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Chapter 138: Yanshu Heng's Clever Move Backfires

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Barter is the practice here,where this ten thousand jin Xuan Yuan heavy iron can be sold for three times its original value.And this threefold increase amounts to thirty million taels of silver,just a bit more than the annual tax revenue of the Baizhou Prefecture on the Xiangnan Road.Yanshu Heng's trip this time is indeed a profitable venture.

Su Xin tapped the table and suddenly asked,"Is this ten thousand jin Xuan Yuan heavy iron a single piece or multiple pieces?"

Liáng Bówas a bit puzzled about why Su Xin was asking,but he still instinctively answered,"It's a single piece,not divided."

Upon hearing Liáng Bó's response,a smile appeared on Su Xin's face,"Yanshu Heng has miscalculated this time.He won't be able to sell this Xuan Yuan heavy iron.No,I should say,within this year,he won't be able to sell this Xuan Yuan heavy iron."

Everyone wore expressions of confusion,not understanding what Su Xin meant.However,at this moment,NièFāng burst into laughter,"I understand now.This young master tried to be clever,but he overlooked such a simple matter."

"I don't want you to keep us in suspense.What's going on?"Hong Liètāo asked anxiously.

Su Xin pointed to NièFāng,"Let Nièbrother explain.After all,he's the expert."

NièFāng proudly said,"The specific reason needs to be explained based on the characteristics of this Xuan Yuan heavy iron.After being extracted from the ore,Xuan Yuan heavy iron can only undergo one refining process.If it undergoes re-smelting after refining,the rigidity of this type of Xuan Yuan heavy iron will greatly decrease,even becoming similar to ordinary fine steel."

Hong Liètāo was puzzled,"What does that have to do with being unable to sell the Xuan Yuan heavy iron?"

NièFāng explained,"It's ten thousand jin of Xuan Yuan heavy iron,and it's a single piece.Therefore,it's impossible to re-melt and divide it into smaller pieces.If they dare to do so,this piece of Xuan Yuan heavy iron will be completely ruined.And if they don't re-smelt it,by the time the merchants from the Central Plains arrive,who would be willing to spend thirty million taels of silver or equivalent value to buy this piece of Xuan Yuan heavy iron?"

"We've been in Shangshan City for more than ten years.Merchants with such deep pockets have never appeared.Even those with over a million taels are few.Some merchant groups with martial arts sect backgrounds from the Central Plains might have the money,but unfortunately,their purchases in Xiangnan are dictated by higher authorities.If they want to buy such a large piece of Xuan Yuan heavy iron temporarily,they need to report to their sects first.This round trip,even if fast,would still take several months.By then,the succession battle would have already ended.I guess this piece of Xuan Yuan heavy iron was intentionally refined by the Mingjian Villa to forge hundreds of weapons in one go.That's why they produced such a large piece.Smaller pieces of Xuan Yuan heavy iron should also exist within the villa,as individual forging requires different material quantities.I just don't know if the young master and his men chose the largest piece for convenience or to create a shocking effect.Either way,it backfired."

After listening to NièFāng's detailed explanation,everyone suddenly realized the situation.It turned out that what Young Master Meng said referred to this.If that's the case,Yanshu Heng's cleverness has indeed turned into a blunder.

However,at this moment,Táo Qiān questioned,"If it can't be melted into smaller pieces,why not cut it with weapons?"

NièFāng chuckled,"Old Táo,you're talking like a layman.This Xuan Yuan heavy iron is originally used to forge weapons of the highest grade.Weapons ranging from yellow-grade to even profound-grade can be combined with it.If you want to cut it with a weapon,even if you smash a yellow-grade weapon,it doesn't guarantee that you can cut off a piece.Earth-grade weapons might work,but look at the major martial arts sects in Xiangnan–how many of them possess earth-grade weapons?Even if they do,who would be willing to use an earth-grade weapon to chop this lump of iron?Aren't they afraid of damaging the weapon?Repairing an earth-grade weapon is not that easy."

Táo Qiān was somewhat unconvinced,"What if Yanshu Heng gets the Mo family from Cānglán Valley behind him to buy this piece of Xuan Yuan heavy iron?"

NièFāng didn't answer,and Yān Qīngxuěhad already given her response,"If he does that,Father won't stand idly by."

If Yanshu Heng really makes the Mo family from Cānglán Valley take action,it's not about comparing their trading abilities,but rather comparing the strength of the forces behind them.If such a situation arises,what's the point of this so-called succession battle?

Thinking about this,everyone suddenly felt relieved,but they secretly admired Young Master Meng for his subtle thinking.NièFāng also knew about the characteristics of Xuan Yuan heavy iron.It's estimated that the people around Yanshu Heng also knew,but none of them realized it.On the contrary,it was Su Xin,the outsider,who noticed the anomaly right away.

"Alright,let's consider this matter settled.Don't spread it out,so that Yanshu Heng and the others won't find out,"Su Xin cautioned.

If Yanshu Heng learns about this now,he might use the influence of the Mo family to secretly contact major sects from the Central Plains,prompting them to bring silver or equivalent goods and buy this piece of Xuan Yuan heavy iron.

Now,let him continue to be kept in the dark.

In the following month,Yanzhong Heng and the others gradually returned.All thirteen trade routes,including the farthest ones leading to the Western Regions,saw their caravans hastily making their way back before the end of the year.

At the city gate,Yansheng Heng entered Cheng with hundreds of carriages and horses,coincidentally encountering Yanzhong Heng returning with his people.Compared to Yansheng Heng,Yanzhong Heng's caravan had only a few dozen carriages and horses,barely a tenth of Yansheng Heng's.

Even if Yanzhong Heng brought back something precious,it was no match for Yansheng Heng.Seeing Yanzhong Heng approaching on horseback,Yansheng Heng greeted with a smile,"Second brother,I wonder what treasures you've brought back this time?"

Yanzhong Heng replied lazily,"Since Ninth brother is curious,then take a good look."

With a wave of his hand,Yanzhong Heng's subordinates uncovered the dustproof cloth on the large cart,revealing the cargo inside.Yansheng Heng,who had casually asked the question,didn't expect Yanzhong Heng to actually show him what he brought back.But since Yanzhong Heng wanted him to see,he might as well take a look.

Yanzhong Heng's action left Yansheng Heng momentarily stunned.He had just asked casually,not expecting Yanzhong Heng to tell him what he brought back.However,since Yanzhong Heng showed him,he took a glance at the items on the carts and stood there dumbfounded.

What Yanzhong Heng brought back was not exceptionally valuable;in fact,it was quite ordinary.He chose the prosperous trade route of the Central Plains,the Jiangnan Road,and the items he brought back were common herbs and minerals from that region.

If it were any other time,Yanzhong Heng bringing back these items wouldn't be a problem.However,bringing back such ordinary goods now seemed almost like giving up on the competition.

Jiangnan Road itself is the most prosperous route in the Central Plains.Every year,numerous merchant caravans come to Shangshan City,and the merchants from Jiangnan Road are the most abundant.These goods brought by Yanzhong Heng are plentiful and not valuable in the local Xiangnan region.Merchants from other regions are unlikely to buy these goods either,as they also receive such items when Jiangnan Road merchants visit their areas.Perhaps only the merchants from the remote Xiangxi Road might buy these goods,but they would also get them at a cheap price.

It can be said that Yanzhong Heng's trip is almost without profit.Is he actively giving up?

Seeing Yansheng Heng silent,Yanzhong Heng sneered twice,then turned and entered the city with his men.However,a thoughtful expression appeared in Yansheng Heng's eyes.

Earlier,Yanshu Heng had told him that the qualification of being the heir does not represent much.It's just a beginning,and even if you obtain the qualification,someone else might pull you down.Seeing Yanzhong Heng's apparent abandonment,it seems he's not planning to compete for the heir's position.But can he give up the position of the city lord?

A sense of vigilance rose in Yansheng Heng's heart.At this moment,a servant from his residence ran over and whispered,"Young master,you've finally returned.Something big has happened!Lao Daobazi and the others were all defeated by Yan Qingsnow!"

Yansheng Heng's face changed immediately,and he slapped the servant's face directly,scolding him in a low voice,"Are you an idiot?Why shout here?Go back and tell me the details!"

This is the city gate,with many people around.If someone spreads the news that he is conspiring with the bandits in the Xiangnan Forest to kill his sister,his reputation will be ruined.

The servant realized he had done something foolish and shut his mouth.When Yansheng Heng returned to his mansion with his people,the servant finally told him everything.

After hearing it,Yansheng Heng's face darkened,"I underestimated Meng Qingze.Are the experts on the Bounty List really this powerful?"

But he also felt somewhat relieved.He was glad that Lao Daobazi and the others were dead.This news had no evidence now.

However,he didn't know that this news was not only squeezed out by Su Xin but had also been learned by Yansheng Jiu through other channels.

All four brothers,including Yanzhong Heng,had returned to Shangshan City.The numerous merchant caravans from the Central Plains that came to Shangshan City had also arrived.Now,they were just waiting to sell everything in their hands to determine the winner.

Among the four,Yanzhong Heng had completely given up,but the others took this opportunity to sell the goods they had acquired to the merchants.Although they didn't know the profitability of the goods,they had knowledgeable individuals under their command,ensuring that a million taels of silver,after going through their hands,could easily be sold for several times or even ten times the original amount.

Watching Yanzhong Heng and Yanzhong Ji sell their goods for nearly ten times the price,Yanshu Heng sneered inwardly.Is ten times the price really impressive?The goods he brought back are worth much more than that!