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Chapter 209: Deputy Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Road

6847words in this chapter2024-01-19

During battles,Su Xin has never been one to show mercy.Since entering the martial world,he has experienced life-and-death struggles,and he doesn't know how to hold back.Now,facing six opponents,Su Xin wonders if it's due to his rapid improvement or if these six individuals truly lack strength.He feels that their combat abilities are inferior to those like Zhu Zefang.

The pointing finger,like a fierce storm,targets a warrior.Unable to endure,the warrior is hit in the chest,spewing blood and flying backward.Jiang Heliu's expression changes,and he quickly whispers something to a servant.

In the hall,as the remaining five warriors are nearing defeat,the onlookers can't ignore the embarrassment.If Su Xin continues unchecked,the martial forces present at Renyi Manor will lose face.The senior martial artists present can't intervene effectively due to the limited space.

Tianyaohua initially wanted to help Su Xin when he was surrounded,but she realizes it's impossible with so many people around.The confined space in the hall restricts the number of people who can engage without risking friendly fire.Helpless,the onlookers can only watch Su Xin's display of power.

In the background,Liu Xiao and Shen Jin remain spectators.Liu Xiao,looking at Shen Jin,says in a low voice,"You're not intervening now?Although Su Xin is ranked 22nd,I feel he's not inferior to you.If you don't act against him now,he might challenge you in the future.Your 18th position on the rankings might be at risk."

Shen Jin calmly replies,"You don't need to provoke.Even if he defeats me in a future confrontation,it's just a matter of skills.I won't intervene now."

Coming from a background of wandering martial artists,Shen Jin is more cautious.He avoids unnecessary fights and values his reputation,earning him the title of"Double Master of Blades and Swords"and the 18th position on the rankings.Engaging Su Xin now,especially with the backing of the Six Gates,could lead to future retaliation.

Liu Xiao dismissively smirks,while Su Xin continues his unrestrained slaughter in the hall.Seizing the opportunity when no high-level martial artists from Renyi Manor are present,he proves unstoppable even against those in the Divine Palace Realm.

However,at this moment,a loud voice from outside interrupts the chaos."Stop!Everyone,stop!"

The thunderous voice,carrying immense power comparable to the Lion's Roar of Shaolin,makes everyone instinctively halt.Su Xin,however,pays no heed,and his Dragon Roaming Sword continues its relentless strikes.

The voice,seemingly angered,belongs to a middle-aged man with a robust appearance.His aura is as intense as molten lava.Although also in the Divine Palace Realm like Su Xin,he exhibits a unique aura—a half-step Divine Spirit Realm,indicating a preliminary connection with the power of heaven and earth.

Su Xin is surprised;this Divine Palace Realm martial artist is extraordinary.Achieving the state of unity with heaven and man,he has partially sensed the rhythm of the elemental forces.While Su Xin is only at the half-step Divine Palace Realm,his martial skills and formidable combat power enable him to suppress the opponent.

Su Xin,still not having truly reached the Divine Palace Realm,stands as a semi-Divine Palace Realm.Yet,relying on his martial skills and immense strength,he forcefully keeps this Divine Palace Realm martial artist under control.

The ferocious and unpredictable Shocking Spirit Finger,combined with the Blood Slaughter Heaven-shaking Blood River Divine Sword,made the warrior struggle to cope.As he fought,he became increasingly alarmed,eventually having to retreat and angrily shout,"Su Xin!Do you want to rebel?"

Su Xin also sheathed his sword,frowning."Rebel?Who are you exactly?"

The warrior snorted and took out a token from his chest."I am'Blazing Blade'Lei Yuan,one of the deputy chief catchers of Jiangnan Road!"

Su Xin looked at Jiang Heliu in surprise and said with a half-smile,"Master Jiang is indeed influential,even officials from the court stand by your side."

Lei Yuan coldly declared,"Su Xin,don't twist the facts.I'm not siding with Master Jiang;it's just that what you did today is outrageous!Just a suspicion,and you barge into Renyi Manor,engaging in combat here.Do you realize how much trouble you've caused for the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road?Moreover,who gave you,a mere Wind Pursuit Patrol,the right to investigate Renyi Manor?Have you reported to Lord Jin Wulin?Do you not understand the rules?"

A disdainful smile appeared on Su Xin's lips."Is this Deputy Chief Lei Yuan right?I really doubt the authenticity of your identity.As a member of the Six Gates,can't you even distinguish the duties of the Six Gates?"

"You..."Lei Yuan pointed at Su Xin,momentarily speechless.

While the rules of the Six Gates did not explicitly state that a deputy chief catcher of one road was superior to a Wind Pursuit Patrol,it was an implicit rule.Similar to how the Wind Pursuit Chief of each road held a lower status than the chief catchers of the respective roads,it was an unspoken understanding.Su Xin continued coldly,"Furthermore,the Wind Pursuit Patrol operates independently.Whether in investigations or tasks,the branch offices of the Six Gates in each road must unconditionally assist.I've never heard that Wind Pursuit Patrol needs to report to a road chief catcher for its investigations.Lord Jin Wulin seems to have quite a lofty air.What does he want?Does he think that as the top figure in Jiangnan Road,he can ignore the orders of the headquarters of the Six Gates,or does he consider himself the head of the Six Gates directly?"

Lei Yuan's expression changed."Su Xin,don't falsely accuse!When did Lord Jin Wulin say such things?"

Su Xin looked surprised."Wasn't that what you said just now?Why,are you trying to deny it now?"

Lei Yuan coldly snorted,"Su Xin,your Wind Pursuit Patrol has its duties,and Jiangnan Road's Six Gates have their responsibilities.By causing chaos at Renyi Manor,you've thrown the martial world of Jiangnan Road into chaos.In the end,it will be Jiangnan Road's Six Gates cleaning up the mess for you."

Su Xin pointed at the warriors in the hall and sneered,"Just by investigating a person,I can stir up such chaos in the martial world of Jiangnan Road?With this group of useless people,can you really blame the chaos on me?If so,then Jiangnan Road's Six Gates are truly a bunch of incompetents."

This statement angered both Lei Yuan and the warriors in the hall.

At this point,Iron Yao Hua,who had been silent,suddenly threw a token at Lei Yuan's feet and spoke with a cold tone,"Deputy Chief Lei,I believe you should know what this token represents.While the Six Gates of each road have considerable autonomy,don't forget your own responsibilities!"

Lei Yuan picked up the token,his expression changing.He wanted to say something but held back,respectfully handing the token back to Iron Yao Hua before leaving.

His relationship with Renyi Manor's Master Jiang Heliu was good.Over the years,due to his position,Jiang Heliu had given him many benefits.Also,because of Renyi Manor's connections,the martial forces were polite to him.However,the significance of the token thrown by Iron Yao Hua was too great.To continue his career within the Six Gates,he couldn't afford to offend Iron Yao Hua.Compared to his future,his relationship with Jiang Heliu was secondary.

Su Xin looked at Iron Yao Hua in surprise.It seemed that her background was more than just being from the Iron family.

Turning back to Jiang Heliu,Su Xin wore a smirk-like expression."Master Jiang,can we now verify the authenticity of that token?"

"Someone dares to be so unruly in Renyi Manor.It's really rare.Fortunately,my big brother isn't here today.If he were,would a person who hasn't even entered the top ten on the rankings dare to be so arrogant here?"A voice full of arrogance came from outside the hall.