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Chapter 16: Stirring Hearts

7068words in this chapter2023-12-27

Su Xin's words left everyone present in shock.Even Huang Bingcheng,who had vaguely guessed Su Xin's intentions before,was astonished.

Who is Dai Chong,the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang?He is a prominent figure in the martial arts world with thousands of followers,and his time in the martial arts world is probably longer than your age,Su Xin.Moreover,Dai Chong's status is not built on connections;he has earned it through years of battles with a sword in hand.The idea of assassinating Dai Chong seemed like an absurd fantasy to them.

"No!You can't go!"Suddenly,Ji Gang shouted,his face turning pale.He wasn't concerned about Su Xin's safety;Su Xin's life or death had nothing to do with him.But Su Xin's actions would bring great disaster to the Flying Eagle Gang!Whether Su Xin succeeded or failed in assassinating Dai Chong,it would be perceived as a provocation by the Green Bamboo Gang.This would inevitably lead to an unavoidable large-scale conflict between the two gangs,and the Flying Eagle Gang was not prepared for such a war.

"How about it,Ji Brother,any objections?"Su Xin wore a smile that seemed both mocking and sympathetic.

"Su Xin!What you are doing is leading your own brothers into injustice!Going to assassinate Dai Chong,whether successful or not,is something you cannot bear the consequences of!We will all pay the price for your actions!"Ji Gang shouted,distressed.He had no choice but to try and prevent Su Xin;otherwise,the repercussions for the Flying Eagle Gang would be severe.

"Well said!"Su Xin applauded,declaring,"Originally,I,Su Xin,wanted to risk my life to avenge our fallen brothers.However,as Ji Brother pointed out,I cannot drag everyone down.In that case,I'll leave the decision to all of you.If you agree with this plan,I,Su Xin,will risk my life to bring back the heads of Dai Chong and Zhang Hong!"

The gang members below were now in a state of confusion.Ji Gang was taken aback,realizing that Su Xin had cleverly turned the situation around.In front of everyone,Su Xin appeared valiant and resolute,gaining even more reputation.By stepping forward to stop Su Xin,Ji Gang had exposed the complex interests at play,and now Su Xin was leaving the decision to the gang members.

For their own considerations,these gang members would certainly not agree to Su Xin's attempt to assassinate Dai Chong.In doing so,Su Xin not only regained his standing among the gang members but also solidified his leadership.

Ji Gang could only lower his head in frustration.This time,he had fallen into Su Xin's trap.

At this moment,several people who had drunk with the deceased gang members came forward,expressing their grief and indignation.One tall man with red eyes spoke emotionally,"Boss,Chen San must not die in vain!Both of his older brothers were veterans of the Flying Eagle Gang,and they died fighting against the Green Bamboo Gang.Now,only his blind mother is left at home.Yesterday,when we were drinking,Chen San even mentioned that he would save some money in a few months to marry a wife and take care of his old mother.We never expected that he would be gone so soon.If it weren't for us dragging Chen San to drink that day,things wouldn't have turned out like this.We don't want to implicate our brothers;we're leaving the Flying Eagle Gang to kill Dai Chong and Zhang Hong,those bastards!"

Tearing off the Flying Eagle Gang symbol from their chests,their eyes filled with redness.They were brothers who had grown up together,and although they had just joined the gang,their passionate hearts couldn't stand idly by.Their actions were impulsive,and in their minds,even the authorities were fair game,not just Dai Chong and Zhang Hong.

Seeing their emotional outburst,the rest of the gang members,influenced by the moment,also tore off their gang symbols and expressed their willingness to fight desperately against the Green Bamboo Gang.

These young recruits were the type the Flying Eagle Gang loved and hated the most.They were brave and willing to fight,making them a powerful force in territorial conflicts.However,they were also impulsive and uncontrollable,causing headaches for those in power.

Ji Gang wore a cold smile at this moment.You messed up,didn't you?People's hearts aren't as easily swayed as you thought.Now,let's see how you handle this difficult situation!

Unexpectedly,Su Xin's face showed no signs of anxiety,but rather remained calm.

"Brothers,calm down!"Su Xin shouted loudly,and the commotion below gradually subsided.Su Xin continued,"There's no need for you to seek revenge on Dai Chong.If my brothers are killed,and I don't seek justice,wouldn't I,Su Xin,be worse than useless?I've said it before,I will personally bring back the heads of Dai Chong and Zhang Hong!"

Ji Gang was puzzled.What did Su Xin mean?Was he serious about this?

However,the gang members present were thrilled by Su Xin's words.It seemed they hadn't chosen the wrong leader.Several of Chen San's brothers quickly said,"Boss,take us with you.If we don't personally avenge our brothers,we won't be able to live with ourselves!"

"Count me in,"a cold voice spoke up.

Seeing Li Huai walking out from the crowd,Su Xin was taken aback.

"I find this quite interesting;I want to join in,"Li Huai said.

The gang members below glared at Li Huai.They were discussing avenging their brothers,and Li Huai found it interesting?Su Xin looked at Li Huai,noticing the battle intent and a faint excitement in his eyes.For Li Huai,this seemed to be nothing more than an entertaining activity.

Ji Gang angrily shouted,"Li Huai,have you gone mad?Do you know what he's doing now?Instead of stopping him,you want to join in his nonsense.Have you forgotten what Third Master said?"

Li Huai stretched lazily and coldly said,"The old man has gotten old,lost his sharpness,and can only endure everything.My sword hasn't tasted blood in a long time;it's almost rusting."

"Madman!You're a madman!"Ji Gang couldn't comprehend Li Huai's mindset.Not only did he follow Su Xin's lead,but he also openly called Third Master an old man.Wasn't he planning to leave the Flying Eagle Gang?

Ignoring Ji Gang,Li Huai turned to Su Xin and asked,"So,can I go?"

"Of course,but you have to follow my orders,"Su Xin replied.

"I'll follow yours,as long as you're not foolish in your command,"Li Huai said dismissively.

Su Xin shook his head,not bothered by Li Huai's tone.That's just how he is.

"Boss,what about us?Let us go too,"the tall man pleaded.

Su Xin pondered for a moment and asked,"What's your name?"

"I'm Li Qing,"the tall man quickly replied.

"You can go,but I can only let you wait at the border of Changle Alley and Yongle Alley.If you agree,I'll take you with me."

Unlike Li Huai,they were not as renowned within the Flying Eagle Gang.Huang Bingcheng had told Su Xin that Li Huai was one of Third Master's top enforcers,having taken more than ten lives in over ten battles.The others were just new gang members with a bit of experience in street brawls.

If they went to assassinate Dai Chong with Su Xin,it would likely be a one-way trip.Li Qing and his companions exchanged glances and nodded helplessly.

Although they couldn't join Su Xin in the actual fight,at least they had done their best for their brothers.

"Huang,disguise yourself with a few brothers,infiltrate Yongle Alley,and find out where Dai Chong will be tomorrow.The rest of you stay at the entrance.No one is allowed to leave.Keep an eye on Ji Brother,and don't let him spread the news."

Su Xin looked at Ji Gang with a playful expression,causing Ji Gang's face to darken.There were only two possible outcomes for this situation.One,Su Xin failed in the assassination and was killed on the spot,enraging the Green Bamboo Gang,leading to an all-out war.Two,Su Xin managed to escape after a failed attempt but would be handed over to the Green Bamboo Gang by the high-ranking members of the Flying Eagle Gang as a sacrifice to quell the situation.Either way,Su Xin would not escape death.

As for whether Su Xin could successfully assassinate Dai Chong,Ji Gang didn't even consider it.If Dai Chong were so easy to kill,Yongle Alley would have belonged to the Flying Eagle Gang long ago.