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Chapter 272:Sending a Big Gift to Luoyu Manor

9096words in this chapter2024-02-03

Luo Yu Mountain Manor has several pharmacies located in the bustling capitals along Jiangnan Road,specifically established for warriors.Su Xin first led his group straight to the pharmacy in Jiangnan Prefecture.

Although it was just a pharmacy selling elixirs,Luo Yu Mountain Manor had decorated them extravagantly.The pharmacy was named Crimson Maple Pavilion,with two floors.The second floor was specially set up for private discussions about major transactions.

Apart from some wandering martial artists,there were also some third-rate small sects purchasing elixirs.They were more generous in spending compared to the wandering martial artists,and their numbers were greater,naturally leading to higher prices.

When Su Xin arrived at Crimson Maple Pavilion,there were more than ten martial artists inside,choosing elixirs.They were all wandering martial artists,planning to use silver to buy some lower-quality elixirs.Although the prices were the same,the efficacy of the elixirs varied,so they needed to carefully select.

The shop assistants looked disdainfully at these wandering martial artists and didn't even bother to serve them.After all,Luo Yu Mountain Manor's elixirs were sure to sell,and even if the shop treated customers poorly,it didn't matter.If you have the ability,don't buy from here.

However,at that moment,Su Xin,accompanied by a group of constables from the Six Fan Pavilion,rushed into the pharmacy,causing the shop assistant to be stunned.He quickly asked,"Honored guests,are you here to buy elixirs?"

Su Xin smiled and said,"No,I'm here to seal Crimson Maple Pavilion."

The shop assistant's expression changed instantly."Sir,don't joke around.This is not a funny matter."

Su Xin extended his face close to the shop assistant and said calmly,"Do I look like I'm joking to you?"

The shop assistant,belonging to the outer disciples of Luo Yu Mountain Manor,only had early-stage innate strength.He was not familiar with Su Xin,and although he knew the other party was from the Six Fan Pavilion,he didn't take them seriously.He was well aware of the strength of Luo Yu Mountain Manor in Jiangnan Road,even the Six Fan Pavilion couldn't disrespect them.

The shop assistant's face darkened."You need to think it over,sir.Crimson Maple Pavilion is an industry of Luo Yu Mountain Manor.It's not something anyone can interfere with!"


Su Xin's companion,Liu Hao,immediately acted,kicking the shop assistant onto the counter.Liu Hao's face turned cold as he said,"Dare to speak to my lord like that?Fed up with living,aren't you?"

Everyone present shivered.The wandering martial artists quickly moved away from the wall,as fighting inside Crimson Maple Pavilion was equivalent to directly offending Luo Yu Mountain Manor.

The commotion attracted the attention of surrounding martial artists,and the owner of the pharmacy,who was upstairs negotiating with a third-rate power,descended.Seeing the scene on the first floor,his expression changed abruptly.

He recognized Su Xin and naturally knew about the conflicts between Luo Yu Mountain Manor and the Six Fan Pavilion.The owner of Crimson Maple Pavilion couldn't help but wear a bitter smile.Those of them managing shops and conducting business outside were usually outer disciples without much martial talent.If the Six Fan Pavilion wanted trouble,they should go directly to Luo Yu Mountain Manor,not bother with them.

The owner of Crimson Maple Pavilion greeted Su Xin with a bow and said,"I wonder what brings Sir Su here?"

Su Xin chuckled,"It's simple.I received reports that Crimson Maple Pavilion is secretly supplying elixirs to remnants of the Wu Kingdom.So,I came to inspect and see if there is any evidence of collusion with those Wu Kingdom remnants.Be sensible and let us in for a search."

As soon as these words were spoken,not only did the owner of Crimson Maple Pavilion want to curse,but the surrounding people were also speechless.The Six Fan Pavilion had been using the pretext of colluding with Wu Kingdom remnants in their recent actions.This place and that place were all accused of collaborating with Wu Kingdom remnants.

If those remnants of Wu Kingdom were really that capable,they would have taken over the world by now.Just say the whole Jiangnan Road is filled with Wu Kingdom remnants.Why bother accusing them of collusion?

The owner of Crimson Maple Pavilion knew that refusing Su Xin would lead to a miserable outcome.However,if he agreed to let Su Xin search inside,the consequences would be even more disastrous.He believed Su Xin would use the opportunity to plant evidence and frame them,resulting in the direct closure of Crimson Maple Pavilion.

The owner gritted his teeth and said,"No!Crimson Maple Pavilion has no collusion with Wu Kingdom remnants.Sir Su,if you want to search,you'll have to step over my dead body!"

The owner of Crimson Maple Pavilion was now determined.Even if Su Xin killed him,the actions he took today would be witnessed by everyone present,setting an example of defending the reputation of Luo Yu Mountain Manor.In this way,his family in Luo Yu Mountain Manor would undoubtedly be taken care of,or else the other peripheral members of Luo Yu Mountain Manor would be disheartened.

Su Xin's face darkened."You really won't let me search inside?"

The owner of Luo Yu Mountain Manor's pharmacy gritted his teeth."No!"

Su Xin waved his hand."Fine,let's go."

Everyone present was suddenly stunned,even the innkeeper of Chifeng Pavilion,who was just preparing to make a generous sacrifice,was caught off guard.

"So,you're not going to search me?"Is this still the domineering and arrogant Suzhen,the Chief Catcher of the Six Fan Pavilions?Then why did you bring so many people here today?Are you here to play with me?

The onlookers outside were also puzzled.Although Suzhen had only been in Jiangnan Road for a few months,they had a clear understanding of his temper.

That is,Suzhen never does anything without a purpose.Today,Suzhen used such a big show,but the result seemed to fizzle out.Was it just to scare the innkeeper of Chifeng Pavilion?

But Suzhen didn't leave after going out;instead,he loudly declared to everyone outside,"Someone reported that Chifeng Pavilion is colluding with remnants of the Wu Kingdom,but there is no evidence at the moment.And the Six Fan Pavilions values evidence the most.Therefore,we cannot seal off the place without grounds."

Everyone present immediately cursed Suzhen for shamelessness.How could he say such things?Does the Six Fan Pavilions really value evidence?That's a joke.When they destroyed the Xunfeng Sword Sect and the Cold Moon Hall,did they have any evidence?They just labeled them and wiped them out.

Suzhen didn't care about what others thought.He continued loudly,"However,not sealing it off doesn't mean that Chifeng Pavilion is cleared of suspicion.Therefore,the Six Fan Pavilions has decided to designate Chifeng Pavilion as a key surveillance target.There will be special constables guarding the entrance every day.Anyone who enters Chifeng Pavilion to buy elixirs is suspected of being a remnant of the Wu Kingdom."

"So,anyone buying elixirs from Chifeng Pavilion must first visit the Six Fan Pavilions.Once you clear the suspicion,we won't detain you any longer.But rest assured,the Six Fan Pavilions won't wrong an innocent person,nor will we let a guilty one go.If you are truly innocent,we will release you."

With these words,the innkeeper of Chifeng Pavilion felt his world go dark,almost fainting.The people around instantly realized that things were not that simple.Suzhen would never give up so easily!

Suzhen's actions clearly conveyed a message:he was targeting Luoyu Manor.Anyone who dared to buy elixirs from Chifeng Pavilion was considered an enemy by Suzhen,with suspicion of being a remnant of the Wu Kingdom.Come to the Six Fan Pavilions and have a chat.As for Suzhen's claim that the innocent would be released,only fools would believe that.Once you enter the Six Fan Pavilions,can you really get out?

"Alright,my words end here.Please think carefully,everyone.I need to visit other state capitals."After Suzhen left,the many martial artists present looked at each other and left,especially those who wanted to buy elixirs from Chifeng Pavilion.They ran faster than anyone else.

Even the third-rate forces that had negotiated a price with the innkeeper on the second floor to buy a large batch of Chiling Pills from Chifeng Pavilion quietly left,not even asking for the deposit they had paid.

With Suzhen's words,who would dare to buy elixirs from Chifeng Pavilion?They were all third-rate small forces and wandering martial artists who couldn't afford to provoke the Six Fan Pavilions.

Seeing the desolate scene outside the door,the innkeeper of Chifeng Pavilion couldn't help but feel like crying.He knew Suzhen's scheme had succeeded,and in the future,Chifeng Pavilion might not even be able to sell a single elixir.

Chifeng Pavilion's customers were mostly third-rate small forces and wandering martial artists.The second-rate and first-rate forces had their own channels for obtaining cultivation resources,and they looked down on the castrated version of Chiling Pills refined by Luoyu Manor.

However,Suzhen's threat was fatal to these third-rate small forces and wandering martial artists.Who dared to buy elixirs from them when facing the threat from the Six Fan Pavilions?They might be invited to have tea with the Six Fan Pavilions as soon as they stepped out.

And Suzhen's plan didn't stop here.One Chifeng Pavilion in Jiangnan Prefecture wasn't enough for him.Suzhen wanted the entire Jiangnan Road,making it impossible for Luoyu Manor to sell even a single elixir!

At this moment,inside Luoyu Manor,Jiwukong and others were still unaware of Suzhen's retaliation.Although Suzhen had threatened to give him a big gift when leaving Qingyang Prefecture last time,Jiwukong didn't take it seriously.

Just as Suzhen had the halo of the Six Fan Pavilions on him,Luoyu Manor couldn't openly deal with him.Similarly,Suzhen couldn't do anything to Luoyu Manor with absolute strength.

Luoyu Manor,with several Nascent Soul realm warriors and a Fusion Spirit realm warrior,could easily crush everything in front of them.Suzhen's schemes might work against second-rate forces,but they were useless against Luoyu Manor with absolute strength.

So,when Jiwukong left Qingyang Prefecture more than ten days ago,there was no movement from the Six Fan Pavilions.This made Jiwukong completely relieved.