jinsheng Gambling House.

Knowing that he had caused trouble,Zhang Hong followed Dai Chong,trying to please their leader.

While Su Xin might have been to Yongle Square before,his memories had become somewhat fuzzy after crossing over.Therefore,as he walked,he observed everything around him—not out of curiosity,but to choose the best escape route after the assassination.

Su Xin's decision to assassinate Dai Chong was not impulsive but rather a calculated move.He made this choice only when he was confident—ninety percent sure—of success.

Three days ago,he had successfully opened all thirty-six acupoints,officially advancing to the initial stage of the Heavenly Realm.Su Xin was now a true martial artist.

Tiger Boss had once mentioned that none of the thirteen leaders of the Flying Eagle Gang had opened all thirty-six acupoints.Su Xin speculated that the Qingzhu Gang,which had a strength comparable to the Flying Eagle Gang,was probably in the same situation.

Dai Chong might have cultivated his internal energy,but Su Xin was certain that he hadn't opened all thirty-six acupoints,reaching the initial stage of the Heavenly Realm.Even if Su Xin had miscalculated and Dai Chong was at the initial stage,he wasn't afraid.

In a situation where both were at the same level,Su Xin,armed with the lethal Jing Wu Ming Fast Sword,had a ninety percent chance of killing Dai Chong.

Su Xin approached the entrance of Jinsheng Gambling House and said to Li Huai,"When I get close to Dai Chong,you just stay at the entrance."

"Give me a reason,"Li Huai frowned.

Su Xin's arrangement was clearly to make him stay behind and not participate in the assassination.Li Huai found it regrettable.

"Just look at your face.If you go to assassinate Dai Chong,I'm afraid you'll be stopped by his men within ten meters.Your face is unpleasant to everyone."

Li Huai's deadpan expression and demeanor were enough to make people uncomfortable.If he went,it would be more of a direct assault than an assassination.

Li Huai was momentarily speechless,but he nodded in agreement.

Su Xin's heavy sword was too conspicuous,so he put it in a wooden box and handed it to Li Huai for safekeeping.He hid the thin sword in his sleeve.

Dressed in a splendid brocade robe,Su Xin looked like a young noble.As he entered Jinsheng Gambling House,his demeanor instantly changed from decisive and ruthless to a charming young gentleman,surprising Li Huai.

At least,Li Huai's deadpan face couldn't pull off such a transformation.If he went,it wouldn't be an assassination but a direct assault.

Li Huai nodded reluctantly.

Su Xin walked leisurely towards Dai Chong,swinging a jug of wine casually.Dai Chong was playing Pai Gow with three others.His subordinate,Zhang Hong,was carefully feeding him tiles.

When Zhang Hong looked up and saw Su Xin approaching with the wine jug,he frowned and said impatiently,"Hey,where do you think you are?Is this a place you can come to?Get lost."

Su Xin sneered,showing a disdainful expression."What's the matter?Does your family own this gambling house?There's no one at these tables in the hall.Why can't I come?Why pretend to be a big shot here?If you're capable,go play in the private rooms upstairs.What kind of master pretends in the hall?"

"Damn!Are you looking for trouble?"Zhang Hong slammed the table in anger.

Dai Chong glanced at Su Xin and gestured to his subordinates standing nearby,indicating they should throw Su Xin out and teach him a lesson.Although Su Xin looked like a rich young man,Dai Chong didn't take him seriously at all.

In the Yingle Casino,there were plenty of wealthy merchants;who would dare to challenge them openly?The kid who got a lesson today can only blame himself for lacking foresight.

However,at this moment,Dai Chong,who had just turned his attention to the card table,suddenly felt a sharp edge brushing past the corner of his eye.An icy killing intent instantly enveloped him,as if a bloodthirsty wolf was baring its fangs at him!

Su Xin's sword was already drawn.

No one saw how the slender sword appeared in his hand.

The sudden sword strike was like lightning,without any disguise,with only one target–Dai Chong's neck!

Zhang Hong saw this,and so did Dai Chong's henchmen,but they couldn't react in time.A month of practice had brought Su Xin's proficiency in the fast sword to 30%,something these minor characters couldn't obstruct.

Li Huai,who guarded the entrance and had been observing the situation inside,also witnessed the swordplay.This swift,ruthless,and fierce strike shocked Li Huai.He,too,wielded a sword and was known for his fast sword skills under Tiger Third Master.However,compared to Su Xin's sword,he was neither fast enough nor ruthless and fierce enough.

At the critical moment,Dai Chong's head suddenly tilted.The stunning sword cut across Dai Chong's neck,leaving only a bloodstain.

Dai Chong's heart was pounding violently,and at this moment,he wasn't celebrating dodging the strike but rather feeling fortunate to have returned from the brink of death.

Su Xin's sword demonstrated speed,ruthlessness,and fierceness to the extreme.If he hadn't noticed the reflection of the sword's edge in the split second he turned around,combined with his years of combat experience that made him instinctively evade,he might have become a lifeless body by now!

"Who are you!?"Dai Chong immediately grabbed the golden hammer next to him,his eyes filled with lingering fear.

Su Xin suddenly smiled and said,"I am..."

Before he finished speaking,another lightning-fast sword strike came again,with a cunning and unpredictable angle.

This time,Dai Chong,who was on guard,wouldn't let Su Xin succeed so easily.He swung the golden hammer in his hand,and the force was as mighty as Mount Tai descending.If Su Xin didn't dodge,even if he managed to pierce Dai Chong's neck with his sword,he would be smashed into a pile of minced meat.

But to Dai Chong's surprise,Su Xin seemed to have not seen this descending hammer at all.He showed no sign of stopping.

Dai Chong,a big shot,naturally didn't want to perish along with Su Xin,who was an unknown guy without even knowing his identity.So,he had to improvise,with the golden hammer blocking this sword.


The harsh sound of metal clashing rang out,and both of them had a change in expression simultaneously.

On Dai Chong's golden hammer,a deep sword mark was clearly visible.The power of Su Xin's sword exceeded Dai Chong's imagination.

What made Su Xin change his expression was that he had correctly estimated Dai Chong's strength,but there was a slight miscalculation.Although Dai Chong hadn't broken through to the early stage of the innate realm,his natural strength was immense,almost like innate divine power.While the early stage of the innate realm was the first bottleneck for martial artists,the improvement in strength was limited.Opening all 36 acupoints could strengthen the bones and muscles and enhance vitality,but beyond that,there was nothing more.Even in the early stage of the innate realm,the meager internal energy couldn't be released externally.

So,although Dai Chong hadn't broken through to the early stage of the innate realm,his innate divine power compensated for it,making him even stronger than some true early-stage innate realm martial artists.

Throughout history,only formidable warriors dared to use a golden hammer.Although Dai Chong could only swing one,the force behind this strike made Su Xin's hand numb.

"Capture this kid alive!I want to see who's plotting to kill me!"Dai Chong roared,and the members of the Qingzhu Gang from the Golden Prosperity Gambling Hall quickly reacted.Drawing various knives and swords,they attacked Su Xin.

Other gamblers,seeing the chaos,screamed and fled outside.Dai Chong was not alone;there were dozens of people around him,which made Su Xin grateful for bringing Li Huai along this time.

And at this moment,Li Huai did not disappoint Su Xin.Faced with those rushing towards Su Xin,Li Huai suddenly took action.

He wielded two short swords,each only nine inches long.They were more like daggers than short swords.Li Huai reversed his grip on the swords,striking out with incredible speed,equally ruthless and fierce,targeting the throat every time.

No one expected that this assassin had an accomplice.Suddenly emerging from the crowd,Li Huai swiftly took down four or five people in the blink of an eye.