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Chapter 167: Changes in the Ranking List

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Xie Zhiyan said that Xiao Moyun is cautious and has some cleverness,and Su Xin sees him the same way.Although he threatened Xiao Moyun,making him hesitate to act against the Feiying Gang,it doesn't mean that Xiao Moyun will swallow this insult.Su Xin is confident that he will embellish his words and tell Shangguan Yanqing,instigating him to come and trouble himself.

Among these three,Shangguan Yanqing is the strongest in strength.Whether Shangguan Yanqing accepts Xiao Moyun's provocation or not,Su Xin dares to guarantee that he will definitely come to Changning Mansion for a visit.If Su Xin wins,he can seize all the Southern Barbarian specialties of Changning Mansion and use the proceeds to recruit subordinates.

Even if Su Xin finds Shangguan Yanqing challenging and beyond his ability to defeat,he can simply give up Changning Mansion.He can continue to compete with Xiao Moyun,as no one can take away the profits from Changning Mansion.

On the second day after Su Xin defeated Di Yunfei,it happened to be the day when the Six Gates of Shengjing City updated the ranking list.It is unknown how the Six Gates managed it,but they managed to transmit Su Xin's information from Xiangnan to the capital within a day.

At the entrance of the Six Gates in Shengjing City,a group of warriors is still waiting for the release of the ranking list to start transcribing.

When the list is posted,the first thing everyone looks at is the positions of the top ten.The top ten on the list can be said to be the outstanding figures of the younger generation in the martial arts world.In the future,they are certain to achieve the realm of Yuan Shen;the only difference is a matter of time.

In the past year,there have been some changes in the top ten rankings on the list,and each change has been a big news event.

"Indeed,the top three are still'Dao Fool'Lin Changhe,'Sword Young Master'He Xiu,and'Little An Marquis'Xiao Huang.It is said that'Sword Young Master'He Xiu comprehended the sword intent a year ago and wanted to challenge'Dao Fool'Lin Changhe.However,he didn't even draw his sword in front of Lin Changhe.It seems that in this generation's ranking,Sword Young Master doesn't stand a chance to surpass Dao Fool."

"The'Fire Domain Demon God'Yannaluo has risen quickly in the past year.In just a year,he has gone from the twentieth position on the list to the fourth.However,this person is from the thirty-six countries in the Western Regions,not influenced by the orthodox teachings.He is ruthless and cunning,truly a practitioner of demonic arts."

The speaker has a disdainful expression,even though the person he is talking about is the fourth-ranked strong person on the list.Western Regions'influence has never been considered powerful by Central Plains warriors.During the peak of the Eastern Jin Dynasty,they mercilessly slaughtered the Western Regions,reducing over seventy countries to the current thirty-six.

Therefore,warriors from the Western Regions have never been highly regarded by Central Plains warriors.Even though Yannaluo is ranked fourth on the list,he is still looked down upon by Central Plains warriors.However,many secretly envy and resent him.

"The rest,'Red Pine True Man'Feng Linzi,'Daro Sky Knife'Chen Jing,'Thousand-Faced Witch'Yin Xixue,'Seven Killings Spear'Yan Dongchen,'Broken Jade Hand'Yue Qingping,and'Strategic Astonishment Immortal'Zhuge Qingtian,their rankings haven't changed much,remaining quite stable."

They don't transcribe the unchanged rankings,but at this moment,a unfamiliar yet somehow familiar name suddenly catches their eyes,eliciting exclamations.

"Oh my god!Someone actually advanced fifty places at once,from the 105th position to the 54th on the list!"

Everyone looks,and the person who was originally ranked 54th has now moved back one spot,and the current 54th on the list is Su Xin!

"Name:Su Xin

Nickname:Blood Sword Divine Finger(originally Fast Sword)


Martial Arts:Blood River Divine Sword,Blood River Divine Finger,Twenty-Four Seasonal Shocking Divine Finger

Strength:Innate Spiritual Aperture Realm(opened eyes,ears,four knocks)

Record:One day ago,killed four Innate Spiritual Aperture Realm warriors under Di Yunfei of the Zhengjian Alliance in Xiangnan,publicly fought against the 57th-ranked Di Yunfei,used the Blood River Sword to cut a big dragon,broke Di Yunfei's'Dragon Transformation'secret technique,and injured him.


Seeing this record,everyone takes a cold breath and is excited at the same time.What qualifies as big news on the list?It's undoubtedly when one list genius steps on another to climb up.Such news is the most popular.

When Sword Young Master He Xiu comprehended the sword intent and challenged Dao Fool Lin Changhe,it attracted over ten thousand warriors to watch.If Su Xin knew about it,he would marvel that gossip hounds are ubiquitous.

Now that Su Xin has defeated Di Yunfei,he has jumped from 105th to 54th place,crossing fifty ranks at once.This kind of leap has broken the record set by Xie Zhiyan earlier.

Moreover,keen observers have noticed that although Su Xin defeated Di Yunfei,according to common sense,Su Xin should be ranked 57th now,completely replacing Di Yunfei's spot.

But in reality,Su Xin is now ranked 54th,three ranks higher than the normal position he should have obtained.Obviously,the Six Gates determined that Su Xin's strength has not been fully displayed,so they gave him an additional three ranks.

The crowd quickly transcribed all the information about Su Xin.Some clever individuals were already preparing to present this ranking to the Qingcheng Sword Sect.

They hadn't forgotten that a year ago,Su Xin had climbed the ranking list because he killed Fang Dongting.Now,a year later,the Qingcheng Sword Sect had spent a considerable sum to blacklist him,but he had not only emerged unscathed but also cultivated his martial skills and returned to the martial world.In a leap,he became a prominent figure ranked 54th on the list.This turn of events was a significant blow to the Qingcheng Sword Sect's prestige.

Within ten days,this edition of the ranking list had spread throughout the martial world through various channels,but it remained a mystery how they achieved such rapid dissemination.

Meanwhile,in the council chamber of the second fortress on Mount Huayin in Xiangnan,several warriors sat below.The main seat wasn't occupied by Han Guang,the master of the second fortress'Yin Ghost Blade,'but by a young man with a jade-like face.

This young man,around twenty years old,wore a light golden robe,a crown on his head,resembling someone from another era.He was naturally the direct disciple of the Shangguan family,Shangguan Yanqing.

Seated to his left were the second fortress master,Han Guang,the fourth fortress master,Wu Sanchong,and the eighth fortress master,Zhou Sheng.To his right were several young warriors with similar ages to Shangguan Yanqing but possessing the strength of the Innate Realm.

These individuals were not local warriors from Xiangnan but warriors who had followed Shangguan Yanqing from Hansouth Dao,which was adjacent to Xiangnan Dao.Although bringing them together could be considered a violation of the rules,Hansouth Dao was so close to Xiangnan Dao that it would be reasonable for Shangguan Yanqing to claim them as Xiangnan Dao warriors.

A young warrior named Zhu Yanxin,a disciple of the Nine Yang Sword Sect,a small sect in Hansouth Dao,held the ranking list with dissatisfaction.He said,"Are the Six Gates out of their minds?They actually elevated Su Xin's ranking to 54th.Why should he be one rank higher than you,Young Master?"

Zhu Yanxin had immediately joined Shangguan Yanqing upon hearing the news of his arrival in Xiangnan Dao.The Nine Yang Sword Sect was just a third-rate small sect,and without this opportunity,Zhu Yanxin wouldn't even have been considered by the Shangguan family.

For this reason,Zhu Yanxin treated Shangguan Yanqing as his master throughout the journey.He was extremely attentive and even compared the other warriors who followed Shangguan Yanqing in the same way.

As the saying goes,the master is insulted,and the servant dies.Now that he saw Su Xin's ranking surpassing Shangguan Yanqing's,he naturally wanted to express his dissatisfaction.

In fact,Shangguan Yanqing was also quite annoyed with the changes in this edition of the ranking list.He was originally ranked 55th,and even if Su Xin defeated Di Yunfei,he should have been ranked 57th.

However,this time,the Six Gates didn't follow the usual routine and directly elevated Su Xin by three positions,precisely above him.The original 54th ranked person naturally dropped one place,and everyone else on the list also descended by one rank.

Although losing one position on the ranking list wasn't a big deal,it was still a bit disheartening for everyone.

Suddenly,someone entered the hall and reported that a subordinate of Xiao Moyun had come,wanting to inform Shangguan Yanqing about something.

"Xiao Moyun?What does he want to tell me?"Shangguan Yanqing frowned.

If Di Yunfei's subordinates were killed by Su Xin,and he himself was defeated,it was likely that Xiao Moyun no longer had the face to continue the conflict with them in Xiangnan.This trip to Xiangnan had become a personal struggle between him and Xiao Moyun.But what did Xiao Moyun want by approaching him now?

Thinking this way,Shangguan Yanqing waved his hand and said,"Let him in.I want to see what Xiao Moyun wants to say."

A warrior under Xiao Moyun was brought in.He only had the strength of the acquired realm and couldn't help feeling nervous in front of several innate realm warriors.

"Speak.Xiao Moyun sent you.What does he want?"Shangguan Yanqing said indifferently.

The warrior quickly conveyed the words Su Xin had said to Xiao Moyun.He didn't add any fuel to the fire but changed the name to Shangguan Yanqing.Su Xin's speculation was correct;Xiao Moyun would definitely share these words with Shangguan Yanqing,whether they were useful or not.Although these words were clearly meant to sow discord,it would be strange if Shangguan Yanqing showed no anger upon hearing them.