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Chapter 136: You Know Too Much

8919words in this chapter2024-01-07

Regarding the doubts about the Su Xing Gong method,Guihu simply turned it over in his mind and stopped thinking about it.His life was still in Su Xing's hands,so what use was there in thinking too much?

Guihu cautiously said,"Young Master Meng,now that all seven bandit strongholds have been wiped out by you,can you let me go?"

A sly smile appeared on Su Xing's face,"Want me to let you go,huh?It's simple.Answer one question correctly,and I'll let you go."

Guihu,feeling uneasy about Su Xing's smile,asked,"What question?"

"What is one plus one?"Su Xing inquired.

"Huh?"Guihu was stunned,but he subconsciously replied,"Two."


A burst of energy pierced through Guihu's chest,leaving him on the ground with eyes full of confusion and unwillingness.

"Sorry,you knew too much."

Su Xing could use the Blood River Divine Sword technique,but'Meng Qingze'couldn't.Righteous individuals had to exhibit the consciousness of righteous individuals.Using the eerie Nine Yin White Bone Claw right off the bat,even if you claimed to be a chivalrous and just person,no one would believe it.

Upon Su Xing's return,Yan Qingshui immediately breathed a sigh of relief.Although she knew Young Master Meng's strength would handle things,there was still a trace of worry in her heart.

The subsequent journey was uneventful.Some of the people brought by Old Daozi who had fled returned to their strongholds,only to find their lairs had been massacred.Faced with this,they either joined other bandits or retired from their criminal ways altogether.

They didn't know Su Xing single-handedly took down the seven strongholds,but they were certain it was the work of the caravans from Shangshan City.The news spread,making even other bandits hesitant to provoke,knowing there were formidable experts among them.

Finally,the caravan safely returned to Shangshan City after two months of travel.The entire journey took about half a year,and upon their return,everyone felt a sense of relief.

With Yan Zhongheng and others still conducting business outside the city,there was no one secretly plotting against them,making Yan Qingshui feel at ease.

On the night of their return,Yan Huangjiu also learned about the events that transpired during their journey.Besides assigning Liang Bo to take care of Yan Qingshui,he also had several people infiltrate the caravan to monitor any relevant information.

Having been around Yan Qingshui for too long,Liang Bo's loyalty was leaning towards her,causing Yan Huangjiu some concern.

When he learned that Yan Shu Heng had colluded with bandits to harm Yan Qingshui,Yan Huangjiu's expression turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.A black-robed figure behind him handed him a piece of paper,detailing the collaboration between Yan Shu Heng and Yan Shu Heng.In Shangshan City,there was nothing Yan Huangjiu couldn't find out.

However,today's revelation made him wish he didn't know.

"These two bastards!"

Yan Huangjiu roared,a terrifying aura bursting forth.The scouts who reported the news felt a pressure akin to Mount Tai pressing down on them,immediately falling to their knees.Some even suffered internal injuries,blood dripping from their mouths.

"Get out,and make sure everyone receives healing medicine and Qi-gathering powder."

The scouts quickly saluted,"Thank you,City Lord."

Once everyone had left,Yan Huangjiu sighed deeply.

He wanted to groom his sons into competent lords,but he didn't want them to become beasts who would slaughter their own family members.He had completely lost faith in his sons.If any one of them took power,the others probably wouldn't survive.

On the other hand,Yan Qingshui,described by the scouts along the way,showed good business acumen and organized conduct.Almost no one in the caravan spoke ill of her.

In comparison,Yan Huangjiu's scales began to tilt in favor of Yan Qingshui.

Although she was a woman,there were precedents of women leading among the six major families.The Illuminating Moon Palace among the Eight Sects of the Unorthodox Dao was also led by a woman.

The only problem was that Yan Qingshui lacked martial talent.Despite practicing until now,she hadn't advanced beyond the initial stage of the acquired realm.

In the martial world,strength was always the ultimate factor,and that was Yan Qingshui's only weakness.

But what if he found a reliable person to assist her?

In Yan Huangjiu's mind,the figure of'Meng Qingze'appeared.

The person of similar age and prominent status,ranked among the elite,embraces righteousness but without being overly rigid.Furthermore,the bloodshed on the way back to Xiangnan proves that Meng Qingze is not sentimental towards women.In the confrontation with Yan Zhongheng and others in Shangshan City,he did not resort to lethal force,but when dealing with bandits in the Xiangnan dense forest,he showed no mercy.Killing when necessary and sparing when not,this indirectly demonstrates Meng Qingze's deep scheming and strategy.

If such a person were to assist Yan Qingshui,Shangshan City would basically have no worries."If possible,it would be best to keep Meng Qingze in Shangshan City forever.After all,Qingshui is not yet married,and he is still unmarried.It seems fitting."Yan Huangjiu rubbed his chin,constantly pondering.In his view,trying to keep Meng Qingze in Shangshan City permanently by using incentives was undoubtedly a last resort.The best method would be a marriage alliance,marrying him to Yan Qingshui and binding them together completely.

At this moment,Su Xin was unaware of Yan Huangjiu's intentions,as he was contemplating how to use the lottery opportunities within the system.Currently,there was nothing in Shangshan City that required Su Xin's attention.He planned to wait for another five months until Yan Zhongheng's trade caravan returned.The merchants from the Central Plains would also come to purchase local specialties in large quantities.By monopolizing the goods,Su Xin could raise prices afterward.Therefore,during these five months,Su Xin could solely focus on cultivation without worrying about other matters.

Su Xin currently had 360 points of antagonist value and 138 chances for a basic draw.The 360 points of antagonist value could not be used.Su Xin decided to save them for critical moments as a trump card.With 138 basic draws,he could exchange for one advanced draw and thirteen intermediate draws.

Su Xin had no intention of using the advanced draw.Even if he obtained high-level characters without antagonist value,it would still be a matter of luck.Instead,he decided to directly exchange for thirteen intermediate draws.According to past probabilities,he should obtain at least two martial arts techniques rated two stars or above,with the remaining items being half useful and half miscellaneous or low-level techniques.

However,knowing that draws could also be exchanged for antagonist value,Su Xin had another option.With a six-fold discount on system retrieval of draw times,Su Xin could use 100 basic draws to exchange for 600 antagonist value,enough to purchase two Spirit Nourishing Pills.

Spirit Nourishing Pills were specifically used to impact the Innate Spiritual Aperture realm.Practitioners in this realm cultivated the seven apertures of the eyes,ears,nose,and mouth.After accumulating sufficient internal energy,they could attempt to impact these apertures.

However,the seven apertures in the head were different from the internal apertures of the body.The seven apertures connected to the spiritual palace between the eyebrows,serving as the first sensory organ to perceive the external world.Care had to be taken during the impact,as improper attempts could lead to severe injuries,blindness,deafness,or muteness.

Therefore,when attempting to impact these apertures,one needed to proceed cautiously in a quiet place,dedicating themselves to the process.Without absolute certainty,no one dared to attempt it casually,as doing so was tantamount to seeking death.

Among the three realms of the Innate,the Qi Sea realm was the simplest,requiring continuous cultivation to accumulate internal energy.The Spiritual Aperture realm was the most time-consuming,requiring careful attempts to impact the realm.The Divine Palace realm required the comprehension of the divine spirit to refine the spiritual palace between the eyebrows,which was elusive without enlightenment.

If Su Xin followed the normal cultivation path,he would need at least half a year to have a chance of successfully impacting the two spiritual apertures in his eyes.However,if he used a Spirit Nourishing Pill,the medicinal power would strengthen his eye apertures,increasing the success rate when attempting to impact the apertures.Su Xin would likely break through the eye apertures within two months.

Considering the rapid improvement of his strength and techniques,Su Xin decided to prioritize quick strength improvement.After exchanging for two Spirit Nourishing Pills,he had 38 basic draws left.Su Xin said,"Exchange them for 3 intermediate draws,and draw all of them,removing the empty options."

The pointer swiftly moved and landed on the weapons category,displaying a pair of peculiar-looking iron claws and steel staff.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the weapon'Iron Claw Steel Staff,'with a rating of half a star.A unique weapon of Yun Zhonghe among the Four Great Villains,it doubles its power when used in conjunction with the Crane Snake Eight Strikes."

Su Xin shook his head.Useless.He tossed it aside.

The roulette spun again,this time landing on the miscellaneous category.Seeing this,Su Xin knew there was no hope.

Throughout,the miscellaneous items he had drawn were mostly useless,except for the human skin mask he currently used.

As expected,the big screen displayed a shiny golden coin.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the token of the Money Gang,'Gold Coin.'Money falling to the ground,heads will roll.This item is a symbol of the formidable strength of the Money Gang,with a rating of three and a half stars."

Su Xin played with the finely crafted gold coin,a common currency with no real use.The three and a half-star rating was simply a joke and held no practical value.

Two out of three draws were useless,but fortunately,the last draw was somewhat redeeming.Su Xin drew a bottle of high-grade Qi-Nourishing Pill.It was not a total loss.