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Chapter 249: Endure! Endure! Endure!

8185words in this chapter2024-01-28

Wen Mingyu sighed,"On the surface,it seems like our Wen family and the Xunfeng Sword Sect are evenly matched.However,in terms of background and the martial arts network in Jiangnan,we are inferior to them in many aspects.The current plan is to sacrifice a significant portion of our Wen family's interests and seek the help of some major factions in Jiangnan.We'll ask them to mediate on our behalf.Then,our Wen family will apologize and make concessions.Xunfeng Sword Sect won't dare to act recklessly.Remember,the annihilation battle hasn't occurred in Jiangnan for decades."

Upon realizing the severe consequences of killing Wu Qingyun,Wen Qinghe felt some regret,but more than that,he felt anger.He couldn't accept it,saying,"Why should we make concessions?It's just a battle.If we,the Wen family,fear damage to our strength,then doesn't Xunfeng Sword Sect fear our retaliation breaking their nets?"

Wen Mingyu rebuked,"Nonsense!By tolerating,at least our Wen family can preserve a glimmer of hope.If we truly engage in an all-out conflict with Xunfeng Sword Sect,our family will face annihilation!Enough,you don't need to say more.I'll have the steward take you away.Remember,don't return to Jiangnan unless you reach the Nascent Soul Realm!"

Wen Qinghe wanted to say something,but at this moment,a voice interrupted,"Wen Family Master,do you know a saying?Enduring blindly only encourages the other party to take more liberties.Qinghe is right.Why don't you have the courage even for a decisive battle?Our Wen family fears strength loss,but doesn't Xunfeng Sword Sect fear our family's destruction?"

"Who's there?"Wen Mingyu's aura changed suddenly,becoming cold and stern.In his family,there were many innate martial artists,and the fact that this person could sneak past them indicated formidable strength.

A middle-aged man in a white Daoist robe strolled into the living room.Wen Qinghe exclaimed,"Senior!"

Wen Mingyu hesitated,then spoke sharply,"Are you the one who taught Qinghe two martial techniques to kill Wu Qingyun?"

Su Xin shook his head,"Wen Family Master,you've misunderstood me.I did teach Qinghe two martial techniques,but as you know,techniques are lifeless;it's up to the individual how to use them.I didn't forbid him from sharing these techniques with the family.However,he chose to use them for revenge.You can imagine the depth of hatred in his heart."

Wen Mingyu was momentarily speechless,but he continued to glare at Su Xin.He realized that if Su Xin hadn't taught those techniques,Qinghe wouldn't have sought revenge against Wu Qingyun.Just then,Wen Mingyu sensed something amiss.The aura of the person before him didn't match his initial assumptions.

"Don't play tricks.Who are you?"Feeling deceived by Su Xin,Wen Mingyu's true energy surged,shrouding the entire living room.

Su Xin chuckled,"Wen Family Master,don't be so angry.If I had revealed my true identity from the beginning,you probably wouldn't have even met me."Su Xin removed the human skin mask,revealing his true appearance,surprising both Wen Qinghe and Wen Mingyu.

Wen Qinghe was astonished that the powerful senior turned out to be someone close to his age.Wen Mingyu,on the other hand,felt a mix of surprise and anger.He now understood that he had walked blindly into a trap set by Su Xin.

"Speak!Who are you?"Wen Mingyu's aura dissipated,and he forced the words out.

Su Xin clasped his hands,"Su Xin,Chief Constable of the Six Sects in Jiangnan.Nice to meet you,Wen Family Master."

Wen Mingyu's anger vanished,replaced by a bitter smile."I knew it.Under Nascent Soul,only you,Su Xin,with such strength and youth,could exist in Jiangnan.Did you dress up Qinghe to kill Wu Qingyun to instigate a feud between our two families and divide the martial arts community in Jiangnan?"

Su Xin,having made his intentions clear,said,"Well,Wen Family Master,it's almost like that.But this is a win-win situation.Earlier,you were worried about facing Xunfeng Sword Sect with just the strength of the Wen family.But what if you add the Six Sects of Jiangnan,specifically,my Six Sects?We have over a hundred martial artists in the Divine Palace Realm.If you can delay Wu Yuanting for a moment,I guarantee that Xunfeng Sword Sect will be wiped out instantly!"

Wen Mingyu sneered,"Su Chief Constable,you're calculating well.Trying to make my Wen family join the Six Sects as your hunting dog?It's not that easy.I can reveal all this to Xunfeng Sword Sect and the entire martial arts community in Jiangnan.Let's see how you handle it then."

Su Xin shrugged,"Doesn't matter.If you reveal it,the martial forces in Jiangnan might understand,but do you think Xunfeng Sword Sect will forgive you?Will Wu Yuanting forgive you?You should know,the one who killed Wu Qingyun wasn't me,but your son.When the time comes,Xunfeng Sword Sect will seek revenge from you,not me.Do you really want to engage in such a detrimental act,Wen Family Master?"

Wen Mingyu was left speechless.Su Xin was right.No matter how the news spread,it was Wen Qinghe who had committed the act,and Xunfeng Sword Sect would hold Wen Family accountable.

"How about it?Wen Family Master,do you decide to cooperate with me?Don't use such harsh terms as'hunting dog.'You are a force in the martial world,and I am from the Six Sects.We don't have a superior-subordinate relationship;it's just cooperation."

Before Wen Mingyu could respond,Su Xin continued,"Moreover,Wen Family Master,you just decided to make concessions,but do you really think concessions are effective?Xunfeng Sword Sect is stronger than you.Over the years,your family has been conceding,and every conflict is mediated by top-tier sects.But what are the results?Every time,it's your Wen family at a disadvantage.By conceding,your family is regressing!"

Su Xin sneered,"Previously,your Wen family rarely retreated.This time,you are prepared to take a big step back.Perhaps Xunfeng Sword Sect won't directly annihilate your family due to public opinion,but by giving up such a significant interest,your family will become increasingly weakened.Revenge may not come immediately,but over a decade or more,Xunfeng Sword Sect will gradually consume your family.Your current concession may provide a few years of stability,but it will leave a disaster for your family in the long run!"

Su Xin's words made Wen Mingyu break into a cold sweat.Su Xin continued,"Wen Family Master,you have been tolerating all your life,and under your leadership,the Wen family has neither fallen nor progressed.Can you face your ancestors with pride?Do you want to continue enduring?I have some words for you.If you decide to keep enduring,decades later,you can bring these words to meet your ancestors."

Su Xin's tone turned dark and eerie:

Endure,endure,endure!How much injustice is there in the world?Turn a blind eye,close an eye,and the heavens will judge!

Endure,endure,endure!Follow destiny and don't fight ruthlessly.Step back,endure for a moment,and find peace in the vast sea and sky!

Endure,endure,endure!What can be endured,who can endure?This can be endured,that can be endured!Resentment can be endured,anger can be endured!

Calm seas and quiet waves rely on endurance;soaring to success requires even more endurance!

Who among the ancient and modern figures hasn't endured?Would commoners dare not endure?

Even if breaking through a wall is a momentary victory,can one endure the antics in a shallow pond?

Once in the martial world,storms are frequent.Is peace here the ultimate goal?

Like beautiful flowers,young children by your side,white hair in the hall,and a splendid future...


Su Xin's dark gaze fixed on Wen Mingyu."When there is nothing left to endure,will you...still endure?"

"Enough!"Wen Mingyu angrily interrupted Su Xin,not wanting to hear more.Wen Qinghe,who had been silent,suddenly exclaimed,"Father!How much more does our Wen family want to endure?Zezhou Prefecture is clearly our territory,but the influence of Xunfeng Sword Sect is even greater than ours.If we keep enduring like this,our Wen family will be completely finished!"

After committing murder,Wen Qinghe seemed to have become more assertive and even somewhat radical.He appreciated Su Xin's scheme,grateful for being taught powerful martial techniques that allowed him to seek revenge.However,he couldn't bear the weakness displayed by his family,always thinking of concessions and compensation whenever trouble arose.

Wen Qinghe's words seemed to be the last straw on Wen Mingyu's back,completely breaking him down.He looked at Su Xin,a helpless expression on his face,saying,"Su Xin,you've won.I underestimated you,and so did the entire martial world in Jiangnan."

When Su Xin sent the invitation initially,Wen Mingyu was equally disdainful,even throwing it away.Little did he expect that today,he would cooperate with Su Xin and join forces with the Six Sects of Jiangnan,an alliance he had previously looked down upon.It seemed like a joke.

Not only did he not anticipate Su Xin's move,but probably the entire martial world in Jiangnan never expected Su Xin to initiate internal division among them.Most people believed that Su Xin would either fail to establish himself in Jiangnan or quietly stay in the region without taking any action,just like Jin Wulin.

However,Su Xin had given Wen Mingyu a lesson today.Sometimes,strength does not represent everything.