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Chapter 144: Invincible with Me

8434words in this chapter2024-01-07

The reputation of the Great Zhou Dynasty's court may not be excellent,but the authority of the ranking system is still respected.The widespread network of spies and enforcers from the Six Gates is not given in vain.Essentially,whenever you engage in activities where people gather,the spies and enforcers of the Six Gates will adjust the rankings on the list based on your combat capabilities.

As stated on the ranking list,just a year ago,Meng Qingze was only in the Sea of Qi realm.However,within a year,he has now opened the four senses of eyes,ears,nose,and mouth.

Opening all four senses within a year is an incredibly terrifying speed.It's worth noting that even with Mo Tianlan's talent and the support of the Mo family's resources in Canglan Valley,he took five years to break through after closing himself off.Those on the ranking list truly deserve their reputation!

Su Xin glanced at Fang Chenyu and others,saying casually,"Do you all want to have a try?"

Fang Chenyu glanced at the unconscious Ling Tao and said,"Oh,I dare not easily spar with Brother Meng.Your moves are quite formidable."

Turning around,Fang Chenyu said,"I'm not here to cause trouble today,but to propose marriage."

"Marriage?Who are you proposing to?"someone asked.

Fang Chenyu laughed and said,"Of course,I am proposing to Miss Yan.I sincerely want to marry Miss Yan,become husband and wife,and be faithful for life."

Everyone was stunned.They knew that Fang Chenyu had a penchant for women,but could he be so bold as to propose at this moment?They were currently trying to snatch the position of the lord of Shangshan City from Yan Qingsnow,and now he wants to propose to her?

However,the people present were not fools.After a moment of thought,they understood.Fang Chenyu wanted to use Yan Qingsnow to completely control Shangshan City.

It was indeed a clever move,but among the four,only Fang Chenyu could come up with such an idea.Ling Tao was self-confident and preferred to speak with his sword,not resorting to such methods.Moreover,Mo Tianlan,being the legitimate descendant of the Mo family,already had marriage engagements with other martial forces in southern China and couldn't marry Yan Qingsnow.Only Fang Chenyu could use this tactic without any reservations.

However,Yan Qingsnow hesitated for a moment and directly shook her head,"Sorry,Mr.Fang.Marriage is a matter arranged by parents and matchmakers.Without my father's consent,I cannot agree."

"Does that mean if Lord Yan agrees,you will marry me?"Fang Chenyu asked.

Yan Qingsnow shook her head again,"Sorry,I won't."

"Are you playing with me?"Fang Chenyu's face immediately darkened.

"Miss Yan,one must have self-awareness.You should know that you cannot secure your current position.If you marry me,with the support of the Nine Hua Sword Sect,you can keep the position of the lord of Shangshan City.Otherwise,you should be aware of the consequences!"Fang Chenyu said with a cold expression.

Su Xin rubbed his chin and asked curiously,"Brother from the Nine Hua Sword Sect,where does your confidence come from to say such words?Whether Miss Yan can secure the position of the lord of Shangshan City is not something you can decide.Don't think you can force her to marry you."

Fang Chenyu's eyes turned cold,revealing a sinister look,"Meng Qingze,I'm proposing to Miss Yan.What relationship are you to interfere?"

Yan Qingsnow looked at Su Xin with anticipation,but Su Xin's answer disappointed her.

"I've accepted Miss Yan's belongings,and naturally,I must ensure her stability in the position of the lord of Shangshan City.If you dare to entangle further,don't blame me for breaking your fifth limb and depriving you of the qualification to propose for the rest of your life!"Su Xin warned.

Upon hearing this,Lan Yudie,who had been watching the show on the side,burst into laughter and gave Su Xin a thumbs up,"Creative!I really appreciate the way you put it."

"Meng Qingze!You're asking for death!"If Fang Chenyu could endure this,he wouldn't be considered a man.Upon hearing this,he immediately drew his sword and attacked,his sword moves steady and profound,like a majestic mountain.

Although Fang Chenyu appeared extravagant,his swordsmanship was stable and profound,leaving no room for flaws.

Su Xin's Finger of Shock shot out continuously,and the shocking force instantly erupted.Despite Fang Chenyu's stable swordsmanship,he struggled to withstand Su Xin's powerful attacks.

Su Xin's Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong had reached the second level after breaking through the innate realm.After breaking through the eye and ear senses,it had advanced to the fourth level.

The strength of the fourth level of Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong had already made Su Xin's physical strength comparable to those Shaolin monks who practiced golden bell and iron cloth techniques.A Shocking Finger struck Fang Chenyu's sword,producing a resounding clang,making his hand go numb.

"You two,aren't you joining in?"Fang Chenyu shouted at Mo Tianlan and Lan Yudie.

As soon as they engaged in combat,Fang Chenyu found that he couldn't resist Su Xin's attacks at all,barely holding his ground against Su Xin's overwhelming assault.

Faced with the situation,Mo Tianlan immediately joined the battle.He clapped his palms,and the powerful palm force surged like a vast sea,overwhelming and surging.

Su Xin turned around and pointed,and the harsh winter immediately froze the entire force of that palm.

Excitement lit up Lan Yudie's pretty face.In the past,the elders in the sect didn't allow her to freely engage with disciples from other sects.Now,no one should be stopping her,right?

"Meng Qingze,though I have a good impression of you,I won't show mercy,"Lan Yudie declared with a flick of her long whip.Bursting true energy enveloped it,and in an instant,a myriad of whip shadows cascaded down,with endless flames bursting within,covering all three of them.

"Fang Chenyu,be more careful!"Fang Chenyu fumed with anger.

Lan Yudie's attack was indiscriminate,covering not only him but also Mo Tianlan.It was utter chaos.

A glint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes as he unsheathed his Dragon Traveler Sword,thrusting directly at Lan Yudie.

Whether the sword technique was swift and fierce like a king or displayed an imposing aura,it carried an endless sense of destruction.This was the embryonic form of the swordsmanship Su Xin had comprehended himself,incorporating elements from the Blood River Divine Sword's murderous intent and Jing Wuming's swift killing technique.

The core intention was simple–to annihilate everything with a single sword.Su Xin's long sword,though covered by the blood glow from practicing the Blood River Divine Sword,had blood lines on its surface that seemed to come alive,emitting a strong scent of blood and constantly twisting.

Lan Yudie's fiery whip shadows were torn apart,and even her Yellow-ranked Nine Flame Whip,woven with special steel wires like Southern Barbarian Fire Spider Silk and Western Region Heavenly Silk,was ripped in several places,as if it would disintegrate at any moment.

It wasn't that her weapon was inferior to Su Xin's;she just couldn't resist Su Xin's sword.

Lan Yudie retreated,hastily retreating.Su Xin's sword edge was too overwhelming for her to withstand.

Fang Chenyu's eyes gleamed with a plan.While Su Xin forced Lan Yudie back,Fang Chenyu's sword left ripples in the air,concealing his sword technique within,attempting to sneak attack Su Xin.

But Su Xin,who had cultivated Jing Wuming's Swift Sword Technique,wasn't just about speed.Even without a sword,he could use his fingers.

Su Xin extended his smallest finger,gently tapping Fang Chenyu's sword.Seemingly light,this touch made Fang Chenyu's face change suddenly.He quickly let go,but his long sword had already shattered into a pile of scrap iron.

He didn't have the unique status of a saintess like Lan Yudie.With his strength,Fang Chenyu didn't qualify for a high-grade weapon.While Lan Yudie could withstand Su Xin's Dragon Traveler Sword,Fang Chenyu's weapon couldn't endure Su Xin's fingertip.

A tremendous force transmitted to Fang Chenyu's hand,and he recoiled in shock.

Seeing the situation turning unfavorable,Mo Tianlan quickly launched consecutive palm strikes,fiercely attacking Su Xin.

But at this moment,Su Xin seemed to have set his sights on Fang Chenyu.Relying on the powerful physique brought by the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,he neither dodged nor avoided,directly taking Mo Tianlan's palm.The vast true energy surged into Su Xin's body,but in an instant,the Purple Mist Divine Art within him absorbed ninety percent of the force.

With a single palm strike,Su Xin's complexion only slightly reddened,not even receiving a minor injury.

However,Fang Chenyu was not as fortunate.

Su Xin focused all his energy on him,and under the full force of the Shocking Finger,Fang Chenyu was completely enveloped.He staggered backward,spitting blood.

In a one-against-three situation,Su Xin wasn't as relaxed as when he faced Ling Tao earlier or when he controlled Ling Tao's injuries.Facing the joint attacks of Fang Chenyu,Lan Yudie,and Mo Tianlan,Su Xin's moves became more aggressive.

After dozens of exchanges,Mo Tianlan could no longer withstand Su Xin's onslaught,succumbing to three consecutive Shocking Finger strikes and spitting blood while flying backward.

Although Lan Yudie was a beautiful woman,Su Xin had no intention of holding back today.These four couldn't die,but they had to be severely injured.

She was directly blown away by Su Xin's sword energy,and the meridians in her body were torn apart by the cold sword aura,almost turning her into a cripple.