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Chapter 250: Assault on the Xunfeng Sword Sect

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Wen Mingyu is a very practical person.Although he knows that once he collaborates with Su Xin,it is almost equivalent to cutting off ties with the entire martial arts community in Jiangnan,he has no choice but to do so now and quickly immerses himself in the role.

"Lord Su,what should we do now?"Wen Mingyu asked.

Su Xin inquired,"How many martial artists in the God Palace realm does the Xunfeng Sword Sect have?Is it a few or a dozen?"

Wen Mingyu thought for a moment and replied,"There should be nine."

Su Xin smiled,"Only nine,why bother calculating so much in the face of absolute strength?My Six Gates of Jiangnan now has over a hundred martial artists in the God Palace realm,and nearly a thousand in the innate realm.Even if only a tenth is mobilized,it is enough to annihilate the Xunfeng Sword Sect."

After making the decision,Su Xin immediately had the Six Gates of Jiangnan's secret agents in Zezhou Prefecture send a message to Huang Bingcheng.He instructed Li Huai to lead the team and secretly bring people to Zezhou Prefecture.

Although it is said that mobilizing a tenth of the manpower is sufficient to wipe out the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Su Xin,of course,will not bring so few people.He directly mobilized the head catchers of the Six Gates of Jiangnan in Jiangnan Prefecture,as well as the catchers from more than ten prefectures around Jiangnan Prefecture.In one night,nearly half of the Six Gates of Jiangnan's forces gathered and rushed towards Zezhou Prefecture.

By the early morning of the next day,when Wen Mingyu saw hundreds of head catchers from the Six Gates of Jiangnan assembled in Wenjia Village,he was suddenly shocked.All these hundreds of people were in the innate realm!

Sending out hundreds of innate martial artists at once,except for the top forces or top martial forces,only the court could do it.

At the same time,Wen Mingyu sighed in his heart.The current strength of the court is not without reason.The limitations of recruiting disciples for their martial arts sects are too great.Some sects even consider background,and places like Shaolin Temple even consider temperament.Those who do not meet the requirements in Buddhism might not even receive martial arts teachings.

In contrast,the court is much simpler.As long as you have strength and are loyal to the court,it doesn't matter if you are a river pirate or a disciple of the demonic sect–they don't care.

At least these bandits in Jiangnan have been there all the time,and only Su Xin dares to recruit them under his command.

In this attack on the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Su Xin,to show sincerity,wanted only Wen Mingyu to go,and the other disciples didn't need to take action–it wouldn't matter if they did or not.However,Wen Mingyu still brought all the disciples of Wen's family with him,including Wen Qinghe.

In his words,it's time for Wen Qinghe and the other disciples of Wen's family to see blood and experience the cruelty of the martial world.Under his leadership over the years,Wen's family has been constantly yielding,leading to a lack of courage and character among Wen's disciples.Now that Wen's family is cooperating with the Six Gates of Jiangnan and standing on the forefront,the temperaments of Wen's disciples need to change.

At this time,inside the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Wu Yuanting and some elders were discussing how to deal with Wen's family.

The sect is not a family,and although Wu Yuanting is the sect leader,he holds too many restrictions.Families emphasize blood lineage;unless there is a peripheral bloodline that completely suppresses the main lineage,the authority of the main lineage is higher than anything else.

But in the sect,it is different.Although Wu Yuanting is the sect leader,there are several elders in the sect with the realm of the God Palace who are older than him.

During normal times,everyone naturally respects you as the leader in the God-Transforming Realm.But in case of a major event,they all have the right to discuss matters.Even if you are the sect leader,you cannot monopolize power.

As a father,Wu Yuanting naturally hopes that the people of Wen's family will all die,and he would love to wipe out Wen's family now,but he knows that the elders will not agree to such an extreme action.

Sure enough,one of the elders coughed and said,"Sect Leader,we are also saddened by Qingyun's death.He was the most outstanding disciple of our Xunfeng Sword Sect's younger generation.This matter cannot be settled so easily.However,if we want revenge,we shouldn't go too far at once.If we really force Wen's family to a desperate situation and end up in a life-or-death struggle,even if we can wipe out Wen's family,it will damage a lot of our strength.Moreover,once such a major event occurs,the higher-ups will definitely send someone to mediate.If we don't give face to those sects that come to mediate,it won't be good.So,my suggestion is that we can take advantage of this incident to take a big bite out of Wen's family.Directly take away half of Wen's family's interests,and our Xunfeng Sword Sect's strength will definitely increase significantly.After that,we can gradually erode and completely absorb Wen's family."

Other elders nodded in agreement.This elder's proposal can be said to be the most prudent method,not only preventing Wen's family from going desperate but also bringing considerable benefits to the Xunfeng Sword Sect.

All eyes turned to Wu Yuanting,after all,Wu Yuanting hates Wen's family to the bone,and he would like to wipe out Wen's family now.If he agrees,there's no problem.

Feeling the gaze of everyone,Wu Yuanting sneered in his heart.He knew this would be the result,but he also knew that it's not possible to wipe out Wen's family in one go.

So,Wu Yuanting said directly,"Alright,but I have one condition–Wen Qinghe must die!I want him to accompany my son in death!"

Many elders nodded quickly and said,"Of course,it's no problem.Wen Qinghe is a murderer,and Wen's family must hand him over."

Since Wu Yuanting has compromised,they must surely give him an explanation.After all,he just lost his son,and he would need to vent his feelings.

However,at this moment,a disciple of the Xunfeng Sword Sect suddenly pushed open the sect's gate with a look of panic.

An elder couldn't help but reprimand,"What kind of behavior is this in such a hurry?Moreover,we are in the midst of a discussion.Who allowed you to come in without permission?"

The disciple quickly said,"Sect Leader,Elders,something bad has happened!Wen's family is coming to attack our sect with a group of people!"

Wu Yuanting and the elders of the Xunfeng Sword Sect were momentarily stunned.Why would Wen's family,known for their cautious behavior,dare to attack the sect?And what reason did they have for doing so?The person who died this time was Wu Qingyun,not Wen Qinghe.Why would Wen's family attack them?

Wu Yuanting waved his hand and said,"Let's go,go out and take a look."

The location of the Xunfeng Sword Sect was on an unnamed green mountain with excellent Feng Shui.There were countless pavilions and buildings on top,and a huge mountain gate stood at the entrance halfway up the mountain.However,at this moment,the mountain gate was tightly closed,and the disciples of the Xunfeng Sword Sect were vigilant,looking down at the Six Gates of Jiangnan and the people from Wen's family.

Hundreds of innate martial artists,considering that the Xunfeng Sword Sect only had over a thousand disciples,with only dozens in the innate realm,Wu Yuanting and others were shocked when they reached the gate and saw the situation below.

Su Xin's subordinates,those catchers,were all wearing the official attire of the Six Gates of Jiangnan,making them easily recognizable.Wu Yuanting and others immediately realized that Wen's family had colluded with the Six Gates of Jiangnan!

Wu Yuanting angrily shouted,"Wen Mingyu!You actually colluded with the Six Gates of Jiangnan.This is equivalent to cutting off ties with the martial arts community in Jiangnan.Have you gone mad?"

Before Wen Mingyu could speak,Su Xin stepped forward and said,"Leader Wu,you can eat anything,but words shouldn't be spoken recklessly.What do you mean by colluding with the Six Gates of Jiangnan?Are we still colluding with others?"

Wu Yuanting stared coldly at the young man in front of him and said,"Su Xin!I don't know how you persuaded the idiot Wen Mingyu to deal with me,but today you brought people to attack my Xunfeng Sword Sect.Do you want to antagonize the entire martial arts community in Jiangnan?As the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan,provoking a struggle between the Six Gates of Jiangnan and the martial arts community in Jiangnan,can you bear the responsibility for such a crime?"

Su Xin sneered and said disdainfully,"Leader Wu,one must have self-awareness.Your Xunfeng Sword Sect cannot represent the entire martial arts community in Jiangnan.Besides,I have no intention of provoking a conflict between the Six Gates of Jiangnan and the martial arts community in Jiangnan."

Wu Yuanting pointed to the hundreds of innate martial artists below and sternly shouted,"Then why did you bring so many people to my Xunfeng Sword Sect?Don't tell me you came today just to enjoy the scenery with them."

Su Xin's expression became serious,and he said loudly,"After investigation,it was found that the Xunfeng Sword Sect colluded with remnants of the Wu Kingdom to cause chaos in Jiangnan.Such crimes deserve to be punished!"

Su Xin turned to the catchers behind him and said,"I've said before,joining the Six Gates of Jiangnan will bring you benefits.Today,exterminating the traitors of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,the spoils will be handed over to the Six Gates of Jiangnan headquarters,and you can keep the rest for yourselves.I only have one rule–no hiding.There are undercover agents among you.Once I discover any concealed gains,the consequences will be dire.Now,kill!The Xunfeng Sword Sect,these rebels causing trouble in the martial world,are not worth sparing.Exterminate them all!"

As the words fell,a fierce blood light erupted from Su Xin's hand,turning into a bloody river that directly shattered the mountain gate!The catchers of the Six Gates of Jiangnan rushed in,eyes red with excitement.To be able to openly kill and plunder these major sects was even more thrilling than before when they were cautious and feared reprisals.Moreover,Lord Su Xin promised them the freedom to burn,kill,and loot within the Xunfeng Sword Sect,which was even more to their liking.As former bandits,they were familiar with such activities.As for handing over one-tenth of the gains to the Six Gates of Jiangnan,except for those who were particularly greedy,the other warriors had no objections.In the past,when they were bandits,up to seventy percent of their gains had to be handed over.Now,Su Xin was only taking one-tenth–it was practically a conscience within a conscience.Watching the catchers of the Six Gates of Jiangnan charge in,Su Xin's face showed no expression.For these catchers,who were former bandits,the imperial laws were useless in restricting them.Only benefits could make them act.In the past,when they were bandits,they were always anxious,afraid that the major sects would come after them.But now,they were open and aboveboard,and they were plundering these major sects.Comparatively,even if Su Xin didn't want them in the future,they would still tightly grasp Su Xin's leg and not let go.