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Chapter 312 Conflict

8512words in this chapter2024-02-22

On the way to Qingping Sect,Pang Qian complained as he walked,"Damn it!I'm sure we'll be humiliated this time we go to Qingping Sect.When have I ever suffered such indignity?"

Between the two of them,Pang Qian was originally a bandit and had been the confidant of the leader when he was in the stronghold.

Later,he became a constable in Jiangnan Dao.It was during the time when Su Xin was in charge of the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Dao that he joined the Six Fan Gates,enjoying the most glorious time.Now,he had to go and subject himself to humiliation,which he found intolerable.

Yao An,beside him,advised,"Patience is a virtue.It's just once a month anyway.Next month it won't be our turn."

Yao An was different from Pang Qian.He was an old member of the Six Fan Gates and had experienced the time when the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Dao had no prestige during the period of Jin Wulin.It was much worse than now.

So,although Yao An was also disgusted by this practice,at least it was within his tolerance.

Although Yao An tried to persuade Pang Qian along the way,Pang Qian was still somewhat resentful.

If it weren't for the generous salary and rewards from the Six Fan Gates,he would have taken off this uniform long ago.

Qingping Sect was not far from Qingyang Prefecture,and it took about half a day for the two to walk there.

When they reached the mountain gate of Qingping Sect,four disciple guards saw them wearing the official attire of the Six Fan Gates and immediately showed a hint of mockery in their eyes.

One of the disciples even directly snorted,"Beggars are here again.Should we just throw them two bones and send them away?What do you think?"

As soon as Pang Qian heard this,he was so angry that he wanted to make a move.Since when did even a gatekeeping lackey of the acquired realm dare to speak to him like this?

Yao An,beside him,saw the situation was bad and immediately pulled him back,arching his hand towards the gatekeeper disciple,"The Six Fan Gates of Qingyang Prefecture seek an audience with the leader of Qingping Sect.It's time for this month's taxes to be paid."

The gatekeeper disciple sneered,"You think you're qualified to see the leader of our Qingping Sect?Are you full yet?Are you qualified?"

Pang Qian's eyes were filled with anger.When the chief constable of Qingyang Prefecture came to Qingping Sect to ask for that piece of land,even the chief constable of Qingyang Prefecture didn't come forward personally.He just ordered Pang Qian and several other acquired realm constables to deliver a message to Qingping Sect.At that time,the head of Qingping Sect personally came to greet them.Even facing these acquired realm constables,the head of Qingping Sect was polite.But now,things were different.A gatekeeping disciple of the acquired realm dared to speak disrespectfully to him.

Yao An smiled awkwardly and said,"If the leader is too busy,it's fine.But could we have one of your direct disciples come out to meet us?"

The attitude of the other party was so bad that Yao An also felt angry.But as he said,patience was key to the overall situation.

Last time,when Yin Ji pushed these martial arts sects too hard,causing all of them to unite and pressure the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Dao,Yin Ji had to step back.But when you step back,others will naturally move forward,leading to the current loss of prestige of the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Dao.Moreover,Yin Ji was afraid of stimulating these martial arts sects of Jiangnan Dao again,repeatedly instructing the local Six Fan Gates not to conflict with these martial arts sects.So they had to endure.

At this time,the mountain gate was pushed open,and two acquired realm disciples of Qingping Sect walked out,looking arrogant.

The disciples guarding the gate hurriedly saluted,"Greetings,Senior Brother Chen Heng,Senior Brother Liu Yuan."

The two direct disciples of Qingping Sect nodded and turned to look at Yao An and Pang Qian.

Chen Heng sneered,"Oh,aren't these the two gentlemen from the Six Fan Gates?What,here to beg for food again?"

Yao An suppressed his anger and said,"We're here to collect taxes."

Liu Yuan sneered,"Begging for food is begging for food.Still collecting taxes?So,the constables of the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Dao rely on that low-grade pill for cultivation?"

These two were clearly deliberate,sarcastically mocking Yao An and Pang Qian one after another,almost infuriating the two.

If it weren't for the fear of failing the mission and being punished,Yao An really wanted to leave,but he couldn't.

Last time,when collecting taxes,some people didn't go to those martial arts forces but took out a low-grade pill to hand over instead.However,their actions had been noticed by spies of Jiangnan Dao,reported to Yin Ji,and the opportunistic constable had been severely punished by Yin Ji.

Yao An could now be sure that there were Six Fan Gates spies around him,and if they dared to leave,they would definitely be reported to Yin Ji.

Although Yao An could endure,Pang Qian couldn't.He directly pointed at the two and shouted,"Damn it,who do you think you are?You dare to speak to me like this?When I led people to Qingping Sect to ask for that land back then,you didn't even dare to let out a fart.You just handed the land over to the Fei family.Back then,even the Nascent Soul realm head of your Qingping Sect had to act like a grandson in front of my Six Fan Gates.Now,you petty people are getting arrogant.If it were in the past,I would have slaughtered you all,and your Qingping Sect wouldn't dare to say a word!"

As soon as those words were spoken,everyone present was stunned.Chen Heng and Liu Yuan's faces darkened as if they could drip water.

The incident with the Fei family last time had indeed embarrassed Qingping Sect,and they had been ridiculed by other martial forces for a long time.

Initially,Qingping Sect wanted to take advantage of Fei's background from the Thirty-Six Kingdoms of the Western Regions,being helpless in Jiangnan Dao,and planned to make a fortune by heavily taxing them.Unexpectedly,Fei's family got involved with the Six Fan Gates.

The Six Fan Gates were best at uniting to eliminate others,and Su Xin had done this kind of thing more than once.So when they found out that Fei's family had ties with the Six Fan Gates,the people of Qingping Sect were frightened,afraid that the next day,people from Fei's family and the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Dao would appear at their mountain gate,completely exterminating them.

So when the chief constable of Qingyang Prefecture sent someone to request that piece of land,Qingping Sect immediately handed it over.Even the head of Qingping Sect was cautious,fearing that if the Six Fan Gates were displeased,they would wipe them out.

Because of this arrogant and subservient attitude,other martial forces had mocked Qingping Sect for being cowardly and lacking integrity,making it difficult for their disciples to hold their heads up outside.

So when the Six Fan Gates came to collect taxes these two times,the disciples of Qingping Sect took the opportunity to mock and ridicule,to avenge their previous humiliation.

Even the head of Qingping Sect was aware of these matters,but he tacitly allowed it,which made his disciples so arrogant and defiant.

Chen Heng's face darkened as he coldly said,"Dare to talk to me like this?Do you want to die?Believe it or not,with just one command from me,the people of Qingping Sect will cripple you right here.Even the chief constable of your Six Fan Gates won't dare to say a word!"

"Damn it!I'll disable you first today!"

Pang Qian,a former bandit,had a violent personality.He had already suffered enough insults standing at the mountain gate just now.Now being scolded to his face,how could he bear it?

As soon as he spoke,Pang Qian directly drew his sword and attacked Chen Heng and Liu Yuan.

Chen Heng and Liu Yuan really didn't expect Pang Qian to dare to attack in such a situation.Unable to dodge in time,they suffered a loss and were almost injured by Pang Qian's sword energy.

Seeing Pang Qian's move,Yao An also gritted his teeth and joined in.

In terms of strength,Chen Heng and Liu Yuan were actually superior to Pang Qian and Yao An.

After all,they were the direct disciples of Qingping Sect,which followed an elite path.Although the number of direct disciples was less than a hundred,they were all elite.

Although their realm was the same as Pang Qian's,they were stronger in terms of internal energy and martial skills.

But because Pang Qian suddenly attacked,Chen Heng and Liu Yuan were caught off guard,and they were pressed down for a while and couldn't fight back.

The faces of these two men turned black.A few disciples of the acquired realm who had been watching the show shouted,"What are you waiting for?Go call for help!"

At this moment,those disciple guards finally reacted and went to call for help from inside Qingping Sect.

After dozens of moves,Chen Heng and Liu Yuan managed to turn the tide and gain the upper hand.Footsteps also came from within Qingping Sect,which immediately changed the expressions of Pang Qian and Yao An.

"Retreat!"Pang Qian shouted and directly withdrew his sword,turning to escape with Yao An.

They weren't fools.This was Qingping Sect's territory.If they continued fighting,even if the other side didn't dare to kill them,a severe beating was inevitable,and they would have to let the Six Fan Gates of Qingyang Prefecture come to collect them.

Seeing the two fleeing,Chen Heng and Liu Yuan wanted to chase after them,but a young man in his thirties walked out and stopped them,"Junior Brothers,let them go."

Chen Heng looked back unwillingly,"Senior Brother,let those bastards leave like this?He actually dared to attack within our Qingping Sect's mountain gate.It's simply seeking death!"

Their senior brother in Qingping Sect was the top figure among the younger generation,already possessing the strength of the Divine Palace Realm.Chen Heng and Liu Yuan dared not disobey their senior brother's words.