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Chapter 117: Presenting You a Grand Gift

7488words in this chapter2024-01-06

Yan Qingxue and the others were deeply moved by Su Xin's righteous words,especially Chi Rang.In his heart,he sighed,thinking that he truly deserved to be a young hero on the ranking list,with such high ideals."A true hero acts for the country and the people"–this phrase is truly fitting.

"Meng Gongzi is indeed noble-minded.I admire you,"Yan Qingxue said,abandoning her previous attempts to recruit Meng Qingze.Mr.Liang on the side was anxious and signaled,"What are you waiting for?Now is the time to speak!"

Su Xin noticed this and couldn't pretend anymore.He quickly said,"Miss Yan,I'm sure you didn't just come to thank me this time,right?Whatever it is,as long as it doesn't violate my principles,I'll help."

Yan Qingxue hesitated for a moment and said,"Meng Gongzi,although this request may be a bit abrupt,I have to say it.I want to ask for your help."

She didn't explicitly state that she wanted Meng Qingze to be under her,as someone with the strength to be on the ranking list could only be sought for assistance,not to be recruited as a subordinate.

Her request was tactful,and Su Xin,of course,couldn't agree right away."I'm sorry,Miss Yan.I can help with other matters,but I'm planning to travel in the southern region,and I don't have much time to stay in Shangshan City.Moreover,getting involved in internal affairs of Shangshan City as an outsider wouldn't be appropriate."

Mr.Liang quickly added,"Meng Gongzi,please don't be in a hurry to refuse.If you agree to help my young lady,this painting will be yours."Mr.Liang opened a scroll,revealing a portrait of Shen Xijun painted by Zong Haoyang himself.

Su Xin was momentarily stunned and then remembered the origin of the painting.He intentionally showed a shocked expression and said,"Is this the painting my master gave to his wife?"In secret,Su Xin wiped away a cold sweat,almost exposing his true feelings.Initially,he genuinely didn't recall the significance of the painting.Fortunately,Iron Heart had provided information about Zong Haoyang,including a brief description of this painting.With a 99.9%certainty,he connected the dots.

Yan Qingxue then confirmed,"Indeed,this is the portrait Zong Haoyang gave to his first love.But if Meng Gongzi is unwilling to help,I will give you this portrait as a token of gratitude for your assistance yesterday."

Su Xin accepted the painting and said,"No need for that.This painting is crucial to my master.He searched for it for a long time,thinking it was destroyed by the Shen family.Bringing it back will make him very happy.Based on this,I'm willing to join Miss Yan under one condition."

Hearing Su Xin's commitment,Mr.Liang and the others were delighted,and Yan Qingxue's eyes sparkled.However,she quickly said,"Meng Gongzi,don't say that.Your assistance alone is already appreciated.How could I let you become a subordinate?"

Su Xin smiled and shook his head,"Rules are necessary.Every place has its own hierarchy.By joining Miss Yan,I become your subordinate.Otherwise,what would others think?"

Mr.Liang was extremely impressed with Meng Qingze's attitude.He had been worried about how to arrange his position if he decided to help.If the treatment was equal,who should the others follow?Meng Qingze's understanding and consideration for Yan Qingxue touched Mr.Liang deeply.

Meanwhile,the scouts trailing Yan Qingxue's group transmitted this information back to Yan Zhongheng and the others.Initially,they couldn't believe it,but upon learning the reason was the painting,their faces turned pale.

Respecting teachers and upholding principles were fundamental rules in the martial world.This wasn't just a saying;it was a deeply ingrained belief.Apart from those who defy their masters and annihilate their ancestors,people strictly adhered to this principle.Meng Qingze,knowing the gravity of the situation,decided to join Yan Qingxue's faction,making it a foregone conclusion.

Upon hearing the news,Yan Zhongheng slammed the table in anger and scolded Zhang Guang,"Yesterday,you stopped me from dealing with Meng Qingze.Today,he was directly recruited by that woman,Yan Qingxue!How did that woman obtain Zong Haoyang's painting?Why do we have no information on this?"

Zhang Guang's expression was grim.How could he have known that Yan Qingxue possessed Zong Haoyang's painting?

"Master,Zong Haoyang has been missing for over a decade.Even if someone obtained his painting,who would pay attention?Who could have imagined that more than ten years later,he would teach a disciple who returned to the Central Plains?"Zhang Guang explained.

Yan Zhongheng's face grew cold,"Bring some men with me.We'll meet Meng Qingze again.I want him to know the consequences of meddling in the internal affairs of our Shangshan City!"

Zhang Guang nodded and said,"I'll go inform the others.Young Master,you don't need to worry.The Eldest Young Master and the others are probably more anxious than us.They will surely bring their people over.With Meng Qingze joining,they will likely reveal their hidden cards."

Yan Zhongheng nodded in agreement.This matter concerned not only him but also his other brothers.It couldn't be ignored.

Yan Zhongheng and his four brothers approached the inn with determination.Inside,Yan Qingxue spoke gently,"Since Mister Meng wants to join us,I'll gather all my subordinates and return to the mansion to welcome you properly."

With Meng Qingze's addition,Yan Qingxue felt a slight relief from the pressure.Su Xin smirked,"No need to rush.I believe those tails following us have already spread the news of my joining you.Some people might be hurrying over.We can wait here.Mister Meng will have a chance to meet them,and I'll give Miss Yan a special gift."

Curious,Yan Qingxue asked,"What gift?"

"To let everyone in Shangshan City know that you now have the strength to contend with Yan Zhongheng and the others!"Su Xin revealed a hint of a smile.

The inn's door was forcefully kicked open,and Yan Zhongheng and his brothers,accompanied by their subordinates,entered.Seeing Yan Qingxue and Su Xin sitting at a table,their faces darkened.

Yan Zhongheng sneered,"Meng Qingze,disrupting the Fengyun Arena competition yesterday was bad enough.Now you dare to meddle in the internal affairs of our Shangshan City.Do you think just because you're on the ranking list,you can do as you please?Even your master,'Four Absolute Wanderer'Zong Haoyang,wouldn't dare to act recklessly in Shangshan City.Why do you think you can?"

Yan Shuheng sighed,"Little sister,why go through this unnecessary trouble?Hand over the token,and I'll ensure you a life of wealth and prosperity.Some things are beyond your reach."

Su Xin wanted to say something,but at this moment,Yan Qingxue stepped forward and said,"Big brother,it's not that I want to compete.I just want to protect what is rightfully mine.And,second brother,Mister Meng is not disrupting the internal affairs of Shangshan City.He's here to help me.If you can invite people from your sect to assist you,why can't I?"

Yan Zhongheng and the others looked at Yan Qingxue in surprise.In the past,she would only remain silent when facing their accusations.When did she become bold enough to openly contradict them?

Su Xin nodded silently.He hadn't misjudged her character.Yan Qingxue was not weak;she was just gentle and kind.Now,with Su Xin by her side,her confidence seemed to have grown.

Yan Shijie coldly said,"Yan Qingxue,a woman like you wants to contend for the position of city lord?It's simply delusional!"

"Little brat,if you look down on women so much,your mother would be disappointed,"Su Xin said casually.

He had promised to give Yan Qingxue a special gift,and he wouldn't let her face humiliation from Yan Zhongheng and the others.

This comment from Su Xin immediately enraged Yan Shijie.His face turned red as he shouted at Su Xin,"Who are you calling a little brat?Being on the ranking list means nothing.You're just at the bottom of it,with no qualifications to be arrogant.I'll make sure you can't leave Shangshan City today!"

The commotion caused by Yan Zhongheng and the others attracted the nearby martial artists of Shangshan City.Though they dared not approach too closely,they gathered at a distance to watch.

After hearing Yan Shijie's words,many shook their heads in disdain,thinking that the young city lord's son was too inexperienced.Although Meng Qingze was at the bottom of the ranking list,that position still meant he had considerable strength among the countless young martial artists.Yan Zhongheng's defeat to Meng Qingze's sword had already proven this.