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Chapter 270:Battle!

9418words in this chapter2024-02-02

Su Xin's twenty-four solar terms shocked the martial world,and his"Startling Awakening"finger once defeated the ninth-ranked"Broken Jade Hand"Yue Qingping without fail.Yuan Dongtian's"Thunderous Calamity"finger,on the other hand,bore a striking resemblance to Su Xin's"Startling Awakening"finger.Both techniques maximized the power of thunder and lightning,making it seem like Yuan Dongtian was challenging Su Xin.

However,Yuan Dongtian didn't actually have such intentions.He gained fame earlier than Su Xin,and the"Thunderous Calamity"finger was also one of his unique skills.However,the strong figures in his generation were relatively mediocre,and in terms of reputation,Yuan Dongtian couldn't match Su Xin.

As Yuan Dongtian unleashed the"Thunderous Calamity"finger,Su Xin narrowed his eyes and responded with the"Startling Awakening"finger.In an instant,the clash between their techniques caused thunder and lightning to explode,scattering countless stones.However,the powerful thunderous true energy turned the debris into powder,leaving behind a large crater where the two confronted.

Lu Chen and the others were stunned,with a touch of lingering fear in their hearts.When they first arrived,they had considered taking action if necessary,but doing so would undoubtedly lead to a tragic outcome.

The battle between the"Thunderous Calamity"and"Startling Awakening"fingers seemed evenly matched.Suddenly,Yuan Dongtian opened his mouth,uttering a strange syllable that resonated like thunder,causing Su Xin's body to shudder as his true energy surged uncontrollably.

A glint of horror flashed in Yuan Dongtian's eyes.His hands formed a seal,and a lightning pattern appeared within it,imprinting towards Su Xin's chest.Simultaneously,Su Xin also formed a seal,unleashing a powerful force in the form of a lightning imprint towards Yuan Dongtian.

A thunderous collision ensued,producing a powerful explosion.Yuan Dongtian took three steps back,and Su Xin also retreated three steps.

With just one exchange,Yuan Dongtian realized that Su Xin didn't understand his lightning imprint,and even the technique Su Xin used was incorrect.However,Su Xin had skillfully simulated about eighty percent of the power of his lightning imprint,coupled with Su Xin's inherent strength,making his counterfeit lightning imprint almost as formidable as the genuine one.

"You can mimic my unique technique remarkably well.Your martial arts are indeed peculiar.What do you call it?"Yuan Dongtian inquired.

"I use your method against you,'Douzhuan Xingyi,'"Su Xin replied calmly.

In a battle between peers,"Douzhuan Xingyi"played a significant role.If familiar with the opponent's martial arts style,its effectiveness would be even greater,even reaching the point of simulating the opponent's techniques to confuse them.

However,it was practically impossible in a world as vast as this one.There were countless martial arts and secret techniques among various sects,and even if Su Xin dedicated his life to studying them,he couldn't grasp them all.

"Using my own method against me?Very fitting.However,there are still some things you cannot replicate!"Yuan Dongtian's figure resounded like thunder in an instant,and he appeared before Su Xin.A punch was thrown,accompanied by a thunderous roar.

Yuan Dongtian's greatest strength lay in his physical body,refined through countless nights of thunder-based training.It was comparable to the ascetic monks of Shaolin Temple who practiced martial arts diligently.

Su Xin countered with the"Startling Awakening"finger as they clashed.The delicate fingers collided with Yuan Dongtian's fist,surprisingly holding their ground.

After such a long time,Su Xin had reached the sixth level of the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique.The intensity of his true energy was not inferior to Yuan Dongtian's,and in terms of strength,Su Xin even had the upper hand.

While the right hand executed the"Startling Awakening"finger,Su Xin's left hand released five sword qi,invisible but shattering Yuan Dongtian's protective true energy,heading directly for his vital acupoints.

Yuan Dongtian shouted fiercely,and his thunderous qi surged to disrupt the invisible sword qi.However,this ultimate fusion of sword and qi was not easily dissipated.The five invisible sword qi exploded around Yuan Dongtian,sending him flying.

At this moment,Yuan Dongtian's expression changed slightly.Previously,when he received Su Xin's sword qi,he understood the dreadfulness of this technique.However,now he realized that the terror of Su Xin's sword qi lay not in its power but in its quantity.

Having sent Yuan Dongtian flying,Su Xin seized the opportunity and closed in,executing the Wind God's Leg Technique with a graceful and elegant rhythm.Amidst this extreme elegance,more than ten deadly sword qi burst forth,heading straight for Yuan Dongtian!

Once again,Yuan Dongtian's expression changed.His figure moved like lightning,retreating rapidly.Faced with this terrifying sword qi dance,he lacked the confidence to completely block it.

If Yuan Dongtian's previous change in expression was due to his surprise at Su Xin's strength,he now felt fear towards Su Xin's prowess.

Onlookers like Lu Chen showed signs of concern.Within the Seven Powers Assembly,this senior brother Yuan was already considered a formidable figure among the younger generation.

When Yuan Dongtian initially engaged in a evenly matched battle with Su Xin,they were not satisfied.They even believed that their senior brother could defeat Su Xin.However,the situation turned out differently,and their senior brother found himself mercilessly suppressed.

Under the invisible sword qi of the Primordial Body Breaking Sword,Lei Yuan faced significant suppression.As he swung his fists,thunder resounded endlessly,but the sword qi shattered his attacks,making him appear clumsy.

Su Xin's right hand supported the hilt,while his left hand wielded the fearsome Blood Rose Sword.In an instant,a sea of blood surged,and Su Xin's Shanzi scripture operated to the extreme,releasing boundless true energy.A blood moon emerged from the blood sea,magnificent yet harboring endless killing intent.

Yuan Dongtian angrily shouted,forming hand seals with his left hand and clenching his right fist.Both hands struck simultaneously,illuminating the surrounding space as if a meteor had fallen,incredibly dazzling.However,under Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword executed at full power,it only resulted in fragmentation.

Thunder was engulfed by the blood river,and the radiance of lightning no longer sparkled.Even the space between heaven and earth carried a sinister blood color,devouring everything.

The entire street was filled with raging sword qi.The sinister blood color had not yet dispersed,and Lu Chen and others,with anxious eyes,looked at the long street.However,when they saw the state of Yuan Dongtian,their hearts sank.

Yuan Dongtian looked miserable at this moment.His once noble attire had become tattered,revealing a flesh body radiating a faint golden luster,resembling that of a beggar.

Although Yuan Dongtian didn't seem to have severe injuries on the surface,fresh blood continuously flowed from his mouth,and his breath weakened to the extreme.His flesh body blocked Su Xin's sword aura,but his internal organs couldn't withstand the vibrations,causing him to suffer internal injuries.

"A new generation surpasses the old,well done.I underestimated the strength of the top-ranked figures of this generation,"Yuan Dongtian's smile was somewhat bitter.This time,he had suffered a significant loss.

Originally a prominent figure among the top-ranked individuals of the previous generation,Yuan Dongtian couldn't help but feel a bit like he was taking advantage of his seniority by engaging with Su Xin.However,the crucial point was not the victory or defeat itself;it was the fact that he lost,which was a blow to his reputation.

At this moment,a voice suddenly sounded,"Chief Su,Brother Yuan from the Seven Powers Assembly is,after all,a guest.Is this how you treat guests?"

Ji Wukong walked over from a distance,but his expression was not pleasant.

He wanted to instigate a conflict between Su Xin and the Seven Powers Assembly.However,before he could do so,the lady from the Seven Powers Assembly,who was not particularly smart but had a large chest,had already taken action.The process went as he imagined,but the outcome was different.

Su Xin did not lose face in front of everyone.On the contrary,he defeated Yuan Dongtian,gaining great prestige.This was not what Ji Wukong wanted to see.

Su Xin said indifferently,"He is a guest of your Falling Feather Villa,not a guest of my Six Gates.Does Falling Feather Villa want to take people back for the Seven Powers Assembly?"

Ji Wukong smiled and shook his head.He would not charge into battle for the Seven Powers Assembly.He came out only because he was afraid that Su Xin would lose control and kill Yuan Dongtian and the others.The Seven Powers Assembly was notorious for being domineering and unreasonable.If Su Xin really killed Yuan Dongtian,it might implicate his Falling Feather Villa.

As for the reason,it was simple.Since you knew that Yuan Dongtian was coming to Qingyang Prefecture,why didn't you accompany and look after him?Isn't the face of our Seven Powers Assembly worth your attention?

This reason was unreasonable,but the Seven Powers Assembly had caused trouble for many people in its history using similarly unreasonable excuses.So Ji Wukong couldn't afford to be careless.

"Tianyao,let's go,"Yuan Dongtian said with a gloomy expression.

Shen Tianyao unwillingly said,"Are we just going to leave Big Brother Lian behind?"

Yuan Dongtian rebuked,"What can we do to save him?Who will go and save him?Will you go,or should I go?Are you satisfied with putting me up as collateral with the Six Gates just to bring back Lian Yuehai?"

Yuan Dongtian now wanted nothing more than to kill Lian Yuehai.This whole situation was caused by him.If he had informed the Seven Powers Assembly in advance,such a major incident would not have occurred.

Moreover,if it were not for Shen Tianyao,Lian Yuehai,a junior brother who had left without saying goodbye,would have died without anyone caring.Even if they knew that Lian Yuehai had died at Su Xin's hands,they wouldn't bother to trouble Su Xin.

Although Lian Yuehai was carefully cultivated by the Seven Powers Assembly and was one of the youngest incense masters,don't forget that in the current generation of the Seven Powers Assembly,he was just one of them,not more or less.

The youngest incense master,he was only one of them,not many more or less.

For the sake of such a person's unilateral decision to provoke the Six Gates of another sect,especially one from a different Dao,the Seven Powers Assembly would never agree.