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Chapter 86: Yijianmen

9264words in this chapter2024-01-05

The shopkeeper of Shenglong Tower was helpless at this moment.Today,he handed over Shenglong Tower to Su Xin for exclusive use,hoping to establish a good relationship with him.Now that Su Xin and his group were about to leave,if he allowed other customers to come in again,wouldn't his previous deviation from the rules be in vain?

Therefore,the shopkeeper of Shenglong Tower could only smile bitterly and say,"Dear guests,it's not that I intentionally drove you away.It's just that the establishment has been reserved today.Could you please wait for a while?I won't charge anything for this meal;consider it as an apology."

The shopkeeper of Shenglong Tower had to say this,but as soon as he spoke,the anger of the young man became even greater.He pointed directly at the shopkeeper and scolded,"What do you mean?Are we short of money for this meal?"

The shopkeeper of Shenglong Tower hurriedly waved his hands and said,"No,no,I certainly didn't mean that."

"Alright,Xiaoqi,stop causing trouble.Let's find another place,"the yellow-dressed woman with a sword on her back said softly from behind.

This woman in yellow was highly respected among the young men and women.Hearing her words,even if the young man named Xiaoqi was dissatisfied,he could only snort and let it go.

"Innkeeper Liu,please prepare dishes for these distinguished guests.If our Shenglong Tower's owner finds out that you drove away these esteemed guests,your fate might be quite miserable,"Su Xin said as he led his group downstairs.

Facing the yellow-dressed woman,Su Xin arched his hand and said,"This should be Miss Xie Zhiyan,the'Heavenly Maiden'of Yijianmen,right?And all the talented young people of Yijianmen,please be seated.Innkeeper Liu didn't mean to offend you;he just didn't know your identities."

Xie Zhiyan's lips curled into a faint smile."I dare not be called a maiden.You can just address me by my name."

Innkeeper Liu of Shenglong Tower immediately broke into a cold sweat.Although he was not a martial artist,as the shopkeeper of Shenglong Tower,he had to be perceptive and avoid offending people.He may not be as knowledgeable as Su Xin or as powerful as Iron Merciless,but he understood the major martial sects in the jianghu.

Innkeeper Liu guessed that these people were extraordinary,but he hadn't considered the possibility of them being disciples of Yijianmen,one of the Five Sword Sects.Although Shenglong Tower was famous in Changning Prefecture,it was not as well-informed as Iron Merciless or Su Xin,who could quickly learn about outsiders coming to Changning Prefecture.

Thinking of this,Innkeeper Liu gratefully glanced at Su Xin.If Su Xin hadn't reminded him,he would be in a dire situation now.

"Please,all of you,upstairs.I will arrange food and drinks for you,"Innkeeper Liu hastily remedied.

Xiaoqi snorted coldly,"We've traveled so far and are already exhausted.Who has the mood to climb upstairs?Let's just stay on the first floor."

Then,Xiaoqi gave Su Xin a disdainful look and said,"Are you the one who reserved the entire building for a meal?Booking seven floors just for a few people to eat,afraid that others won't know you have money?"

"Xiaoqi,mind your manners,"Xie Zhiyan scolded lightly.Then,she apologized to Su Xin,"Xiaoqi has a child's temperament;please don't mind him."

Su Xin smiled and said,"No problem.Miss Xie,you all enjoy your meal.I'll take my leave."

"Wait,Chief Su,please stay for a moment,"Xie Zhiyan suddenly called out.

Su Xin was surprised,"You know me?"

Xie Zhiyan smiled,"If you know me,why wouldn't I know you?"

Her smile was as clear as a painting,elegant and serene,even causing Su Xin to momentarily lose focus.

Su Xin had subordinates reporting to him,and when Xie Zhiyan and her group arrived in Changning Prefecture,they surely inquired about the major factions within the prefecture.Among the leaders of the Five Major Factions,Su Xin was the most easily recognizable,being the youngest.

With her melodious voice,Xie Zhiyan said,"Chief Su,I believe you already understand our purpose here.I hope that during this period,you can help us find clues about the treasure of the Mad Lion,Du Yuansheng."

"Oh?What do I gain from this?"Su Xin asked.

Xiaoqi sneered,"Greedy!Yijianmen asks for your help,and you're still thinking about what you can get?"


Xie Zhiyan drew the sword from behind and fiercely knocked Xiaoqi on the head,making him tear up instantly.

"Sister,why did you hit me?"Xiaoqi looked aggrieved.

Xie Zhiyan's expression turned serious."Xiaoqi,remember one thing.The sect is the sect,and you are you.Using the reputation of Yijianmen to press others,they yield to Yijianmen,not you.Moreover,Chief Su is right;there must be reciprocity.If we don't contribute something,why would others wholeheartedly help us?Not causing trouble openly is already being considerate.Sacrifices must be made,and if you can't understand this,you won't be qualified to venture into the martial world in the future.Only when you understand will you be eligible to roam the jianghu."

"I understand,Sister."Xiaoqi immediately wilted.

Su Xin watched this with interest.Yijianmen was indeed one of the Five Sword Sects,and their way of educating disciples was quite intriguing.Although Xie Zhiyan was roughly the same age as him,she wasn't a greenhorn in the martial world.Her conduct was pleasant,making people feel comfortable.

Xiaoqi's personality might be a bit arrogant,but being young and obedient made him easy to educate.With proper guidance,he wouldn't turn into someone relying on the sect's power to act recklessly despite his mediocre strength.

Xie Zhiyan turned to Su Xin apologetically,"Xiaoqi is still young and not very sensible.I hope Chief Su doesn't mind."

Su Xin shook his head,"No worries.But Miss Xie,please don't address me as Chief Su.In front of Yijianmen disciples,my title as Chief is quite laughable.I'm Su Xin,and if you don't mind,you can call me by my name directly."

Xie Zhiyan didn't insist and presented a bottle of elixir,saying,"This is Yijianmen's specially crafted Sword Heart Nourishing Qi Elixir.It benefits practitioners in both acquired and innate realms.During this period,I only need you to gather some information about Du Yuansheng,the Mad Lion,in Changning Prefecture.You being the local expert,it should be easy for you."

Su Xin accepted the elixir,rated as a two-and-a-half-star grade by the system,which was considered good.So,Su Xin readily agreed,"No problem,deal."

While Su Xin and Xie Zhiyan were discussing matters,Xiaoqi found herself bored and attempted to chat with other fellow disciples.However,witnessing her recent scolding from her senior sister,they kept their distance,fearing being implicated by her temper.This left Xiaoqi feeling a bit frustrated.

Turning around,Xiaoqi noticed Xiner sitting obediently,holding the delicate sword given to her by Li Huai and listening to Su Xin.Amused,he approached her.

"Little sister,that weapon of yours isn't a toy.You might get hurt playing around with it.Is that Su Xin your brother?He really isn't responsible,letting such a young girl play with a weapon."

Xiner pouted,"Hmph,ever since I started learning the sword,I've never been injured."

Hearing this,Xiaoqi burst into laughter.While such a statement might be acceptable coming from an adult warrior,it sounded quite amusing when said by a cute seven or eight-year-old girl.

"You know swordsmanship too?"

Proudly,Xiner lifted her small face,"Of course,my swordsmanship is formidable."

Taking a chopstick from the table,Xiaoqi grinned,"Alright,let's have a little competition.I'll use this chopstick,and you use your sword.If I can knock your sword out of your hands within ten moves,I win.If not,you win,and I'll give you a gift.How about that?"

Excited at the mention of a gift,Xiner exclaimed,"Okay,okay!But be careful,my sword was a gift from Uncle Li,and it's very sharp."

Xiaoqi chuckled inwardly.Despite her young age,she already possessed mid-acquired realm strength.If she still managed to harm him with her sword,it would be quite embarrassing.Holding up the chopstick,Xiaoqi playfully said,"Are you ready?I'm starting."

Xiner nodded,"I'm ready."

Xiaoqi brandished the chopstick,using the entry-level sword technique of Yijianmen towards Xiner's sword handle.

However,Xiner's slender sword twisted,and the Great Vajra Sword technique unfolded.The tiny,thin sword moved as if it were airtight,nearly slicing Xiaoqi's chopstick in half.

This left Xiaoqi utterly dumbfounded.

The Great Vajra Sword technique was known for its defense,and actively attacking with it was unusual.Even if he had a hundred moves,he wouldn't be able to break through Xiner's sword technique.

Xiner had been practicing this sword technique for several months,becoming more proficient than Su Xin,who had abandoned the Great Vajra Sword technique.Xiaoqi could use internal force to deflect Xiner's sword,but it would be embarrassing for him,a young man,to rely on internal force to win against a little girl.

In the time it took to lose focus,ten moves had passed.Excitedly,Xiner put away her sword and shouted,"Oh!I won!"

Xiaoqi blushed with embarrassment,feeling like he had lost all face.However,at this moment,Xie Zhiyan suddenly stood up,looking at Xiner in astonishment.

Initially,Xie Zhiyan hadn't paid much attention to Xiaoqi playing around with Xiner.Still,witnessing Xiner's use of this particular sword technique left her utterly surprised.

"Innate Sword Heart!It's actually an Innate Sword Heart!"

Muttering to herself,Xie Zhiyan turned to Su Xin,"Is she your sister?"

Su Xin nodded,"Yes,my biological sister."

"How about letting your sister join Yijianmen?I will report to the sect and make her an official disciple directly,"Xie Zhiyan suggested.

Su Xin looked at Xie Zhiyan,making sure she wasn't teasing him,and couldn't help but be puzzled,"Miss Xie,are you joking?Doesn't Yijianmen have a more stringent process for accepting disciples?"

"Of course not!"Xie Zhiyan looked at Xiner with shining eyes,as if she had discovered a rare treasure,"Your sister possesses a once-in-a-century Innate Sword Heart.No matter what sword technique she practices,her progress is rapid.The sword technique she just displayed,did you teach it to her?Although this technique has low requirements for the user and can even be executed without internal force,the sword moves are intricate,making it extremely difficult to learn.Even adult warriors with a foundation in martial arts find it challenging.Yet,your sister learns it effortlessly.That's the power of Innate Sword Heart—she is born to wield the sword!"