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Chapter 161: Mind Attack

7393words in this chapter2024-01-08

Inside Donglin Mansion,Su Xin sat alone in a tavern,drinking.The spacious tavern was empty except for him;other warriors lingered outside,not daring to enter.

This gentleman was a ruthless character,directly eliminating all the high-level combatants of Di Yunfei in Donglin Mansion.When Di Yunfei returns,he and Su Xin are bound to have a confrontation,but the outcome is unknown.

As they approached each other,there was a risk of collateral damage during their battle,which would be regrettable.

Suddenly,there was a commotion outside.Someone whispered,"Di Yunfei is back!He has entered the city with a group of people!"

A cold smile appeared on Su Xin's lips.Di Yunfei returned so quickly;it seems he indeed did not go to Changning Mansion but directly returned to Donglin Mansion.

After a while,the crowd outside parted,and more than ten warriors walked in.The leader was in his twenties,with a handsome face but a furrowed brow,evidently suppressing anger.On his left was a burly man with a beard,looking strong and martial–he seemed to be the former head of Fei Yun Gang,Pang Feiyun,known as the"Mist Concealed Dragon."

On Di Yunfei's right was an old man,seemingly unremarkable but possessing innate spiritual realm strength;he was the head of the Chen family.

"Are you Su Xin?"Di Yunfei walked up to Su Xin and said coldly.

Su Xin raised his cup towards Di Yunfei,swaying it gently."Master Di seems quite angry.Have a drink to calm your nerves;there's no need for such anger."

Di Yunfei laughed in response."Su Xin,I don't know if I should call you ignorant or bold.I want to know who gave you the courage to kill my subordinates in Donglin Mansion while I was away.Four of them,no less!"

Su Xin shook his head and a coldness flashed in his eyes."I also want to ask you,Di Yunfei,who gave you the courage to try to assimilate Fei Yun Gang?Although I am not the gang leader now,I founded Fei Yun Gang.Did you ask for my opinion before trying to take it over?"

"I,Di Yunfei,have never failed to get what I want!"

When saying this,Di Yunfei's expression was not arrogant but rather confident.


Di Jingfei,the leader of the Bright Sword Alliance,was his elder brother,and Di Yunfei had been groomed as the successor since childhood.This kind of situation was taboo in the royal family and various martial arts families,but Di Jingfei did it anyway.

Di Jingfei remained unmarried,with no intention of having offspring.Everyone could see that the position of the Bright Sword Alliance leader would undoubtedly be passed on to Di Yunfei.

Because of this,during their training in Southern Hunan,Di Yunfei had the most significant influence,and the most people came to join him.

Although Xiao Moyun was a disciple of a Yearly Sect leader,the Yearly Sect had four leaders.Another disciple of the Shangguan family,Shangguan Yanqing,also belonged to a family with over ten direct heirs.

Di Yunfei's status was unique,and because of this,he had the confidence to say that he could get anything he wanted.

Suddenly,Su Xin clapped his hands and smiled."Wonderful!That was indeed a wonderful speech.To shamelessly utter such words,Master Di,you are truly unparalleled."

Pang Feiyun,who stood behind Di Yunfei,said coldly,"Su Xin,do you want to die?Is Master Di someone you can insult?"

Among the innate spiritual realm warriors under Di Yunfei's command,only Pang Feiyun had actively come to join,while the others were personally recruited by Di Yunfei.

Because of this,Pang Feiyun was regarded as Di Yunfei's confidant,and he was the only one accompanying him this time.

Insulting Di Yunfei,Su Xin casually glanced at him."Does a dog have the qualification to bark when the master speaks?"

"Who are you calling a dog?"Pang Feiyun roared,throwing a punch at Su Xin.

The punch carried the force of thunder and wind,with the sound of thunder ringing as it was thrown.Su Xin pointed his finger out,equally resembling a thunderbolt.The slender finger collided with the fist the size of a sandbag.Su Xin sat in his chair,and even though Pang Feiyun,who had reached the pinnacle of the innate spiritual realm,took three steps back,his fist felt numb,and a look of horror appeared on his face.

Su Xin calmly said,"Calling you a dog is already being lenient.These years,you've been robbing caravans in the dense forests of Southern Hunan,relying on these earnings to cultivate to the peak of the innate spiritual realm.But in the end,you became timid,afraid that continuing such a precarious life would lead to a disaster or be exterminated by a righteous warrior from some sect."

"So,after Di Yunfei arrived in Southern Hunan,you couldn't wait to come and join him,trying to join the Bright Sword Alliance and whitewash your identity.But how many people are in your Fei Yun Gang?Not less than a thousand,right?Those innate warriors under your command can join the Bright Sword Alliance,but what about those post-innate warriors?I'm afraid they have long been left to fend for themselves in Southern Hunan."

For the sake of your future wealth and glory,you've plotted against your brother of over ten years.Such a person,heh,is lower than swine and dogs!"

The other warriors around looked at Pang Feiyun with disdain on their faces.They were puzzled before–figures like Baidu Tongzi joined Di Yunfei's ranks after he invited them.Only Pang Feiyun voluntarily approached him.

They were wondering why Pang Feiyun,who was considered a notable figure in Southern Hunan,lacked integrity.

Now,they realized that Pang Feiyun had plans all along.He intended to abandon his own brothers and join the Bright Sword Alliance with Di Yunfei.

Pang Feiyun's face turned pale.Every word from Su Xin felt like a sledgehammer striking his chest.

"You're asking for death!"

Pang Feiyun roared and was about to charge again,but Di Yunfei stopped him.

"Su Xin,your eloquence is more potent than your martial skills,"Di Yunfei said coldly.

Su Xin shook his head."This isn't eloquence;it's just stating facts.And Di Yunfei,do you think everything you have is gained on your own?Without the Bright Sword Alliance behind you,do you think the current leader of Fei Yun Gang and others would join you?"

Di Yunfei smiled coldly."Trying to undermine my confidence?Unfortunately,my confidence has no loopholes.The Bright Sword Alliance is rightfully mine.After my brother steps down,I will be the leader!Power is part of strength.Having power and not using it is foolish;you deserve to be played to death!"

"Your confidence has no loopholes?"Su Xin's lips curled into a half-smile."I beg to differ.Although the Bright Sword Alliance brings you power,the entire alliance,including your brother Di Jingfei,is your inner demon.You will live your entire life in the shadow of your brother,regardless of what you achieve.People will always think of Di Jingfei first when they hear about you,not Di Yunfei.Even if you become the leader of the Bright Sword Alliance,your subordinates will always compare your decisions to those of Di Jingfei.You will never surpass your brother!"

As Su Xin spoke,Di Yunfei's expression darkened.This time,Su Xin touched upon the hidden secrets Di Yunfei least wanted to confront,making him furious.

Su Xin looked at Di Yunfei's increasingly unpleasant expression,and his smile became even brighter.

Good,he's angry.Anger means his mind-disturbing strategy is working.

Previously,Di Yunfei was correct;Su Xin had deliberately spoken to disrupt his mental state.In martial arts,any slight imbalance can tip the scales of victory and defeat.Especially when one's mind is vulnerable,it becomes even more critical.

Di Yunfei was undoubtedly talented,but,unfortunately,he was just a young man in his early twenties.He couldn't reach the level of remaining expressionless in joy or anger.

While investigating information about Di Yunfei,Su Xin had noticed two interesting things.First,whenever someone mentioned something Di Yunfei was going to do within the Bright Sword Alliance,if they brought up any instructions from Di Jingfei,Di Yunfei would immediately become furious.

The second was that Di Yunfei had no nickname of his own.Most nicknames in the martial world were given by others,not chosen by oneself.Creating your own nickname,like calling yourself the Invincible Sword God,was considered laughable.Di Yunfei had no nickname,and people only referred to him as Di Jingfei's brother.

Thus,whenever someone complimented him on being Di Jingfei's brother,Di Yunfei would either get angry or leave immediately.Although these seemed small,Su Xin had analyzed Di Yunfei's personality and the things he disliked the most.