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Chapter 277:Battle of Sword Dao

7962words in this chapter2024-02-06

Everyone tried to persuade Su Xin not to agree to Lin Xia's challenge.After listening for a while,Su Xin responded,"Lao Huang,tell them I've accepted this challenge.Three days from now,it will take place on the life-and-death arena I built for Six Gates."

Huang Bingcheng and others were momentarily stunned.Did he not hear anything we said?Seeing Su Xin's firm attitude,they stopped trying to dissuade him.As Su Xin's subordinates,they had no right to oppose his decisions,or it would be a disrespect.

Similarly,Wen Mingyu,although Su Xin mentioned that the Wen family was an ally of Six Gates,understood his subordinate position.Given Six Gates'current dominance,the Wen family no longer qualified as their ally.Therefore,Wen Mingyu maintained a low profile.

Su Xin's agreement to the challenge wasn't without reason.His position as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao was already prestigious,but breaking through to the Elemental Spirit Realm in a few years would further solidify his standing.With his achievements and potential,he could secure his position firmly.

However,that wasn't what Su Xin truly desired.As a martial artist,too much comfort could make one forget the hardships endured during training and struggles.Unrivaled power and influence were tempting,but as the head of Autumn Altar,Dong Buyi once said,he only believed in his own fists.Unrivaled authority should be earned through personal strength.

Su Xin wouldn't reject power and wealth,but he wouldn't forsake his martial skills.So,he took up the challenge,not caring about victory or defeat but aiming to hone his sword skills in the battle against Lin Xia.

News of Su Xin accepting the challenge spread throughout Jiangnan Dao,creating a buzz.Three days later,representatives from almost all martial sects and clans gathered to witness the outcome.

The chosen arena was the life-and-death arena Su Xin built for settling disputes in Jiangnan Dao,specially reinforced for martial artists.Given the destructive potential of innate martial artists,a regular arena wouldn't suffice.The chosen arena had a sturdy metal framework with a surface embedded with hard stones.

When Su Xin arrived,Lin Xia was already on the stage.He was slender,with a sword on his back,resembling a soaring sword spirit.Su Xin stepped onto the stage,and the two exchanged simple greetings,stating their names.

"Lin Xia."

"Su Xin."

There were no referees or hosts on the stage.Given their status,no one qualified to host their duel.Even the Xiao family,which was the only potential candidate,only sent a servant to record the match results.

With the exchange of names,the two could start without further ado.With so many people watching,cheating was impossible,and the outcome would be clear.Lin Xia drew his frosty longsword,crafted from high-quality Southern Sea Red Sharkskin,emitting a chilling aura as it unsheathed.

Lin Xia's goal in challenging Su Xin was straightforward.Similarly,Su Xin's acceptance wasn't driven by complex motives.Thus,without much ado,the two began their confrontation.

Lin Xia gently thrust his frosty longsword forward,seemingly traversing space.In an instant,the sword was already in front of Su Xin.Su Xin narrowed his eyes,unleashing invisible sword qi from his innate realm,weaving dozens of sword energies that were formless and indestructible.

Seeing Su Xin's innate realm invisible sword qi,a hint of excitement flashed in Lin Xia's eyes.His sword seemed to traverse space without a trace,but where the blade passed,a powerful gang qi erupted,with a unique rhythm.This force directly dissipated Su Xin's innate realm invisible sword qi.

Among the five major sword sects,the techniques of Sword God Mountain were the most peculiar.The main peculiarity lay in their martial skills,as the Sword God Mountain's martial arts scripture,called the Sword Manual,consisted of thirty-six massive stone tablets.There were no words,only sword marks left by the founder of Sword God Mountain.

Sword God Mountain's founding ancestor,known as the Sword God,did not give himself this title.It was the respectful address bestowed upon him by the martial artists of his era,who were in awe of his sword skills.In the age of the Sword God,any swordsman appeared dim in comparison to him.Eventually,people even forgot his real name,remembering only that he was the Sword God.

The Sword Manual of Sword God Mountain is the embodiment of the Sword God's lifelong sword intent,displaying his entire martial legacy.The interpretation of each practitioner varies,depending on their comprehension,making each swordsman's understanding unique.

Due to this,martial artists from Sword God Mountain are rare in the martial world.The strength of Sword God Mountain is also highly unstable,flourishing in generations with outstanding talents comprehending the Sword Manual,and declining otherwise.

Although Sword God Mountain is currently in decline,Lin Xia's ability to emerge from it and attain the twelfth position on the ranking list proves his strength.Su Xin is not purely a swordsman,but Lin Xia is.His unique sword technique vividly expresses his true understanding of the way of the sword—dissolution.

Lin Xia's sword style incorporates the power of dissolution.The longsword resonates,releasing a rhythm,directly dissolving one of Su Xin's sword qi.Though soft as water,it contains formidable power.

Su Xin's eyes flashed with brilliance.A sword qi emerged beneath his feet,and the power of the Wind God's Legs erupted,as if he was traversing on a sword.The combination of the two powers instantly appeared in front of Lin Xia.

With his left hand,five sword qi burst out—forceful,domineering,and unparalleled.With his right hand,another five sword qi swept out,but with a softer and bone-eroding edge,agile and swift.One righteous,one evil;one firm,one gentle;using the same sword qi in two different ways.In this moment,the unleashed power overwhelmed Lin Xia,but the excitement in his eyes grew.

"This is the innate realm invisible sword qi I wanted to see!"

Lin Xia excitedly exclaimed,his voice resounding like striking metal,accompanied by the sound of swords.

"This move,called'Sword Attraction,'is a technique I comprehended from the seventeenth Sword Manual.Only it is worthy of competing with your innate realm invisible sword qi!"

Lin Xia's Frosty Snow Longsword coiled,and sword radiance scattered like divine light,splitting into countless threads,transforming sharp edges into gentle ones.In an instant,an endless pulling force emerged,making Su Xin seem like prey caught in a spider's web,unable to escape!

"This move is called'Sword Attraction'!"

As Lin Xia's words fell,countless sword radiance pulled outward.The surroundings of Su Xin were left with not even a trace of vital energy,all drawn away by these sword radiance!

Su Xin waved both hands,unleashing dozens of sword qi—either forceful and tyrannical or soft and bone-eroding.The invisible and formless sword qi erupted,converging into a tremendous sword energy that descended,shattering the array of sword radiance!

The violent true qi spread across the entire arena.Even those standing a hundred yards away felt the terrifying momentum.

The intense exchange between the two astonished the onlooking innate realm martial artists.Was this the destructive power innate realm martial artists could create?

As the violent true qi dissipated,dust descended like rain,and the entire arena was already in ruins.This arena,constructed with a frame of refined steel and filled with green stones equivalent to copper and iron after refining,couldn't withstand the power unleashed during their clash.The destructive force caused by these two individuals could be imagined.

Witnessing this scene,the martial artists watching couldn't help but take a step back.Faced with these two non-human entities,it was better to stay away.

On the arena,Lin Xia's eyes still held a hint of astonishment he couldn't conceal."You can evolve the purest sword qi without a sword in hand,possessing both the force of a heavy sword and the gentleness of a fine sword.To comprehend the way of the sword to this extent,how did you achieve it?"

Before Su Xin could answer,Lin Xia suddenly said,"You,with such astonishing sword talent,why bother cultivating finger techniques?Your nickname is Blood Sword God Finger,and for you,it's an insult to the way of the sword!"

For Lin Xia,he was truly distressed by Su Xin's choices.Having such powerful sword talent yet cultivating finger techniques was like wasting a precious gift.If Su Xin devoted himself solely to the way of the sword,how much stronger would he become?

Su Xin smiled and said,"I apologize.I've never been exclusively a swordsman.To me,the way of the sword is just one aspect of martial arts.Whatever enhances my strength,I practice."

A hint of anger flashed in Lin Xia's eyes."You are insulting the way of the sword!The sword reigns supreme,and no other martial art can compare to the way of the sword."

If Lin Changhe was a Dao fanatic,then Lin Xia was a Sword fanatic.For him,life was all about the sword,and the sword was everything.So,Su Xin's words truly angered Lin Xia.