The strongest villain system
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Chapter 137: Bad News

8876words in this chapter2024-01-07

Ordinary Dan medicines are currently not lacking for Su Xin.Last time,Yan Qingsnow gave her nine high-grade Dan medicines given by Yan Emperor,totaling ten bottles.In addition to the ones Su Xin obtained from the lottery,he has thirteen bottles in total,which is enough for him to break through the eye acupoints.

Closed-door cultivation is exceptionally tedious,but Su Xin can endure loneliness.The path of martial arts is long,and apart from some quick-to-learn demonic techniques,other techniques require a step-by-step foundation.

After a month,Su Xin felt that his internal energy had reached its peak.Without hesitation,he swallowed a Spiritual Essence Dan,instantly feeling a cool breath enveloping his head.His vision,hearing,smell,and taste all became much sharper.

Su Xin didn't hesitate anymore.The true energy in his body gathered into two slender streams and rushed into his eyes.For a moment,he only felt a sharp pain,and a dull groan escaped him.However,immediately,a cool sensation spread in his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again,Su Xin suddenly found everything in front of him became very clear.Even the tiny specks of dust in the corners of the room were vivid in Su Xin's eyes.

Stepping out of the room,Su Xin came to the street.The people coming and going on the street gave Su Xin a more peculiar feeling.Each person seemed to be moving in slow motion,and the hurried pedestrians in the eyes of others appeared to be walking leisurely to Su Xin.

"So,this is the effect of opening the eye acupoints?Indeed,it's amazing,"Su Xin muttered.

No wonder some say that among the three realms of innate cultivation,the Ling Acupoint Realm is the one that increases combat power the most.Leaving aside other factors,after opening the eye acupoints,the sharpness brought by the eyes is enough for Su Xin to anticipate and act more swiftly in battles.

Of course,eyesight is only a supplementary effect;one's own strength is the most crucial.Even if you can see the opponent's moves,if your body's reaction cannot keep up with your eyesight,it is useless.

Su Xin's Banishing Evil Sword Manual given to Li Huai is a perfect example.It is a sword technique that maximizes speed.If Li Huai can master the Banishing Evil Sword Manual to perfection,even if the opponent sees through his sword trajectories and finds his weaknesses,it won't matter because his body movement is too fast.Even if you see a hundred flaws,he can quickly compensate for them with his speed.

After opening the eye acupoints,Su Xin did not delay.He turned around and continued to cultivate in seclusion.This disappointed Hong Lietao and others who came to congratulate him.

Tao Qian shook his head and sighed,"No wonder Young Master Meng has such strength at a young age.Just based on this persistence and determination,we can't compare.Without the perseverance of cultivating through hardships,even if one has great talent,becoming a master is impossible.I have to admit,I admire Young Master Meng for this."

People like Tao Qian,wandering martial artists,have reduced their cultivation time after advancing to the Innate Realm.They need to spend a considerable amount of time each day dealing with their own affairs,just as Tao Qian has to manage the martial arts hall.

After praising for a while,everyone left,not disturbing Su Xin's cultivation.After the Dan medicines were consumed,Su Xin found that he still needed a bit more to reach the fullness of his ear acupoints.So,Su Xin gritted his teeth and exchanged all the accumulated basic lottery draws for villain points,then exchanged them for Dan medicines.

Every month,Su Xin used the accumulated basic lottery draws to exchange for villain points and then exchanged them for Dan medicines.After all his wealth was completely spent in three months,he finally completed the cultivation of his ear acupoints and smoothly broke through the ear acupoints.

After breaking through the ear acupoints,Su Xin's hearing increased by more than ten times.However,in direct combat,the ear acupoints would not significantly increase combat power.Still,in situations where vision is impaired at night,the ear acupoints'role is significant.

After using up two Spiritual Essence Dans and all his own Dan medicines and lottery draws,with only 320 villain points left as a reserve,continuing to cultivate would be meaningless for Su Xin.In the short term,there was no way to make a breakthrough.Fortunately,he directly left seclusion,believing that Yan Zhongheng and the others were about to return.

When Su Xin went to find Yan Qingsnow and others,he found that Tao Qian and others were also there,but everyone's expression didn't look so good.

"Young Master Meng,you came out of seclusion again?Did you break through the ear acupoints this time?"Yan Qingsnow asked with a forced smile.

Su Xin chuckled,"The use of the word'again'is good.This time,the seclusion went smoothly.I have now successfully cultivated my ear acupoints."


Tao Qian and the others couldn't help but gasp.Isn't this cultivation speed a bit too terrifying?Some innate martial artists take one or two years to gradually cultivate before cautiously attempting to impact the acupoints.They let the eye acupoints,ear acupoints,and other acupoints adapt to the intensity of True Qi impact,ensuring complete certainty and a tenfold assurance before attempting the breakthrough.This process takes at least two or three years,and that's considered fast.Tao Qian and the others have already been in the Sea of Qi Realm for several years,and they dare not attempt to break through the Ling Acupoint Realm.Yet Su Xin consecutively broke through the eye and ear acupoints in just five months.How can this be explained?They could only sigh that ordinary martial artists like them are indeed worlds apart from strong individuals like Young Master Meng.

Su Xin waved his hand,"Let's not talk about that for now.What happened to you guys?Is there a problem?"

Liàng Bósighed,"The eldest young master and his caravan returned yesterday,bringing back a carriage full of Heavy Element Profound Iron,weighing over ten thousand catties!"

"Heavy Element Profound Iron?How could they bring back something like that?"Su Xin asked,frowning.

On the booklet that Iron Merciless gave him about the Six Fan Sect,there were many rough pieces of information about the martial arts world,the imperial court,and even other countries.Among them was information about this Heavy Element Profound Iron.It is an extremely precious material for refining weapons,and a thumb-sized piece of Heavy Element Profound Iron weighs ten catties.By integrating it into a weapon,the hardness and sharpness of the weapon would significantly increase.Moreover,due to the unique properties of the Profound Iron,it could make an ordinary thin sword exhibit the power of a heavy sword.So,this Profound Iron is very valuable,almost equivalent to the same weight of gold.

But that's not the main point.The main point is that this Profound Iron cannot be bought!In the entire Da Zhou,there is only one place where Heavy Element Profound Iron is produced,and that is the famous Sword Villa located in Qingzhou Dao,one of the top-tier sects among the Five Sword Sects.The production of Profound Iron is extremely limited,with only tens of thousands of catties per year.The martial artists of the Sword Villa,who specialize in heavy swords,incorporate Profound Iron into all their weapons.Even other people's swords would have a little bit mixed in,albeit much less.

As a result,this precious mineral is not even available for purchase.Every year,a small amount of Profound Iron flows out.This is when other sects visit Sword Villa and use their own special products to exchange for a little bit.It's only through various twists and turns that it eventually becomes available,essentially priceless.

Niefang once obtained a piece of this Profound Iron,only the size of his pinky,weighing seven or eight catties.For this single piece,he exchanged several dozen carefully crafted weapons.He had initially wanted to use this piece of Profound Iron to create a top-tier weapon,but in the end,it was not successful,wasting the piece of Profound Iron.

Su Xin is puzzled about what method Yan Shuheng used to bring back tens of thousands of catties of Profound Iron.With his one million taels of silver,he couldn't even buy ten catties from others.

Liàng Bósmiled bitterly,"Behind the Eldest Young Master is the Mòfamily of Cānglán Valley.The eldest daughter of the Mòfamily is married to a prominent figure in Sword Villa.With this relationship,who knows what promises the Mòfamily made to Sword Villa?They actually managed to get Sword Villa to agree to provide the Eldest Young Master with tens of thousands of catties of Profound Iron.As for the one million taels of silver,it's just a bribe for those below him."

The faces of the others are not looking good.What Yan Shuheng did is already considered cheating,but they can't come up with a solution.After all,it's just one million taels of silver.As long as you don't use other money,it depends on your ability to obtain as much goods as possible.

In fact,Su Xin and his group are the same.Privately,they also obtained these goods through the Flying Eagle Gang and began to monopolize and hoard them.On the surface,Su Xin also used his own reputation to exchange favors with the Flying Eagle Gang and acquired these hundreds of carriages of goods at a nearly loss-making price.

On one side is relying on the Mòfamily of Cānglán Valley,and on the other side is relying on the reputation of Meng Qingze,a renowned strong individual.In the eyes of outsiders,there is no difference between the two.Even if Yan Qingsnow goes to protest to Yan Emperor about cheating,it won't help.

However,at this moment,Su Xin is not panicked at all.He asked in a low voice,"How much can these ten thousand catties of Profound Iron be sold for according to the market price?"

Liàng Bócalculated and said,"Ten thousand catties of Profound Iron is equal to one hundred thousand taels of gold.Converted into silver,it could be as much as ten million taels.But this is just the lowest estimate.For something of this level,it's impossible to estimate its value.Most of the time,it's exchanged using a barter system.Based on this,if it were to be auctioned,tripling the price would be possible!"