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Chapter 143: Coming to the Door

8621words in this chapter2024-01-07

The sects behind Yan Zhongheng have sent people to Shangshan City.Su Xin learned of this when they first entered the city.After all,Shangshan City is not that big,and their high-profile entry has already become widely known.

Su Xin initially thought that Yan Huang Jiu had already decided Yan Qingxue as the successor.Seeing the forces of the Southern Wulin helping Yan Zhongheng,he thought he should at least make a statement.

However,a day passed,and Yan Huang Jiu seemed oblivious,not expressing any opinions.This made Su Xin disdain Yan Huang Jiu's approach.If you have established Yan Qingxue as the successor,making it clear that you don't want the forces of the Southern Wulin to interfere in Shangshan City,why hesitate to break ties directly with the Southern Wulin forces?This vacillating attitude has given the Southern Wulin forces an opportunity.

Whether it's because of age or other reasons,in Su Xin's view,Yan Huang Jiu's actions lack the decisiveness and sharpness he had in the past.

At this moment,Fang Hao rushed in anxiously,saying,"Master,something's not right!Ninth Young Master is leading a group and about to attack!"

A smile appeared on Su Xin's lips."Can't wait,huh?Let's go,let's meet them."

Outside the main gate,Yan Shengheng and disciples of the Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect blocked the way,led by the core disciple Ling Tao.

Ling Tao's idea was similar to Mo Tianlan and others,intending to eliminate all the forces around Yan Qingxue before taking any further steps.However,Shangshan City is not their sect territory.Even if they want to attack,they need a good excuse.

After thinking for a while,Ling Tao finally came up with a good excuse–Tao Qian.

To be honest,they almost forgot about Tao Qian,a minor character who had some grievances with them in the past,thanks to Yan Shengheng's reminder.

Since they had a reason,they directly used Tao Qian as an excuse to attack.

Blocking the way,Ling Tao coldly said,"Miss Yan,you should be aware of the grudge between Tao Qian and our Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect.By sheltering him,you are openly opposing our sect.But now,I won't make things difficult for you.Hand over Tao Qian,and we can discuss everything peacefully."

Tao Qian's eyes were bloodshot,and he said with resentment,"Ling Tao!Your Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect goes too far!Back then,I accidentally offended a son of one of your elders,and you actually caused my family's destruction.Such methods are even worse than those of the demonic sects!"

Ling Tao ignored him and just looked at Yan Qingxue,sneering,"Miss Yan,you can see that Tao Qian is still dissatisfied.I'll say it again,hand over Tao Qian,and I'll leave immediately with my people.But if you don't,don't blame me for being impolite!"

Before Yan Qingxue could answer,Tao Qian said,"Miss Yan,I appreciate your kindness,but I can't let you be implicated for me.I've been hiding for several years in Shangshan City,but now I don't want to hide anymore!"

Yan Qingxue firmly shook her head."No!Master Tao,you can't go!Even without you,they will find another excuse to attack us."

Tao Qian wanted to say more,but at this moment,a voice came from behind,"Master Tao,you must believe that there is justice in this world.Some people want to dominate everything,but even if you return to your sect and exert your dominance,here in Shangshan City,certain people won't be allowed to act recklessly!"

Su Xin pushed through the crowd and walked out.Seeing Su Xin,for some reason,everyone present suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,as if they had found a backbone.

There was a trace of coldness in Ling Tao's eyes."Are you Meng Qingze?Good,are you here to stand up for Tao Qian?"

Su Xin shook his head."I stand up for justice.Your Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect has gone too far.You want to exterminate an entire family just because of a misunderstanding.Such arrogance,such hostility."

Ling Tao sneered,"Meng Qingze,spare me the nonsense.You should know my intentions.Let's settle it here.Do you dare?"

Su Xin calmly said,"If I win,what will you do?"

Ling Tao coldly smiled,"If you win,my Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect will leave immediately.But if you lose,your position as a top-ranked expert will have to be given up!"

Hearing this,Yan Shengheng,who was on the side,immediately slapped his thigh in anxiety.Among the young disciples of the Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect,Ling Tao was indeed the strongest,but his weakness was also very obvious–he was reckless.

He was too self-assured.What if he couldn't defeat Su Xin today?Would he really leave Shangshan City with his people?

In Yan Shengheng's opinion,the approach of the Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect this time was extremely foolish.Despite knowing this,he could only watch helplessly.

Ling Tao's dominant personality is well-known within the Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect.Once he sets his mind on something,no one can persuade him,not even the elders of the sect.

Su Xin walked up to face Ling Tao and calmly said,"The position on the ranking is not something anyone can claim at will.I'm standing right here;if you have the ability,come and take it yourself."

Ling Tao arrogantly smiled and unsheathed his gold and silver twin blades from behind.If the opponent were"Dao Madman"Lin Changhe,who was ranked first on the list of experts,Ling Tao would not hesitate and would simply leave.

Lin Changhe's reputation was built on numerous actual combat achievements,leaving no room for doubt.However,Meng Qingze,alias Su Xin,made it onto the ranking after just one battle,which some found hard to accept.Moreover,Meng Qingze's cultivation level was one stage lower than Ling Tao's.

Ling Tao's grip on the blades was extremely peculiar,with the left hand holding the gold blade conventionally and the right hand holding the silver blade in a reverse grip.The twin blades suddenly crossed,a golden arc mixed with silver flashing fiercely towards Su Xin!

In Su Xin's eyes,Ling Tao's movements were clear.The twin blades crossed,one forward,one backward,one yin,one yang—two combining into one with endless variations.This was the"Thousand Machetes"technique of the Divine Blade Sect,known for its countless changes.


Su Xin pointed out with astonishing precision,and the biting cold intent penetrated Ling Tao's gold blade with a powerful force,causing his movement to slow down.Following that,a burst of finger force,like a thunderstorm,exploded-this was the"Awakening of Insects."


Ling Tao roared,merging the gold and silver twin blades into one.Qi erupted,forming a massive Tai Chi Yin-Yang fish that exploded with tremendous force.The cobbled street under their feet cracked,creating a mess within a radius of ten yards.

But Su Xin's expression remained unchanged in the center of the explosion.His right hand touched the sword sheath,and bloodlines emerged on the blade's edge.However,due to the radiant glow from Ling Tao's gold and silver Qi explosion,the bloodlines were nearly imperceptible.

"Yin and Yang merge,with a thousand changes.This technique is interesting,but the Dao is simple,and in simplicity,a thousand changes can be broken with one sword!"

The Blood River Divine Sword unsheathed!

Nourished by blood,the Blood River Divine Sword became more powerful under Su Xin's cultivation.Even though he didn't use his full strength to avoid drawing attention,the power unleashed by this sword enveloped Ling Tao,making him feel as if he had fallen into an endless sea of blood.

The sword's edge pointed directly at the center of the Yin-Yang fish.The power of the Blood River Divine Sword burst out,the Azure Dragon Sword dancing up and down,sword qi scattered,not only shattering the Yin-Yang fish but also breaking Ling Tao's gold and silver twin blades.His tiger's mouth cracked,and he was sent flying.

Su Xin's eyes flashed with cold light.Although he had won,if the opponent wanted to leave so easily,it wouldn't be that simple.Wasn't Yan Huang Jiu still hesitating?He could help him make up his mind.

A finger force shot out secretly from Su Xin-the"Spring Equinox"of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms.Like a gentle spring breeze and rain,it was soft and soundless,almost imperceptible.In an instant,it pierced into Ling Tao's chest,causing him to spit out blood when he was thrown backward.

To others,it seemed like Su Xin intentionally used excessive force,taking advantage of Ling Tao's injuries from the backlash of his Qi.However,in reality,Su Xin had shattered most of Ling Tao's meridians with that single finger,rendering him half-disabled.

"Senior brother!"

Seeing Ling Tao heavily injured within the first ten moves,disciples from the Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect rushed over to check his condition.Realizing that Ling Tao was not in mortal danger,someone pulled out a knife,ready to rush forward and fight Su Xin.However,Yansheng Heng stopped them.

"What's the matter?Can't win one-on-one and want to resort to group fighting?"Su Xin sneered."Life and death are irrelevant;I welcome any challenge."

"Hahaha!Well said!Your Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect's Nine Palaces Thousand Machetes Formation is quite famous.Why not show it off today?"A mocking voice came,causing many disciples from the Thousand Machetes Divine Blade Sect to turn angrily.

As Yansheng Heng and others leisurely approached,on the other side of the street,Mo Tianlan and Lan Yudie,accompanied by Yanshu Heng and Yanzhong Heng,also arrived.

Ling Tao's impulsive charge was not hidden from them.They had no reason to stop him,and they were also curious about Meng Qingze's true strength.However,the quick resolution of the battle surprised them.They hadn't even appeared,and the fight was already over.

Moreover,Meng Qingze's strength was definitely not at the Precelestial Qi Sea realm;he had entered the Spiritual Aperture realm,having opened both eyes and ears!