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Chapter 271:Butts Determine Brains

7442words in this chapter2024-02-03

Shen Tianyao,accustomed to the daily care and silence from Yuan Er Ge,was suddenly spoken to in such a harsh tone,making her feel extremely wronged,and tears uncontrollably streamed down her face.

She also understood the severity of the situation;it seemed impossible to take Lian Yuehai away today.So,with a resentful gaze fixed on Su Xin,she coldly said,"Su Xin!If anything happens to Big Brother Lian while he's with you,I swear the Six Sects of Jiangnan will be razed to the ground.If a single hair falls from Big Brother Lian's head,I will kill every member of the Six Sects of Jiangnan!"

A woman's hatred is terrifying,and when LüChen and the others saw Shen Tianyao's resentful expression,they couldn't help but shiver.Was this the same gentle and adorable Shen Tianyao from before?

Su Xin shook his head.For some reason,Yuan Dongtian and the others felt a sense of unease,as if something unpleasant was about to happen.

"Yuan Xiong,you better pass a message to your father,Shen Tianwang.Even if he has a daughter,he shouldn't raise her as an idiot.A brain is a good thing;I hope everyone could have one,"Su Xin's hand rested on Lian Yuehai's head,and a bloodline shot out,creating a blood hole on Lian Yuehai's head.Red and white fluids trickled down,but none splattered to the sides.

Su Xin looked at Shen Tianyao and said calmly,"Remember,next time you leave,just leave.Threatening like this before leaving easily provokes enemies.Coincidentally,what I hate the most is when someone threatens me."

"I'll kill you,Su Xin!"Shen Tianyao's eyes turned red instantly,but before she could rush towards Su Xin,Yuan Dongtian firmly knocked her on the neck,rendering her unconscious.

"Let's go!"Giving Su Xin a deep glance,Yuan Dongtian led LüChen and the others away.

However,Ji Wukong looked at Su Xin and smiled,"Lord Su,you really dare to take action.The disciples of the Seven Heroes Club kill when told to kill.This time,you've offended the Seven Heroes Club severely."

Su Xin responded casually,"Isn't this what you wanted?Without you,would Lian Yuehai have appeared in Jiangnan?"

Ji Wukong was stunned;his actions should have been flawless.How did Su Xin know he had manipulated Lian Yuehai?

"The price of three Heavenly Pivot Sword Puppets is not cheap,right?Take them back and see what you can do with them.Maybe you can make use of them,"Su Xin ordered his men to throw the shattered Heavenly Pivot Sword Puppets in front of Ji Wukong,ignoring his displeased expression,and then turned back to the Six Sects'residence.

Behind him,Huang Bingcheng whispered to Su Xin,"Boss,what should we do next?"

"Of course,continue to recruit and train some elite catchers,and then send a big gift to Luoyu Mountain Villa.It's only fair;they've given me three Heavenly Pivot Sword Puppets.I can't just not reciprocate,right?"Su Xin said.

Huang Bingcheng hesitated,"Shouldn't we be a little cautious about the Seven Heroes Club?Judging by the looks they gave us when they left,it seems like they want to devour us alive."

Su Xin shook his head,"The Seven Heroes Club is indeed cautious,but not now.At least,as long as I'm in Jiangnan,they won't dare to make a move against me.Even if they send someone to pick a fight,they won't do it openly."

"Why?"Huang Bingcheng asked.

LüXu and others also looked at Su Xin;evidently,they were curious about why Su Xin was so confident that the Seven Heroes Club wouldn't cause trouble for him.

This time,Su Xin pointed to his own head,"The butt determines the head.The one in charge of the Seven Heroes Club is not that brainless woman without breasts.As one of the Seven Martial Sects,they have more considerations than others.Jiangnan is currently a big vortex.The rebellion of the remnants of the Wu Kingdom has touched the fragile nerves of the court.So,the court is genuinely angry this time.Although it seems calm on the surface,they are always watching Jiangnan.Otherwise,why do you think the Xiao family is so obedient and quietly cultivating?They know the court is genuinely angry this time,and they don't want to provoke the court's bad luck.If the Xiao family wants to make a move,they have more than one Nascent Soul Realm expert,including their Patriarch,who is rumored to have reached the True Martial Realm.If the Xiao family wanted to act,a remote place like Gu Donglai wouldn't be able to stop them.If even the Xiao family is so low-key,not to mention the Seven Heroes Club,who is far away in Runan Dao.If they dare to meddle in the big vortex of Jiangnan Dao,that would be truly foolish."

In the following dozen days,Su Xin,accompanied by Huang Bingcheng and others,traveled to all the capitals of Jiangnan Dao.Only a handful of people,less than a hundred,met Su Xin's requirements.Despite the small number,these individuals were carefully selected by Su Xin for cultivation as trusted subordinates.

The foundation of the Feiying Gang members was lacking,with only Li Huai and Li Qing showing potential in martial arts within the entire gang.Considering the talents of others,breaking through the innate realm would be exceedingly difficult.However,the constables within the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao were different.Whether they were former bandits or original constables of the Six Gates,both required a certain level of talent and strength to enter.

Su Xin was able to handpick one-tenth of them who possessed good character and talent.In the martial arts world,opinions differed on whether quality or quantity was more important for a martial force.Currently,quality seemed to surpass quantity.For instance,the Lianhua Zen Monastery,one of the three temples of Buddhism,never had more than three disciples in each generation,yet it maintained its prestigious status.

In the past,the hundred elite guards of Gudonglai,ranging from the Qi Sea to the Divine Palace,were all in the innate realm.Su Xin aimed to cultivate a similar elite force.

After finalizing these matters,Su Xin prepared to give a generous gift to the Luoyu Mountain Villa.Following the previous meeting,he heard that the three families seemed to have approached the Xiao family,but they were ignored,resulting in their return empty-handed.Nine Xuan Sword Sect and Gongyang Clan were relatively quiet afterward,but Luoyu Mountain Villa suddenly emerged,causing some displeasure.

"Old Huang,find the locations of all the shops under Luoyu Mountain Villa for me,"Su Xin ordered.

Huang Bingcheng hesitated,"Boss,there are thousands of them.Do you want all of them?"

Su Xin replied,"Who told you to include those ordinary shops?I only want the shops that sell Luoyu Mountain Villa's specialty and cultivation resources."

Every top-tier force had its own business to support its resources.Luoyu Mountain Villa,as a prominent force in Jiangnan Dao,had a considerable number of businesses,some specifically catering to martial artists.One such product was the Nine-Leaf Red Maple,a unique tree producing nine fiery-red maple leaves annually.Consuming them stimulated the meridians,accelerating cultivation for both acquired and innate martial artists.

Luoyu Mountain Villa's ancestors invited alchemists to refine the formula of these Nine-Leaf Red Maple leaves,creating a profound-grade pill named'Red Spirit Pill.'Although its efficacy was weaker than the Small Returning Pill of the Shaolin Temple,it was still rated only two stars by the system.

Luoyu Mountain Villa cunningly consumed minimal resources in producing Red Spirit Pills.Within their territory,a vast area hosted thousands of these Nine-Leaf Red Maple trees.Even if each tree produced only nine leaves per year,it still amounted to nearly ten thousand leaves.

When refining the Red Spirit Pills,adding one Nine-Leaf Red Maple leaf to each bottle would significantly enhance its efficacy.However,Luoyu Mountain Villa used the normal version for themselves and sold a diluted version,producing five bottles from one leaf,with considerably reduced efficacy.

Luoyu Mountain Villa established many branches across Jiangnan Dao,making a fortune by selling these pills.Some of the pills with inferior quality and weakened efficacy were sold for silver,offering an opportunity for those with limited funds.The normal high-quality pills required an equivalent value of cultivation resources for exchange.

In Su Xin's eyes,Luoyu Mountain Villa had substantial potential as cunning merchants.Although their Red Spirit Pills were priced lower than normal profound-grade pills,their availability and affordability made them dominate the market in Jiangnan Dao.This time,Su Xin's focus was on the pharmacies opened by Luoyu Mountain Villa.