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Chapter 168: Tomb of 'Sword Master' Luo Yun

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The people in the hall exploded upon hearing the words from Xiao Moyun's subordinates.

Su Xin is really too arrogant.We haven't even gone to look for him,and he dares to provoke us?

Zhu Yanshin waved the roster in his hand and loudly exclaimed,"Su Xin is too arrogant.Just because he climbed to the fifty-fourth position on the roster,he thinks he can ignore us?"

The followers of Shangguan Yanqing were excited,while the three leaders of Huayin Mountain remained calm.Su Xin had previously stated that Shangguan Yanqing could not subdue the bandits on Huayin Mountain.Even though Shangguan Yanqing sat in the main seat now,they were not his subordinates;they only had a cooperative relationship.

Shangguan Yanqing's expression turned slightly gloomy.He didn't expect that after Su Xin pushed him down the roster,Xiao Moyun would spread these words.

Normally,Shangguan Yanqing would definitely go to Changning Mansion to meet Su Xin and see what gave him the confidence to speak like this.However,for now,he had to endure temporarily.As long as this matter was successful,even if he lost the struggle with Xiao Moyun,the Shangguan Family would not punish him.On the contrary,they might reward and even consider him as one of the true heirs.

Shangguan Yanqing spoke with a dark face,"Shut up!Now is not the time to trouble Su Xin.Be obedient during this period."

Upon Shangguan Yanqing's command,Zhu Yanshin could only sit back reluctantly.

"Master Han,how is the excavation going on at the tomb?"Shangguan Yanqing turned his gaze to Han Guang,the leader of the'Yin Ghost Blade.'

Han Guang replied in a deep voice,"It's a bit difficult.As you know,Huayin Mountain is not our territory alone.The other leaders are still around.Even if we start digging in our own area,we need to be cautious not to alert them."

Shangguan Yanqing frowned,"Why is it so slow?I've already informed the people from the Shangguan Family to come.If your tomb is not open when they arrive,it will attract unnecessary attention."

The faces of Han Guang and the other two changed instantly."Young Master Shangguan,what do you mean by this?Didn't we agree before?We handle the excavation,and you get 60%,and we get 40%.Why did you notify the Shangguan Family's people?"

Shangguan Yanqing sneered,"Have you forgotten whose tomb this is?It's the tomb of the former Sun God Realm powerhouse,Sword Master Luo Yun!Even though Sword Master Luo Yun,as a sword cultivator,wouldn't set up malicious traps in the tomb,the lingering sword aura after his death will gather there.With your current strength,if you're touched by that sword aura,you'll be killed on the spot.If I don't bring the experts from the family,you won't even be able to enter the main gate of the tomb!"

The faces of Han Guang and the others turned ugly.They had no idea about the lingering sword aura after the death of a Sun God Realm powerhouse.Being former bandits,they had never encountered a martial arts master in the God-Transforming Realm,let alone the Sun God Realm.

Han Guang coughed and said,"Young Master Shangguan,we welcome the Shangguan family's people to join,but about the division of the items in the tomb..."

Before he could finish,Shangguan Yanqing interrupted,"Master Han,my family is sending a martial arts master in the God-Transforming Realm this time.The distribution of items will naturally change.Considering what you've done so far,I think it's fair to give you 10%."

"Shangguan Yanqing!You're going too far!"Fourth Leader,'Earth Flow Blade'Wu Sanchong,immediately slammed the table and shouted.

Changing the division from 40%to 10%,Shangguan Yanqing's behavior was too unsightly.Han Guang was more composed,not as impulsive as Wu Sanchong,but his expression was still unpleasant,"Young Master Shangguan,with only 10%from the items in the tomb,how do we divide it among ourselves?We've worked hard to cover up the information.In the end,even if we can't stay in Huayin Mountain,we may not even find a place to live in Xiangnan.Taking only 10%is too much,isn't it?"

Shangguan Yanqing sneered,"Master Han,you shouldn't say it like that.Originally,I was prepared to directly cooperate with the nine leaders of Huayin Mountain,including you.It was you who stopped me,allowing me not to inform the other leaders and securing an additional 10%of the profits for myself.Now,why the complaints?Be content.The treasures left by a Sun God Realm powerhouse are beyond your imagination.Even with just 10%,it's enough for a lifetime."

The Eighth Leader,'Night Wolf'Zhou Sheng,who had been silent,spoke with a hoarse voice,"Young Master Shangguan,leave a way out for yourself,and we may meet again.By notifying the Shangguan family without our consent,are you trying to use this as an excuse to take away our 30%share?However,if you act without benevolence,don't blame me for acting without justice.If I expose the news about the tomb of'Sword Master'Luo Yun,guess what will happen?We might be hunted by the Grand Master and others,but once the news spreads,local warriors in Xiangnan will rush over.You won't get anything from the tomb,and we'll all be in dire straits!"

Shangguan Yanqing disdainfully chuckled,"Dire straits?Do you even have the qualification to drag me down?If you dare to leak the news,my family's God-Transforming Realm experts will surely exterminate you in Huayin Mountain.Even if you escape to the ends of the earth,it won't help.Do you believe it or not?"

The faces of Han Guang and the others changed suddenly.They didn't expect Shangguan Yanqing to be so uncompromising.

As one of the six major families,the Shangguan family effortlessly dealt with these small bandits from Xiangnan.Shangguan Yanqing,as the legitimate heir of the Shangguan family,was much more imposing than Xiao Moro.

Su Xin threatened Xiao Moro,who had no choice but to endure.However,the same tactic didn't work when Han Guang and his group threatened Shangguan Yanqing.

Shangguan Yanqing sneered,"Gentlemen,human desires are insatiable.Even with just 10%,it's a considerable benefit.Even if you manage to escape to the Central Plains,you might advance further with what you obtain from the tomb."

Having said that,Shangguan Yanqing turned and left without any worry that Han Guang and the others would leak the news.Anyone with a brain wouldn't engage in such self-destructive behavior.

Following their departure,Han Guang and the others exchanged glances,wearing expressions of both sorrow and indignation.

This time,they were miserably deceived by Shangguan Yanqing.

At the beginning,when Shangguan Yanqing approached them,suggesting collaboration to locate the tomb of a Sun God Realm powerhouse in Huayin Mountain,Han Guang was indeed tempted.

The Grand Master of Huayin Mountain was in seclusion,and although the nine leaders appeared united,they had their own forces and plans.When Shangguan Yanqing proposed this,Han Guang secretly collaborated with trustworthy individuals,Wu Sanchong and Zhou Sheng,to work with Shangguan Yanqing.

The other leaders thought that Shangguan Yanqing just wanted to recruit Han Guang and didn't pay much attention.During this time,Han Guang's men were excavating underground,and they indeed discovered the tomb.

However,Han Guang and the others didn't anticipate that Shangguan Yanqing,the outstanding figure from the prestigious Shangguan family,would turn out to be so cunning.Once he confirmed that the tomb indeed belonged to'Sword Master'Luo Yun,he immediately went back on the agreed distribution plan.

Wu Sanchong expressed his resentment,"Shangguan Yanqing,this guy is indeed cunning.If we had known,we shouldn't have agreed to him in the first place!"

Initially,Shangguan Yanqing wasn't sure if'Sword Master'Luo Yun's tomb was in Huayin Mountain,so he didn't dare to bring the family's God-Transforming Realm experts.Now that he was certain,he had the confidence to summon them.Unfortunately,it was too late for Han Guang and the others to regret.

Zhou Sheng's face was gloomy as he said,"Brother Han,are we really going to endure this?"

Han Guang sighed,"If we don't endure,do you dare to leak the news?I should have realized earlier—what treasures must be inside the tomb of a Sun God Realm powerhouse?Why would Shangguan Yanqing be so generous,offering us 40%from the beginning?Agreeing to Shangguan Yanqing's distribution plan,we could have taken 10%and fled to the Central Plains to make a living.If we don't agree,we can't beat the Shangguan family."

Wu Sanchong objected,"We don't know anything inside the tomb now.When it comes to distributing the benefits,Shangguan Yanqing will probably take charge.What if he takes away all the valuable techniques and weapons,leaving us only some useless gold and silver?His character is evident;he might really do it."

Shangguan Yanqing's character had been witnessed by them,and his backstabbing behavior was quite evident.Wu Sanchong's concerns were entirely valid.